Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 19)

Episode 19
It has been 2 days since Krishna’s kidnap… Krishna told about the incident to her mom…& Sayyam’s care towards Krishna increased day by day… Sayyam couldn’t understand his feelings… He is soo confused about this…

Sayyam’s place (Birla mansion)

Sayyam is in his room yuvaani comes to the room with 2 mugs… She extended one cup to sayya and said coffee.. But no movement from sayyam’s side.. Yuvaani thought what happen to sayyam… Becoz she noticed sayyam’s this behaviour since few days…
Yuvaani:(slightly Hit sayyam with her elbow) sayyam…
Sayyam: Haa.. Di bolo..when did u came…i didn’t see u..
Yuvaani: How could u see u didn’t even heard that I’m calling u…u were in another world..come sit here..

Sayyam sit on the bed.. And taste the coffee
Yuvaani: Sayyam I have noticed a change in ur behaviour..kya huwa sayyam..u can tell me .may be I can help u..
Sayyam: Noo…not like that..
Yuvaani: Sayyam will u tell me the truth.. Don’t u consider me as ur sister.. Tell na..
Sayyam:( he thought to tell everything to yuvaani) ok fine I’ll tell u..
Yuvaani: That’s my brother…now tell .

Sayyam: Di…u know about my past ryt? Karishma didn’t trust me that day n I came here n started my new life.. I didn’t want to talk to girls after karishma.. Becoz I can’t trust any girl now..and also I don’t love any girl also.. But now becoz of one girl I started to move on my in my life.. Now I started my life with soo much confidence.. This girl..i don’t know wht these feelings I have now..i consider her as my best frnd…i care for her..i like to stay with her..i want her to be happy… I don’t think I can love anyone in my life…but wht is this dii…i can’t understand…i definitely didn’t had these feelings for karishma…

so this can’t be love…when I couldn’t see her I feel emptiness in my heart…and I couldn’t bare anyone touching her,which makes her uncomfortable… & look at her in lustfully…i can’t bare to see those things…i feel little jealous to see her with another boy..her happiness is my happiness…I don’t understand what relationship we have… Yes she is my best friend… But I feel like this is something more than frndship…
Yuvaani:bas…bas ..sayyam… Aree u duffer… This is called love…
Sayyam: What? Di are u crazy?.. How could I…

Yuvaani: Sayyam pyaar, ishq aur mohabbat ye 3 naam ek hi cheej ke hain… pyar kisi ke sath bhi ho sakta hai…there is no definition for love…Love is when you can’t stop from thinking of this person and practicing what you might say to him/her. Love is when your heart starts racing every time you see or think about this person and wanting to be next to them every second of everyday.. Being in love is about connecting with another person emotionally, caring for their happiness as if it was your own. When you love someone their fate becomes intertwined with yours. You may feel sad when they cry, get angry when they are hurt, and celebrate with their successes.

Love is based on a deep relationship, a connection that lets you know you can trust someone completely. You understand them and they understand you — not perfectly, but enough that you feel invested in each other’s lives and happiness.If they’re having problems or are upset, show them that you care. Just listening to someone’s concerns is often enough to assure them that you care. You don’t need to fix all of your loved one’s problems, you just need to be there for the bad times as well as the good…. Love is the most beautiful emotion in this world sayyam… Think about it…u care for her soo much…u get angry when she get hurt at the same time u feels hurt to see her…close ur eyes for a moment and think about love…wht u can see…whom u can see is the things u love… Evrytime first love is not the true love…true love n first love is different things…

By saying these things yuvaani left the room now sayyam is thinking what she said..sayyam close his eyes… He see how he spend time with his mom n dad… how he enjoy life with her brother n sister… Then he see Krishna’s first meet..their masti times.. How she cared about him..the way she cared about he gets angry n hurt when Krishna gets hurt… He opened his eyes…

Sayyam:(he started to talk to himself) Soo this is true love..mee Krishna se pyaar karti Hu…haa..i love her… I love Krishna…yes..yes..i love her..woow…omg sayyam u love her…pewwh…sayyam how could u be soo foolish..and I never loved karishma…it was only attraction…i never loved her.. U have to tell her..omg..does Krishna loves me..if she consider me as her frnd.. Then she will hesitate to talk to I have to figure out whether she loves me or not…

Screen freeze with sayyam’s super happy face

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      Omg…u like this story that much…I have submitted the next part’ll be uploaded soon..

  2. Wowwwwww?he finally realises that he mloves krishna?

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  5. Really happy that he understood his love 4 krishna..I loved the part when yuvaani told that true love and first love r diffrent…keep going shaani..waiting to read more of ur amazing work… 😉

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      Thanks isha…it means alot..glad u liked it…

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