kriyam – u r my strength Episode 141

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Episode 141
After sometimes kushi brings naina towards them…she was wearing a red color anarkali n she was having a light make up n loose hair…as naina came down rahul was completely mesmerized n was lost in her beauty as if he has not seen any beautiful girl like naina before…
Rahul : ( Mesmerized n Mouth Wide Open ) Wooow..Beautiful.. ( Unknowingly )
As Rahul was Praising Naina n Her Beauty Forgetting about the Surroundings Around Him,sayyam yuvaan n kushi Looked Each other with a Naughty Smile
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Arrey Home Wale Jiju.. Close Ur Mouth..Warna Makhi ander chalijayegi..then hw will u Praise My Sister like u did Just now..
Yuvaan : ( Continued sayyam’s Wrk ) Haa Jiju..sayyam is right..abhi yeh Haal hai Naina ko dekhge then I Wonder what will Happen when U Will See Naina in other Wedding Functions.Hai na Naina.. (give Hi Fi to sayyam )
Kushi : ( Smiles Naughtily n Goes Near Naina ) Arrey Bas..Aap Log..Don’t Tease Naina..Yaha Sirf Naina hi nhi balki Rahul bi Handsome n Dashing lagrahe hai..Just Like Our Naina Looking Beautiful.. ( Sees Rahul ) Don’t Panic Rahul..Its not Me who is Praising U bt its Our Naina who is Praising U..becoz See Hw She is Blushing when U r Staring Her..Abb this Means Ki She Liking when U r Staring Her..ryt Naina..( Winks Naughtily at Naina)
Rahul n naina who were Witnessing the Teasing Attacks On them were Embarrassed n were Blushing Hearing the Teasing….As Everyone were Enjoying the Fun Moment Krishna Comes Out of Her Room n Sees Everyone Enjoying n Smiles n Starts Going Towards them…
Krishna : ( Happy ) Arrey Wah..Everyone r Enjoying n that too without Me ( Pout Face ) Very Bad..n sayyam U too na.. ( Signals sayyam to Help )
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Understood ) Arrey Krishna Tum ..what Happened ?? Wait Wait..i’m Coming.. ( Goes Near Krishna n Helps Her Climb Down the Stairs )
Soon they Came Down n sayyam made Krishna Sit on Her Seat Comfortably n Brought Water for Krishna as She was Sweating due to Climbing Down of Stairs.
Sayyam : ( Makes Krishna Sit on Sofa ) Aaram Se..Slowly.. ( Brings Water ) Wait..Let Me Bring Water fr U..
Krishna : ( Sits by Holding Her Baby Bump ) Haa Haa sayyam…Don’t Worry..i’m fine..
Sayyam : ( Worried n Forgot about the Surroundings ) Arrey..Tum Chup Raho Krishna..I told U na Don’t Come Down Unless I call U..then y did u come. .u need to take Rest Krishna..It’s nt Good fr U to Take Stress..

Krishna : ( Embarrassed n Blushes becoz Everyone were Staring dem ) sayyam..Kya Karu. I was feeling Bored Inside Alone..isiliye i came..n Upper se I called on ur Mob 10 to 15 times bt U were not Picking Only..So i came to check what’s going on..
Sayyam : ( Shocked n check His Mobile ) Ohh ..i’m Sorry Krishna..I don’t know how this became silent mode….Bt anyways r u fyn ?? Do u need anything ?? Hungry Kya ?? ( Keeps on Asking Questions )
As sayyam was continuously asking krishna questions about her health,everyone present in bm including rahul n his family was adoring sayyam n krishna fr their bond n yuvaan n kushi seeing the chance started teasing kriyam too..
Yuvaan : ( Teases ) Yeh Lo..Another Love Birds.( Laughs )
Kushi : ( Laughs Teasingly ) yuvaan seems Like Krishna n sayyam are Another Love Birds Here along with Rahul n Naina..Look at the Way sayyam is Caring fr Krishna as if We Don’t Take Care of Her..
Yuvaan : Exactly..Sayyam Cares fr Krishna in such Manner that He Forgot that We have Guests in Our House too..Hw Cute..Love U Sayyam….Give Me Some Tips to Impress kushi haa ( Winks at kriyam Naughtily )

