Kriyam- U r my strength (Episode 01)

Episode 01
A big mansion is shown “Birla Mansion” was written on the door. Inside the house there are 3 women praying to the god. One of them turned and gave Prasad to another old women and took blassings..
Pratima: Kush raho Suhani
Suhani:(to the other woman)Di Prasad.(that is Bhavna)
Bhavna: Suhani deko Yuvaan and sayyam is still sleeping when will they grow up.
Suhani: Di aur Yuvaani kha hai. I didn’t see her.
Then a girl is shown coming wearing a jogging kit. She reviled as Yuvaani
Yuvaani: Maa mein yaha mrng… I went for jogging… gd mrng daadi.gdmrng mausi…
A man is showing descending stairs that is yuvraaj
Yuvraaj: gd mrng princess
Gd mrng papa…yuvaani said while hugging yuvraaj..
Yuvraaj:yuvaani next time when you are going for jogging u should call me also huh….
Yuvaani; kya papa..tumhari princess is grown up now ..I can take care of myself aur papa I have learnt self defencing thankx to your loving wife.right maa?

Suhaani: haa yuvraaj. Yuvaani is right. But yuvaani tumhari papa is becoming older na soo he needs to be fit & fine na…so it’s good if he also go for jogging
All ladies laugh for this and yuvaraaj started to make faces.. Yuvaani: maa waise bi where is my brothers
Then big room is shown where there are 2 beds and @ boys a sleeping in their respective beds one boy wake up and remove the bed sheet from his face he is reviled as sayyam.. he get done from his bed and look at the other bed and smile.. he goes to the washroom..after a while he come out wearing casual shirt and a denim.. in his hand there is a shaving cream. He goes near the bed. One hand is shown and sayyam fill that hand with shaving cream and took a feather and rubbed it in yuvaan’s cheek CHATAAK… yuvan slapped his own cheek and wake up with a jerk and scream.. Yuvaan: Are sayyam ki bachcha.ruko…aaj me tume chodhogi nahi.. (sayyam and yuvaan both running around the room sayyam is laughing while running) all family members came to the room becoz of their scream.when they saw yuvaan understand sayyam’s prank and they also laugh…both of them stopped running

Yuvaan: deko maa your little son did this to me early moring…koi asa karti hai kya..
Suhani; yuvaan are u calling this early morning…it’s not 3a.m or 5am it’s 7.30 am see your brother is ready to go to his campus aur tum??? Grow up Yuvaan
Pratima: kabar daar Suhaani Meri grandson ko kuch mat bolo. He is handling part of his dad’s business he will be responsible …meri dono grandsons will be great businessmen right…
Yuvaan &sayyam together: haa daadi we love you Pratima : I love u ab yuvaan get ready fast u have to go to ur office aaj tumahri pehela di hogaa…
Yuvaani: BTW sayyam how did u get this idea yaar.
Sayyam; di I saw it in a film I can’t remember it’s name (both sayyam & Yuvaani laugh again)
Suhaani: ab bas koroo…Yuvaan you get ready and come fast breakfast is ready.
Now scene change to baadi..that is the place where Krishna & her mom lives
A woman is showing near a Ganapati idol. That is soumya
Soumya:Bagawan ji meri beti ko uski saar kushiya dehdoo..she is very innocent girl give her strength.
Soumya: (move to the hall and call her daughter) Krishnaaa…are you ready to go to your campus

A girl is coming out of a room wearing a anarkali .She looks like a princess simple and sweet yet very beautiful
Krishna: Haa maa.. i’m ready how do I look maa..
Soumya: very nice beta. Kisi ki nazar na lage meri beti ko…
Then both mother n daughter when near a photo hanging in the wall
Krishna: Gd mrng papa…papa how do I look..I miss u papa…(she speaks to that photo with tearful eyes but she immediately wipe her tears) Maa I’m hungry..shall we eat..
Soumya: Haa beta come I have mage your favourite foods
Krishna: Thank u maa …maa I will be little late today I have a pending group assignment Me, swara, sonakshi and nandini will finish it off and come aur maa u take your lunch don’t wait for me..and mujhe lunch pack kar dona..nandini loves your food maa.. I can share it with my frnds also..
Soumya: Ok beta be careful come back soon… Krishna left for her campus…

PRECAP…. will Krishna and sayyam meet?

Plz give ur opinions about the story…

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