kriyam – u r my strength Episode 137

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Episode 137
Its Been 2 Months n Krishna was in Her 6th Month n was Enjoying Her Pregnancy Very Much whereas sayyam was Suffering from Her Daily Mood Swings. Even though after Suffering from Torturing Mood Swings of His Princess Almost Daily sayyam used to Enjoy Alot becoz It Makes His Princess His Krishna Happy…By Irritating sayyam Krishna would Enjoy alot n Her Dramaebaazi was On Heights. Seeing Krishna n Happy He used to Feel Happy n Relaxed…
Sayyam Yuvaan kushi n Krishna was inside a car… Sayyam n yuvaan was at the front seats n ladies were at the back seats… Sayyam was driving the car… Both Krishna n kushi were talking non stop… Krishna was telling about her childhood crush to kushi…it was a plan made by Krishna to tease sayyam… Sayyam while driving looked at the from the mirror n understood their plan…Yuvaan looked at sayyam n winked at him n sayyam gives positive sign by nodding his head started..the yuvaan starts to talk…

Yuvaan : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Sayyam..mujhe Krishna ki Childhood Crush ki Story sunke yaad aaya U too Used to have a Crush in School na..Remember woh Piya..Kya Hot thi woh 10th Class main.. ( Winks Naughtily at sayyam Secretly )
Sayyam : ( Understood n Smiled Naughtily ) Haa bhai..i still remember..sacchi main Hot thi Piya..uski Dressing Style was so awesome.. Main kya Saara School uska Deewana tha..after 10th is not a Small sab 10th clz ke Ladke was mad for her….
Yuvaan : Haa sayyam.. Mujhe yaad hai.. U told me about her many haa i must say u were the One who used to Like Her More..i mean i saw u many times going back of Piya in Interval times….woh jaha jaha jaati thi u used to follow her….
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily by Seeing Krishna from da Above Mirror in Car ) Arrey Haa bhai..main bhool gaya to inform u..i met piya today also..when krishna u n kushi bhabhi were inside that shop at mall..mera call aaya tha yaad aaya..jab i met piya n frankly speaking she was looking damn more hot now..( Chuckles Teasingly )

Yuvaan : Aree Wowow..sayyam.. Amazing.. ( To Krishna ) Krishna tum apne childhood crush se mili ya na mili I don’t know bt Bhai ne toh miliya apni Piya Se.. ( Laughs Teasingly Secretly )
Krishna who was listening all these was fuming n was getting frustrated by hearing sayyam n piya’s story..all she was doing was staring aayyam in a very angry look n a u r gone look n started shooting questions at sayyam…
Krishna : ( Angry ) sayyam..kya tum sacchi main usse mile? Was She Looking Really Hot?
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) kyun Jealousy Horahi hai kya?
Krishna : ( Pretends ) nahi toh..y will i feel Jealous..She is ur school frnd..toh obviously if u guys meet after long time u will find each other attractive..y will i feel jealous..i’m not jealous..

Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Hmm..Good..becoz I’m going to meet her again today after dropping u all to home..woh actually she called me at her home for i will be going there..
Krishna : ( Shocked ) what ?? Abi tumne kya kaha? ( Panicked ) U r not going anywhere samjhe ?? u have to be with me..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Winningly ) Arrey lekin Krishna..hw can i Cancel the Lunch after Saying Yes to won’t look good na..she will feel bad..n u tell me one thing if at once ur childhood crush… Woh.. Kya naam ta uska.. Haa… Aman…. comes in front of U today all of a sudden n he invites u for Lunch..will u deny him after saying Yes..No na ?? Then hw can I tell Piya No ??
Krishna : ( Angry ) accha Frnd ko bura lagega toh acchi baath nahi hai aur yaha Biwi ko bura lagega is fine for u.. ( Full Angry ) n woh bi 6 months pregnant biwi..soo mean..aur Haa Aman koi bhi nhi hai…haa he was back of me but i never used to give importance to him..he used Hate him..n agar woh saamne bhi aaye na mere i will definitely Say No to Him becoz I Love U sayyam..n hw can i go with Him alone…Pagaal ho tum ( Teary Eyes ) u go to ur Piya i mean hot piya by leaving ur pregnant baby..

As Krishna was Crying thinking about sayyam n Piya On the other hand both brothers n kushi who saw krishna’s expressions were out of control n bursted out laughing making Krishna confused…
Krishna : ( Confused n Wipe Her Tears ) Y r all laughing ??
Yuvaan : ( Laughs ) Hase nhi toh kya kare ?? Just Look at ur Expressions Krishna ?? U r really Jealous of Piya..Naina se zaada u look Jealous of Piya..Lol..seriously..Kya React kiya tumne ?? Jaise agr woh Piya tumhare saamne aajaye toh u will Eat Her Like Mad ( Still Laughing )
Kushi : ( Laughs too ) Haa Krishna..Arrey Bhuddhu sayyam aur yuvaan were Teasing U jaise U were doing n was trying to make sayyam Jealous.
Krishna : ( Angry ) Bhabi it means tumhe pata tha ? Then why didn’t u inform me ?
Sayyam : ( Laughing too ) Haa bhabi knew it..bhai msges Her nt to Tell u..kyuki agr bhabi bata deti toh mujhe tumhara Confession nahi sunne ko milta jo tumne abhi bhai aur bhabi n humare 2 Babied ke saamne kiya ( Winks Naughtily ) seriously U Love Me soo Much.. toh let me Answer ur Confession..I Love U too My Princess. . ( Smiles )

