kriyam – u r my strength (Episode 23)

Episode 23
The next day at the campus(lunch time)… Swara nandani n Krishna is in the canteen… One of the students came n inform that all designing n management students to go to the auditorium… So girls stand up n went out of the canteen..they met the 3 boys..
Sayyam: Tum 3no kaha jaariyoo ..
Swara: Not only we 3… U 3 also have to come with us..
Lucky: Ur guys wish I our command. .(bow his head dramatically)
All laugh for that…
Sanskar: Ok whr r we going now?..

Nandani: To auditorium…
Sayyam: Why?
Krishna: Dean sir called us to tell about yesterday’s fashion show…
Lucky: Ohh…great chalo..
They went to the auditorium…

Dean: Gd afternoon students… I must say guys u ppl have done a good job in yesterday’s fashion show..thank u for all the people who helped to make this event a successful event. Soo our staff members decided why not to have a success party…( Students clap sound)..ok soo 2mrw get ready 2mrw night at campus ballroom hall.. 2mrw mrng n afternoon lectures have been u guys can do ur shopping since 2mrw mrng.. I, dean of this campus is really really proud of u guys… Thank u
Students came out from the auditorium..
Swara: We have do lots of shopping..
Sanskar: Loo agya shopping queen.. (not audit able,but sayyam heard it)
Sayyam: We don’t have lectures.. Girls do u have lectures?
Nandani n swara together Nooo…
Sayyam:Then let’s start shopping now it self ..

Both sanskar n lucky was shocked…
Sanskar: Tum ne kya kaha…say it again..
Sayyam: Then let’s start shopping now it self…
Swara: See sanskar a boy who loves shopping…now let’s goo..
All turned with a shocked face.. Why?…
Krishna: I need to know something..
Swara: (concern) kya huwa? Are u ok?..

Krishna: Haa swara I’m fine.. I want to ask how sayyam knew that I’m in trouble what was that video u showed to sahil..
Nandani: Haa..i also don’t know what is that video
Sayyam:( took his phn n showed the video)

Krishna & Nandani is shocked: How is that possible…
Sayyam: I knew that sahil will do something.. Tume yaad hai Krishna.. I told u to remove that heavy jewellery..n I gave u a necklace with a small pendent… That pendent I not a normal pendent.. There was a hidden camera in it.. It records everything…
Krishna: But sayyam how did u knew that sahil will do something to me?
Sayyam: Day after ur kidding day…
Flashback starts——

While sayyam was passing a lecture hall he heard krishna’s name..he peeped through the window and he saw baby and he secretly he’s wht they are talking..
Baby: Bhaiya again ur plan failed..don’t u know to plan a kidnapping also..
Sahil:ek plan toh fail ho sakta hai…but har plan toh fail nahi ho sakta hain na..I have to plan something serious this time which ur lover boy mr.sayyam wouldn’t understand..
Baby: Bhaiya.. Don’t ever dare to hurt my sayyam.. Ok wht is the plan..when will u start it…
Sahil:very soon… At the fashion show day I’ll finish this and then sayyam will be all urs..

Flashback ends—-
Sayyam: Soo me sanskar n lucky decide to do this…and we informed police… That’s it..
Krishna didn’t think even think for a once..he hugged sayyam.. Sayyam smiled n hugged her back…
Sayyam: Shall we go shopping now..
Krishna: Hmm..
All went for shopping… They enjoyed that evening…
After shopping they went to a coffee shop… They talk random things…
Lucky: Guys I need to say something..
Nandani: For sure it must be a joke..

Lucky: Aree..i will not joke in serious talks…like u..
Swara: Stop it.. Lucky Tu bolo..
Lucky: Just think like this.. Mee eka ladki se pyaar karti hoo..
Nandani: I told u guys..he is telling a can this flirt master can love someone…
Lucky:kyun nahi..meh bi eka ladka hoo… I will also fall in love someday na.. Just listen will u..Mee eka ladki se pyaar karti hoo..I want to know whether she also love me back or can we know that…

Swara: U, urself is a big flirt…u can find a way urself.. Why r u asking from us…
Lucky: Kya swara.. I tried to make her jealous…but she didn’t got jealous… That means she doesn’t love me na..she doesn’t care about whom I talk or with whom I hang out… (with a sad face)
Krishna: May be she trust u to that extend…may be She knows that u r a trustworthy person in relationship…
Sayyam looked this was one for their plan’s… At the same time sayyam feels soo happy..
Lucky: May be…

Krishna: Ok lucky now tell who is she…
Lucky:(shocked, no words are coming out from his mouth he just looking at sayyam and sanskar for help but both of them were looking somewhere else while smiling)…i just asked it like that…my cousin brother’s gf asa hai..isliye pucha…
Krishna: Ohh ok…
Then after taking their coffe they went home…

Precap: Party time

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