As kriyam were having their Cute Arguments they Heard yuvaan n kushi’s Teases n Realized the Situation n the Occasion n were Embarrassed fr their Childish Behaviour in front of Guests..kriyam along with Rahul n Naina were Left Embarrassed were Blushing seeing their Behaviour n Everyone Including Rahul’s Family Bursted Out Laughing seeing the 4 Of them Becoming Red n Pinkish.
Soon Time Passes n Everyone Sat for their Lunch n as Everyone were Having their Lunch All The Three Couples were busy in Their Secret Romance Under The Table Unaware of there People around them r Staring n Smiling at Their Behaviour.
Suhani : ( Controls Her Smile ) Krishna Beta..Do u need anything ??
Krishna : ( Comes In Her Senses n Frees Her Hands from sayyam ) Haa Woh Badi Maa..Actually want dhal..Subah se i was Feeling Like to Eat dhal…
Hearing Krishna’s Demand Everyone from the family were Shocked n Surprised n Stared Krishna with a Shocking Expressions.
Kushi : ( Shocked ) Krishna..R u Sure U want dhal ??
Sayyam : ( Touches Her Forehead n Sees Temperature ) Haa Krishna..U r Asking fr dhal ?? Tabiyat toh Theek toh hai na Tumhari ?
Krishna : ( Embarrassed ) Haa I’m fine Sayyam.. I wanna Eat dhal..pata nhi Kabse I wanna Eat didn’t tell anyone becoz i knew u all would Stare Me like an Alien Only..n that’s why i was Quite all these time ( Pout Face )
Sayyam : ( Still Surprised ) Bt Hw Come Suddenly Krishna ?? Last Week tak toh U used to Hate Nw Suddenly ??
Krishna : ( Pout Face ) Pata nahi sayyam..I m also Surprised at My Change of Taste..i never u used to Eat dhal i used to Hate nw Suddenly I m Feeling Like to Eat..Plzz Pass Me da dhal Curry na..I wanna Eat..( Pleading Voice )
Saumya,suhani n Rahul’s Mom on Seeing Krishna’s Embarrassed Face… Smiled n Diverted the Topic to Make Krishna Normal n Feel Relaxed..
Rahul’s Mom : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Happens..Pregnancy main U feel Like Eating which U Hate The Most..
Saumya: Haa…woh baat sahi hai…Especially in 6th Month..Maybe One of the Baby Likes to Eat dhal Like the One Likes who is Close to U..
Suhani : ( Smiles ) Haa saumya..sayyam Likes dhal Alot..So maybe One of the Baby Likes Brinjal like His/Her Dad..isiliye Krishna is feeling like to Eat Brinjal.. ( To Krishna ) Don’t Worry Beta..tumhe jo bhi Khaana hai..ya jo bhi Man kare to Eat U can Eat n Tell Me Freely..I will Prepare it fr U..No need to Feel Embarrassed or Awkward..Aisa hote rehta hai Pregnancy’s Normal….

Krishna : ( Happy ) Thank U Maa..Thank U soo Much..
Suhani : ( Smiles ) Its Ok Beta ( Passes da Brinjal ) Lo..nw take this n Have it.. ( Gives to sayyam as He was Sitting Near Krishna ) le sayyam..Serve this to Krishna…
Sayyam : Haa Maa..Give..
Sayyam : ( Puts Brinjal in Krishna’s Plate ) Lo..Have it Princess.. ( Whispers Slowly with a Naughty Tone ) Hmm Princess seems Like One of The Baby has Gone on Me..Tabhi toh dekho He Likes dhal Like Me n Making U Eat it when U Hate it the Most..Lagta hai Girl hogi Ek.. ( Winks Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) sayyam…Plzz Stop Teasing na..i’m feeling Shy…
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok…Jokes Apart..U Eat Fast..Then Will Give U Ur Medicines to U..Medicines ka time horaha hai tumhara..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Hmm.. ( Whispers Slowly ) I Love U Prince.. ( Blushes )
Sayyam. : ( Smiles ) Love U Too..
As kriyam were Having their Lunch Both Kept Staring Each other with Love n Had a Passionate Eye Lock Secretly Forgetting about their Surroundings Enjoying Each other’s Gaze on Each other.

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