kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 30)

Episode 30
It has been few days both families accepted sayyam n Krishna’s relationship.. Sometimes Krishna goes to sayyam’s house… Sometimes sayyam goes to krishna’s house.. Every mrng sayyam comes to krishna’s house becoz they both are going to campus together.. When they have lectures in different times Krishna used to go alone..but most of the time sayyam comes to take her.. Both families are happy.. Now most of the students in campus knows that sayyam n Krishna is a couple.. But still our lucky couldn’t impress Nandani.. Now our lucky was fully changed for her love.. He stopped flirting with other girls..other girls are also surprised by lucky’s behaviour… Both swasan n kriyam is helping lucky.. But nandani is not ready to accept…but after seen lucky’s changed behaviour nandani started to feel for lucky.. But she still couldn’t believe lucky 100%..

One fine day…it’s a holiday… Sayyam comes to krishna’s house…
Sayyam: Gd mrng anuty…
Saumya: Gd mrng beta..
Sayyam:Anuty whr…(couldn’t complete)

Saumya: Don’t ask beta.. That kumbakarana is a days.. She used to sleep for along time.. See the’s already 8o’clock..
Sayyam: Aunty can I go to her room?

Saumya: Ok beta..
Sayyam goes towards krishna’s room.. He saw her room was very clean n neat like always..sayyam saw her life is sleeping peacefully… He goes near Krishna.. Sun ray is disturbing to her sleep.. Sayyam stand in between… He admires his to be wife for few minutes. Then he bend down and tuck her hair behind her ear.. The sayyam kissed her forehead.. She slowly smile.. Sayyam stand straight and put his hand inside the pocket… And opened her eyes.. Sayyam was going to say something but Krishna got up…
Krishna: Gd mrng Mr. Dream sayyam.. Every morning I see u giving me a mrng forehead kiss.. I wish this dream become a reality soon..

But what to do I have to wait for it na.. I always dream about u… I always see u everywhere in my room.. U r not letting me to concentrate.. Very bad..but my sayyam didn’t gave me a one single forehead kiss these days…chalo koi baat nahi… What to do at least I get it in my dreams na…

Sayyam was listening to all these things.. In the middle Krishna’s talk sayyam hides behind her bed… After kishna went to washroom he come out from his hiding place..
Sayyam:(in mind) soo Krishna is dreaming about me all the time and she needs a forehead kiss from me..this is a good thing.. I thought she will not like if I kiss her everyday.. But looks like she is waiting for it.. Krishna dek na.. I will make ur dream a reality.. I will fulfill all ur wishes.. But u never told me about ur wishes..expect staying with me.. What are ur other dreams..

Sayyam went near krishna’s table..there were some books.. Then he turnes to go away but something comes to his mind…
Sayyam: Diary.. Haa..krishna writes a diary… (he turns towards the table to take the diary) reading someone else’s dairy us not a good idea.. Nut if I didn’t read this how will I make her dreams come true.. (he heard some sounds from washroom, so he took the diary n again hide.. This time behind the cupboard..)

Krishna is in front of the mirror she is combing her long hair..sayyam slowly n secretly went out of the room n ran towards the kitchen..
Saumya: Kya huwa sayyam? Why are u breathing so heavily.. Are u ok?..
Sayyam: No no aunty I’m ok don’t tell Krishna that I was in her room after she come down I’ll come like just now coming to mee. Aunty don’t tell Krishna that I came before…(by saying this sayyam went towards his car)
Saumya: Ok fine..
Sayyam:( get into his car)..pewhh.. Bach gaya… Now I have krishna’s dairy… But I’m not feeling like opening it…

After few minutes sayyam opened it then a photo fallen from the diary he looked at it.. It’s krishna’s family photo..krishna,saumya and her dad.. Sayyam turn Backside of the photo.. “we miss u soo much papa” was written in it…sayyam was sad…he can feel how Krishna feel without her father… He wiped his tears… Sayyam place that photo inside her diary n keep it in a safe place..and he get down from the car.. He went towards krishna’s house again..
Sayyam:( Directly went towards kitchen) Gd mrng aunty gd mrng Krishna
Krishna: Gd mrng sayyam.. U here early mrng..?
Sayyam: Anuty I need ur permission to take ur daughter for a long drive…
Saumya: Permission granted…
Sayyam:(while hugging saumya) thank u aunty… I love u…
Krishna is watching this with a cute smile …

Saumya: But first u both need to take ur breakfast…
Sayyam: Yeah..i’m hungry too…
Saumya n Krishna take breakfast to the table n they both started to serve sayyam…
Saumya: Krishna u too sit..
Krishna: Nahi..u sit I’ll serve u…
Saumay sit next to sayyam..
Saumya: Krishna will u sit next to me.. Abi ke abi…
Krishna:(while sitting) ab Kush..

Saumya: Haa I’ll feed u both…
Saumya feed both… She feels soo happy… She is happy for her daughter…she is happy for her to be son in law…

Precap- long drive …

Guys I know that I’m updating short parts… I’m soo sorry about that.. I hope u guys enjoying the story… In next few episodes ..few means within next 2 episodes I’ll give some kriyam moments… You may feel some of my ideas stupid.. Don’t mind them huh.. And also I know that I have grammar errors in my story.. Plz omit them also .. Keep reading… I love u all… ?
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  1. Super episode.
    It was really nice.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…I have submitted one last episode for today…it’ll be uploaded within few hours..

  2. So good. ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u sooo much…

  3. Awesomegirl99

    its good!! i love ur ff.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u… And u r also a superb writer.. Thankx for commenting..

  4. Language didnt express the feeling, u r a good éviter. Sorry agar Maine Koch jyadha boldhiya tho…… Ian à silent reader of u r sort. And i like the way u replying 2 every comment

    1. Shaani

      Thank u… it’s ok u say anything about this story…anyway thank for read n commenting… I’ll update next part soon…

  5. Aarti32

    I don’t mind any grammatical errors or don’t find your ideas stupid till we get Kriyyam scenes..So write watever idea u get..Bejhijhak.. Awesome episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u sooo means alot… I’ll try to update next part ASAP ..thank u once again…

  6. Shaani i think u should write the next episodes of ssel dekhna uski trp aasmaan chu legi. My god i cant believe u r such a grt writer. U never make me feel short of words. I mean i can compliment ur writings thruout the night.❤❤❤????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…this all happens becoz of u guys…when I read comments I get a huge motivation,energy,ideas etc.. Soo ultimately thanks to u guys I’m making a nice story… Thank u once again Hrn..

  7. Always loving your ff?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Zani…

  8. d whole day i wait for 5‘o clck n den fr ur ff…i just love reading them..woww..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much saniyaa….if u love my story..that’s all matter to me.. Thank u soo much for reading n commenting… If u have any suggestions tell them through a comment…

  9. Soooooo cute… loved it

    1. Shaani

      Thank u Sammy…it’s means a lot… Thanks for reading n commenting…if u have any suggestions tell them so I can add them in my story..

  10. Hey shaani ur ideas r not stupid but amazing…..More kriyyam scenes…awesome episode… 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u means alot..

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