Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 18)

Episode 18
Sayyam wrap krishna’s dupatta around…
Krishna:(feeling dizzy)…sayyam…
Krishna fainted…sayyam picked her and take her out from the cottage.. Sayyam take Krishna towards his car..sanskar came to help them…
Sayyam: Sanskara there is a water bottle plz take it… (Trying to wake up Krishna) Krishna Krishna uto…wake up Krishna…(while patting her cheeks)
Sanskar: Sayyam yeh loo…(he opened the Lid of the bottle and gave to sayyam)..
Sayyam:( while sprinkling water) krishana…wake up…

Krishna:(slowly opened her eyes,but she is not in her sense..she pushed sayyam) plz don’t do anything… Leave me plz..
Sayyam: (hugged Krishna tightly) Krishna it’s me sayyam…bas Krishna bas..u r safe now..
Krishna:(hugged sayyam tightly)sayyam I need to go home…plz take me home…
Sayyam: Ok Krishna…( he saw her nad bleeding) Krishna ur elbow is bleeding…let me do first aid..(turning towards sanskar) sanskar u go to campus.. Swara was soo much disturbed due to this incident…so go to her…

Sanskar: Ok sayyam are u sure u can manage here…?
Sayyam: (while taking first aid box) yes sanskar u goo.. (go towards Krishna).. Krishna give me ur hand…
Krishna is silent..sayyam took her hand and wiped her blood from a cotton.. Krishna hurt it..
Sayyam: I’m sorry(sayyam blow air to smother her pain)
Krishna looked at sayyam lovingly ..sayyam also look at her shining eyes..
Sayyam: Ho gya..kaam Katham…I did ur dressings..
Krishna: Thank u sayyam ..u n sanskar came on time otherwise ….(sayyam kept his finger on krishna’s lips to stop her)

Sayyam: I will not let anything happen to u…no one can harm u it I’m alive… Let’s go home..
Krishna: Sayyam let’s go to the campus…
Sayyam: But Krishna u told that u want to go home..
Krishna: It’s ok sayyam… Maa will get scared if I tell the truth…
Sayyam: No Krishna ur mom needs to know wht happen… If she gets to know it from someone else she’ll be sad..
Krishna: Ok then I’ll tell her after i go home..

Sayyam:ok then let’s go to campus.. But with one condition…u have to stay with me..
Krishna: Sayyam now I’m fine…don’t worry..
Sayyam: Then I’ll not take u to campus..
There was few minutes silence between them…
Krishna: Ok fine I’ll be with u..
Sayyam drives to campus…sayyam saw Krishna looking out from the window..sayyam stoped the car due to traffic lights..he switch on the radio.. A song was playing
dheere dheere se meri zindagi mein aana
dheere dheere se dil ko churaana

tumse pyaar hume hai kitna jaane jaana
tumse mil kar tumko hai batana..
(Slowly, come to my life,
slowly, steal my heart..
how much I love you my beloved,
I have to meet you and tell you..)
Sayyam n Krishna looked at each other..they have a small eyelock… Their eye lock was broken due to vehicle horns…it was an awkward moment for both of them…they went to campus…sayyam already told his frnds that they are coming..
Swara and others are near the gate.. Swara: Sanskar yeh dono abi tak nahi aaya..
Sanskar: Swara have some patience..
( lucky saw sayyam’s car coming)

Lucky: They came..
All ran towards sayyam’s car..krishna & sayyam get down from the car..
Swara:(while hugging Krishna) Krishna r u ok?..
Krishna: Ha swara..don’t worry I’m fine.. See I’m back.. That’s becoz of sayyam n sanskar.. Thank u sanskar..

Sanskar: Yeh tum kya bol tiyoo Krishna..tum meri behen jasi hoo…(what are u saying Krishna? U r like my sister)
Nandani: Come Krishna let’s go to the canteen n we’ll eat something….
Krishna was about to go with them.. But looked back..sayyam smiled…
Sayyam: Come we’ll also go..i’m also soo hungry..

Precap: Getting ready for the fashion show..

Guys sorry about the short update…i just wrote it during the lecture break…
Read n tell how was till

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  1. I m a silent reader bt I must say ur ff is best ?

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    Loved it…update asap

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  6. We are eagerly waiting for ur next surprise ff i must say u r a great and brilliant author

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  7. Aarti32

    Luvly episode.. Saiyyam cares for Krishna soo much??

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