kriyam – u r my strength Episode 106

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Guys I’m sorry about the confusion in the previous episode…
Episode 106
Soon after Sea Point Masti n Romance Krishna n sayyam Left fr their Next Roaming Destination All Wet n Drenched but They Did not Feel Cold as they were Wrapped in Each other’s Embrace Completely …
Sayyam : So My dear Wifey..tell me where shall we go next ??
Krishna : Hmm My Dear Hubby ..where ever u take..m ready to come but the thing is u should b there with me..
Sayyam : Hmm ok den lets go fr a Wild Safari..u like to see Animals Live ryt ?? Den come lets go fr a Wild Safari…u will enjoy l’m sure..
Krishna : ( Excited ) omg… Wild safari !! thats Sound Amazing…Come Lets Go..
Sayyam : Come …
They Left fr their Wild Safari Fun Hand in Hand… Krishna n sayyam Reached The Place where Wild Safar would start in Sometime n Krishna was Damn Excited to See Animals Live..
Sayyam : Krishna Listen..There r some rules to b Followed during Safari.Listen them Carefully n Obey them..even a Small Mistake would Make Our Life in Danger as its a Open Safari haa…
Krishna : Ok Boss…tell me da Rules.
Sayyam : Ok den Listen
1) Don’t throw Food on Animals fr Feeding them this will Attract them towards u.
2) Don’t Make Noises as it may Disturb dem n Make dem Frustrated..
3) Photos Taking is Allowed bt with Flash Off as the Flash light will make them Disturb..
4) (Naughty Mood again ) N If u r Feeling Scared u can Hold Me Tight n Even Kiss Me when u r Scared..

Krishna : ( busy In Listening The Rules n Told Yes Unknowingly fr the Last One ) Ok Sayyam
Sanskaar : ( Smiles Naughtily at Her Foolishness ) Good Girl…
Krishna : ( Realized wat sayyam told ) Wwwait..Last wala Rule kya tha ?? U R Soo Shameless sayyam.. ( Starts Beating Him In Fun )
Sayyam : ( Enjoying ) heheii.???..Yes i’m Really Shameless..wanna see the Demo ( Winks Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes ) Haawwwm…sayyam…plzz Stop It…we r in Public Place..
Sayyam : Haa toh..u r my Wife n waise bhi this is Singapore nt India ki u have Limits n Singapore u can Kiss ur Partner Openly..Like …( Searches Something ) Haa Look at there ( Pointing towards a Couple ) hw that Couple r Kissing Openly n dat too they r just GF n BF..if they can Kiss Openly den y nt us..we r toh Officially Husband n Wife na… ( Smiles n Winks Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Blushes n Shocked Seeing the Couple ) omg..seriously hw Shameless those Ppl r..( Sees Towards sayyam ) N u Mr sayyam so what if those Ppl r Kissing Openly…let them do..we r nt going to do anything like this..understood…haa we came Singapore fr Our Honeymoon bt we r Indian only n we Indians have some Limits understood ( Hits sayyam’s Shoulder)
Sayyam : Aaouch !! Slowly My Hurts…Ok den My Wifey…I Challenge u dat u will only Kiss Me in Front of Everyone dat too ( Points On His Lips n Smiles Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Shocked n Blushes ) sayyam …what r u telling ?? Have some Shame..
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) hmmm …No My Dear Wifey…U Look nw hw i will make u to Kiss Me n that too in front of All..
Krishna : ( Determined ) Ok Den Mr Birla Challenge Accepted…i will also not let myself Loose My Control..
Sayyam : ( Impressed ) Hmm..nice…accha come let’s’s time for Safari..
Krishna : Haa Come

Sayyam n Krishna Sat on their Seat n Krishna was Super Duper Happy n Excited for the Safari
Sayyam : Ohh God..Krishna Come On Control urself..u r nt a Kid…
Krishna : ( Embarrassed ) ohh Haa..m Sorry..
Sayyam : ( Smiles at Her Childishness ) It’s Ok…waise Krishna if u r Scared u can Hold me Tightly haa..i know u r very Darpook ( Teases )
Krishna : ( Acts as if She is Nt Scared ) Noo sayyam..m nt Scared..n u see i won’t Hold ur Hands too..m Very Brave ( Bt Actually Choking Her Neck in Fear )
Soon Safari Started n Krishna n sayyam Started Enjoying the Ride n Krishna was Seen Scared seeing Wild Animals Roaming Freely n Roaring n was about to Hold sayyam’s Hands Tightly not then she Noticed sayyam Smiling Naughtily n with a Winning Smile on His Face n Realized she was about to Hold His Hands n Soon Composed Herself n Stopped from Holding His Hands Made An Excuse.
Krishna : ( Smiles Embarrassingly ) Woh Actually m feeling Cold that’s y..don’t think i’m afraid ha…
Sayyam : ( Victoriously Smile ) Haa..toh..maine kuch kaha kya…i was just looking out. .I did nt even look at u..
Krishna : ( Speechless ) Ohh.Hmm Ok…look out na then…
Krishna Looked Out saying this m tried hard to control her Fear bt then Suddenly She Heard a Loud Roar of 2 Tigers which Made Her Scared n hold sayyam’s Hands Tightly n Closed Her Eyes in Fear . Sayyam took Her in His Embrace n Consoled Her n Gives a Winning Smile bt Soon He Concentrated on Consoling Krishna instead of Teasing Her.
Sayyam : ( Took Her In His Embrace ) Its ok Krishna..don’t be scared..They r just Roaring..They won’t Harm u..m here with U Krishna so don’t worry.. ( Pats Her back in Concern )
Krishna : ( Tightens Her Grip ) Thank U sayyam…i feel Soo protective in ur Arms…Thnk U Soo Much..
Sayyam : ( Smiles ) Ur Welcome Jaan..
Soon the Wild Safari got Over n kriyam came out of the Bus n Headed towards The Mall fr Shopping as it was Evening n No More Tourists Parks or Places would be open so Krishna n sayyam Planned for Shopping.

