kriyam – u r my strength Episode 139

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Episode 139
As Krishna n sayyam was resting on a bench in the pleasant weather in a garden in each other’s arms,krishna sees a raw mango tree.seeing raw mangoes krishna’s mouth started getting watery n stared sayyam with a most innocent n a convincing face like a child…
Krishna : ( pleading voice like a child ) sayyam.. dekho ( points towards the tree ) there is a raw mango i want a raw u bring me those raw mangoes… for me plzz..plzz ( childish behaviour )
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Sure Princess..After Dropping U Home i will go to Market to Buy Raw Mangoes for U..
Krishna : ( Smiles Innocently ) Bt sayyam mujhe Raw mangoes shop ke nhi balki uss tree ke plzz get me mangoes from that Tree ( Childish Behaviour )
Sayyam : ( Shocked ) Krishna..r u mad ?? Hw can i climb that tree ?? It’s at soo height..n moreover i’m a Business Man n u think Business Man like me will climb tree no ways..i have a reputation n a standard..if u want raw mangoes from that tree only then will tell our servants..they will climb n bring for u..ok ??
Krishna : ( Angry ) No sayyam..I want those Mangoes from that Tree n that too from Ur Hands Only..if U can’t then i don’t want any Mangoes.. ( Gets Up from da Bench ) abb Chalo..I wanna Go Home..i’m feeling Sleepy ( Angry )
Sayyam : ( Tries to Convince ) bt Krishna Plzz Try to Understand..Hw can i climb a tree Princess..i’m a Business Man n I have a Standard n a Reputation..n Moreover Look at My Clothes..hw cn I Climb with this Business Suit..i will bring Raw Mangoes for U but Plzz
Krishna : ( Angry ) No Need..I don’t want nw..agar chahiye toh i want nw from ur Hands warna we can go Home.. ( Pout Face n Talks to Her Babies ) Dekha Babies..ur Papa is nt Listening to Me..He don’t Like Me nw..pehle sab kuch karte the mere Kehne nw He is not Climbing a Simple Tree for Me,for U Both..Papa don’t Love us…. ( Teary Eyes )
Sayyam : (Shocked n Holds Krishna’s Shoulder) r u mad krishna ?? I Love U… I love my kids..Plzz don’t tell Like this ..
Krishna : ( Teary Eyes ) then y r u not Listening to me ? Main kya karu agar tumhare Bacche wants to eat Raw Mangoes from Ur hands only..main thodi kehrahi hu to climb’s kids who wants it..mere liye nhi toh at least for ur kids u cn climb tree na..n kya mujhse aur tumhare bacchoon se zaada u love ur reputation n standard..( teary eyes )
Sayyam : ( Frustrated ) Uff…. U r seriously a emotional blackmailer krishna…jabse u became pregnant na u r doing too much nakhre.. ( irritated )
Krishna : ( Irritated n Blushing ) Toh maine kaha tha mujhe pregnant karne k’s u only who made me pregnant… ( pout face ) abb kiya hai toh suffer bhi karna padega ( Giggles )
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) abb toh my wife is beautiful so what can i do ..she attracts me everytime in fact even after expecting for 6 months she is still same soo beautiful ( Kisses Her Cheeks Romantically )
Krishna : ( Blushes n Holds sayyam’s Suit Tightly ) sayyam Abb Bas Karo Plzz..I need Mangoes not Ur Kisses ( Giggles )
Sayyam : ( Irritated ) Offoo..Sara Mood Khrab kardiya…Accha Ruko.. ( Removes His coat n Hand Over to Krishna ) Lo pakdo….tum yaha ( Makes Her Sit ) Baitho..U Won..i’m climbing the tree bt only fr u.. ( Frowned ) Ek Famous Business Tycoon kya kya karna padraha hai apni biwi ke Liye..seriously this might be a World Record One Business Tycoon Climbing a Tree in a Public Park for His Wife..agar kisi ne dekhliya toh pata nhi kya kehege..
Krishna : ( Laughs ) Kuch nhi kehehga..aur agar Kaha bhi toh they will Praise U ki dekho Ek Business Man apni biwi ke Liye Tree Climb karraha hai..
Sayyam : ( Angry Smile ) Ha Ha Ha Very Funny…abb if u r done shall i climb the tree..
Krishna : ( Happpy ) Haa Sure meri pati dev..Go Fast..go..go.. ( Giggles )

