kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 28)

Episode 28
Sayyam enter into BM .. Sayyam saw all are talking in living area…
Sayyam: Haloo.. I’m home..
Suhani: Sayyam Is this true?
Sayyam: What?
Suhani looks away…
Sayyam: Maa..plz tell me..what do u mean.. Plz meri taraf dekho na… Papa…yeh kya hai? Can anyone plz tell me..
Suhani: Do u hide something from us?
Sayyam:(remembers about Krishna) No I’m not…
Yuvraaj: Choot ..u r lieing sayyam ..
Sayyam: No I’m not
Suhaani: Then who is that girl.. U r rooming with..
Sayyam is very much shocked.. He look at yuvaan n yuvaani… Both of them nod their heads negatively n look down..
Suhani: Why r u silent now sayyam?
Sayyam: Maa..meh..(interrupted)
Yuvraaj: ( come near suhani) enough sayyam…
Sayyam was very much shocked becoz he never thought that his parents will not agree for his love….
Suhani: Sayyam do u think that this girl will suit to our family… Hum Birla s hai… ?
Yuvraaj: Do u ever think that we will ever agree to this?
Suhani: Ha..yuvraaj is ryt..i dreamt about my children’s weddings about all 3.. But I didn’t thought sayyam will choose this type of a girl…How can we allow u to marry that middle class behenji type ladki…

This is it for sayyam…he started to shout making everyone shocked..
Sayyam: Enough… Bohot ho gaya..ab bas… Haa Krishna is from middle class yes its true but for me she is my princess… I love her soo much…and I will not stop loving her… And no one dare to call her middle class behenji… (little calmly) I never thought that u guys have this much attitude..I though that my parents are modern.. That they don’t care about this middle clz n high clz..I never thought this will happen not even in my dreams.. But look like I’m wrong..Maa papa.. I don’t believe this is ur actual reaction after getting the news about me n Krishna..
Suddenly suhani smiled n hugged sayyam tightly..sayyam is not able to understand wht is happening…
Suhani: Dekho…yeh meri beta hai…this is my son… Mein ne kaha naa.. He will react like this.. I know my son.. Sayyam ke andar meri ansh bi hai.. Dekho yuvaraaj…meri chotu.. My son is grown up ..
Sayyam couldn’t understand anything he looks at yuvraaj… Yuvraaj also came n side hugged sayyam
Yuvraaj: Sayyam I’m proud of u…
Sayyam: What is happening…?
Yuvaan: Areee buddhu… They are just acting.. They are taking ur exam for marriage…
Yuvaani: They wanted to see ur reaction..they wanted to see u whether u truly love her or not..
Pratima: They wanted to see whether u will leave Krishna for families happiness or not..and how much u trust her..
Sayyam: Ok… Mein pass huwa ya nahi.
Suhani: U have passed with flying colours
Yuvraaj: U know sayyam… When I wanted to marry suhani.. Mujhe bi woo sab sunna para.. U r hearing this from ur mom n dad.. But for me it was my devil dadi.. That too for real.. My mom liked suhani alot.. But dadi ..pheww… meri pyaar ka dushman..
Suhani: Bas…bas.. Sayyam I also want to meet her..u really love her na..we have to talk with her parents also… We have to do soo much things..
Sayyam: Maa papa..thank u soo much for understanding me..

Suhani: How will I not understand u sayyam… I’m also from her middle class… Just like u fight for her.. Same ur papa also fought for me..soo why won’t I accept her as my daughter-in-law…
Pratima: Suhani now let him go.. Sayyam beta u go n change now it’s late now n we’ll sleep..we’ll talk later..
Sayyam: 1 minute …(go towards dadi) dadi will u like Krishna…
Pratima: Sayyam is this a question to ask..i will love her.. My grandson’s happiness is my happiness… Do u think that I will become ur pyaar ka dushman ..
Sayyam:(hugging her) thank u daadi.. Thank u soo much..
Yuvraaj: We r modern ppl sayyam.. If the girl is a good n capable of handling her responsibilities as a daughter-in-law & as a wife.. we have no objections…
Suhani: We’ll talk 2mrw…
Everyone leave for their respective rooms..sayyam change to his nightwear…
And yuvaani,yuvaan & sayyam is in one room(sayyam&yuvaan’s room)
Yuvaani: Sayyam now u can kick this yuvaan out from this room..
Sayyam: didi..i will go out from this room this is bhaiya’s room na..
Yuvaan: No sayyam yeh hum dono Ki room hai… It will be same..
Yuvaani: Yuvaan how can u 4 live in this room.. Husband n wife Ki beech Mein toda saa privacy ho na chahiyeh na..soo…
Yuvaan: Oyee.. We both will arrange another 2 rooms to say with our wifes.. We will always meet here if we want to talk ryt sayyam?
Sayyam: Yeah..
Yuvaan n sayyam start to talk how they will spend their future.. Yuvaani is happy for them..but She feels bad thinking about her future.. Yuvaani’s pov— these 2 brothers have deep n nice bonding…i wish it last forever… Plz god Always keep them happy.. Don’t let any misunderstandings happen between them.. And give all the happiness to my all family members…i’m a the daughter of this house..but one day I have to leave this house with the memories… Why should girls always want to leave… I know that I can’t change the traditions n cultures but mujhe yeh ghar chor kar jaaneki man nahi hai.. I live these ppl soo much… They have always cared for me… But one day I will leave this house n go to my in law’s house.. I hope that they will also love me like this family

Yuvaani’s thoughts were broken by sayyam n yuvaan.. Both brothers Huf their sister ..
Sayyam: Don’t worry di… Ur husband will take u here everyday… He will understand ur pain…
Yuvaan: Ha yuvaani… We r twins that’s true but I’m the elder one among us… And I will always stand with u.. I don’t care about anything.. U won’t leave this house.. U have right to this house…this family.. The door is always open for u.. U will come here everyday..
Yuvaani: Now stop being emotional.. And yuvaan plz give some privacy to sayyam…he may be needs to call Krishna..
Sayyam: No di… She must be sleeping.. When we r coming there was a huge rain..we got wet from the rain..n she started to sneeze.. She msg me that she is going to sleep.. So it’s ok..bhaiya can Sta here..
Yuvaan: Ok then let’s sleep..
Yuvaani went to her room..
Sayyam went to his bed but he is not getting sleep he remind all the moments he spend with Krishna..
inna soNa kyun rab ne banaaya
aavan jaavaan te main yaara nu manavaan
(why has god made you so beautiful,
all the time I placate my beloved ) inna soNa, enna soNa
inna soNa o…
inna soNa kyun rab ne banaya
Sayyam remind their confession… How Krishna acceped… Krishna’s sudden kiss.. Krishna’s dance in the rain..
kol hove te sek lagda ae
door jaave te dil jalda ae
keRi agg naal rab ne banaya
rab ne banaya, rab ne banaya

(when she is nearby, it warms me,
when she goes away, the heart burns..
with which fire has god made her?)
Screen freeze with sayyam’s happy face…

Precap- krishna’s side..

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