Sayyam : So Jaan nw tell me where shall we go nw ?? Waise lets go fr Shopping as u like Shopping n as far as i know other Tourists Place will b closed as Its becoming dark
Krishna : ( Holds sayyam’s Hands ) Hmm Ok..As ur Wish My Hubby…Lets Go for Shopping.
Krishna n sayyam went towards da The Famous Mall in Singapore near to their Hotel n started Shopping for Their Family n for themselves when sayyam remembers about the Challenge n Gets an Idea n Smiles Naughtily n Goes from there by making an Excuse.
Sayyam : Krishna Listen…i will be back…i need to go for an Emergency ( Winks )
Krishna : ( Awkward ) then go na…y Screaming Loudly…
Sayyam : Heheii??..Ok then u Stay Here. .don’t go anywhere..will be back after 5 Minutes
Krishna : Ok but try to come fast..
Sayyam : Ok Jaan..
Sayyam Leaves from there n Krishna Continued Her Shopping n Time Passed..Soon its been 20 Mins bt sayyam was nt Yet Back n Krishna was Tensed n feeling Scared n Worried as sayyam was nt Picking Up His Phone too since Past 20 minutes
Krishna : ( Tensed ) Where is sayyam ?? Y he did nt come still ?? Washroom main itna tym leta hai kya koi ?? Uper se apna Phone bhi nhi utharaha woh…m soo tensed…sayyam where r u ? .
Just then She sees sayyam n was Relieved Seeing Him Save bt Her Happiness Faded Seeing sayyam going back of a Girl in Trial Room Thinking Her as Krishna
Sayyam : Krishna..listen..where r u going ? Wait let me also come with u ( Smiles Naughtily )
Krishna : ( Shocked ) Arrey..y is sayyam going back of that Girl ?? N y is he telling Her as Krishna ?? M here na…ohh God..that Girl wore same Dress like me maybe dats y he is thinking its me…ohh shit. .i should stop him before something wrong happens..
She Rushed to the Trial Room n Heard their conversation which Shocked Her.
Sayyam : Ok least nw u give me a Kiss na…look no one is here least nw u can give a Kiss na..I Lost n U Won..
The Girl was Standing Facing Her back Towards sayyam so that’s y sayyam was nt able to see Her Face n thinking Her as Krishna.
Krishna : ( Shocked ) Ohhh God..No sayyam ..its not me…i’m here…hw can u Misunderstand someone else as Me…Plzz don’t do that.
Sayyam Moved Slowly Towards da Girl n Smiled Naughtily.Soon He Reached Near that Girl’s Front n Leaned Closer to Her n Closed His Eyes n was about to Kiss when He Felt a Sudden Pull n a Soft Lips On His Rough Lips. it was Krishna who Pulled Sayyam out of Trial Room n Kissed Him In Front of The Entire Public Present in Mall.Both were Lost in Each other’s Kiss Completely n were Enjoying it Fully n Whole Heartedly.The Kiss was a Long n a Passionate one… (sanam re song plays from background)
Soon they Broke their Kiss as they were Out of Breathe n Stared Each other’s Eyes n Filled with Love n Affection.Soon they Heard a Sound of Claps Clapping fr their Love by the Entire Public seen in the Mall.They were Impressed n Praising their Love for Each other Leaving them Embarrassed n Blushing..Soon sayyam gave a Winning n a Naughty Smile n a Secret Wink to Krishna n Moved inside the Trial Room.Krishna soon Realized about the Challenge n Blushed n Went Inside the Trial Room Behind Her Husband…

In Trial Room
Sayyam : ( Smiles Naughtily ) Soo Mrs sayyam..Look I Won the Challenge n Made u Kiss in front of Public.. ( Pointing towards the Girl to whom he was about to Kiss )
Krishna Got Confused n Went near the Girl n Was Shocked to see the Girl is just a Status or a Model kept in Shops for Displaying.
Krishna : ( Shocked ) what ?? Sayyam this is just a Model fr Displaying Items in Shops..n i thought u r going to Kiss a Girl…
Sayyam : ( Winks Naughtily ) Yes My Dear Wifey. .it was just a Statue n as per my Naughty Plan U Exactly thought ki its a Girl n m going to Kiss Her..n as expected u Pulled Me Towards U n Kissed Me becoz u can’t see me with someone else…
Krishna : ( Blushes n Angry too )….U r really Shameless sayyam…u know how Scared i was seeing u with someone else…don’t do this again ( Tears Fell from Her Eyes n Hugged Sayyam )
Sayyam : ( Hugs Her back n Smiles ) Ok Jaan..i won’t…bt as i Won the Challenge i won’t a Gift from u… (.Winks Naughtily )
Swara : ( Blushes becoz she understood what he meant) no…not today… I know that u r also tired… Let’s go… I’m hungry also…let’s have n then let’s go to sleep ( Hugs more Tightly )
Sayyam: Ok… I know a good restaurant..let’s go there… Actually it’s near our hotel… Let’s keep our bag n come again..
Krishna : ( Smiles ) Ok then Lets Go to Our Room…
Krishna n sayyam Left for their Room to Spend some Quality Time while having dinner…

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