kriyam – u r my strength Episode 135

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Episode 135
Krishna was feeling boring.. She was sleepy but she was not getting a peaceful sleep as the sound of music n she felt really uncomfortable…. So she get up n sit on the bed…
Krishna: Baby… Why aren’t you sleeping… So jaa meri bachchaa… Hai bagwaan… Why am I feeling so uncomfortable… (Krishna takes The glass from this side table n drink some water n keep it again) hmm… Let me read a book…
She gets up n goes towards the table to take a book… She select a book n turns to come towards the bed… But suddenly she felt pain in her stomach…
Krishna : ( Feels the Pain n Holds Her Baby Bump ) Aaah Aawoow..

Krishna who felt the pain feels like screaming loudly but she tried to controls her pain… Krishna dropped the book n couldn’t control the pain n falls on ground holding her stomach screams loudly in pain while crying miserably…
Krishna : ( Pain ) Aaahhh ( Holds Her Baby Bump ) Sayyaammm… ( Cries Miserably ) Maaa…
Due to Loud Noise n Sound of Music Everyone were Unaware about Krishna’s condition… Then she suddenly remembered about her phn… She looks for it… She saw it on the bed… She tries to get up from the floor but she was unable due to the pain… She was crying miserably… But she gain some courage as she has to call someone… She slowly move towards the bed while sitting on the floor itself… At last she reach the bed… Then she try to get up with the help of bed as the phn was little away from her hand distance…

On the other hand sayyam was downstairs while having a talk with someone… He gets a call.. He excused himself n goes to attend to the call…

In Krishna’s room
Krishna take the phn n dial to sayyam… But it is engaged..
Krishna: Sayyam with whom u r talking.. (while holding her stomach ) Aaah Aawoow.. Let’s try someone else… (talk to baby while searching for a number in mobile) baby… Plz hold on…. Plz..plz.. U r very brave na meri bachcha.. Plz hold.. Maa phn uto.. Plz..
Suhani is also not answering her phn.. Her phn is shown on a table…
Sayyam is shown ending the call… He again comes to the party area… N find suhani..
Suhani: Beta sayyam.. Krishna kaha hai..

Sayyam: Maa she went to sleep I dropped her to the room… Don’t Worry… (sayyam’s phn starts to ring) Krishna ka phn… (he immediately pick it up) Kris…(couldn’t complete)
Krishna: Sayyam plz jaldi aawoo(sayyam starts to run towards upstairs)… It’s hurting…
Sayyam: I’m coming…
Suhani also goes to upstairs with sayyam… Sayyam enters the room..he was shocked n immediately rushed towards krishna who was suffering in pain..
Sayyam : ( Shocked ) Krishna !!.. ( Rushes to Krishna n Takes Her in His Lap ) Krishna Krishna ..suno ( Shakes Her Face to Keep Her Awake ) Krishna….Aakhe mat band karo plzz..Open Ur Eyes Damn it..Plzz Don’t Close Ur Eyes…. ( Sweating n Carries Her in His Arms )
Suhani:(Rushes to Krishna) Krishna..Krishna.. Beta…. Sayyam keep her on the bed n doctor ko phn karo…jaldi..

Sayyam : ( Worried n Sweating ) Hheelloo..Doctor Plzz aap jaldi se Birla Mansion aajaiye..i know it’s a Holiday for pata nhi Krishna got a sudden pain in her stomach..aap plzz jaldi aahaiye Plzz.. ( Almost Teary Eyes )
Doctor: ( Tensed ) Accha ok..don’t Worry Mr Sayyam…i’m coming..Pregnancy it happens..u just calm down..i’m coming..
Sayyam : ( Worried ) Haa..Ok..Doctor. .plzz come fast..i’m waiting ..
Sayyam having a talk with doctor turned towards krishna with worriedness n teary eyes n went towards krishna n sat beside her n caresses her hairs in concern… She was still crying due to pain…

Sayyam : ( Worried n Teary Eyes ) I’m…sorry Krishna.. ..i promised u that i will take care of u n our baby but i’m sorry i failed..i was soo busy in party that i didn’t even see ur pain..( down his face on her palm ) i’m really sorry jaan….
Suhani: Sayyam…. Plz don’t worry… Krishna ko kuch nahi hoga… These things are normal in pregnancy.. Plz don’t be guilty… U stay with Krishna… I will bring doctor…
After about 2-3 minutes doctor comes… Suhani brought her secretly as guests r enjoying the party downstairs…

Sayyam: ( sees doctor n rushes to doctor )doctor Plzz come in… Meri biwi ko kya hua doctor.. Is everything fine… Achanak se pain kyun aaya…?
Doctor : Relax Mr Sayyam…There is nothing to Panic..Its normal in pregnancy..n waise Mrs Krishna ki pregnancy is complicated toh uski ke Wajeh se sudden pain hua hoga..Don’t worry..u go out..i will check ur wife n then inform u..bina check ya examine kare toh i can’t tell plzz relax n go out..i will check n inform u..
Sayyam after having a talk with doctor leaves the room n starts waiting fr the result where as doctor on the other hand goes inside the room n closes the door n starts checking krishna

Precap- Doctor come out from the room with a questionable face.. Sayyam goes towards the doctor… Sayyam: How is my wife doctor? Is everything alright? Doctor: Actually Mr. Sayyam… Baat yeh hai ki…..

