kriyam – u r my strength Episode 102

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Episode 102
Krishna: Sayyam is this ur plan ryt?
Sayyam: No… No.. It’s not my plan… Wasebi who ever came up with this idea… I would like to hug that person n thanks…
Krishna: Why is that?
Sayyam: Kyunki ….
————-sometimes before ————
Suhani:(gives the envelope to Krishna) yeh loo…
Krishna takes it..
Sayyam: Yeh kya hai maa..
Yuvraaj: Kudhi dekloo..
Krishna open the envelope n get shocked… So as sayyam… Both look at each other n then look towards the family…
Sayyam n Krishna:(together) honeymoon tickets…?
Yuvraaj: Yes why r u both so shocked?
Suhani: U both haven’t went on a honeymoon due to circumstances… So why not now?
Krishna: Maa lekin ..(couldn’t complete)
Sayyam: Thank u maa… We will go..
Krishna looks at sayyam… Sayyam wink at Krishna… Krishna looks away…

Scene shift… Kriyam room is shown… Krishna was sitting on the bed…sayyam comes inside the room..
Sayyam: Why r u looked so worried Krishna? Kya huwa?.
Krishna: Sayyam is this ur plan ryt?
Sayyam: No… No.. It’s not my plan… Wasebi who ever came up with this idea… I would like to hug that person n thanks…
Krishna: Why is that?
Sayyam: Kyuki from this honeymoon I will get a chance to convince u…
Krishna: Achcha… Don’t dream… (Krishna tried to go)
Sayyam pins her towards the wall… N hold her tightly
Krishna: Sayyam wht r u doing let me go…
Sayyam: No Krishna… I need to talk to u..
Krishna: What do u want to talk… U can talk to me.. But not like this.. It’s hurting sayyam leave my shoulders..
Sayyam left Krishna but keep his both hand on the wall n block Krishna’s way..
Sayyam starts to talk..
Sayyam: Krishna this is not my plan this is only my families plan… I just told my mom that I brought Krishna back to our room n she forgave me but not fully… I have to do something to convince u… That’s all I said.. I’m apologizing to u Na Krishna… I’m sorry for slapping u Krishna…
Sun mere hamsafar plays from background
Wind is blowing … Krishna’s hair is also disturbing her… Sayyam tuk her hair behind her ears… They both is having an eyelock.. Sayyam leans towards Krishna’s left cheek… N kisses it gently…
Sayyam: I’m sorry…

Then sayyam leans towards her right cheek n plant a gentle kiss on there also..
Sayyam: I’m sorry…
Then he look at her left eyes n kissed her coner of the eye…
Sayyam: I’m sorry..
He did the same thing to the other side also..
Sayyam: I’m sorry…
N then sayyam plant a kiss on Krishna’s forehead
Sayyam: I’m sorry…
Then sayyam looks at Krishna’s lips… Krishna knew wht is going to happen next.. She wanted to close her eyes… But she was waiting… But sayyam keep leaning towards Krishna’s lips.. N there was only few inches hap between their lips… Krishna hold sayyam’s shirt n she closed her eyes Slowly… Sayyam hold from Krishna’s cheeks.. Sayyam filled the gap between them… It was a moment which both of them waited from 4months… Finally after soo many days they got happiness in their life… A tear rolls down from Krishna’s eye… It rolled towards sayyam’s hand which was on Krishna’s cheek.. Sayyam felt it n suddenly stoped kissing Krishna
Sayyam:(with concern voice, while wiping her tears) kya huwa Krishna.. I thought u were ready for it.. Plz tell me why r u crying.. I’m sorry if I did something u didn’t wish to do… I’m…(couldn’t complete)

Krishna pulled sayyam from his shirt collar n kissed him passionately… Sayyam was surprised at first but later he hold Krishna from her waist n pulled more towards him n kissed her with equal passion.. It last for few minutes… Both of them were not ready to stop.. But had to stop due to lack of the oxygen… Sayyam n Krishna keep their foreheads against each other…
Krishna: I love u sayyam… I love u soo much… Plz don’t ever do something like that…. I can’t be without u … (while breathing heavily)
Sayyam: I love u too Krishna… I’m sorry plz mujhe maaf Karoo…
Krishna take her forehead away from sayyam n hit his chest…
Krishna: Buddhu… Don’t u understand that what I just did…. N wht does that means..
Sayyam was surprised…
Krishna: Haa… Maaf kiya Mein ne…
Sayyam: Suchchi…
Krishna: Muchchii…
Sayyam picked Krishna n spin her around..
Krishna: Sayyam yeh kya kariyoo… Put me down.. Hum gir jaaungi…
Sayyam: Ok..ok..then let’s start a fresh…
Krishna: Ok let’s forget the past…
Both of them hugged each other
Episode end with kriyam happy faces…

