kriyam – u r my strength Episode 142

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Episode 142
Soon Everyone Completed Their Lunch n The Entire Birla Family n Rahul’s Family Sat in Hall fr Discussing about The Wedding of Rahul n Naina…
Krishna : ( Pretends ) Aaooww..
Sayyam : ( Worried n Holds Krishna’s Shoulder ) Kya Hua ? r u fine Krishna ??
Kushi : ( Worried too ) Haa Krishna..kya hua ? Baby ne phir se Kick maari kya ??
Krishna : Haa bhabi..Actually mujhe neend aarahi hai ..toh Shayad Babies ko bhi aarahi hai .toh i think i should go to Sleep …
Kushi : Accha Theek Hai..toh Chalo..I will take u to Room.. ( Extends Her Hands Towards Krishna ) Come..
Krishna : ( Immediately Replied ) nahi nahi.. ( Realized ) Mera Matlab bhabi..U might have Work Here na..Sab Hai toh agar if u get busy with Me who will Help Maa..So i think u should Stay Here n Help Maa in Arrangements..aur Mujhe ( Holds sayyam’s Palm ) sayyam lejayega Kamre main.. ( To sayyam ) Hai na sayyam ?? ( Winks Naughtily Secretly to sayyam )
Sayyam n Family Who were Tensed for Krishna Understood n Smiled at Her Childish Behaviour suhani seeing Krishna’s Expressions SIgnals sayyam to Take to Room n to Spend Sometime with Her by Gestures.

Sayyam : ( Understood )ok maa.. ( To Krishna ) Come Krishna ( Extends His Hands ) Come..Aaram Se..Be Careful..( To yuvaan ) N bhai if U need any Help just Call Me ..Ok ??
Yuvaan : Haa…haa….i will Surely..Bt ryt nw u go with Krishna..( Winks Naughtily )
Sayyam : ( Embarrassed ) Ahem..Haa..i’m Going.
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily while climbing stairs ) Krishna what was all that… what u did in Hall in front of all ?? Bahut Naughty horahi ho tum ..
Krishna : ( Smiles Naughtily too ) abb kya kare Pati Ji ..agar kisi ka Husband hi Naughty ho toh uski Patni automatically Naughty ban jaati hai itne Mahine Saath Rehte Rehte..waise hi Mujhe bhi Aadat hogayi Naughty Cheeze karne ki..Same Like U…. ( Winks Naughtily )
Sayyam : ( Impressed ) Hmm not Bad Haa Mrs Krishna..I’m Really Impressed with U..Chalo kuch toh Seekha aapne Husband se warna I was Feeling Like I’m Imperfect in front Of Today i’m Proud of Myself.. ( Giggles )

