kriyam – u r my strength Episode 140

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Episode 140
Kriyam Room
Soon they reached their Room n as they Entered sayyam Went towards Their Bed n Made Krishna Lye on Bed Slowly n Comfortably n Adjusted the Pillows for Her to Make Her Feel Relaxed n Comfortable.
Sayyam : ( Makes Krishna Lye on Bed ) Aaram Se… Haa Slowly..Nw U ( Gives Krishna Her Raw Mango ) Have this Mango n then Later i will give u ur Medicines..
Krishna : ( Weird Faces ) Accttually sayyam.. Woh….i’m nt Feeling like to Eat Mango nw ( Closes Her Eyes due to Fear of sayyam’s Reaction )
Sayyam : ( Shocked ) what ?? What do u mean by nt feeling like ?? Tumne itni Zidd ki,itni Mehnat karwai mujhse,I climb that tree.. n nw u r Like u don’t wanna Eat ?? What The Hell Krishna ?? ( Angry ) i’m Tired of Ur Roz ke Mood Swings..Kbhi yeh.. kbhi’s damn soo Irritating yaar…
Krishna : ( Sorry Smile n Pout Face ) abb kya karu ?? Jab Man karraha tha abb nahi ..u know na Pregnant Ladies usually have this Mood Swings na..n i’m also Among them so i’m also feeling the Same..toh abb isme main kya karu ( Childish Cry )
Sayyam : ( Really Frustrated ) Uff Damn ..Do whatever U want Krishna… Mujhe koi faraz nahi pardta .. Khaana hai toh khaao aur agr nahi Khaana hai toh Mat Khao….i’m nt gonna Bring U anything Nw..
Krishna : ( Fear ) Ssorryy Na sayyam..i’m Really Sorry..Plzz Maaf kardo..accha give me the Mangoes i will Eat them..
Sayyam : ( Angry n Frustrated ) Krishna..Do whatever u want..i’m not gonna give u anything..
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes ) but sayyam..hw can i take it by Myself..the Plate is soo Far..

Krishna after trying to Convince tried to Take the Plate by Herself itself by Holding Her Baby Bump as sayyam was Really Frustrated n Hence Went from there Angrily in Washroom Leaving Teary Krishna Alone in Room…
Krishna : ( Teary-eyed n Tries to Reach the Plate ) Aaaoow ( Baby Kicks due to Pressure on Stomach)
As Krishna was Trying to Take the Plate with Much Difficulty She Feels a Sudden Pain in Her Stomach n Shouts sayyam’s Name in pain.
Krishna : ( Sudden Pain ) Aaaoowwe sayyam..
Sayyam : ( he was in washroom …Heard Krishna’s Scream n Realized ) Ohh Shit..Kya kardiya maine ?? Damn..Hw can i behave Like this with Her ? Hope She is fine ( Rushed to Krishna n Made Her Lye On Bed Comfortably n Reduced the Pain by Massaging Her Baby Bump )

As Krishna Saw sayyam in front of Her She Immediately Hugged n Cried with a Sorry Feeling which Made sayyam Guilty.
Krishna : ( Sees sayyam n Hugs Him Tightly ) Mm Ssorry sayyam..i’m really Sorry..i know i’m Disturbing U wuth My Mood Swings..Bt I Promise i will never Disturb U agin..I will Control My Mood Swings from nw..( Cries )
Sayyam : ( Guilty n Cups Her Face ) Sshhsh No i’m Sorry..i’m Sorry I over Reacted…i know ur Situation bt still I Over Reacted..I’m so Sorry..I behaved really Bad with U..Plzz Maaf Kardo..
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes ) No i’m Sorry ..
Sayyam : No i’m Sorry Krishna….it’s not at all ur Fault..i should have kept in mind that u r doing all these becoz ur Mood Swings….i’m Sorry..
Krishna : No sayyam..It’s My Fault Only..i’m sorry..Y r u telling Sorry..
Both Krishna n sayyam Continued their Argument for sometime n Finally after much Argument seeing each other fighting like a Kids they both Bursted Out Laughing n Hugged Each other as a Token of Apologizing each other….
Krishna : ( Smiles ) i’m Sorry..
Sayyam : ( Smiles too ) i’m also Sorry..
Soon Both Tightens their Hug on Each other with a Smile on their Faces Lyed on Bed Embracing each other in Each other’s Warm Embrace Forgetting their Recent fight… Agar tum saat ho plays from background…

