Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie Part 8

Hi guyz its me Annie with the eighth episode. Thank god I am updating faster than before…. Anyways thanks for all the support and encouragement…

So, lets start….

The Birla’s went back to their house… Saiyyam is sitting in a swing and thinking deeply. Yuvani comes and sits beside Saiyyam..

Yuvani: u know what Saiyyam Arjun is coming is today… Especially to visit u.

Saiyyam: oh, great( no excitement in his face).

Yuvani: Saiyyam, What happened why are u so upset?

Saiyyam: Its nothing di.

Yuvani: Saiyyam ur marriage is fixed with the person u love than why are u so sad?

Saiyyam: But she doesn’t love me di.( realises what he said).

Yuvani: what? Than why is she marrying u?

Saiyyam: (what are u saying Saiyyam) oh di. U r getting the wrong idea. I mean to say she doesn’t just love me but she loves me a lot.

Yuvani: woah.. U scared me. Besides, I have seen the love for u in her eyes..

Saiyyam:( again, she also sees love in Krishna’s eyes like ma. But, the truth is… She considers me nothing than a friend).

Yuvani gets a call and leaves….

Well a little time skip…..

Suhani calls Soumya…

Suhani: hey somu…

Soumya: hi Suhani… How r u?

Suhani: I am good… Well, I was thinking if we could fix the wedding dates today…

Soumya: If u want okay….

So, soumya reaches BH and sees a priest sitting. She goes to him and takes blessings. The priest blesses.

And than the priest starts looking for dates…

Priest: Suhaniji, I have found two dates and each one is very auspicious. First one is two weeks later and the second one is four months later…

Soumya’s POV..

Oh no. Four months. Too much time. We can’t hide Roshni’s marriage that long. But I can’t even protest…

Suhani: so somu…

Soumya: umm. Suhani I am fine with whatever u choose.

Suhani: well four months is too far. So how about two weeks..

Soumya: If u want okay…

Suhani: I will call the kids and ask their opinion.

Saiyyam: Ha ma. Why did u call?

Suhani: could u come home now?

Saiyyam: ok…

Suhani also calls Krishna…

Krishna: Hello aunty…

Suhani: hello. Krish if u r free could u come to our house now.

Krishna: umm, ok.

Within some time they hear two cars at the garage. Yeah, definitely its Kriyam…

Both enter together… And krishna looks at Saiyyam and asks him through expressions “whats going on?” Saiyyam sends an “I don’t know look”.

Suhani: were u two together?

Kriyam looks at each other and replies…

Kriyam: NO.

Saiyyam: i was at the office..

Krishna: I talking with papa about joining the office.

Suhani: oh okay. But listen We need to tell u something…

Soumya: ur wedding dates are to be discussed..

Suhani: and we need ur opinion. One date is two weeks and other is four months and I think the date after two weeks is more preferable.

Krishna’s POV

Two weeks… This soon. I am hardly handling myself. I thought I would have a month or so but two weeks…

Saiyyam’s POV

Well four months is not going to cut out… As we can’t hide Roshni’s pregnancy for long.. But two weeks? This is insane.

Saiyyam: ( nervously) Krishna u decide…

Krishna: Me? No Saiyyam u decide( sends him a glare).

Saiyyam: umm I guess two weeks is better.

Suhani: Its settled than. As we don’t have much time we should start preparing quickly.

Soumya: hmm. Suhani I think I should leave. I have to tell others too.

Suhani: ok…

Suhani bids them bye… And they go.

In the car…..

Soumya: I know everthing is too early for u beta. I hope u r ok.

Krishna: I am okay.. (Looks sad).

They reach their house and Soumya breaks the new to everyone…

Kishan: Two weeks?

Aryan: So early?

Soumya: The next date is after four months…

Risha: Is krishna ok?

Soumya: She says she will manage but she is a bit upset…

Krishna’s POV…

Two weeks and thats it? Why is everything happening so fast. I barely got to India… If I am in this state than… I hope Saiyyam is ok too..

Saiyyam’s POV

In two weeks my life will change… Everything is soo speedy and disorganized. I couldn’t even express my real feelings. Though its best if I keep it concealed. I think going to office will lessen my emotions…


Kishan: Krishna, I was thinking that u could join us in the office..

Krishna: Ok, Papa.(I guess, its ok to divert my mind this way).

