kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 33)

Episode 33
Sayyam went to his house
Suhani: Sayyam how was ur long drive… Krishna Ko pasanda agaya?..(did she liked it)
Sayyam: Haa maa.. It was soo nice.. Papa..thank u for the idea..
Yuvraaj: Anything for my son..
Pratima: Sayyam now u go n change we’ll prepare dinner..
Sayyam: Ok daadi..
A person is coming into Birla mansion..
Person: Hi guys… How r u all?
Sayyam: GOLU bhaiyaa… ( run to hug him)
Golu: Kase hai Tu yaar? (how r u?)
Sayyam: Very good aur aap.. (and u?)
Golu: Very’s good to be back..
Bhavna: Tum ne mujhe bataya bi nahi ta.. ( u didn’t even told me that u r coming)
Golu go towards sharad and took his blessings..
Golu:(while taking blessings from bhavna) if I told u how will it be a surprise maa..
Golu take blessings from elders.. N then hugged yuvaan n yuvaani also..
Bhavna: U must be tired na.. Soo go n have a wash… We’ll prepare dinner…
Everyone left to do their respective work..

Golu , sayyam yuvaan & yuvaani is in one room talking with each other…
Golu: Yuvaan how is ur work going on in the office?
Yuvaan: Good not bad…but papa is giving lots of work to do soo I don’t get much time to other work…
Golu: Yuvaani ur age to get married is also came… But are u still single?
Yuvani: (Smiled)haa.. I’m still single… And what about u golu bhaiya?
Golu: Hmm… U guys will get to know it..kyuki tumhari mausi will ask about it from me in the dinner table..
Sayyam: But before that tell us na bhaiya?
Golu: Tikey.. Sach kaho to meri dimag Mein ek ladki hai..(I have a girl in my mind) But I don’t know whether she likes me or not..
Yuvaani: Who is she?
Golu: She is one for our client’s daughter… She is also coming to the office sometimes becoz she the one who handles her father’s business now.. She is still learning those things..
Yuvaan n sayyam(together) what is the name? (they both give hi5)
Golu:Aditi Khuranna… (in a dreemy voice) don’t tell anyone huh…
Meanwhile in the kitchen…
Suhani: Di u have to find a good bahu for u?
Bhavna: Haaa suhani… Tum ne sahi kaha..(u r right suhani)this time I will surely get him married.. Next year he is going to be 26yrs old..this boy is nit at all interested in marriage…
Suhani: Di chinta mat kijiye.. (don’t worry) he will find a girl by himself..
Pratima: Today’s generation is not like our choices… Everything is changed now…
Bhavna: Haa maa….I don’t know what kind of a bahu golu will give me?
Golu: Maa don’t expect sanskari buhu
Golu sayyam yuvaan & yuvaani came inside the kitchen..
Bhavna: Golu iska matlab…(that means)
Golu: Yes u r thinking ryt…
Bhavna: What kind of a bahu will u give me if she is not sanskari?
Golu: Simple.. Asanskari..
Bhavna: Goluuu…
Sharad: Bhavna.. Don’t scold my son.. Uski zindagi, uski marzi (it’s his life, his wish)
Bhavna: Lekin sharad ji…( but sharad)
Sharad: Maa we r hungry let’s eat..
( sharad is little angry with golu becoz he is not willing to take part in family business)

Everyone sit for dinner…
Yuvraaj: I have decided to keep a party tomorrow…
Suhani: Tomorrow?
Yuvraaj: Haa
Bhavna: How will we arrange everything?
Sharad: Bhavna we arranged everything.. So don’t worry…
Yuvraaj: Sayyam, invite Krishna aur suhani u invite krishna’s mom n yuvaan yuvaani u guys can invite ur frnds but limited amount.. Sayyam u also can invite ur frnds…
Golu: Wase bi yeh Krishna kon hai..
Yuvaani: You will get to know it 2mrw.. Soo have some patience..
Golu: Ok..ok
Everyone agreed..
Suhani: But wht is the reason yuvraaj…
Yuvraj: nothing special.. Golu bi yaha aya hai.. We didn’t party after along time ryt?
Pratima: Haa yuvraaj tumhari yeh idea bohot achcha hai..

After dinner at night
Sayyam is in the terrace..he thinks to call Krishna..
Sayyam: Hi Krishna
Krishna: Hi sayyam…
Sayyam: Krishna papa told me to invite u for 2mrw’s party…
Krishna: Party but what is the reason?
Sayyam: Kuch nahi bas ase hi (nothing just like that) my mom will invite ur mom also.. So I will come n take u both at 6.30 pm be ready
Krishna: Nahi sayyam don’t worry we will come.. U don’t need to come.. Gharme bohot sare thaiyariya karni haina?(they must be soo manywork at the house) So don’t worry hum aaungi..(we’ll come)..
Sayyam: Soo ?
Krishna: Soo? Kya?
Sayyam: Kya?
Krishna: Sayyam tum kuch boloogi hai kya(will u say something)
Sayyam: I love u Krishna…
Krishna: (smiled) I know that n I love u too … Is this what u wanted to tell…
Sayyam: Krishna.. Eka kiss de do na..
Krishna: Kya pagal pan hai sayyam..
Sayyam: Ha Mein pagal Hu tumhari pyaar main paagal Hu…(yes I’m mad, I’m madly in love with u)
Krishna: Sayyam c u 2mrw gd nyt swt drmz.. (she disconnect the call)
Sayyam: Halo Krishna.. Meri Kiss … (in mind) yeh ladki bi naa… (This girl naa)
All went to sleep..
Next mrng… Everyone is busy for the party ladies of the house is busy choosing their dresses n men are busy with the preparations… While they are doing their work…they all enjoy each others company [I’m not going to drag family time now]

