kriyam – u r my strength Episode 145

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Episode 145
it’s final Month of Krishna
Naina’s Wedding preparations were going on in BM…. Time Passed Krishna Entered Her 9th n Final Month of Pregnancy…Since The Day Krishna Entered Her 9th Month sayyam was More Concerned n Worried fr Krishna n Babies becoz as Per Doctor’s Report Krishna would Feel More Vomiting n More Weakness in Her Body due to Krishna’s Complications.. So as A Result sayyam would be More concerned n worried fr his wife n wouldn’t let Her do any work Unnecessarily..Seeing sayyam’s Care Towards Her Krishna Feel Overwhelmed fr His Care bt at Same time She was Worried fr sayyam too becoz The Day She Entered Her Last Month of Pregnancy sayyam was Seen Over Protective towards Her n as a Result He was Neglecting His Health which was Not at All Accepted by Krishna at all..
Krishna : ( Worried n Calls sayyam who was busy on laptop ) sayyam..
Sayyam : ( Busy in laptop ) Hmm Haa Princess Tell Me..what U want ??

Krishna : ( Sits Properly ) U.. ( Sees sayyam who was Staring Her Confusedly ) Yes..I want U..Plzz can u come n Sit with Me here..I wanna Talk to U something important..
Sayyam : ( Confused ) Haa Ok..Wait ( Closes His Laptop n Goes Near Krishna n Sits ) Kya hua ?? Aisi kya baath karni hai..
Krishna : ( Smiles Faintly n Holds sayyam’s Palm Concernly ) sayyam listen i know u r Really Worried for My Health ..n since the Day I Entered My Last Month u have been taking Really Good Care of mine.i won’t Say it as a Over Protective coz i know wat all u r doing is fr mine n ( Touches Her Baby Bump ) Our Babies Health..Bt Still… ( Interrupted )
Sayyam : ( Confused ) Ek Min.. Ek Min..what r u talking about Krishna ??i’m nt getting it..Plzz explain me Clearly…
Krishna : ( Takes a Deep Breath ) ok.. Fine.. Sayyam tumhe kya lagta hai..tum nujhse apni Health Issues or Tension Chupaoge n i won’t come to know about it..i know sayyam mere chakkar main u r Neglecting ur Health n Nt taking ur Vitamins Tablets on Time jiske wajeh u r Facing Weakness n U r Frequently Visiting Hospitals fr Injections.. ( Sees sayyam’s Shocked Face ) Don’t Stare Me like that sayyam..Like u come to know about My problem in a Second by Reading My Face in the Same Way i also Come to know about ur Problems..( Tightens Her Grip on sayyam’s Palm n Caresses It ) Dekho sayyam..U r Neglecting ur Health in Order to Take Care of Me Think Practically sayyam agr tum apna Khayal nhi rakhoge toh hw will U Take Care of Me n Our Babies..Fr Taking Care of Us u should First Take Care of Urself na then Only U can take Care of Us..Soo Plzz sayyam Listen to Me n Plzz Take Care of Urself…Fr Me U r Important sayyam..agr tumhe kuch hogaya toh i won’t be able to Survive..Plzz Take Care of Urself sayyam Plzz.. ( Cups sayyam’s Face ) fr Me,For Our Babies..Bolo Rakhoge na ?? ( Teary Eyes )
Sayyam nod his head positively n hugged Krishna n kissed her forehead