Sayyam after getting teased by Krishna goes near the tree n climbs the tree for krishna while climbing Sayyam was irritated but felt an immense happiness seeing his wife happy n matter hw much he gets irritated by his Krishna’s mood swings n childish behaviour he somewhere feels really happy to make his princess happy…as Sayyam was climbing the tree the people of the society of the area where birlas lives stares n adores sayyam’s affection towards his wife n praises him for his love…
Lady 1 : Aww ( to Her Husband ) Dekho..learn from sayyam something spite of being a famous business tycoon he is climbing a tree in a public park for his pregnant wife..hw romantic….
Lady 2 ; Haa..U r Ryt..Our Husbands should Learn Something from Birla Brothers..They r Soo Romantic.. ( Looks at Her Husband with Weird Faces ) Bt Our Husbands r soo Boring ..
Husband 1 : Ohh Hello..sayyam ki Shaadi ko bas thode hi Mahine hue hai that’s Y He is Like this..dekhlena as time Passes na He will too Become Like Us…
Husband 2 : Haa Dekhlena..
Lady 1 : No..i know He won’t become Like this..Pakka..tum log Dekhlena..
Lady 2 : Birla Brothers Especially sayyam is not Like U All..Arrey Krishna n sayyam ka Romance is Famous in Our Society..n that’s Makes Them special from Others..Samjhe ??
Husbands : ( Frustrated ) samjh Gaye Meri Maa..Abb chalo..
Ladies : Hahaha..Haa Chalo..

After Talking n Praising kriyam the 2 Couples of the Society Leaves n sayyam on the other Hand was Still Struggling n was Plucking Raw Mangoes from the Trees while Sweating Alot which made Krishna Overwhelmed n Love fr Her Prince has Increased More in Her Heart.She got Up from the Bench with a Supporting of the Bench n went towards sayyam n Stared Him Lovingly.
Krishna : ( Smiles ) sayyam..
Sayyam : ( Sweating ) Haa..Bolo Princess..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Listen..Come Down .No need to Pluck More for Me..jitna bhi kiya it’s Enough for Me..U plzz come down..look hw much u r Sweating..Come Down..Enough of Plucking..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) It’s Ok Princess..Let Me Pluck..U wanted to Eat na..So its Ok..
Krishna : ( Feels Sad ) No sayyam ..Plzz Come Down..Enough jitna bhi kiya..i don’t want more.i just need u nw. Plzz come..
Sanskaar : ( Smiles ) Accha Wait. U move warna when i climb down u will get hurt..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa..Ok..
Sayyam after Some Time of Plucking the Raw Mangoes for Krishna Climbs Down n Hands Over the Mangoes to Krishna…
Sayyam : ( Smiles bt Tired ) Uff..Yeh Lo Madam ( Hands Over the Mangoes ) Here is the Mangoes.. I mean Raw Mangoes u wanted..jiske liye U Made Sayyam Birla Climb the Tree..
Krishna : ( Happy n Excited ) Aww. ( Hugs sayyam ) Thank U My Prince…. ( Kisses His Cheeks ) U r The Best..I Love U…?..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Krishna abb issi tarrah if u Keep Kissing n Keep Tempting Me na..I won’t be able to Control Myself..then Phir Twins ke jagah Triplets hojaye hume ( Giggles Teasingly )
Krishna : ( Shocked n Parted Ways ) Kya ?? Ohh no.. Plzz..Twins hi smbhale nahi jaarahe… u r talking about Triplets…No Plzz..

Sayyam who saw Krishna’s Expressions after His Teasings was not able to Control n Bursted Out Laughing seeing Krishna.
Sayyam : ( Laughing ) Krishna..I was Joking Yaar…. Don’t Panic..Hw can we Expect More Yaar when u r already Expecting…Pagaal…
Krishna : ( Realized ) Ohh Haa..i’m Really Pagaal..
Sayyam : ( Laughing ) Haa woh toh ho hi..anyways chalo..let’s go..its already too Late n it’s time for Ur Food n Medicines..So Let’s Go..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Haa Chalo.. ( Hands Over His coat to sayyam ) Lo..take ur coat..
Sayyam : Ohh Haa..Thank U ( Takes the coat n Wears it )
As Soon As sayyam wore the Suit He Extended His Hands n Helped Krishna to get up from The Bench n Headed towards BM by Holding Krishna by His Hands…Soon they Reached BM n as they Entered BM they Greeted Everyone n Headed towards their Room to Take a Short Nap as they were Really Tired Especially sayyam becoz of His Hard work of Climbing Tree…

Precap- Sayyam:what The Hell Krishna ?? ( Angry ) i’m Tired of Ur Roz ke Mood Swings..Kbhi yeh… kbhi’s damn soo Irritating…

What krishna did? Why sayyam us this much angry? Ab kya hoga…? What will Krishna do?
Keep guessing… Share ur guesses in comments…

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  1. Ema

    very cute epi that triplets scene is damn cute and thnk u vry much for this epi and love it keep updating… plzz

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ema?

