kriyam – u r my strength Episode 103

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Episode 103
The day before kriyam departure
It’s evening… Krishna was doing packing for their honeymoon… 2 bags are opened n she already packed some clothes…krishna was sitting in the bed n was creating a list… She think an write something… At that moment Kushi comes inside the room… She tap on the door before coming inside.. Krishna looked at her…
Krishna: Bhabi tum yaha… Do u need anything.. U should have called me Na..? Kya saroorat Ti yaha aane keliye..?
Kushi: Achcha baba.. Bas… I don’t need anything.. I just came to help u…
Krishna: Bhabi.. I don’t need any help… I can manage.. U need rest..
Kushi: Offoo… Plz Krishna.. I don’t want to take any rest now… I bored.. If u r not willing to give any work for me.. At least let me stay with you…
Krishna: Then ok… Come sit here…
Kushi: Give me that list I’ll add what I want to it… And u tell other things I’ll write….
Krishna: Ok write everything u n ur baby wants.. I’ll bring them….
Kushi: Wasebi Krishna… Do u like that country which we choose for you both
Krishna: Achcha… Bhabi..are u the one who choose Singapore..?
Kushi: Yup..becoz I knew that u like to spend time in Singapore…. Soo I told Yuvaan about it n we booked ur hotels n all…
Krishna:thank u bhabi..(come n hugs her)
Kushi: Achcha.. Bas..bas.. Baba.. If u r happy.. Then we all r happy..
Krishna smiled..

Kushi: Achcha Krishna don’t worry about this travel agency ok.. My friend also recommended it.. Actually they specifically give their services to indian honeymoon don’t take tension..they will arrange everything perfectly…
Krishna: Thank u bhabi…
Krishna n kushi talks for about one hour while doing packing.. They spend time together… Sayyam comes inside the room..
Sayyam: Hi bhabi… Tum kase Hu…??
Kushi: Achcha.. U remembered about me huh?.. Good…good.. Mein bilkul tikey… Don’t worry about me…
Sayyam: Cool…
Kushi: Tum Krishna Ko hi nahi bulaungi?
Sayyam: Hi Krishna…
Krishna: Hi…
Sayyam: Ok.. So..
Kushi: Soo??
Sayyam: Packing… Ho Gaya packing?
Krishna: Nahi sayyam.. Abi tak nahi… Ur packing is finished..u just check it once again.. but my bags r not yet ready.. But I’ll arrange it..
Sayyam: Koi baat nahi… I’ll help u..
Krishna: Nahii.. Mein karoongi…. U just take rest…

All this while kushi was looking at them…
Kushi: (in mind) yeh sayyam itini impatient kyun Hu?.. Kya chal raha hai uski dimaag Mein..
Krishna goes towards the wardrobe… Sayyam quickly turn towards kushi n gave a pleading look..kushi ask why through her eyes… Sayyam comes near kushi’s ears..
Sayyam: Bhabi.. I was on the office for full day… Actually since 3 days I’m working… I had to go to office due to my upcoming holidays so.. I didn’t get a time to spend …(could not complete)
Kushi: Achcha… Is it soo then I’ll go… All the best for the romance…
At that moment yuvaan comes to the kriyam room to meet sayyam…. Kushi stoped yuvaan n took him with her after explaining…
Sayyam slowly went towards Krishna who was searching something inside the wardrobe.. Krishna turns n got scared to see sayyam that much closer..
Krishna: Sayyam.. U made me scared..
Sayyam: Achcha… Now u know Na who I am so don’t get scared now….
Sayyam was Coming near Krishna..
Krishna: Sayyam.. Tum yeh kya karti Hu..
Krishna tries to go but sayyam hold from her hand…
Krishna (while breathing) sayyam leave me ..
Sayyam: I didn’t hold u to leave that easily (pulled Krishna towards him)
Krishna landed on sayyam’s chest..
Krishna: Sayyam I have soo many work to do… Aur wasebi.. If u won’t leave me we won’t be able to go to our honeymoon….
Sayyam: It’s nit gonna happen…
Krishna: Kyun nahi hoga… If I get late for packing we will be late to go.. Then flight miss ho jaaungi… At the end of the day.. Honeymoon to Singapore plan flop ho jaaungi.. If u wish so then…

