kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 32)

Episode 32
Sayyam take Krishna near a river…
Krishna: Woowa sayyam it’s beautiful.. (she take a deep breath)
Sayyam take few steps back n kept the basket.. Then he opened it and too a big cloths n sheeted on the grass… Krishna turned to see what sayyam do..
Krishna: Sayyam let me help u..
Krishna helped sayyam. They arranged everything.. There was 2 drink glasses.. Few sandwiches.. Different types of biscuits… Few chocolates ? .. Everything was perfect..
Sayyam: Finally… Krishna come here.. Let’s take a selfie..

They took lot’s of selfies.. They talk about lots of thinks..they eat n then clean the place..then both of them lie down while holding their hands…
Krishna: Sayyam eka baat batao… If u didn’t meet me what kind of a girl u wanted to marry…
Sayyam looked at her..Sayyam: Hmm.. Let me think… Someone sooo s*xy..(Krishna was looking shocked) like Sunny Leone…
Krishna: Chii sayyam…tum ase ladkiya pasand hai… Then u should have choose someone like that..
Sayyam: Are Mein masak kar raha ta..
Krishna: I know..
Sayyam: Such kaho to Krishna.. I didn’t want to love again…. Kyuki I was soo scared that again i will…(couldn’t complete)
Krishna: I know sayyam..sorry i remind u that horrible day again..
Sayyam: It’s ok Krishna… Tumhari wajase I got rid of from that darkness..
Krishna: Hmm… Ab Mein tum hari saat Hu..sab tik hoo jayega..
Sayyam: Aaj 5th February hain..valentines’s day is coming…what to u want?
Krishna: Kuch bi nahi..sirf tume chahiye mujhe… What about what do u want?
Sayyam: Same apply to me also..btw Krishna u never told me about u first love…Asa Koi ta tumhari zindagi main…
Krishna: Ha sayyam …( Sayyam was little shocked becoz she never told about it) there was someone I loved soo much.. n I will always live him..
Sayyam get up(but didn’t stand up)
Sayyam: Achcha…

Krishna also get up.. And she hold sayyam’s one shoulder Krishna: Sayyam aren’t u going to who is he?
Sayyam: Hmmm… Who is he?..
Krishna: Wo… Meri papa hai sayyam…
Sayyam truned and look towards Krishna… Her eyes was filled with tears…
Krishna: Tume Bata hai sayyam Ma, Papa yeh dono meri duniya ti.. Papa meri superman ti… Papa always papered me..he treated me like a princess… Meri paas sub kuch ti.. We were a happy family.. A perfect family…sometimes papa used to go for missions may be 1-2 that 2years ago papa was called to the headquarters to a mission.. He went for the mission…it was a successful mission my papa came to house but in a coffin… (Krishna was crying loudly) meri papa hamesha keliya chala Gaya sayyam…he never returned… My perfect happy family is no more a perfect family…meri superman mujhe choor kar chala Gaya… Ab Wo kabi nahi aaye ga… But now also he is my superman..i will always love him..(all this while sayyam was hugging Krishna…sayyam didn’t say anything becoz he wanted her to cry … He wanted her to make her pain less.. Sayyam’s eyes are also wet with tears)
Sayyam: Ab bas Krishna… Do u think ur papa will be happy to see his princess crying… Nahi naa..soo stop crying.. Ur papa will always be in ur heart…
Krishna n sayyam was hugging each other.. They didn’t break it.. Finally Krishna break the hug…
Krishna: I’m sorry for being emotional.. Ur happy wala long Drive n picnic Mein ne karab kardiya na..
Sayyam:(while wiping krishna’s tears) bil kul nahi.. I’m happy that u shared ur pain with me… Ab bas stop crying.. Ur papa will be sad na..(Krishna nodded her head positively)
Krishna: Tikey… Ab Hu kya karege…
Sayyam: Tumhe kya karna hai…
Krishna: I don’t know… U tell
Sayyam: Nope this time u tell…
Krishna: Shall we go to the beach…
Sayyam: Ok… Let’s go then..

