kriyam – u r my strength Episode 136

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Episode 136
Sayyam was out of the room with Suhani…sayyam was walking here n there outside the room with a tension face…As Time Passes one by one family member Comes towards kriyam room n Starts questioning as they see sayyam in Tension…
Saumya : ( Worried ) sayyam..Kya hua Krishna ko… Y r u in Tension… ( Teary Eyes )
Kushi : ( Worried too ) Haa sayyam..Bol kya hua… Aise achanak se maa aur tum yaha kyoun aaye… Is everything fine? Krishna kaha hai?
Suhani tells evrything to others…everyone was Praying n was Worried for Krishna’s Health Doctor Came Out of the Room….
Doctor : Dekhiya..i have checked Mrs Krishna n after checking Her i Have Decided to do some Urgent Tests of Her..( Turns to sayyam ) So Mr sayyam Kal Subah u bring Ur Wife with U..will do some Tests n tell u the Reason of Sudden Pain..
Sayyam : ( Worried ) Tests? Is everything alright Doctor… I mean Sudden Tests..
Doctor : Haa Mr Sayyam Everything is Absolutely fine..bas i have some Doubts wanna Clear it.
Saumya : ( Tensed ) what Doubts Doctor ??
Doctor : Dekhiye i can’t Reveal My Doubts nw becoz m nt only not Sure about U all Plzz don’t Panic..everything is fine..just for my concern i wanna do these Tests..Once Report is Our i will tell u all…

Yuvraaj : ( Understands Doctor’s View ) Ok Sure Doctor. .We Understand ur Work..Tomorrow Morning sayyam n Krishna will be There in Hospital for Tests..
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Ji..i will take Ur Leave..but Haa Do Take Care of Mrs i already told She is Weak n Her Pregnancy is Complicated She needs special Attention n Care..
Sayyam : Yes Sure Doctor..we will take care of Her.. ( Assured )
Doctor : ( Smiles ) i will Leave… ( Goes from there ) ( in mind ) I hope jo main socch rahi hu woh sahi’s True then this will the Best Gift for this Family.. ( Smiles )

Next Day Mrng @ Hospital
Krishna n sayyam who was Really Worried n Tensed about Their Baby after Yesterday’s Incident were Sitting in Doctor’s Cabin after some Tests as Doctor had Told them to Wait in Her Cabin for Half n Hour becoz Reports would Arrive in Half n Hour.
Krishna : ( Worried n Holds sayyam’s Palm ) sayyam..sab thek toh hoga na ? I mean Kal ke Incident ke baad I’m Feeling Really Tensed..I Hope ( Touches Her Belly ) Humara Baby theek Ho..agr kuch hua na toh i won’t be able to Survive ( Hugs sayyam Emotionally )
Sayyam : ( Worried n Hugs back too n Caresses Her back ) Sshsh..Kuch nhi hoga humare Baby ko..Don’t Worry..U Calm Down..Doctor told na nothing to Worry.. Bas… Don’t Panic..Calm Down..
Krishna : ( Releases the Hug) then Y is Doctor doing these Tests..n upper se She is not telling anything.. ( Worried )
Sayyam : ( Worried )Don’t worry ( in mind ) issi bath ko sochke hi toh i’m feeling Scared Krishna..i really Hope Everything is fine ( Teary Eyes )

