kriyam – u r my strength Episode 101

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Episode 101
Sayyam comes to the breakfast table..krishna serve sayyam.. Suhani n yuvaan look at each other nod their head… Evryone smiles… Suhani gives an envelope to Krishna..
Krishna: Yeh kya hai maa…

~~~~~~~~~~~~sometimes before ~~~~~~~~~~
It’s a beautiful morning… A room is shown… Some Clothes were on the floor… Couple is hugging each other n sleeping… That revealed as sayyam n Krishna… They are covering their selves with a white blankets… Krishna’s head is on sayyam’s bare chest… Sayyam is hugging Krishna…n he is awaken… He kissed Krishna’s forehead.. Krishna open her eyes..
Krishna: Gd mrng…
Sayyam: Gd mrng baby…
Krishna smiled n break the hug n stretch herself n gets up n wrap the blanket around her…
Screen fades—-
Krishna suddenly opened her eyes n gets up.. N touch herself to check whether she is wearing clothes or not…
Krishna: I’m wearing clothes then what was that… Omg… It was a dream.. Offo.. Krishna u r thinking too much…
Sayyam: Achcha… U saw a dream about us that too where we r sleeping nakedly… (smirk n get up while rubbing his eyes)
Krishna: Ha sayyam…(without thinking)
Sayyam: Ooo…
Krishna: Nahi… ..wo Wo..kya hai Na… I didn’t see any dream like that…
Sayyam: Then wht u saw?
Krishna: Kuch nahi… (tries to go away)
Sayyam pulled Krishna n she fall on the bed.. Sayyam come top of Krishna…
Sayyam: Whr is my gd mrng kiss… I didn’t get it since 4 months…
Krishna: I haven’t forgiven u fully… So how can i u… U will get it after i forgive u fully… So now let me go…

Sayyam got upset… He let Krishna goes… As soon as she went inside the washroom sayyam ran outside the room… He goes towards suhani’s room… Yuvraaj comes towards the door before sayyam tap the door..
Sayyam: Papa maa kaha hai.. Andar hai kya?..
Yuvraaj: Nahi… Kya huwa..
Yuvaan:(he also comes to meet yuvraaj) sayyam u look excited..? Baat kya hai..
Sayyam: Wo kya hai Na bhai… Krishna forgave me…
Yuvraaj n Yuvaan was happy both of them hugged sayyam… Suhani came from the back n joined them
Suhani: Sayyam… I’m soo happy… Now our family is complete…
Sayyam: Maa lekin ek problem abi bi hai..
Suhani: Wo kya hai..
Sayyam: She haven’t forgiven me fully.. Abi bi toda Sa naraz hai…
Yuvraaj: Ok tell me wht happen.. Wht she said everything…tell us …
Sayyam tells everything…
Yuvraaj: Sayyam asa hota hai… Don’t worry… These girls are very demanding…
Suhani: Achcha. (while hitting yuvraaj) Mein bi demanding hai kya.. Yuvraaj… Tum bi Na..
Yuvraaj: Achcha.. Suhani stop it yaar.. Focus on sayyam’s problem.. We’ll solve this later… Ok..
Suhani: Ok I’ll catch u later yuvraaj…(towards sayyam) sayyam… U don’t worry..
Sayyam: What I have to do… U didn’t say any plan…
Suhani: U don’t have any role in this plan… So don’t worry… Ok.. I’ll do it myself…
Sayyam: Lekin ma..
Suhani: Lekin wekin kuch nahi.. Do u trust ur ma..?
Sayyam: Of course ma…
Suhani: Then u go before Krishna gets to know about this…
Sayyam: ok ma…

Sayyam goes out of the room…
Yuvraaj: Suhani what r u going to do…
Yuvaan: Ha maa.. What is in ur mind.. If u tell us..we also can help u..
Suhani tells something to yuvraaj n yuvaan..
Yuvaan: Maa yeh bohot achcha idea hai..
Yuvraaj: Tumhe Bata hai yuvaan.. When ur maa is angry with me… She also used to told that she will not forgive me but I myself has convince her… I thought alot n i took her to..(couldn’t complete)
Suhani: Yuvraaajjj…
Yuvraaj: Ooops… Sorry..sorry..