Next Day
Its Another Beautiful Morning Krishna n sayyam who were Sleeping Peacefully in Each other’s Embrace Holding n Cuddling Each other….As they were Sleeping their Peaceful Sleep was Disturbed by a Knock on their Door which Irritated Both
Krishna : ( Sleeping ) sayyam…Plzz check who is it Disturbing Early Morning ?
Sayyam : ( Sleepy too ) Hmm..Let them Knock Krishna..baadme khud chale jaiyege.. After Knocking the Door Continuously..
Krishna : ( Denies ) No ( Shakes sayyam ) Utho sayyam go plzz..plzz go n check who is there..shayad kuch important kaam ho ..
Sayyam : ( Finally Agreed,Sleepy Voice ) Accha Baba..Ruko.. ( Waked Up n)
Sayyam : ( Sleepy Voice ) Kaun hai Yaar itni Subah Subah …( again Knock ) Haa Baba Ruko..kaun hai.. ( Reaches the Door n Opens )
Naina : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Kya sir..Still Sleeping ? Krishna ne Raat bhar apne Mood Swings se..(couldn’t complete)
Sayyam : ( Irritated coz of Sleep ) Uttara..itni Subah Subah u came here to ask about this… Jaldi se bolo kya hai… Aur tum yaha? Kuch kaam hai kya…do I have anything to sign or what?(still in sleeping mode)
Naina : ( Fake Anger ) Accha Theek sir…bas main yaha suhani aunty ke kehne pe yeh yaad dilwane aai thi ki aaj ki ( Blushes ) Rahul n Unki Family aarahe hai Lunch ke liye…toh isiliye Aap aur Krishna jaldi se uthiya aur Aajaiye…warna i don’t have any Intentions to Disturb u Both..
Sayyam : ( Remembers ) Ohh Haa.I totally forgot about it..thanks my little sis for reminding me..
Naina : ( Fake Smile ) Ha Ha..bas..rehne dijiye..abbi toh U were Scolding Me for Disturbing Ur Sleep…
Sayyam : ( Sorry ) Achcha meri maa maaf kardo na….I was little Frustrated by ur frnd’s Mood Swings n Her Daily Daily Drama..bas isiliye..i’m Sorry…( Holds His Ears )
Naina : ( Melts ) Its Ok..Koi baath nahi sir… I can aap dono get Ready Fast n Come Down..All r Waiting for U Both..
Sayyam: Naina kya hai yeh…
Naina: Kya huwa sir…
Sayyam: Wohi hai tumhari problem… I’m telling u since 1 n 1/2 months… Tum Krishna Ko uski naam se bulariyoo but for me still u r calling sir… U can call me bhai Naina.. Mein ne kaha na..ab tum meri behen hai.. So call me bhai ok…
Naina: Achcha…tikey..tikey..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok now tell it n practise…
Naina: Bhai… Ab tum kush hu mera bhai…
Sayyam: Ha kush…bohot kush..U Go..We will Come in 10 Mins..
Naina : ( Smiles ) Ok.. Bhai..
Sayyam: Very nice..