As Krishna n sayyam both were Worried about Their Baby Doctor Enters the Cabin with a Bright Smile on Her Face Making kriyam Scared n Confused Both..
Sayyam : ( Worried ) Doctor..kya hua Reports Came ? Y did u Take this test of Krishna ?? Is everything fine ?
Krishna : ( Almost Teary Eyes ) Haa Doctor Plzz tell na.what did the test Show ?? Mujhe toh kuch samajh hi nhi aaraha tha..bas mujhe kuch 2 Babies ke jaise kuch dhikh rahe the ( Unknowingly Said but Later Realized n Sees Doctor in Surprised ) Doctor..Mein ne sahi kaha na ??
Sayyam : ( Confused ) Kya Ryt Krishna ?? I’m nt Getting anything ?? Plzz Doctor Tell Me everything fine ?? Krishna n Baby both r fine na ? ( Worried )
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Yes Mrs Krishna U r right..ur Thinking is Absolutely right.
Krishna : ( Happy n Surprised ) Omg..iska matlab ( Touches Her Belly ) i’m Carrying… ( Interrupted )
Sayyam : ( Confused ) Arrey Damn It can anyone tell me what’s happening ?? Y r u both Behaving soo Strange ?? ( Turns to Krishna ) n U Krishna..y r u Happy ? Kya socch rahi ho tum ??
Krishna : ( Smiles n Hits sayyam’s Head in Excitement ) Arrey Mere Bhuddhu Pati Ji..U r Soon going to be Father of 2 Kids .. ( Blushes n Hugs sayyam )
Sayyam : ( Did not Understand ) woh toh theek hai bt .. Y u told ki U saw 2 Baaabb ( Realized n break the Hug ) Kya kaha tumne ?? ( Super Happy ) tell me Once again..i wanna Hear it again..kya Sacchi U r Expecting 2 Babies ??
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Yes Mr sayyam..Ur Wife is going to Deliver Twins..n woh Sudden Pain is becoz of ur 2 Babies…maybe they were also enjoying the inside with each other(Laughs )
Kriyam : ( Laughs )
Sayyam : bt Doctor hw did u get Doubt of Twins ??
Doctor : Woh Mr sayyam when i saw mrs krishna in unconscious state i noticed her baby bump little more bigger than normal looking at her baby bump i got the still for confirmation i wanted to check ur wife personally with all the tests..n that’s y i did not reveal anything becoz agr yeh news wrong nikalti toh u all would feel bad..bas isiliye did not tell u anything yesterday..n wanted to reveal this news with clear reports n tests.. ( smiles )
Sayyam : ( Super Happy ) thanks alot doctor..its a really good news..i still can’t believe m gonna be dad of 2 babies…. Wowowow Maan..
Doctor : ( Smiles ) control urself mr sayyam..n congratulations…n i have done all the required tests n don’t worry ur wife n ur twins are absolutely fine..u just need to take care of her that’s it..

Sayyam : ( Composed Himself ) Uff..yeah doctor i should control myself..chalo anyways doctor we will take ur leave..n thanks once again..
Doctor : Haa Sure..but haa Take Even More Care of Ur Wife haa becoz as She is Carrying Twins it will be More Difficult for Her…n Besides that She has Entered Her 4th Month…Hope U r getting what i mean Mr sayyam ??
Sayyam : Yes Doctor..I will Surely Take Care of Her nw..Thanks Alot..
Doctor : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome..
Krishna n sayyam after having a talk with the doctor leaves the cabin n after coming out of the cabin krishna immediately hugs sayyam in shyness n sayyam too reciprocates to her hug with love n excitement.
Sayyam : ( Smiles n Hugs back ) Thank U Princess… ( Cups Her Face ) Thank U Soo Much for Double Package ( Winks )
Krishna : ( Blushes n Hugs agn ) I can’t believe sayyam ki ( touches her belly ) i have two babies inside me..humare 2 babies… wowow..i’m soo happy..thank u for giving me this happiness..i’m soo lucky to have u..i love u my prince charming..i really love u…
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) I Love U Too my Princess ( Kisses Her Forehead Lovingly ). .abb Come Let’s Go..Everyone might be Worried n Waiting for Us..
Krishna : ( Smiles n Releases the Hug ) Haa Chalo…
Krishna n sayyam goes to BM…everyone was in tension… Then they told everyone that krishna is expecting 2 kids… Everyone was soo happy to hear this news..
Saumya: Krishna…Tu sach Mein 2 bachche Ko … ( Couldn’t Complete in Happiness)
Sayyam who saw Krishna Blushing Hard Came Near Krishna n Hold Her Shoulder n Answered to Saumya’s Questions with a Smile.
Sayyam : ( Holds Krishna’s Shoulder ) Haa Maa..Krishna is ryt..aapki beti 2 Bachche ki maa banne wali hu..She is Expecting with 2 Babies..isiliye Doctor told for Some Tests Yesterday..
The Entire family was Filled with Joy n Happiness n were Blessing Krishna n sayyam with Full Heart n were Discussing about the Future of Babies in Excitement.
Suhani : ( Overwhelmed n Goes n Hugs Krishna ) God Bless U Beta..aaj tumne itni Badi Khushi di hai ki hum sab ko ki I can’t even explain u in words..really thanks beta . jabse u came in our lives na u have filled our house n our lived with happiness..n ( Holds sayyam’s Ears ) Have also changed my careless son into a responsible one..thanks alot..
Sayyam: ( Pain )’s Paining..n why r u Only Praising Ur Bahu..Aaj jo Good News She is Giving U na woh Possible hi nhi hoti without Me..isme Maximum Credit Goes to Me..So i also need Appreciation ( Winks Naughtily to Krishna )

