kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 24)

Episode 24

Girls are getting ready for the party since mrng. But our boys are just relaxing…
Swara call sanskar and ask to pick her up…
Swara: Sanskar plz pick me @ 6 o’clock huh..
Sanskar:ok raajkumari..i’ll pick nandani n Krishna coming?..
Swara: they both r going to come together..they ask me to come with them then I said that I told u to pick me… We can spend sometime also na.
Sanskar: Awwee..soo sweet of u swara.. I love u…
Swara: Love u 2,3 infinity…?
Sanskar: I know…btw swara don’t u think sayyam aur Krishna also can go together…
Swara: Yes that’s true call..but nandani…
Sanskar: Don’t worry..nandani Ki lover boy heina..
Swara: Kya??.. Tum ne mujhe bataya bi nahi Tha..
Sanskar: Aree haa swara I forgot sorry huh..
Swara: Bolo..bolo yeh kase huwa..
Sanskar: Actually swara lucky likes nandani…
Swara: Lucky nandani Ko sirf like karti hai..that’s it..
Sanskar: First listen…lucky is a flirt na.. But he is damn scared to tell his feelings to nandani… Nandani is a innocent girl so If someone like lucky propose her..she will definitely think I as he is flirting with her.. Ab lucky is good to be a good boy..good obedient respectable boy.. But I have a doubt swara..
Swara: What is that?
Sanskar: Will nandani also love lucky? She always fight with lucky…so is this a possible thing..
Swara: If lucky really loves nandani..he can make her fall for him.. Btw nandani is not dislike him that much…
Sanskar: Sachi…
Swara:muchchii..ok u tell lucky to pick nandani…I’ll tell nandani that lucky will pick her n I’ll explain other stuff also..
Sanskar:ok c u at 6pm..plz be ready n wait…
Swara: Ok bye

It’s around 5.30pm
Birla mansion
Sayyam is getting ready.. He is in black n white… Yuvaani come with a box wrapped by a wrapping paper sayyam sees her reflection from mirror sayyam turns..
Sayyam: Dii do u need something..
Yuvaani: No.. I came to give this..
Sayyam: Present..
Yuvaani: Haa meri tarafse..tumaher it n see…
Sayyam opened it…it’s a black tie.. Sayyam hugged yuvaani..
Sayyam: Thank u’s suit for this right?… Plz put it na .
Yuvaani:ok come… ( she put the tie) looking good..
Sayyam:di I have to go….krishna will be waiting for me..
Sayyam took Krishna n went to the venue… All are present in the part.. Their dean sir gave a short speech … All started to enjoy…the host of the show announced that this is the time for couple dance…
Swara: Thank god i was waiting for this only…
Sanskar: Aawee swara soo sweet..u were waiting to dance with me ..y didn’t u tell me earlier.. Then I would have change the agenda of the program na..
Swara: Sanskar plz stop na..lets go to the stage…
Both of them dance romantically… everyone clapped them swara was blushing n our sanskar smiled seen it…
Sayyam extend his hand to Krishna… N lucky extend his hand to nandani…
Sayyam: Krishna will u dance with me tonight?..
Krishna:( She is in dilemma but she said yes ( and hold sayyam’s hand)
Same with lucky n nandani..

Sayyam n Krishna went to the stage n stand… Sanskar ask permission.. krishna allows him.. Sayyam keeps his hand on Krishna’s waist..and Krishna kept her arms around his neck..they both looks into each others eyes with a lovely n adorable way..
?miusic starts..
tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara
tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara
(with you, O beloved,
the spring is colorful,
you are the crazy night,
and I am the yellow star.)
Sayyam smiles with Krishna and started to dance with her with slow steps…
O karam khudaya hai
tujhe mujhse milaya hai
tujhpe marke hi to
mujhe jeena aaya hai
(it’s a divine mercy,
that I have met you.
after dying on you only
have I learned to live.)
Sayyam hold Krishna close and look into her eyes and gives her a heartful smile.. Krishna also smiled back..they take slow steps according to the rhythm..
O tere sang yaara…
khushrang bahara
tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara
Sayyam spins Krishna a little and makes her come to him… Krishna hold sayyam’s shoulders…
O tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara
main tera ho jaaun
jo tu karde ishara

Again they started to dance in slow steps sayyam n Krishna was soo close that I was looking like they are hugging each other while dancing..
kaheen kisi bhi gali mein jaaun main
teri khushboo se Takraaun main
har raat jo aata hai mujhe
wo khwaab tu…
(wherever, in whichever street I go,
I meet your fragrance,
you are the dream I dream every night.)
Sayyam cares krishna’s cheecks and made turned her and now her back side is faced him… he hold her from behind and breath her fragrance..
Tera mera milna dastoor hai
tere hone se mujhme noor hai
main hoon soona sa ek aasmaan
mehtaab tu…
(our meeting is a custom.
there is a divine light in me from your existence,
I’m a deserted sky,
and you are the moon)

Sayyam remembers how they met first n how they fight n how he make her cry.. Then how they become Krishna shared his pain…how she tought him to start the life fresh… How he realized his love for krishna …he smiles…
Same with Krishna..she remembers how they met how they become frnds slowly…how she realized her love for sayyam..and his care towards sayyam saved her from sahil.. Their forehead kiss..
O karam khudaya hai
tujhe maine jo paaya hai
tujhpe marke hi to
mujhe jeena aaya hai
Sayyam smiles thinking that god gives him a beautiful life partner … He then again turned Krishna who keeps her head on his chest taking the beautiful steps of dance…

O karam khudaya hai
tera pyar jo paaya hai
tujhpe marke hi toh
mujhe jeena aaya hai

O tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara
tu raat deewani
main zard sitaara

O tere sang yaara
khushrang bahara
main behta musafir
tu Thehra kinara
Sayyam spinned Krishna one last time and pulled her near his chest and hugged her
Song ended..
Everyone claps for all the couple dancers…

Precap: After dance what will happen…

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  1. Hello shaani I’m a silent reader …

    Ur story is soooo gud.??? ijuz loved it pa…
    I’m a tamilian so plz can u type in English fully… Its mybking request ….

    Tq for a beautiful story….. ✋✋✋

    1. Shaani

      Yeaah…sure y not u should have tell it earlier na… Here after I’ll write in English… Thanks for reading my story…n thanks for commenting

      1. Ur welcome…. ????

  2. Hey shaani u just spiced up the episode with one kriyyam moment…when I got to know that u have submitted the 24 part I was desperate to read…u gave a nyc surprise that lucky likes nandu…precap looks interesting..asking u the same question What will happen??… update Asap 😉

    1. Shaani

      Thank u isha…thank u soo much.. I’ll try to update soon …

  3. Please.upload another episode
    This is really super
    You write good stories

    1. Shaani

      Thank u..thank u soo much it means a lot…ok I’ll upload another one last part..

  4. it’s sooo romantic shaani. i am blushing to the core.please don’t make us wait for tomorrow.i know you are busy.but i am dying to know what will happen after the dance.

    1. Shaani

      Ok I’m still writing it..i’ll definitely upload it soon…thanks for reading…n commenting…I was also blushing while typing it…i’m not used to write those things…this is the first time…keep reading my story…

  5. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..Blush blush??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u..

  6. So cute

    1. Shaani

      Thank u…

  7. Anahita (Annie)

    Love,love, love ur ff. plz keep updating daily. Can’t wait for next episode..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Annie…

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