Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 20)

Episode 20
Sayyam was in his room…he is going here n there I his room..he just realized his love for Krishna n he was soo happy…he needs to know whether Krishna also love him back..
Sayyam:( to himself) I can’t do this alone..i have to take help..let’s take di’s help..wait…u can’t take her help..she don’t know who is Krishna.. What can I do now? Let’s talk to sanskar n lucky… Yeah. That’s the best thing.. ( he take his phn out from him denim pocket n dial sanskar)
Sanskar: Haa sayyam bolo..
Sayyam: Sanskar r u free today evening.. I mean can we meet..tum Mein aur lucky…
Sanskar: I’m free..I think Lucky is also free…whr will we meet..?
Sayyam: Come to my’t..we’ll meet at ur place…is it ok?
Sanskar: Yeah sure..but sayyam all ok..?
Sayyam: Haa everything is fine..I’ll tell when we meet…
Sanskar: Ek kaam karo..come to my house now itself.. I’ll call n inform lucky…
Sayyam: Ok..thanks..(he disconnected the call immediately n took his car keys n left the place… Before leaving sayyam went n kissed yuvaani’s cheek n said thank u di)
Yuvaani smiled by looking at sayyam…

Sanskar’s place…
Sayyam n sanskar is in a room… Sayyam is walking here and there.. Sanskar was wondering wht happen to him..
Sayyam: Why this lucky is not here yet… Plz call him sanskar..
Sanskar was about to take the phn but lucky entered to the room…
Sayyam: Why did u took this much time..
Lucky was surprized..wo actually.. there was accident that’s y.
Sayyam: Ok come n sit here..
Sayyam also sit
Sayyam: Guys I don’t know from whr to start.. I need u guys help in something…
Sanskar: Baat kya hai sayyam.. We r always ready to help u…
Sayyam: U guys know that i had a past.. N that’s y… I was little arrogant
Lucky: Little…is that called little..seriously sayyam..
Sayyam: Chup kar.. Abi abi mujhe realised huwa that i love someone…
Both sanskar n lucky: (together) kya?..
Sayyam: Haa..
Sanskar:(stand up) wait.. But kisse?..tum kisse pyaar karti ho..
Sayyam: Krishna se…
This time lucky also got up…

Both sanskar n lucky looks at each other n hugged sayyam tightly…
Lucky:..aree mera bhai..mee bohot kush Hu yaar…
Sanskar: Thank god sayyam..u realized it..
Sayyam was little shocked to hear that.. Guys plz stop it it’s difficult to breath…
Sanskar n lucky break the Hug..
Sayyam: Sanskar tumne kya kaha..?
Sanskar: We knew that u look Krishna..
Sayyam: Kya .but how..mujhe bi abi abi realised huwa..
Lucky: We saw ur love for krishna from your eyes yaar..
Sanskar: Ur care towards her… Ur feelings.. Sab kuch.. We can see from ur behaviour… They way u changed .. Yeh sub Krishna Ki wajase Hu wa.. krishna taught u to start ur life a fresh..
Lucky:she taught u to be kind…
Sanskar: Krishna taught u to smile and laugh from whole ur heart..
Lucky:we knew that u r soo much I love with her…
Sanskar:and we knew that u won’t easily realized it.. Becoz u r so stubborn na..
Lucky: Ab bas..we r happy to know that u realised it..
Sanskar: Ok now tell wht help u need from us..
Sayyam:I love Krishna but does she love me?
Sanskar: NO…we… lucky: YES… She….
Sayyam looked at them …sanskar wink at lucky…
Sanskar: Wo actually… We going to say that…yeah..may be..may be not..we don’t know it for sure..soo that’s wht we were going to say..
Lucky:(understood) ha..that’s what I was also going to say

Sayyam:how can we know that correctly… Swara is Krishna’s best frnd.. Shall we ask from her…
Sanskar:(shocked) no .no.. I don’t think so..
Sayyam: Why..why don’t u think like that..
Sanskar:(stammers) meri… matlab.. hain…wo..if Krishna said something about that to swara..she has to tell me..swara never mentioned something like that..
Sayyam: What can we do now..?
Lucky: We’ll do one thing…
Lucky: We’ll wait till this fashion show finish…then u propose her..
Sanskar: Oyee ..idiot..first we have to find whether Krishna also love sayyam or not..
Lucky:ooh..ha .. I forgot that..
Sanskar: She is working hard for this event soo..let this event get over..then we’ll find about it…and sayyam if u want to check u can use some make her jealous.. U can flirt with a hot n s*xy girl in front of her..
Sayyam: Yeh kasa idea hai sanskar? I will not do anything like that
Lucky: Then forget about this..
Sayyam: Don’t we have any other option… Their should be…
Sanskar: U r not going to marry that hit n s*xy girl na..
Sayyam: Ok..fine…I’ll do it …i can do anything for Krishna..
Screen freeze this these 3 boys having a group hug…

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  1. Aww so cute and adorable ?????

    1. Shaani

      Thank u…

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    Next part plss…i know i keep troubling you a wat to do,i just love your ff…pls update asap…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u it means alot…I’ll try to upload soon…

  3. I am your silent reader but your ff are really good and the update are so good so I would like you to update the next ff soon plz thanks and by the way You are a good writer

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much…for commenting becoz I don’t know whether ppl like my ff or whether they read it or not…when ppl commenting we can think”yeah..thr r ppl who reading my ff” then we can upload…I’m not telling to place lengthy comment but a small word is more than enough..once again..thanks for reading n commenting…

  4. heyy…. i am from keralaa…. i am a silnt reader…. bt i cant wait for nxt episodess…. plz upload yaarrr………..

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    2. Hey divya I am also from kerala.. 🙂

  5. Aarti32

    Awesome episode..N Saiyyam’s eagerness is so cute ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Aaru..

  6. I wanna see how krishna will react…update soon…

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