kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 31)

Episode 31

Sayyam is in the car..he is waiting for Krishna…after few minutes Krishna come n sit inside the car…
Krishna: Let’s go..
Krishna forget to put her seat belt
Sayyam leans towards Krishna to put her seat belt… They are soo closed… They look into each others eyes they have passionate eyelock… Sayyam is coming more n more closer…suddenly Krishna closed her eyes tightly… Sayyam smiled n went back to his seat..after few seconds Krishna opened eyes becoz she didn’t feel anything..he saw sayyam start the car..
Sayyam: Ok let’s start our first long drive..

During the journey both are silent…Krishna is looking out from the window ..
Sayyam: Krishna y r u soo silent…kuch toh bolo na..Krishna if u don’t feel like going tell me it’s ok we will go on another day I’ll take a u-turn..
Krishna:’s not like that…i’m soo happy becoz u r taking me with u..
Sayyam: Ok soo do u need to go to any special place.. U tell I’ll take u there..whr do u want to go?
Krishna: U take me… Wherever u go I’ll come with u.. As long as u r with me..i don’t care where we are..for me ur presences making me strong..
Sayyam: Ok soo now I have to think abou it na…
Sayyam thinks for few moments.. Then sayyam turn on the radio… A song starts to play…
Kabhi jo baadal barse
Main dekhoon tujhe aankhein bharke..
Tu lage mujhe pehli baarish ki duaa..
(Sometime, when the clouds rain,
I see you with my eyes full (of water, like clouds),
You look like a wish for the first rain of season..
Sayyam n Krishna sing together…

After sometimes…
Krishna: Stop the car..
Sayyam: (while parking the car) kya huwa Krishna?..
Krishna points towards a chaat stall.. Sayyam smiled..
Krishna: Sayyam let’s go naa..
Sayyam: Ok baba…let’s go..
They both came out of the car n went towards the stall n they eat.. Sayyam paid money..both sayyam n Krishna came towards the car hand in hand… Sayyam opened the door to Krishna.. After krishna sit he closed the door .. And he also got into the car.. Then again they started their journey… After a few minutes Sayyam took Krishna’s one hand and keep it on the Geyer then sayyam keep his Hand on Krishna’s.. He operate Geyer with both krishna’s n his hand( do u understand what I said ..i’m sorry..I don’t know how to describe it..i took it from sasural simar ka show)sayyam came to some place..and he packed the car.. Sayyam got down from the car n he went to krishna’s side..he opened the door..

Krishna came out…
Krishna: Wow sayyam this place is soo nice..very calm.. I like places like this..
Sayyam then went to the dickey and took a basket out…
Krishna: Soo u planned a picnic..
Sayyam: Yeah.. A picnic only u n me.. No one will come to disturb us..
Krishna went towards sayyam and hold sayyam’s hand. Krishna: Shall we go inside..
Sayyam: Yeah sure..

Precap- picnic…

Again a short part.. Don’t get angry ?… Did u enjoyed it? Love u all… C u 2mrw..this is the last episode for today…

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  1. SukhiDhillon

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    I love your work

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  2. So adorable ??

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      Thank u soo much…

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    So sweet n adorable..

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    Love your ff. sooooo adorable.

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  6. Cute,sweet&adorable epi….hey shaani try to write long epi….Loved the epi..update ASAP…. 🙂

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      Thank u soo much’ll try my best…

  7. Awesome…I love your writing!!!

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    Loved it ????
    Really soooooooooooo cute ??

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