kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 26)

Episode 26
Pervious part

Here is the 24th episode’s link
Hi…Guys… I’m soo upset becoz of this issue..i’m posting it to SSEL category becoz of the previous mistake they are not putting my story to the correct category.. Now Idk whr will this episode post…i’m really fed up with this issue can anyone help me.. In previous episode I asked a question and one person answered it…other could answer is due to this issue…so I’m asking it in this episode also
If u want i can end this ff 2mrw…or else after 5 days break i can update it…but in those 5 day i can upload 1 episode per day..i’m sorry guys becoz i have a mid semester exam on 9th Feb…i have to get ready for it…you all decide and tell.. I’m sorry…

Episode 26
Sayyam: Krishna this my loving sister Yuvaani…and this is my brother Yuvaan..
Krishna is shocked…yuvaan yuvaani n sayyam looked at her. They can understand what is in her mind..
Yuvaan: Sayyam this very bad..she(pointing towards yuvaani)is ur loving sister n mee nothing only brother..(towards Krishna) hi..i’m sayyam’s HANDSOME brother yuvaan. Nice to meet u..
Yuvaani: I told u yuvaan she is soo pretty… They both r made perfect for each other…
Yuvaan: Haa yuvaani u were ryt .. Heavenly couple
Yuvaani:(hold Krishna) Krishna now u r a part of our family…
Krishna: But Ms.yuvaani..
Yuvaani: Krishna you don’t need to say Ms. You can call me by my name or else u call me didi..and same apply with yuvaan…
Yuvaan: Haa..u can call me “bhai”
Krishna:(nod her her while blushing) But didi what about our parents specially sayyam’s parents…(couldn’t complete)
Yuvaan: Don’t worry Krishna… We r there for u both…we will talk to them..
Yuvaani: go Krishna..sayyam is waiting for u..we will go..
Yuvaan & yuvaani: Bye Krishna…
Krishna: Bye…

All left the place…krishna is looking at them…sayyam is looking at Krishna…he is standing behind Krishna.. Sayyam started to walk towards Krishna..
Sayyam: Soo Krishna…. U also love me…
Krishna:(turned towards sayyam) I answered that question few minutes ago ryt? So u know my answer…
Sayyam:(hold krishna’s hand n walk towards a bench to sit) but from when..i mean when did u realized it..
Krishna: Now there is no need from it.. but sayyam don’t u this that we r not perfect…
Sayyam:( is beyond shocked) what r u saying Krishna?
Krishna: (stand up a take few steps) I mean sayyam u r coming from a rich n respectable family but look at me..I’m from a middle class …(couldn’t complete,she felt a hand touching her shoulder, she turned)
Sayyam: Don’t worry Krishna… I really don’t care about it… My parents are not that type of ppl…they are very understanding & they are modern ppl..they are not believing this class thing.. And why should we divide ppl like that we all r humans… Simple as that.. Don’t think much..
Krishna: But sayyam will society…(stopped by sayyam)
Sayyam:(keep his finger on Krishna’s lips) no buts.. No ifs.. I love u …do u love me.?
Krishna:(remove sayyam’s finger) is this a question to ask sayyam yes of course I love u..
Sayyam: Then that’s it…nothing matters to me..if we r together then we can face to anything together…(he hugged Krishna)
Krishna: Sayyam let’s go is also going to end it’s getting late..(while breaking the hug)shall we..
Sayyam: Nope..

Krishna: Why not?..
Sayyam: U have to give me a gift..
Krishna: Gift..? But now I don’t have a gift…i’ll gift u something 2mrw..
Sayyam: No I need now..
Krishna: Sayyam why r u being soo stubborn…i told u na..that I don’t have anything
Sayyam: No u have plz give naa…
Krishna: Ok fine what is the gift I have right now with me..?
Sayyam:(leans towards Krishna,she is shocked) one kiss…(it husky voice) (then he stand straight) that’s it… That is the only gift I wanted now… So give it to..
Krishna:(in shocked state) sayyam abi nahi ( not now)
Krishna feels little uncomfortable.. Becoz she never kissed a boy..of course she trust sayyam but still she needs some more time… Sayyam felt her uncomfortableness so he started to talk..
Sayyam: It’s ok Krishna…u can take time I won’t force u I can understand.. I’m sorry for ask something like that soo soon…come lets go home(by holding krishna’s hand and walk towards the car park)

I know this is a short episode. I just want to check whether it will post in right category or not… If anyone have a solution for my problem plz tell me…
Thank u.. And I’m really sorry for this mess..

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  1. Shaani

    Yes..yes..yes..the mess is now clear..thank god…guys back to normal… Here is the 26th episode… Yesterday I posted 24th and 25th episode…but my accidentally I was posted in somewhr else..(even idon’t know) becoz I Ashley I found 24th episode… And becoz of swetha and diya..i found 25th episode thank u guys… Read this n enjoy…

  2. Hey its perfectly alright. We luv ur episodes. Maybe idk if u were checking other serials list of categories nd by chance u frgt to close it this happened. Btw the episode was so cute…❤❤

    1. Shaani

      Thank u…it means a lot… Glad u liked it..

  3. Aarti32

    Happens..Mere sath bhi hua tha..Forget it.. Awesome episodes..Three of them

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      Thank u Aaru..

  4. super episode

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  5. please upload another episode.

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  6. So good

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  7. Soooooooo Soooooooo good??

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  8. This episode was nyc but short…Sorry becuz I am just so impatient to read ur ff…saiyyam was being naughty asking krishna 4 a kiss .. Post asap… 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Hahah….yeah..i really want to see this side of his character…but wht to do…it’ll take long time na…thanks for reading…

  9. Sooooo cuteeeee??????

    Love u di

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      Thank u…. N love u took…

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