Yuvaan: Papa… Tumne kya kiya.. Batooo Na..
Yuvraaj: Same thing which is going to happen with Krishna…
Yuvaan: Ooohhhoo… Waah.. Maanna pare(couldn’t complete)
Suhani: Dono chap kar… Aur plan Mein focus karo..
Yuvaan: Ok maa.. U don’t worry.. I’ll arrange everything…
Suhani: Ok.. Thankx …

Yuvaan: Maa…. Why r u saying Thank u…koi saroorat nahi hai… Sayyam mera bhai hai… Can’t I even do a simple thing like this to him.. Don’t worry I’ll arrange everything… (yuvaan goes out from the room)
Suhani: What will happen if yuvaan gets to know that sayyam is not his own brother…??
Yuvraaj: Our kids have grown up suhani…This relationship between siblings won’t change suhani… N they will never get to know about sayyam’s bialogical father… Becoz no one in this house gonna talk about it… Samji Tum ?? (while holding suhani’s shoulders)
Suhani: Ji…
Screen fade away…
Yuvaan n kushi’s room is shown…
Kushi: Yuvaan what r u doing?…
Yuvaan: (keep laptop away n comes to kushi n hold her…) tum yaha beto… I have to say something about Krishna n sayyam
Kushi: Kya… Kya huwa.. Are they ok… Is everything fine between them… Whr r they..
Yuvaan: Kushi…relax they r fine… Dono bilkul tikey…
Kushi: Then kya huwa…
Yuvaan tells everything to kushi.. N yuvaan tell about suhani’s plan also…
Kushi: Aree waah… Yeh toh achcha plan hai.. I’ll also help u…
Yuvaan: Ok wifey…
Screen fades…

Kriyam room is shown… Krishna comes out from the washroom… She was wearing a green colour saree… When she came out from the washroom she saw sayyam was sleeping… She goes towards the dressing table.. She wear some bangles n she comb her hair… She gets ready n goes towards sayyam…
Krishna: Sayyam uto Na.. Sayyam.. Get up.. U have to go to office… I’m going downstairs..
Sayyam: Ok..u go I’ll come..
Krishna goes to downstairs n sayyam gets ready…
Breakfast table…
Sayyam comes to breakfast table… He sits to eat n Krishna comes towards him n starts to serve…
Sayyam: Waahh… Aloo puri… Nice..
Suhani: Krishna made it..
Sayyam: Really… Thank u Krishna…
Krishna smiled…

Suhani looks at yuvaan … Yuvaan gave a envelope to suhani n nod his head positively… Suhani n yuvraaj smiled at each other…
Suhani: Krishna sayyam we have something to give u both..
Krishna: Wo kya hai maa..
Suhani:(gives the envelope to Krishna) yeh loo…
Krishna takes it..
Sayyam: Yeh kya hai maa..
Yuvraaj: Kudhi dekloo..
Krishna open the envelope n get shocked… So as sayyam… Both look at each other n then look towards the family…

Precap- Krishna: Sayyam is this ur plan… Sayyam: No… No.. It’s not my plan.. Wasebi who ever came up with this idea… I would like to hug that person n thanks… Krishna: Why is that?

Guys thank u soo much for all ur comments… I was soo happy yesterday… Sorry for this late update… Actually this is our festival seanson in my country… (Festival name: Sinhala n Tamil new year) soo we have to do soo many preparation… N I’m damn busy.. I don’t know whether I will be abe to post next part tomorrow…but I’ll try my best… How is this episode… Comment below? n share ur views…

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  1. Awesome dear..
    Enjoy ur preparations dear.. for festival

    1. Shaani

      Thank u so much dwidha?

  2. Ayesha Siddika

    Shaaniiii… I want to know what the plan is. Plz update quickly. I am dying bcoz of eagerness. Today’s epi was funny. Loved all the dialogue.

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much Ayesha..? it means alot… Update quickly… Hmm.. That is the problem Dr… I don’t get time today.. But I’ll try my best 2 update 2mrw.. I’m sorry ok..