Krishna : I’m also Proud of U My Dear Hubby… U changed Me from a Shareef Girl to a Naughty One.. ( Giggles too )
Soon While Talking Both Krishna n sayyam Reaches their Room n sayyam makes Krishna Sit on Bed Properly n Sat Beside Her n Took n Holded Her in His Warm Embrace.
Sayyam 🙁 Kisses Her Forehead Lovingly ) Abb Chalo U Sleep..its 6 nw..Its Ur Rest time..then Later We will Have Dinner n Go to Sleep n Kal U Remember na We have to go to Hospital fr Ur check ups….
Krishna : ( Weird Faces ) Hmm.. ( Sees sayyam ) sayyam can’t We Skip to go Hospital Tomorrow also Plzz..i’m Really Fed Up of Going to Hospital Frequently.. ( Tries to Melt sayyam by Playing with His Buttons ) Plzz Na..Pakka Day After Tomorrow We will Pakka Go.. ( Childish Face )
Sayyam: ( Understood n Strict ) No Krishna.. Today also I called doctor n postponed the date for 2mrw becoz u insist ( Removes Her Hands from His Kurta ) This time i’m nt Gonna Melt..when its about Ur’s n Our Babies ki Health i’m nt going to Compromise at all..Kal we r going to Doctor matlab we r going..Bas n that’s Final..Nw Chalo Sleep warna i have to Call Maa n Complain about U..
Krishna : ( Pout Face ) U r Soo Bad sayyam..Jab dekho jab U try to Stop Me by Taking Maa’s Name..U r soo Bad.. ( Angry )
Sayyam : ( Strictly ) As if U r Soo Good na Krishna..U also Melt Me by yr Tricks n Ur Naughty Behaviour when u Clearly know i can’t Control Myself if u do like agar if u can Make Me Dance on ur Fingers then I can also My Dear Wifey..Chalo Nw Sleep..
Krishna : ( Still Angry ) Haa Haa Sorahi hu..u can only Order nw days.. ( Turns to Her Side n Sleep in Angry Mood ) Good Night.. ( Takes Blanket Over Her )
Sayyam : ( Smiles at Her Childish Behaviour ) Haa Good Night Princess ( Caresses Her Hairs n Kisses Her Head Lovingly )( in mind ) Pagaal…( Rests His Head on Head Board n Closes His Eyes ) Thank U Bhagwaan fr Sending ( Caresses n Sees Krishna ) Krishna in My Life..pata nhi main kya karraha hota aaj agar Krishna nahi hoti meri Life Main..She changed n Made My Colourless Life into Colour Full n Beautiful..She Taught Me Hw to Love Others n Hw to Live Out Life In a Happy Way..Thank U fr Giving the Best Gift Ever My Babies..Its the Best Gift A Man can get from His Wife..Thnk U Soo Much Abb Bas Bhagwaan I have Only One Wish Plzz Protect My Princess n My Family….

Next Day
City Hospital
It was As Usual A Beautiful Next Morning fr Krishna n sayyam n As it was The Day fr Krishna’s check up…Both Krishna n sayyam were in the doctor’s Room n Krishna was Laying on a Examiner Bed n was Sonographed by Doctor with the Help of a Medical Machine used for Sonography While sayyam was Standing Beside Krishna Holding Her Hands n Watching Babies Moving through The Machine.
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Hmm Mr Sayyam… .i must say aapke Babies are Much Healthier than We Expected Good..n that’s a Good Sign..They r Absolutely fine n Perfect..Bas Haa..As I always say Mrs Krishna Still needs a Proper Care..Her Health is Much fine Compared to Previous Months..Good..U r taking Really Good Care of Her..nice..n Haa Even though She is fine U need to give Her This Medicines..n ( To Krishna ) U need To Take Rest..i Heard U do Many Nakhre in Taking it True ??
Krishna : ( Stares Sanskaar Angrily ) Woh No Doctor..nothing like that..
Doctor: Don’t Look at Ur Husband Mrs Birla..what he did was Ryt..i’m Glad He Told Me everything about u..Look Mrs Krishna what ur Husband is telling is fr Ur n Ur Babies Betterment ..So plz Listen to Him..i understand u feel Bored n Irritated nw Mrs Krishna its only about 3 More Months..n after 3 Months U can Start Ur Normal Life Once U Deliver Ur Babies..If U Take Care nw Ur Babies will be Fit n fine at the time of Delivery..So Kindly Listen to ur Husband..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Dekha Mrs Birla..Listen to Ur Husband..He is doing fr Ur Betterment.. ( Winks Naughtily ).
Krishna : ( Angry n Stares sayyam ) Haa Doctor ( To Doctor) Sure..i Will Listen to My Husband Properly..( Sees sayyam Angrily ) Abb Chale Mr Birla….Mujhe na Ghar Jaana hai aur Bahut Zaruri Kaam bhi hai Aapse.. ( Angry Look )
Sayyam : ( Understood n Gulped ) Haa Haa Sure Princess..Let’s Go..( To Doctor ) Ok Doctor ..Thank U fr Giving ur Precious time for Us..Will Surely Take Care of Krishna..
Doctor: ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome Mr Sayyam..It’s My Job..n if Any Help Do not Hesitate..U can Call Me anytime ..
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Shakes Hands ) Ok Sure Doctor..Bye..
Soon after Having A Talk with Doctor Both Krishna n sayyam Left The Hospital n sayyam Helped Krishna Sit in Car n Headed Towards The Pharmacy to Collect Krishna’s Medicines.
Sayyam : ( Sees Angry Krishna n Gulped ) ( in mind ) Ohh God..Krishna toh Bahut Ghusse main lagrahi hai…sayyam kya Zarurat thi itni Over Smartness dhikhane ki..Nw Suffer..( To Angry Krishna ) Krishnaaa..r u angry ??