Krishna after knowing the truth realized her confession n was embarrassed n was blushing too bt at the same time she was angry too on sayyam for teasing her very badly.
Krishna : ( Angry ) but I hate u…infact i hate u all…seriously soo bad… i won’t talk to u all.. ( angry face )
Sayyam yuvaan n kushi who Enjoyed Krishna’s Expressions saw Her Anger n Stopped Laughing n Tried to Convince n to Calm Her Down…
Kushi : ( Trying to Convince Krishna ) Sorry Krishna..We r really Sorry..we were just Joking..jaise u did with sayyam…
Yuvaan : Haa Krishna Sorry..we never thought ki Our Prank would Hurt U soo Much..We r Really Sorry..Plzz Maaf kardo..

Sayyam : ( Smiles n Knows hw to Convince His wife ) Krishna i’m nt going to Say Sorry to u… becoz maine woh hi kiya jo tum karna chahrahi mere saath…U wanted to make me Jealous but Instead I Made U…Tit For Tat U See..n waise bhi U don’t Like Me Saying Sorry na..So I won’t Sorry..becoz i can’t see u Sad..I have seen u Sad many times when I say Sorry to still if U want i can tell Sorry to U.. I’m soo sorrr…. ( Interrupted )

Krishna : ( Melts ) nahi Let it be..i’m Sorry..i Over Reacted..
Yuvaan n kushi who were Seeing their Talk were Surprised n Impressed By sayyam’s Smartness n Praised Him through Eyes.Soon they Reached BM n As Soon As they Reached BM yuvaan n kushi got Down n kushi went to Krishna’s Side n Tried to Help Her bt was Interrupted by sayyam..
Kushi : ( Smiles ) Aao Krishna..i will Help.( Extends Her Hands Towards Krishna )
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Thank U bhabi….
As kushi was Helping Krishna in getting Out of the Car sayyam Stops kushi n Extents His Hands to Help Krishna as He wanted to Help His Princess as a Sorry Token for Teasing Her Very Badly.
Sayyam : It’s Ok bhabhi..u go..i will Help Krishna..U go Inside..u might be Tired..n waise bhi I thought to Take Krishna for a Short Walk in the Garden near Our House..So U go Inside n Take Rest..i will be with Krishna…

Kushi : ( Smiles ) Haa Ok….aapki Biwi hai ..Aapke Bacche hai. .aap hi sambhaliye i don’t have any problem meri devar ji ( Teases )
Krishna : ( little Frustrated becoz of Baby Kicks ) Bas Karo tum bhono….jab dekho jab u all Start Teasing..

Krishna : ( Understood ) Accha Ok..Sorry..lagta hai Babies r in Mood of Walking too.. ( To sayyam ) Jaiye take Ur Kids n Wife for Walking before Ur Kids Gets Angry n Starts Kicking My devrani ji..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Accha Ok bhabi jii..n for Ur Kind Information let me Remind U… Ur devrani ji is My Wife n Her Kids r My Kids too.. ( Serious Tone but in Fun ) So i know what to do n what not to do..U go n See Ur Husband who is Waiting for U since Past 5 Mins.. ( Teases )
Krishna : ( Blushes n Diverts ) Haa Ok… I’m Going…Arrey Haa Maa Called Enjoy….

Precap- krishna n sayyam were at the garden.. Krishna: everything has Set back to Normal Post ur Return..i’m Happy nw..u r back with Me n Our Babies…. Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Haa Krishna..Sab kuch theek hogaya..bas Rahul ka Rishta….

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  1. Mayesha

    Aaw..What a tit for that!!! very nice one akka…I also love the relation btwn sayyam and khusi…That’s really pleasurable. may be there was a mistake within krishna and khusi in the last para..but never mind. the best thing is that I enjoyed it a lot..

    1. Shaani

      Oo..teri… Yes drlng… It was a mistake…it should be kushi… Thankx for reading n commenting…? keep reading.. I have submitted next part’ll be uploaded soon..

  2. Really funny episode.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much..?

  3. I love this episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Samaria ?

  4. I loved the bonding of all characters?.. I love Krishna when she gets jealous?? …Who is Rahul di?? I think I will find it out in the next epi…love lots di..?

    1. Shaani

      No isha actually Rahul is Krishna’s cousin n frnd… He also a fend of sayyam…i have make his entry few episodes back… He came when sayyam was in coma.. U said that u missed those episodes… If u have more confusions tell me I’ll clear them for u..

  5. AnahitaAnnie

    Woooow.. It was soo cute.. I loved the sayvan bonding..such cute brotherlt relationship..and Krishna’s antics were worth reading… I loved it soo much..keep going..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much Annie?

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