It’s evening… Guests are coming… Sayyam’s frnds also came..(swara, sanskar,nandani,lucky) sayyam introduce golu to everyone..
Sayyam: Guys… This is golu I mean Anant bhavna musi ka beta..
Golu: Hi guys.. Nice to meet u all…
They talk for a little time…
Golu: Excuse me guys…u guys enjoy..
Swara: Sayyam whr is Krishna? Will she come today?
Nandani:yes sayyam just call her n see…
Sayyam goes to call her..but his eyes stopped at a beautiful girl…indeed it was our princess Krishna.. Sayyam was mesmerized to see her..he went towards her…
Sayyam: Beautiful..
Krishna: Thank u…
Sayyam: Chalo…
Went towards golu…
Sayyam: (pointing towards golu) this is golu bhaiya … I mean anant bhaiya..
Golu: Hi…
Sayyam(pointing towards Krishna) aur yeh hai Krishna…(while admiring Krishna) I love her… She is my gf..(Krishna hit him with her elbow)
Krishna: Hi golu bhaiya..sorry anant bhaiya…
Golu: It’s ok Krishna… Ab tum bi yeh pariwaar ka hissa banne wali Hu ( u r going to a part of thus family soon)… So u can call me golu…
Krishna smiled.. They talk a little bit how sayyam met Krishna n how they fell in love n how they confess their feeling etc…
Everyone enjoy the party…
Krishna went to take a juice but accidently she drinks vine…she gets drunk… So she talk more & more vine.. Sayyam looks for her since she didn’t came back… Sayyam saw Krishna at the bar area he went towards her…
Sayyam: Krishna are u ok..?
Krishna: ( turn her face towards sayyam) ji haa…mein bilkul tikey… Dheko full fit n fine..(talking in drunken state)
Sayyam:(sayyam took the glass which she was holding and smelled it…he understood that she is drunk) Krishna u r drunk?
Krishna: Seee sayyam yeh juice bohot achcha hai…tum bi piyoo…piyoo..(see sayyam this juice is very tasty…u also try it naa)
Sayyam: U never take drinks why did u drink today for the first time? U should have told me before drinking this na.. Ab Mein kya karu?(what can I do now?) let’s take her to the room first then I’ll inform saumya anuty…
Sayyam:(to Krishna) Krishna… Chalo meri saat…( come with me)
Krishna: I want to dance.. (she wrap her hand around sayyam’s neck)
Sayyam: Krishna u r not in ur sense.. Ab chaloo..( trying to untie her hand from his neck) i want to dance with u.. Let’s go to the dance floor..
Sayyam: If u were in ur sense I will surely dance with u.. But now u r not even in ur sense… (he drag her towards a room)

Sayyam was holding krishna..he bring krishna to a room without noticing anyone..They both enter into the room.. Sayyam closed the door.. N picked Krishna in his arms n take her towards the bed.. N he put her into the bed… They have a eyelock…
Sayyam: Krishna now be my princess n sleep…
Krishna: No I want to goo I wanna dance…
Sayyam: Ok fine..i’ll take u but before that I will get u something u have to drink it then u can dance.ok..
Krishna: ( like obedient girl) ok u go n bring it fast…goo (little loud)
Sayyam: Shuuu… Don’t shout… I’ll be back soon…don’t go anywhere …
Krishna:( Keep her finger on her lips) ok u goo …come soon..
Sayyam goes out of the room n then he lock the door from outside.. Then he goes towards saumya n call her to aside…
Saumya: Kya huwa sayyam?
Sayyam: Aunty actually Krishna accidently drank vine.. Now she is not in her sense.. So I took her to the room.. I think u both should go home.. Krishna… I’ll drop u both..
saumya: … Thank u beta..
Sayyam: We can’t go from front door..n also we can’t go t the back door.. We have to go through the window.. I’ll tell swara n nandani..they will help us to take Krishna out…
He call swara sanskar nandani n lucky … They help sayyam to take Krishna out.. Then sayyam drove his car to krishna’s house.. He stooped his car n pick Krishna in his arms n take her in n kept her in the bed softly…
Sayyam: Thank u for coming to the party aunty n I’m sorry about this..
Saumya: Thank u beta..thank u for loving my daughter this much…
Sayyam took her blessings n leave to his house..

guys how r u all..?? Hope u guys are fine… Shiza Arif I used ur suggestion… Is this ok I mean is this what u expected… I’m sorry if it was not as u expected…. Do comment .. In the previous episode I couldn’t reply to anyone..I’m soo sorry… Gd nyt guys…

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