After talking to Naina sayyam Closed the Door n Turns to Go Towards Krishna to Wake Her Up but when He Turned back He was Surprised n Worried to See Krishna Coming Out of Washroom by Wiping Her Mouth in a Weak n a Pale Situation.
Sayyam : ( Worried n Goes to Krishna n Holds Her n Makes Her Sit on Bed ) Kya Hua ?? Y r U Vomiting again ? Abhi Last Week toh hi toh u had Vomitings ..Nw again ??
Krishna : ( Faint Smile ) Haa sayyam..don’t Worry..This is normal in pregnancy..vomiting is normal.. don’t worry..i will take my medicines n sleep..
Sayyam : ( Still Worried n Gives Her Medicines ) Accha Theek Hai..Take Ur Medicines nw.. ( After Giving Her Medicines sayyam Makes Krishna Lye on Bed ) Krishna U Take Rest nw..n No need to Come Down when Naina’s In Laws Comes..U Take Rest..jab Lunch time hoga i will Take U Down..Nw U Take Rest ( Makes Krishna Lye on Bed n Arranges Blanket on Krishna n Kisses Her Forhead Lovingly ) Take Care..
After making krishna lye on bed sayyam was about to go to get freshen up when he was stopped by a grip on his hand…when he turned he saw krishna holding his hands with a smile.
Krishna : ( Smiles ) sayyam Plzz Mere Sone ke baad U Go na..I will ne Feeling Bored All Alone Here.. ( Pleading Voice )
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Sits Besides Krishna n Caresses Her Hairs ) Ok My Princess..I will be with U only till U Sleep..
Krishna : ( Overwhelmed ) thank u n i love u..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome n I Love U Too..nw Chalo sojao..n Yaad hai na We Have to go Doctor Tomorrow..
Krishna : ( Weird Faces ) Bt Kal hi toh gaye the ?? Nw again ? Plzz sayyam i don’t wanna Go..i’m Tired of Visiting Hospital again n again..
Sayyam : ( Smiles at Her Childish Behaviour ) Bt there is No Other Option drlng..We have to Go to Hospital till we ( Touches Her Baby Bump ) Get Our Babies Out of Ur Tummy..
Krishna : ( Smiles n Keeps Her Hands on sayyam’s Palms ) Waise sayyam..what Do U Think ? Hume 2 Baby Girls hoge ?? Ya 2 Babies Boys ?? Ya Phir One Girl n One Boy ??
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Thinks ) Hmm..I toh Want 2 Baby Girls Just Exactly Same Like U..Same Bubbliness,Same Innocence,Everything Just Same Like U. ( Kisses Her Forehead )
Krishna : ( Arguing ) No 2 Baby Boys..Same Like U..Same Smartness,Same Intelligence,Same Naughtiness..Dashing Like U..Everything Same Like short I want 2 Chottu se Sayyam Birla.. ( Blushes )
Sayyam : No 2 Small Princess Like U.
Krishna : No 2 Small Prince Like U.
Sayyam : No..Girls…
Krishna : Boys..
Sayyam : Girls..Bas Final…
Krishna : ( Gets an Idea ) Accha Ok..Suno.. what about One Girl n One boy..isse U will get Ur Small Princess Like Me n I will get Small Prince Like U..
Sayyam : ( Happy ) yeh idea achcha hai..Good Solution.. ( Sees the Time ) Accha Princess U Sleep nw..I have to Get Ready..Its Getting time to Welcome Rahul n His Family..They might come any Moment..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok..U go..I will sleep..Maine already bahut Tym leliya tumhara..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Its problem.. Princess..U Sleep..I will Wake U Up when its Lunch time..
Soon after making krishna sleep sayyam caresses n sees her smiling face lovingly n smiles n kisses her forehead lovingly n goes inside washroom to get freshen up..soon he gets ready n goes downstairs to see n to make other arrangements to welcome rahul n his family….
Time passes n it was time for rahul n his family to come…they reached bm n birla family members welcomed rahul n his family n greeted them n made them sit…then after parking his car rahul comes.. sayyam welcomed him.. then rahul takes blessings from all elders n after taking blessings rahul meets n hugs yuvaan n soon everyone starts their family wala talks… N yuvraaj talks to them about naina…though rahul’s family knew about her…
Rahul’s farther: Yuvraaj…don’t worry…we can understand… Naina eka achchi ladki hai… Hume khoon kandhan ki koi farak nahi pradta…
Rahul’s mother: Ha tumne sahi kaha jii… I have talked to her soo many times by now n I can understand her… Aur about adopting Naina is a very good thing… I know that now suhani will treat her like her own daughter… N I promise suhani ji… I will also treat her well.. Not as a bahu.. But as my own daughter….
Rahul’s farther: Haa… Since childhood she didn’t get family’s love…
They continue their talks further…

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  1. Nice episode. Keep posting

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ?

  2. Mayesha

    At least, krishna cried…!! haha..I lyk naina and sayyam’s bonding..BTW

    Sayyam : ( Irritated coz of Sleep ) Uttara..itni Subah Subah u came here to ask about this…

    in this line,,, Uttara ????

    1. Shaani

      Ohh… Sorry uttara is my name Na.. ? it should be naina

      1. Mayesha

        Ohhoo…I know u’re uttara,akka..I was just thinking that while writing this ff..U’ve become Sayyam’s sis…haha..poor that u got scolded from ur bro..That so from a handsome one..Don’t get disheartened akka.u know na,he loves u a lot. How is Rahul vaiya? Congrats for ur marriage..

      2. Mayesha

        just joking,huh..Don’t be angry.. stay happy..kuchdin baad to shaadi hain na?

    2. Shaani

      Hahaha…?? Rahul tikey aree… Why haven’t I got that idea to use my name instead of Naina… Then it would have been nice Na… Now I can’t change it Na..?

      1. Mayesha

        try to use tht on any new ff after this one..!! Invitation card vejh dena!!!

    3. Shaani

      Hahaa… Yeah..sure… ?

  3. Loved the episode cute Krishna and sayyam regret though

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      Thank u so much?

  4. Hey do..NYC epi even I am getting irritated by Krishna ‘s mood swings?. .. Di instead of naina ‘s name ur name was written so u r gonna marry raj and saiyyam is ur bro?..Plz apke shaadi me invitation bejna??..sorry di I was doing some “thank kichayi” (Plz forgive if the spelling is wrong)? kriyyam moments r cute ..loved the bonding of SaiNa

    1. Shaani

      Hahah… Yeah..yeah.. Btw my going to be husband’s name is Rahul… Not raj.?
      Actually by mistake that my name entered their..soo sorry about it..
      Thankx for reading n commenting…n thanks for ur love towards my ff..?

      1. I had mistaken Rahul as Raj from naina ‘s ff..and no need to say sorry it happens?..but it was funny though??

    2. Mayesha

      Ask Shaani akka to scold Krishna on your behalf…jo bhi hoon, krishna is akka’s vabi,u know..!!!
      BTW,isha..where r u from?

      1. I am from Kerela known as the god ‘s own country?

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