Kishan: I am leaving now.. So wanna come today..

Krishna: Ok.. I will just get ready..

She comes out changing into a black skirt and white shirt…

Kishan: And we will find the Birlas there. We had a merger in our company. Now we work together. Its a partnership.


They reach the office…

Kishan gives a cabin to Krishna… The cabin was right beside…

Krishna: Saiyyam Birla.(looking at the nameplate at the cabins door).

Saiyyam: that would be me ma’am…

Krishna turns and sees Saiyyam..

Saiyyam: Woah, Krish. What are u doing here?

Krishna points to her nameplate…

Saiyyam: U r working here too. Beside my cabin?

Krishna nods… And suddenly a worker comes..

Worker sees krishna and Saiyyam together..(well everyone knows about Saiyyam Birla and krishna Mathur’s marriage)

Worker: Congratulations sir and ma’am.

Krishna becomes red in embarrassment…

Krishna: working with saiyyam? Why are people acting so different? I mean whats the big deal if I am Saiyyam’s fiance..


Saiyyam’s POV

Why is fate putting Krishna in ever step of my life? Is it a indication for mine and Krishna’s…. Well, Saiyyam u just became sad over a single rejection.. U totally forgot Saiyyam never loses. Just wait and watch krishna how I make u fall for me. Live With me as my wife and see how u fall for me. I know there’s some love for me in her heart I just need to accelerate it..

Saiyyam smiles…. Well two weeks of our marriage… and than mission Kriyam will start…

Precap:  well probably engagement.

I thought for some reasons my story was somehow snatching Saiyyam’s actual attitude. So thought to bring it back…. Well mission Kriyam still has a long time to go… I Just put a trailer… Well guyz I really need help here. Can u guyz put all the functions in a marriage. I know the functions but not the order and I have surprize at the bachelor party… So stay tuned… And plz help me out with the rituals…

Hope to hear ur reviews…..

Till than bye…. ?

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  1. heyyy!!!! i really like this attitude of saiyyam…bcoz i read each n evry ff…n hv found d same attitude…dis saiyyam is really good…i love him..

    n ya u hv increased my excitemnt…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Well Saiyyam won’t become arrogant but he will have a tint of tough guy attitude with Krishna jut for fun… Thanks a lot again Saniyaa. I am glad that u liked it…

  2. Aarti32

    It’s awesome..N yayyyyyyy!! Saiyyam on d rockzzzz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much Aaru… Glad u liked it…

  3. Aisha11

    I think Sayyam will make Krishna REALLY jealous ??? nice epi

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah… Jealousy track coming up after marriage… And thanks for ur comment….

  4. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    Thanks alot dear
    I lovet your ff

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much… I am glad that u liked it…

  5. Aaravjaikar

    Good one…. love it.. keep posting..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aarav…

  6. Ahh I actually I myself don’t know much the indian rituals but I guess it’s engagement then sangeet then mehndii then pheraa and then reception(if I’m not wrong)….but the episode was so good❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani… Glad u liked it and thanks for the help….

  7. Hafsaaa

    Ooo kriyam engagement?? the episode was superb ✨✨

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much Hafsaa…❤❤

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Hafsaa…❤❤

  8. Ela

    Well i cant wait for jealousy track…coz i luv jealousy track…and ur ff is going really well..good job???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela… I will start jealousy. Track after marriage…

  9. Shaani

    This episode is so nice… Well written… Excited for their engagement…
    Engagement mehendi sangeet wedding n receptionist I think… It’s ok…don’t think much about the order of the rituals… Just keep writing …
    Waiting for the next part

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much for all the help Shaani…. And also thanks for the encouragement….it really means a lot…?❤

  10. Ik about rituals first engagement then sangeet haldi mehendi marriage then reception

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much hrn…..

  11. Seriously fantabulous…
    I cant even imagine the amount of time and thought it takes to write such an awesome story. The episode was truly a great one. Your stories are masterpieces and huge depictions of artistic writings.
    The episode was splendid. I have been left with no words to express myself now…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shivani… And also thank u from taking u soo much for taking the time to read it…

  12. Fidato

    Superb… Annie…. Sayyam being nice it’s a good thought… Keep writing…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fidato.. Glad that u liked it….

  13. Good epi girl…I love saiyyam ‘s attitude..waiting 4 mission kriyyam to start?

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