Krishna : (break the hug n in Fake Anger ) Aaj Ke Tablets liya kya tumne ?? ( Sees sayyam’s Expressions ) Nhi Liye na ?? Mujhe Pata tha .. ( Fake Anger n Gets Up from Bed with Difficulty bt still Goes to sayyam’s Side Table n Takes His Tablets n Gives sayyam ) tum nhi loge..( Hands Tablets to sayyam ) Lo abb..Have Ur Tablets n Sleep fr Some time..Subah se i’m Watching U ..U r doing work Non Stop on laptop..itna Kaam hai toh y don’t u join Office No..U don’t coz tumhe toh karna woh hi hai jo tumne socha..meri toh sunta kaun hai yaha ( Keeps on Scolding like Old Krishna Non Stop while sayyam Stared Her Lovingly with a Smile on His Face ) …sabko apni man ki hi toh karni hai ( Non Stop Scolding Innocently )
While Scolding sayyam Non Stop Krishna Made Him Lye on Bed n Started Caressing His Head Lovingly to Make Him Sleep Peacefully n as Krishna was Scolding n Caressing His Hairs sayyam Kept Staring at Her Lovingly with a Smile on His Face n Soon Dozes Off coz Krishna’s Sweet Like Scolding n becoz of Her Lovely Caressing on His Hairs.As sayyam Fell Asleep Krishna Sees Him Sleeping Peacefully with a Cute Baby Smile on His Face n was Lost in His Charm n His Angelic Face.Seeing sayyam Sleeping Krishna too Lyes on Bed n Soon She Switches off The Room Lights Leaving Bed Lamp On n Soon She too Dozes Off on His Warm Chest ny Holding Him Tightly in Such A Way that It Wont Effect Her Baby Bump with a Satisfied Smile on Her Face too..
4AM BM- kriyam room
As Time Passes Everyone was Fast Asleep as it was Only 4 in The Morning.As Everyone were Sleeping Peacefully in their Respective Rooms where was Still One Person who was Nt Fast Asleep bt Instead of Having a Sleep in Her Mind She had a Naughty Plan Revolving inside Her Brain.She Immediately Woke Up from Her Bed n Went to a Kitchen in a Slow n A Steady Steps without Disturbing Her Life Partner who was Sleeping Peacefully on His Side with An Angelic Smile on His Face…She Opened Her Room Door Slowly n Started Moving Out of Her Room by Holding Her Baby Bump n Once She Came Out of Her Room She Happily Closed The Door from Outside n Started Laughing n Enjoying Her Victory All Alone in a Low Voice.
Krishna : ( Excited ) Ohh Woow Krishna..Aaj At last u will Have Ur Ice Cream after soo Much of Wait.. ( Smiles Naughtily ) kabse Wait karrahi thi iss Chance ka bt No One was Allowing Me to Eat Ice Cream Especially My pati dev Arghh ( Fake Anger ) Kitna Wait Kiya main ki Aaj Khaogi..Kal No..time aur Opportunity nhi milrahi aaj i’m Getting time n Opportunity Both..So Let Me Eat My Ice Cream Today.. ( Moves Towards Kitchen in Happiness bt in a Tip Toed Manner )
While Krishna was busy talking to herself,she reached the kitchen n went near the freezer n opened it n took ice cream pack from freezer n started having it while enjoying each n every small bite of the ice cream like a small kid n as she was having her ice cream like a kid a person who came to kitchen fr some work saw krishna eating ice cream without being noticed by krishna…while watching krishna eating her ice cream the unknown person too heard her talks n had a slight smile on his face.
Krishna : ( Childishly Eating n Blabbering ) Finally Krishna U had Ur Ice Cream after Many Months..Jabse Pregnant hui hu sayyam did nt Allow Me to Eat Ice Cream bt abb Dekho Behind His back apne Ghar main I m Having My Ice Cream..Wowow..( Enjoys Ice Cream ) Yummmy ..Ice Cream is Really Tasty..Kash iss Ghar main Roz Shaadi hoti toh Mujhe Ice Cream Roz Khaane milega ( Giggles ) Bt Np..After Delivery toh I will nt Leave sayyam..Usse main Ice Cream Khaake hi rahugi ( Still Eating Like a Kid n Realized n Turns The Bowl Like a Kid ) Arrey..Yaar..Ice Cream Finished.. ( Sad ) bt Y soo Early ?? ( Pout Face )

