kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 29)

Episode 29
Krishna’s house…
She is looking at the from the window. Krishna mother comes to her..
Saumya: Krishna kya huwa..? What r u thinking..?
Krishna: Maa u came..that’s good I want to talk to u…
Saumya: Ji bolo…what do u wanna say? Mi
Krishna: Maa I love someone..(closed her eyes)
Saumya: He is Sayyam ryt?

Krishna:(shocked) maa how do u know?
Saumya: Mein tumhari maa hoon.. I know about u..any mother can feel about their daughter… Sayyam eka achcha ladka hain..but..
Krishna: Haa maa he is a nice boy.. How will their parents accept a middle class girl..
Saumya: Ha beta I’m also thinking the same thing.. Mein tumhari pyaar ka dushman nahi Hu.. But I’m telling u to think about it…
Krishna: Ok maa…(keep her head on saumya’s lap)

Saumya: I knew that sayyam loves u alot and u also..I could see it from ur eyes..tum dono ek dusre se bohot pyaar karti ho.. And sayyam will surely support u in everything… U know Krishna u r my everything for ur happiness I can do anything.. I feel like sayyam’s parent will accept u..i don’t know but
I feel like that…
Krishna: Really maa..
Saumya: Haa.. Everything will be fine Krishna.. First u study well.. Then no one can point a finger at u.. Now sleep..
Krishna: Maa can u sleep with me today?
Saumya: Ok.

Both mother n daughter sleep well..
Next morning…
Saumya: Krishna u will late for lectures… Come soon..
Krishna: I’m coming maa…
Krishna take her breakfast n leave for college…
After few’s almost afternoon.. saumya is working in kitchen..someone ring the bell..she goes to see who came..she open the door… She is a old lady,middle age lady and another middle age man..
Saumya: Namaste
Lady: Namste.. I’m suhani Birla..yeh meri pati yuvraaj.. Aur this is my mother in law pratima..

Saumya: Ji come in..have a seat..
Suhani: We came here to talk about sayyam n Krishna
Saumya: Sayyam… Haa my daughter said that she love ur son alot..
Suhani: Haa.. We also know that sayyam love Krishna.. I would like to meet her..
Saumya: Ji kyun nahi.. But just now she is not at home..she went for lectures.. She will come soon.. Today she doesn’t have any afternoon lectures…
Suhani:(sees a man’s photo with a garlands)is that ur husband?
Saumya: Haa.. He was a army soldier.. He got killed during a mission 2 years ago.. After he left me n Krishna I came here n settled..
Suhaani:I’m soo sorry..

Pratima: Are u doing any job…
Saumya: I’m making sweets for special occasions… And we get money from government for our monthly expenses.
Suhani: U would have seen my son ryt?
Saumya: Haa…. When my daughter got kidnapped ur son saved my daughter… I own ur son .. He saved my daughter’s dignity…

Krishna comes home after few minutes…krishna saw that they have visitors.. She goes towards her mom .. She introduced them.. Krishna took blessings from all..
Suhaani: Kush raho Krishna..
They all sit again..krishna went to kitchen to make tea..she was surprised to see sayyam’s parents in her house.. She took tea to all..
Suhani: Aree wahh Krishna.. Tea is soo good..
Krishna: Thank u Aunty..
Suhani: Krishna u really love sayyam ryt?

Krishna: Ha aunty.. I really love him..
Suhani: I think u know his past ryt? Plz don’t break the trust.. In each n every relationship trust is the base…

Krishna: Yes aunty I know that…
Yuvraaj: Teeke… From our side it’s a yes for this marriage.. After finishing their studies we’ll get them married.. But before that we will do their engagement..
Pratima: Haa we’ll do their engagement..after few months.. Is it ok saumya ji..
Saumya:it’s ok..
Suhani: We have time na. We’ll discuss it later… We have to go now..
Krishna take blessings from all..
Suhani: Krishna beta thank u for making my son happy n thank u for making him believe about love..

Krishna:don’t thank me aunty.. I’m soo lucky to get sayyam…
Suhani: Aunty nahi..u can call me maa from now itself.. I also have a daughter yuvaani..she will go to her in laws house…but after she left I get another daughter that’s u Krishna.. Suhani hug Krishna.. Krishna also hug her back.. Birla family leaves
Screen freeze on blushing Krishna…

Krishna:(shout) Sayyam …
Sayyam: I love u Krishna

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