Precap- don’t know..
Soo guys here is the next episode… I’m enjoying my festival season… But I won’t forget u guys.. That’s why wrote this episode n posting.. Hope u guys liked it..don’t forget to give ur views about today’s romance special episode…. Comment below?

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  1. Hafsaaa

    Honeymoon?? atleast we get to see kriyam honeymoon through your ff??

  2. Awesome too romantic finally kriyam are back loved it waiting fir next epi

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much I have uploaded the next part also…

  3. Ahhhhhh shani I love yew??this one was so so so so so so good???I was feeling shy while reading it❤❤This is shani’s speciality making the complex situation the best situation?I want to kiss your hands ?such an amazing writer yew are?hayee it was too good?

    1. Shaani

      ???? thank u soo much Zani ???? it means alot to me… ????

  4. Aarti32

    Awesomeeeeeeeeee one shaanu..??
    N my guess was right..?? it’s Kriyyam’s honeymoon ??
    D kiss was.. WOW ??

    1. Shaani

      Yes.. Ur guess was ryt….? thank u soo much… ? it means alot to me…
      Thankx for commenting daily…

  5. Awesome episode..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much..???

  6. Awesooooome and the liplock was …….omg

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much ???

  7. The kiss was the best part ..loved the way he used to convince her..superb epi di…

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much isha…???

  8. Kriyam romance was so beautiful. Much awaited part. The way saiyyam saying sorry to krishna was so nice. Honey moon means kriyam romance. I am waiting. Keep writing

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much yura..? yes kriyam romance is on the way… Next part is also uploaded

  9. Swetha7

    i totally agree with hafsaaa.we get to see kriyam honey moon unlike in the the serial.give us more blushing blushing kriyam moments is a relief to all desperate kriyam fans as our kriyam are missing these days in the serial.

    1. Shaani

      I’ll try to give my best for u guys… Let’s see what will happen… Give ur views about it in the next chapters….

  10. Yaaaaay!!! Krishna has forgiven Saiyyam ❤️️❤️️❤️️??✨
    Can’t wait for the next update

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much for loving my ff Zaniab… I have uploaded the next episode also..

  11. Finally patch up . Good scenes . And what is the reason for yuvaan accident is there any reason or happened accidentally.

    1. Shaani

      I just left that part Sri… As some r saying that I’m giving importance to yuvaan n kushi… So I don’t want to drag it… That’s why… It was a planned accident… U can imagine as yuvaan n sayyam sent the culprits fo jail..

  12. That’s shaani ,how could u write these many episodes with more interesting haa . I can’t find a single episode which made me bore . I am just loving ur’s ff.

    1. Shaani

      Thank you so much rosy ? ??

  13. Beautiful episode shaani. All the words and emotions were expressed in a meticulous way. It was really an awesome episode.
    The story is really very good and I am greatly looking forward to the progress of this wonderful relation of kriyam..

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Shivani ? it means alot..

  14. OMG????? i’m blushing hard reading dis.??☺☺? wht a epi dr.loved it 2 d core.n d kiss???? finally krish forgave sayyam baby.they r going 4 honeymoon.yayyyyy my guess was right. At least ur ff will give us their proper honeymoon track. ?? waiting eagerly 4 their honeymoon. ?? plz post d nxt epi soon dr.bye tc

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Dinu… Yeah..I’ll try to give my best… ?

  15. RAOne

    hey great keep going……… I don’t have a hint what is going on serial, because i’m at all instersted in that but yes when comes about your creativity i know what is really going…….
    really i liked the way you play with your charcter……. super keep rocking all the best to you…. loved your artistic skills as well as your artistic work…… All the best.. keep rocking….

    1. Shaani

      Aww… Thank u soo much.. ? it means alot to me….

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