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  4. Swetha7

    Hi glad to hear that you are also celebrating sinhala and Tamil new year like me……at the moment my mother is preparing sweets for the new year….I wish you a happy and prosperous new year

    1. Shaani

      Thank u soo much n I also wish u the same…
      A reason to live,
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  5. Aarti32

    Great episode!! N Kriyyam up for a honeymoon right..

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  6. Ayesha Siddika

    And I forget to mention its festive season in my country and the festival name is pohela baishakh (bengali new year).

    1. Shaani

      Oh.. Is it soo then happy new year to u too…
      A reason to live,
      A reason to love,
      A reason to smile,
      That is all what New Year is all about.
      Wish You a Happy New Year!

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Oh pohela Baishakh…. I miss it so much…. U r from BD right?? Well I was from BD too. Except I don’t live there anymore. Hope u enjoy it…..

  7. Wht is dis was only a dream.i was blushing dat time.?☺? n Heyyy????? r u also celebrating sinhala & tamil nw year? Really glad 2 know dat.I’m also celebrating it.btw i’m from Sri Lanka. Whr r u from? R u Sinhala or Tamil? Dn’t worry dr.u cn update whenever u r free.I understandy ur situation vry well.we r also busy cleaning our house and making sweets? bye tc dr.??? excited 4 there honeymoon. (I tnk suhani sending them 4 honeymoon???)

    1. Shaani

      Omg… R u also from Sri Lanka… Glad to know that. I’m also from Sri Lanka… And yeah I’m Sinhala… And I alo wish u the same Dr… Glad to know that there are at least 2 Sri Lankan’s reading my ff… I’m soo happy to know about it…. Ur guess is… Nope… I won’t tell it..check it on the next episode..but I’m still working on it..

  8. And ya, wishing u a prosperous sinhala and tamil new year dr???.hi swetha, wishing u d same.glad u r also celebrating sinhala and tamil new year. ??

    1. Shaani

      A reason to live,
      A reason to love,
      A reason to smile,
      That is all what New Year is all about.
      Wish You a Happy New Year!

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      hi dinu… may this new year bring you joy and happiness.happy new year.

  9. Enjoy your festival❤and episode was woooooooowwwww?

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  10. You are amazing shaani.

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    Cool epi…. love ittt…. keep posting….

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  16. OMG? u r also frm sri lanka. I’m soooooo happy. ??glad 2 know dat there r 2 sri lankans who love kriyam. ???? i’m proud of ur writing skills dr.keep it up.njoy d new d nxt epi whenever u r free. (Bt i’m desperate 2 read dat?) and tnk u swetha.nice 2 know u.njoy d nw yr.bye tc???

    1. Shaani

      Yes I am also happy to know about it.. Aww… Thank u soo much.. n u too enjoy…
      Next episode is also uploaded… Keep reading and keep supporting…

  17. AnahitaAnnie

    I loved the episode sooo much Shaani. All the Dialogues…. And everything was beautifully written. Especially Saiyyam’s one…Achcha… U saw a dream about us that too where we r sleeping nakedly… (smirk. That dialogue was soo funny. Loved it from core. Don’t worry I am ready to wait for another magnificent epiosde. Till than enjoy…..?❤

    1. Shaani

      Aww.. Thank u soo much ? hehehii … ??? thank you so much Annie… I have uploaded the next part also… Keep reading n keep supporting….

  18. Hafsaaa

    Kriyam romance was aaaa?? loved it yaar??

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      I read ur ff Dr. it’s going really good.. Fabulous yaar… But I don’t get time to comment these days I’m sorry… But definitely comment when I get a time ok..

      1. Hafsaaa

        Ofc ?❤️❤️

  19. Nice wondering what is the plan ?

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      Thank u Anika…..u can read the next part to find it out n it is uploaded Dr…
      Thankx for reading ??

  20. Awesome update uththara. Family bonding was really nice. Advance Happy Tamil new year. Keep writing

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