  2. Hayee shani?this one was so much wala amazing?love love everywhere???and precapp is so much tension wala?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..? n I love ur this comment… ?

  3. Swetha7

    Triplets???this episode is really funny.poor sayyam…..when will the delivery happen.???are we going to see a twist in the future…what ever happens I never stop loving you ff.i know the magic of your writing.I have never skip single episode and I know whatever you write It will be a great one.waiting for the next episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much for ur love means alot to me ? keep reading.. U will get to know everything within next episodes…

  4. What a episode Shania. I liked it very much. Krisha’s mood swing. Amazing and thank u for understanding me. I don’t let your episodes bad so I didn’t give any suggestions. I lost my all things Vo to Maine Aise hi Likh diya thanks pr Ab nhi my dr

    1. Shaani

      It’s ok Dr…u can share anything with me… Why don’t you get register in telly updates….
      Thank u so much for loving my ff ?. U can give ur ideas it’s ok…

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    I loved it….. Shaani how can u write such fantastic episodes all the time… The mood swings part was cute and funny and nice part with the ladies and precap seems interesting… I can’t wait for the next one.. After all I am a greedy reader but a laxy writer..??anyways. I am loving the pregnancy track.. Its soooo cute..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Annie ? idk…but sometimes I think I over write some incidents isn’t it…
      I have submitted 2’ll be uploaded soon I guess..

      1. AnahitaAnnie

        Not at all. I love the day u describe incidents..

  6. Such a cute episode.I can’t wait. Next part soon plz

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much? I have submitted 2 episodes… It’ll be uploaded soon I guess… U will have to wait until they upload it …

  7. Mayesha

    I think,krishna is having double mood swings due to the twins…LOL..It’s was so so good,akka..I can’t guess about what has krishna done..but I guess,after some scoldings from sayyam, krishna will cry for 3 hours…1st one for the first baby..2nd one for the second baby And the last one for her ownself….

    1. Mayesha

      what a lame guess from me,I guess….!!!

      Actually nothing but the guess’s just a very very very lame joke from me!!

    2. Lol????..

    3. Shaani

      Haha… Yeah..yeah.. She is having double mood swing…
      She will cry but not for 3 hours…?
      But I really like ur comment…?

      1. Mayesha

        I’m very gleeful that u lyk my comment..Plz try ur best to write a new ff though I know u will do ur best. Otherwise I’ll miss ur writing very miserably.

    4. Shaani

      Ok I’ll think about it nangi… I’m free these I’ll try my best…?

  8. Hey shaani di …Seriously triplets ??..I was laughing when saiyyam said he should get a w.record..really funny epi di..I think saiyyam has had enough of Krishna’s mood swings…that’s why he is scolding her..yeah Mayesha ‘s joke was really funny.. Keep writing.. Can’t wait for next epi di..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much isha?

    2. Mayesha

      feeling euphoric that u lyk my lame joke…thnkx

      1. Its not lame at all for me..even a little thing makes me smile…? and also cry?

  9. Harshita Deo

    Please write at least 3 ff per day

    1. Shaani

      ? I’ll try my best… That means I have to type at least for a 10 hours?

  10. Cute wala update shaani episode was on fire loving cant wait for the next episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much? I have submitted 2 more episodes it’ll be uploaded soon I guess… Thank u so much for loving my ff? keep reading..

  11. Minerva

    Indeed an amazingly adorable and cute episode. All of krishna’s expressions were beautifully conceptualised and presented along with her awesome dialogues. The flow of words in this episode was really fantastic and left me in fits of laughter. This was seriously a magical blend of numerous emotions and stupendous wordplay. Lovely in every aspect…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Minerva…? glad to know that u liked it..

  12. deepika padukone

    tis is tooooooooooooooooooooo boringgggggggggg.. improve the ff

  13. That’s a really cute episode…loved it Shaani ??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Akshara?

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