Sayyam: That will not happen… We both will do the rest of the packing.. Chalo..
Krishna starts to work again… But our sayyam sit on the bed n admire his beautiful wife…
Krishna: Oh halo Mr sayyam… Will u help me?.. Just few minutes ago u told (mimic) we both will do the rest of the packing… R u helping me by sitting on the bed huh?..
Sayyam: I just help myself…
Krishna: Achcha.. Sayyam tum bi Na…Plz take this bag n keep it downstairs Na.. I’ll take the other one…
Sayyam:ok .. Achcha.. Krishna.. When is our flight?
Krishna: Sayyam don’t u even know that… Show some excitement yaar.. We r going for our honeymoon… Not for a meeting or something..
Sayyam: Oohhoo… That means Mrs Krishna is very excited about our honeymoon…
At first krishna didn’t thought about what she said before..but after few seconds she understood wht she said…Krishna blushed…
Sayyam: Don’t blush like that Krishna.. I won’t be able to control… Our honeymoon will be on tonight if u blush like that…
Krishna: Sayyam… Tum kuch bi bolti rahati Hu…
Episode end with Krishna’s blushing face…

Precap-at airport

Guys hope u like it..plz comment..thank for all ur comments on the previous episode…
Swetha7 n Dinu Wish u a happy new year in advance… I have submitted it at 6.40pm… It’s only one hour left for nonagathaya… N then 2mrw… Mrng new year… I’m excited…
Guys I won’t be able to upload 2mrw.. Becoz 2mrw there is a party on our house. So I will be busy… I’ll upload on 15 again hopefully…
Love u all…

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  1. Aarti32

    It was really very cute n happening!! I luvd it a lot shaanu??

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Aaru… It means alot ???

    2. KKR fan ho?? Same here

  2. Boring epi today next fast but improvement some story dear plz hanymoon mai koi twist lao Krishna s friends meet sayyam jealousy at all

  3. It’s so good❤plz don’t bring any change in your story??let them enjoy their honeymoon???❤and happy new year girl?may the coming year brings lot of happiness and prosperity for yew and your ppl?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much for your wishes Zani. .????
      And thank you for loving my ff. .???

  4. AnahitaAnnie

    Wow…. I just loved Saiyyam’s last honeymoon wala dialogue. It was a blast today. I loved the episode so much….and hv a happy new year buddy….??

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ? Annie ? …..
      And thank u for ur wishes…?

  5. Fantabulous episode uththara. Really great romantic and family scenes. Kriyam romance was just awesome and I especially liked the krishna-khushi bond. Their sisterly bond is so cute. Thanks for this wonderful update.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much shivani ??? it means alot…

  6. Wishing you a very happy new year uththara.
    May this occassion bring with it huge amounts of happiness and health for you. May god be abundant in his blessings and shower his blessings and give you everything you desire and deserve. Forget the griefs and sorrows of the last year and start anew. Enjoy your day and may happiness find you everywhere you go…

    1. Shaani

      Awww… Soo sweet of you.. Thank you so much shivani ?? it means alot. …????

  7. Hafsaaa

    Yaar I love your story so much ??? please update soon ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much ????

  8. Amazing!!! Loved this chapter❤️️✨?
    Also what does everyone mean by ‘happy new year’ ? Sorry I’m just really confused ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much… Don’t be confused Dr.. I’m celebrating new year in my country… That’s why…

  9. It’s my favourite ff…..never feel bored with it. Thank you for giving us such an opportunity to read your writing skills… By the way I am a silent reader…. ?

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much jenita??? I’m so glad…? thankx for coming forward and commenting…??

  10. Beautiful Flowers?
    Sparkling night✨
    Sweetest Bite
    Smiling Faces?
    Delicious Dishes?
    Only Love, enjoyment and fun
    Let’s Welcome the New Year!!!??? Happy new year Shaaniiiii & swethaaaaa njoy dis nw year 2 d fullest???☺?? bye tc.

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Wish u the same Dr…

  11. Sryyy.I forgot 2 comment about ur ff.sry yaar.i’m just sooo exited 4 nw always a wonderful epi dr.loved it!!!

    1. Shaani

      Oohh… It’s ok dr… Thank u soo much.. Yeah..yeah same here… I’m also excited… Enjoy this new year dr.. ??

  12. Hahah siyam is realy naughty. I loved his dialouge. Keep going.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much Asia… Heheui.. Yes..yes.. Naughty sayyam…?
      I’ll write next episode I’m busy today

  13. Nice epi

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much dr..???

  14. V nic episode .kriyam’s romance in singapore .eagerly waiting for next episode.happy new yeardear

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much manishs???

  15. Fabstastic epi di..happy new year and May god bless u and ur whole family wid all happiness 🙂 loved the romantic moments of kriyyam.. 🙂

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much isha… ???

  16. Which country are you from??? Because today is Bangla New Year… And I’m from Bangladesh…

    1. Shaani

      I’m from Sri Lanka..

    2. Shaani

      Thank you so much manusha?

  17. cute episode

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much rosy???

  18. Sorry uththara I am commenting late. Episode was superb. Excited for honeymoon. Keep writing

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much.. No need to say sorry yura… Next episode is also uploaded…?

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