C u at the next episode… I won’t be able to upload any more parts today…as I have an exam 2mrw… Last exam for this semester… After exam I’ll post… 2mrw evening u will be able to read next one… Till then goodbye… Don’t forget to comment….

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  1. Akankshanna

    All the best.. Amazing update

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much for ur wish n thank u so much for reading n commenting on my ff….i’ll upload next part 2mrw evening for sure..

  2. Swetha7

    First of all wish you all the best and good luck for your exam….I hope nothing will happen to the baby….I am happy that Krishna is going to give birth to her own is sayyam’s sing of love.we never be able yo enjoy this moment in SSEL.thanks a lot know exactly what we want…mind reader ha….????waiting for the next episode.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much for ur wishes swetha.. ? I’m little nervous for this exam… Idk why…. Just keep praying for me…
      N about Krishna…. Kuch bi ho sakta hai yaar… Let’s see… If u know who I am… Then u can guess what will happen… Yeah wht ssel showing us… Krishna getting insecure about the baby….. N dadi changed the baby…what rubbish is that… We won’t get what we want in ssel…
      Thank u so much.. Keep reading.. I’ll upload next part 2mrw evening

  3. Nice episode and best of luck for exam

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much? i’ll upload next part 2mrw evening for sure..

  4. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Nice epi….but I wish nothing happens to Krishna and the baby? …..
    Anyways update the next part asap…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much ? i’ll upload next part 2mrw evening for sure..

  5. Dinu

    Hi shaani! ?2dy I got some free time as it’s a holiday. So thought 2 comment on ffs.about 2dy epi loved hw sayyam cared 4 his wife when she’s in pain.i’m curious whts d reason 4 Krishna’ s sudden pain.plz don’t do anything 2 baby☹☹cvs already done dat in d serial. ??? let’s nt talk about dat.i’m so happy dat sayyam is back 2 take care of his wife. ?? n all d best 4 ur exam’s k if u cnt update d nxt prt till 2mrrw evening. We can wait.u do ur exam well.once again all d best dr??bye tc?

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Soo sweet of u… Thank u so much Dinu… For ur wishes…
      about Krishna…. Kuch bi ho sakta hai yaar… Let’s see… If u know who I am… Then u can guess what will happen… Yeah wht ssel showing us… Krishna getting insecure about the baby….. N dadi changed the baby…what rubbish is that… We won’t get what we want in ssel…
      Thank u so much.. Keep reading.. I’ll upload next part 2mrw evening

  6. what will happen to the baby ?

    1. Shaani

      Kuch bi ho sakta hai… Keep guessing…
      Thank u so much.. ? Keep reading.. I’ll upload next part 2mrw evening

  7. aise kaise kuch bhi ho sakti hai

  8. U nailed the episode shani how Krishna talk story her baby how sayyam consoles her n his guilt the precap suspense is killing me n ya best of luck for ur exams ???

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ? I’ll update next part soon…

  9. Hi shaani,

    First time I commenting.nice it really interesting.keep posting.
    And all d best for ur exam.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much jayasree…it means alot..i’m glad that u commented… Thank u so much for ur wishes…

  10. Dinu
    Sayyam has been nominated 4 favorite naya sadasya in star parivar awards. Plz guys do vote 4 him.he deserves 2 win

    1. Shaani

      Yes I voted for kj… Hope he will win..
      Fingers crossed

  11. Dinu

    N shaani if I know u , u won’t do anything 2 baby. Coz u won’t ever disappoint ur readers right. So I bet d baby will be fine.

    1. Shaani

      Aree…wah… Nice guess… U know me huh…?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much?

  12. Ema

    All the very best for ur exam?? and plz try to update soon cant waittt…. ????

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? I’ll try to upload soon…

  13. AnahitaAnnie

    Rocking episode there Shaani.. I am loving all the suspense..sorry for not commenting earlier..actually I am burning with fever.. And can’t even get up properly.. And If I guess Complications in pregnancy and low chance of saving both of SSEL all the baby swaping by dadi was horrible.. But I was loving all the saiyyam scenes.. Anyways best of luck with ur exams.. i know u will do great..

    1. Shaani

      No need to say sorry Annie it’s ok…. Get well soon buddy… Take medicine…
      Thankx for ur wishes ?

  14. I am so so sorry di?…I went my aunty ‘s house so I couldn’t read ur ff…love u do and again sorry..

    1. Shaani

      Aree isha… No need to say sorry Dr… It’s ok… Don’t say soo many sorrys… Love u too isha?

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