kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 27)

Episode 27
Krishna n sayyam walk hand in hand…
Krishna:(in mind) finally sayyam believed in love… He proposed in front of all… It was a simple propose… But the it’s his genuine feeling… I also didn’t want filmy lines.. U fulfilled my one of my wishes sayyam…i trust u sayyam ..soo why can’t I fulfill ur wish.. That too something very small… They came near the car…sayyam opened the door
Sayyam: Krishna go inside…

Suddenly Krishna kissed sayyam’s cheek which make sayyam shocked…Krishna get inside the car n closed the door…. Suddenly it started to rain..Then with the same shocked face sayyam sit in the driving seat…
Sayyam: What was that Krishna…?
Krishna: Nothing much.. That was ur gift.
sayyam: Ohh…I’m not satisfied with it.. But for now It’s ok…
Krishna: It’s raining sayyam…drive carefully…
Sayyam drives the car but suddenly something happened to car n sayyam parked the car…
Sayyam: Krishna i think it’s a type punch… I can’t drive with it…becoz it’s risky.. I will go n change the tyer..u stay inside…and call ur mom n tell. Otherwise she will be worried..

Krishna:ok ..i’ll also come with u have an umbrella…
Sayyam: No Krishna i removed it from the car yesterday becoz I took the car for service and I forgot to put it inside the car after I came…u stay inside..I’ll change the tyre n come..
Krishna: Ok..
Sayyam was changing the tyre and Krishna is not able wait inside so she also get down from the car..
Sayyam: Krishna kya huwa…go inside u’ll catch cold…

Krishna: No’s ok I love rain..
Krishna started to dance in the rain… She extend her hands and enjoying the rain drops.. She looked up and feel the rain…sayyam gave an impossible look but Krishna smiled n started to enjoy it….sayyam watched her a little while he is mesmerized to see Krishna dancing n enjoying the rain sayyam slowly walks towards Krishna..n keep his hand on her shoulder… She turned and hugged sayyam..
Sayyam: Krishna thank u for coming into my life…plz don’t ever leave me…
Krishna:never sayyam I will never leave u..
They break the hug…
Sayyam: Let’s go now…

Krishna ok..
Sayyam went towards the car first..but Krishna slipped due to water n her heels…she was closing her eyes..due to fear of falling..but sayyam hold her on time..Krishna slowly opened her eyes n looked into sayyam’s eyes… Krishna sneezed, achchuss…. which ruined the moment.sayyam was worried..
Sayyam: Krishna I told u na don’t come out of the car..but no u came out now u r sneezing…
Krishna: Actually every time I start sneezing after getting wet in the rain so don’t worry…
Sayyam:now get in the car..

Sayyam drops Krishna to her house… And left for his house…
Precap- ????
Guys I’m lacking with ideas… I need ur suggestions… And haa..u guys didn’t answer I need u reveal about sambhav sayyam’s biological father or not if I reveal it somehow.. Don’t worry he will not come into my story.. He is already dead..killed by suhaani..
Do u guys need more kriyam scenes..then give some ideas..
Upcoming tracks… Swara n sanskar’s engagement ceremony will be come..they u can find kriyam sweet love moments…

Thanks for reading… Don’t forget comment.. Bye. Bye..c u 2mrw..with another episode

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  1. Rockstr

    Loved it dear..i was too busy so didnt get time to all the epis just now…plss dont end it so soon…want more kriyyam scenes..dont reveal the sambhav thing now…

    1. Shaani

      Ok thank u soo much…

  2. Aarti32

    Soo romantic episode..?? n thank God there’s no sambhav..??

    1. Shaani

      Heheii..thank u..

  3. So good. Please have more kriyam scenes.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u..ok I’ll try…

  4. The episode is really super.
    But please don’t reveal about sambhav.
    Make some more scenes of kriyam.
    After kriyam marriage.
    Then reveal about sambhav.

    1. Shaani

      Good idea…thank u soo much…

  5. please make another episode.

  6. You can keep swara and sanskar engagengagement a bit short and then go on to their wedding day and then kriyam can do the joota chupayi ritual with their romantic scenes like while Krishna is chasing Sayyam she’s about to trip but she falls on bed with Sayyam…… like what happened in hum aapke hain kaun movie?

    1. Shaani

      Yeah..yeah..swasan engagement is to bring some kriyam moments… I won’t write their romance ? thanks for the idea …

  7. Hey wat abt baby?? Also the episode was amazing.. yes u can show some cute moments of kriyam at the engagement also u can write abt nandini Nd lucky.. ur wish

    1. Shaani

      I can write about nandani n lucky like how kriyam help their frnds get their love.. Yeah..sure thanks for ur idea..

    2. Shaani

      About baby…police n sanskar found some reports of baby… It states that baby is mentally unstable…. I think I told it in sayyam n sanskar’s phn conversation…so after that..i ended her character…if u want I can make a rentry as a villian…

  8. Arshi123

    Hi, Shaani.yes, I read ur ff but don’t get time regularly. So, I read 4-5 episodes at a time.
    Actually, my schedule is tight for exams, I fail to catch the show on TV most times now , so I read TU written updates and comment there Don’t get much time to comment here.
    Sorry for that, but I promise, I’ll comment everyday after my exam.
    Keep going on with ur ff, my support & well wishes will be with u

    1. Shaani

      Thank u sooo much…yeah..sure..first exams n education..n we can watch tv shows..n read worrys Dr.. Thank u for reading this…all the best for ur exams…

  9. Nyc romantic episodes…. hey add some moments both of kriyyam and lucky -nandini….waiting for more 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u sooo much….

  10. Hi shaani

    Today’s epi was too gud
    I want u to prolong this ff if u can but don’t forget to study too its important tc

    1. Shaani

      Hii Ashley…how r u…yeah…after exam I’ll upload more n more…becoz of this exam I’m not getting any nice ideas also..thank u for liking today’s episode… C u..u too tc..

  11. Syedul

    I got a idea I think u shld have made the story in a way tht they accidentally get intimate

    1. Shaani

      Accidentally… Ok … Not bad either…I’ll think about it.. Thanks for ur suggestion..

  12. Anahita(Annie)

    Plz don’t show sambhav. Saiyyam’s relationship with the Birlas make your ff more interesting. Plz don’t spoil their relation. It’s a request. I hope that you are not angry. Anyways, love your ff. keep writing and can’t wait for next part and plz don’t end this ff soon, coz We fans wanna see more from you because you are an amazing writer and your communication with the readers and trying to gather their opinions makes you more great. Thanks a lot Shaani for giving us such wonderful writing and sorry for my boring and long comment.

    1. Shaani

      Annie…don’t say like that yaaar…y should i be angry with u… And about the long comment…u know annie..this is the longest comment to my story..i’m really happy…it was not booring..i love to read comments…. Becoz that gives motivation to write more n more…ok I won’t reveal about sambhav… Next 2-3 episodes.. Will be booring for u guys..becoz I want to concentrate on kriyam family.. Then I’ll give more kriyam scenes..thank u for commenting n reading… Thanks soo much…?

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