They went to the beach.. It’s almost evening…
Krishna: Sayyam can u remember we met in the beach… I thought it was a coincident.. But no.. It was well planned..
Sayyam: Haa Krishna we didn’t know that swara n sanskar was In a relationship… Can u remember it was soo awkward moment for us…
Krishna: Yeah sayyam.. Swara,sanskar, nandani, lucky all helped us to get close… I wish nandani realize that luky is changed now n he became a responsible person…
Sayyam: It will take little time Krishna.. Krishna hum samundar Ki saat kabbadi kelungi…
Krishna: Ok y not…
They play in the beach…sometimes Krishna runs away n sayyam goes to catch her…sometimes other way round happens..they enjoy each others company.. Sometimes sayyam lift Krishna n spin her around…
Krishna: Sayyam plz put me down.. Sayyam we will (couldn’t complete) both of them fell down
Sayyam is on the top of Krishna ..
Krishna: See I told u na..
Sayyam: Are u hurt( Krishna nod her head negatively) ( while tucking Krishna’s hair behind her ears which were disturbing) then sayyam kissed krishna’s forehead…
Krishna: Sayyam.. We r not alone here.. This is public…
Sayyam: Mujhe koi farak nahi parta.. Tum meri hone wali patni hoo…
Krishna: But sayyam mujhe achcha nahi laga… Shall we get up..
Sayyam get up first n started to walk away… Krishna was irritated..
Krishna: Oyeee… Mr. Sayyam Birla.. Won’t u help me to get up?..
Sayyam: Why should I? Do it from ur self going to be Mrs.Sayyam Birla…
Krishna: Ithni attitude…huh..
(she get up from herself and walked towards sayyam…)

Krishna: Sayyam…i want to have an ice cream..
Sayyam: Chalo…
They take 2 icecreams n sayyam paid the vendor… But after a few minutes
Sayyam: Oh shit…
Krishna: It’s ok.. Let’s share this one…
Sayyam: Nahi Krishna u eat.. I don’t want..
Krishna: Don’t u like to share ice cream with me…(make a puppy face)
Sayyam: Ok let’s share it….
They shared their ice cream… Krishna is keeping her head in sayyam’s shoulder
Sayyam: Krishna.. Shall we go home’s little late now.. Ur mom will be worried…
Krishna: Ok let’s go..
Then sayyam drops Krishna to her house…
Krishna:(while opening the seat belt) sayyam thank u for this long drive..i enjoyed alot.. Thank u soo much..( Krishna kissed sayyam’s cheek n then she got down from the car)
Sayyam: I love u Krishna…
Krishna I love u too sayyam…go home safely..after u went..leave a msg… Bye gd nyt .. Take care..
Sayyam left for his house..
Screen freeze with driving sayyam’s happy face n Krishna’s happy faces ..

Precap- I didn’t think about it..

Guys I’m soo sorry I’m not able to update 3-4 episodes per day these days I have mid semester exams… I have to study for it na.. That’s why I hope u guys can understand… I will upload whenever I can… Once again I’m sorry ? love u all

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  1. saiyyam accident…nd memory loss

    1. Shaani

      Thank u for ur suggestion… I will surely include that one in future..

  2. saiyyam accident…nd memory loss

  3. Good update. Dont worry update whenever you can. ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..

  4. Wowwwwww❤?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u?

  5. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..But it’s your fault yaar, u gave us d habit of reading 5-6 everyday..But no problem, we understand u hv xams, even I’m preparing for my xams n get vry less time to visit TU..All d best for your xamz

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ?? all the best for ur exam’s also…

  6. Anahita(Annie)

    Love ur ff. plz keep Kriyam united and it’s ok if u can’t post much we just want to see ur writing even if it’s less.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie..

  7. Can u make Krishnas drunk scene…. like Krishna is drunk and Sayyam handles her and some romantic close moments between them

    1. Pls

    2. Shaani

      Thank u for ur suggestion.. I’ll include it for sure in future episodes..

  8. Hi shaani

    Ur episode was too gud
    Let Krishna have memory loss

    Plz update the episode in English as im not able to understand… Love ya didi

    (I know very few words in Hindi like sister, bro,…..??)

  9. Hey shaani… having ur exams don’t worry just study…okay…the epi was nyc…cute kriyyam moments too…best wishes Shaani.. 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much isha..

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