As Krishna was behaving like a kid the person who was watching krishna n her childish behaviour smiled n went to his room to sleep seeing krishna coming out of kitchen after having her ice cream.soon krishna too reached her room slowly n went to her side n slept with a winning smile on her face n thanked god fr her victory over ice cream while seeing sayyam with a naughty n a winning smile on her face.
Krishna : ( Smiles Winningly n Lyes on Bed n Thnkd God ) Thank U Bhagwaan Ji fr The Tasty n Yummy Ice Cream..It was Really Yummy ( Sees Sleeping sayyam with a Mischievous Smile ) n Dekha Mere Pyaare Hubby..I Had My Ice Cream without Ur Notice..Finally.. ( Giggles ) U did nt Allow Me to Have Ice cream na ne See without Ur Notice i Eat The Ice Cream..Agr U r sayyam Birla then i’m Krishna sayyam Birla..My Name n My Brain is Much More Bigger than U ( Laughs n Giggles Teasingly n Secretly )
Soon after Having a Fun Talks with Herself Krishna too Dozes Off n Fell Fast Asleep with a Bright n A Winning Smile on Her Face..
Episode ends…
How is that unknown person?
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  1. AnahitaAnnie

    Wooow.. That was the cutest thing ever… All the scenes were so adorable and really beautifully depicted.. It was really very cute.. I just loved it sooo much.. ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?…glad to know that you liked it ? keep reading

  2. Really cute…

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  3. Mayesha

    I think..That’s sayyam…..not sure..u know na, how my guesses are..!!!
    Now….i wanna eating ice cream!!! yuuummmm……
    keep it up,akka…very nice one…krishna’s caring for sayyam was really nice…
    BTW..shaadi kab hain?

    1. Shaani

      Whose wedding Naina n rahul’s … It’ll be soon…
      Actually ur guess is ryt… It’ll sayyam u will see it in the next episode
      Keep reading. Thank you for commenting

      1. Mayesha

        Nehi..apki aur rahul jiju ki…????

  4. Awesome episode
    Krishna’s dialogues were awesome
    And btw who was that person…
    Waiting for next update

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? keep guessing dr…. I’ll upload next part soon..

  5. Unknown person was saiyam who was watching krishna in kitchen eating ice cream and i am Samaria from india and my family contain my in laws and my one boy chid

    1. Shaani

      Yes u r correct Samaria ? what is ur son’s name? How old is he?

  6. Nice episode shaani and idea of krishna s icecream eating was really nice

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Samaria ? glad to know that you liked it… Keep reading n keep commenting ?

  7. Nice episode. Krishna childish behaviour is cute.keep posting.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? glad to know that u like it..?

  8. awesome

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  9. The epi is really very nice.their care for each other is beyond everything. Ice cream part was hillarious. & i think that unknown person is none other than Saiyyam.

    1. Shaani

      Yes u r correct ? thankx for commenting ? keep reading

  10. Unknown person kon hai next uplod fast

    1. Shaani

      Keep guessing… I’ll try to upload next part soon..

  11. Aww cute Krishna even Iam literally craving for an ice cream loved it n I think its sayyam???

    1. Shaani

      Yes u r ryt…?
      Thankx for commenting ? keep reading ?

  12. tysm shaani…for that mid ngt craving scn… i really loved it

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  13. Awesome

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  14. Very nice shaani. Our krishna care towards saiyyam ????. Nicely written. Your ideas make me surprised every time. Soooooo goooood. Keep writing

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ? glad to know that you liked it…

  15. Arni

    Its amazinv.Loved it pls give me tips to write ff

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Arni? u don’t need my tips… U r too good in ur own way dr…

      1. Arni

        Thnx dear

  16. U r a fabulous writer Shaani ???

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ishu?

  17. Prachikaa

    I m very sorry shaani di.. i was very busy for preparation of my exams.. bt im free now.. n i have all the epi in one go… waiting fr da next n hope u forgive me

    1. Shaani

      No need to say sorry prachikaa I can understand… Thank u so much for commenting… Yes of course I have forgiven u…?

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