Krishna : ( Angry ) Nhi Nhi Mr Sayyam..Y would i be Angry ?? Aapne toh mere Bhalai ke liye kaha tha na..toh Y would I be Angry..i’m nt Angry Mr Sayyam bas Bahut irritate feel Karrahi hu..Nw will U Plzz Drop Me Home..I wanna Go n Sleep My Dear Hubby ( Angry Glare )
Sayyam : ( Gulped ) Haa Haa Sure Princess..In Ten Minutes We will be Reaching Home… Medicines I will Tell Driver to Bring..nw let’s go Home as u said.. ( in mind ) baapree She is Really Angry…abb kaise manao..Krishna ke mood swings se bhagwaan hi baja sakte hai mujhe..pata nhi kab aur kiss baath pe ghussa aata hai aur kie baath pe nahi..ohh god plzz help me..don’t know Ghar jaake kya karegi abb Krishna…No One is also there in home to save me…Hope Ghar jaane tak she becomes normal ( sees angry krishna by side eyes )
Soon after 10 Minutes Both sayyam n Krishna Reached Home n Went inside their Room Directly as There was No One Present in Home n were Out fr Some Work..
Soon kriyam Reached their Room n sayyam Helped Krishna to Sit on Bed Properly n Made Her Lye on Bed Comfortably…As after giving Her some Medicines…As He was Giving Medicines The Fear of Krishna’s Anger was Clearly seen on His Face n was Praying Continuously fr Her Normal Mood to God while Krishna Who was all.Seeing sayyam’s Expressions was Enjoying n Hence Decided to Tease n Irritate Him More with Her Fake Anger Behaviour.
Krishna : ( Fake Anger ) sayyam i’m Feeling Sleepy..So Plzz Switch Off The Lights na..
Sayyam : (Tries to Convince ) Bt Krishna..this time is nt Good fr U to Sleep..Come Let’s Walk in Corridor fr Sometime then after that u can Sleep..
Krishna : ( Continued Fake Anger ) No sayyam..According to U n Doctor I should Rest na..should nt take Stress ryt ?? So Walking se Stress hoga ryt..isiliye i’m.Sleeping nw..Bye n Plzz Switch Off the Lights.. ( Sleeps n Cover Herself with Blanket n Enjoys sayyam’s Expressions )( in mind n Touches Her Belly ) Hehehe..Dekha Babies Ur Papa is soo Darpook na..He got Scared of My Fake Anger..waise toh Bade Intelligent bane phide hai bt in front of Me He is Really a Fool..Hehehe.. ( Giggles Lil Louder ) Oops..Sshh..Babies Slowly..agr Papa ko pata chala na toh I also don’t know what He will do..So Ne Quite Sshhsh..( Giggles )
As sayyam was Fearing about Krishna’s Anger He Heard a Giggling Voice of Krishna n Was Confused at First bt Later He Understood n was Surprised to See Krishna was Faking Her Anger to Irritate n Tease Him.. He smiled at her childish behaviour…
Episode ends..

Hi guys…so this is the last episode for today..hope u all enjoying my story… Next episode will be Krishna godha bharai… Give ur views plz…
Love u all as always..

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