Krishna who Heard this Blushes Even More n Rushes to Her Room Leaving Everyone in Laughing Mood… Kushi also run behind her as she went alone…
Suhani : ( Holds sayyam’s Ears More Tightly ) Kya sayyam ..don’t u have any other work than Troubling My Bahu..Remember don’t U ever Trouble My Bahu from Nw..Samjhe ?? ( Fake n Fun Anger )
Sayyam : (in pain) Aaowwow..Ok Maa..Plzz’s Paining..i’m Sorry..I won’t Trouble ur toh Plzz Leave..
Suhani : ( Leaves sayyam’s Ears ) Jaa remember if u Trouble her Once again na I will not Leave U..
Sayyam : Haa Meri Mata Ji..I won’t Trouble ur Bahu from nw onward …abb Khush..
Suhani : ( Smiles n Laughs ) Haa Bahot Khush..

Guys plz don’t forget to comment ok.. I’m waiting for ur response… So plz give ur response… I will start writing next episode after considering ur comments… Actually I’m planning to add a another mood swing scene in next one… A little funny one.. Idk.. Let’s see… C u guys soon..

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  1. I am waiting for the funny part kriyam hugs ahh loved them n yeah suhani and sayyam scenes were so adorable

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much I’ll start writing next part soon..?

  2. Nice.lovely episode. Update next part soon plz

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  4. so amazing?oh my God?im so excited for their twinos♥️amazing story line❤?❤

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  7. Wow ! nice episode And how was your exams. I am very excited to read next episode. Kriyam s hug. baby and mood swing of krishna please post fast

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  8. Hi shaani episode was fabulous?. The way u revealed the twins news was awesome dr?. Really I was scared. But in the end all is well.?

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    Double package ????and double surprise for us…moon swing scene is a good idea.I want those twins to be a beautiful and innocent girl like Krishna and a naughty boy like sayyam.what do you say shaani….hope your exam went well.waiting for the next episode

    1. Swetha7

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      Yeah.. Sure… One girl n a boy… Not bad idea… Let’s do it like that…thankx for ur suggestion…exams went well… Not too bad.. I was little nervous when I started writing…. Idk what will happen… Let’s see… Hope for the best… I won’t fail… That’s sure…
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  14. Khushi b toh pregnant thi….What about her,??

    1. She had a son!!

    2. Shaani

      Yes Zani is ryt… His name is Rohan…

  15. AnahitaAnnie

    Wuhu, Twins!!!! Even more excited for the twins is me.. I just loved all the kriyam emotions.. I happy that the baby is fine.. I was a little scared.. Anyways I don’t need to tell u that u are an awesome and amzing writer and that u slayed the episode.. Can’t wait for the funny mood swings… Loved it..??

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  16. Awesome

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  17. Nice episode wow twinsssssss please upload two episodes in a day and yesterday was your exam how was it I will pray for you that you gain 100%and your idea about mood swing is very interesting cam I help you in suggestion

  18. wow twinsssssss please upload two episodes in a day and yesterday was your exam how was it I will pray for you that you gain 100%and your idea about mood swing is very interesting cam I help you in suggestion

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much sonia? yesterday my exam was ok…actually I was little nervous so idk what will happen… Thank u for praying for me ? yeah sure u can help me… But actually I finished Krishna’s mood swings.. Now her delivery is going on… But still u can give me ideas to upcoming tracks..? keep reading.. Glad to know that u like my story…

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    Oooww….Twins..and eagerly waiting for the mood swings. hope to see some funny and cute mood swings..
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