Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie Part 7

Hi guyz its me Annie with the seventh episode. Today we will see the Mathur’s talking about kriyam’s marriage while kriyam is mingling outside…. As I told the marriage won’t have any bad effect on their friendship….. I hope u r okay witth that??

And there is a news I would like to share. Before leaving for USA I appeared at JSC exam in my country and today its scholarship result came out. I got TALENTPOOL SCHOLARSHIP. I am soo happy. Frankly telling I didn’t even study that much. My parents were ranting that I will do bad but I did good. Hah, I am soo happy for it. And, Congratulations to ELA becoz she also got TALENTPOOL SCHOLARSHIP too.My hearty wishes for her.

Anyways…. Lets proceed….

Krishna wakes up at 10 clock in the morning…. She sees Soumya coming over….

Soumya: oh krish, u woke up already..

Krishna: Yeah….

Soumya: looks like u over slept today..

Krishna: ( how couldn’t I oversleep? After all, everyone’s gossiping and again Saiyyam’s sudden visit snatched my sleeping time). Oh maybe I did sleep a bit too much.

Soumya: so krish, u are brave enough… So give us some idea how to talk.._( she speaks nervously)

Krishna: Ma.. How can I give ideas? U guyz talk… Besides, when are u talking?

Soumya: umm, after breakfast.

Krishna: ok, I should leave then..

She gets up and changes. After coming out of the washroom. She sees a message in her phone…


Looks like u need a place to Lay low during the talk. U need help?


No thank u… Krish can help herself…

Krishna sends the sms and laughs.


Oh, I thought we could have coffee and talk a little. All this…things didn’t let us talk properly.


Hmmm, u have plans? Mr… Are u asking me for a outing or a date?…


Its upto u how u take… So r u coming?


Will be there in 10 mins.

She keeps down her phone… And starts to go outside…

Sonali: where are u going Krishna? Won’t u have breakfast…

Krishna: i have some work chachi. I will be back soon.

Krishna runs after hugging her …

Sonali’s POV

our krishna is so unique. So many things happened still she decided to take it lightly. I hope she stays happy like this always..

Krishna walk to the car. She is wearing a short black skirt with a pink t-shirt… Her black high boots are complimenting more to her beauty.

Krishna sits in the car….

Krishna: Be normal krish. If u freak out than it means all the marriage stuff is having effect on friendship..and u can’t let that happen. Maintain ur normal cool attitude. But its tough isn’t it? Behaving normal after all this is hard…situations

Krishna reaches the coffee shop…

She sees Saiyyam standing outside…
She parks the car and goes to him.

Krishna: Hi Saiyyam.(smiles).

Saiyyam: I am sorry for yesterday. I mean walking out without saying.

Krishna: no need to be sorry its ok.

She starts to go inside the cafe but Saiyyam holds her…

Saiyyam: I can see its not okay Krishna. I know whats behind ur smile. U r acting that its ok. But its not. I am ur friend krishna I understand.

Krishna: sorry, its just that…umm… Everything is like not the same and…

Saiyyam: but, we can make it normal… If we try together…

Krishna thinks and smiles at him.

Krishna: ok enough of this talk. We were supposed drink coffee and talk about our experiences abroad right? Come on lets go.


After breakfast the Mathur’s and Birla’s are sitting together…

Suhani: why are u all so quiet?

Soumya: ( looks at others) umm, suhani I was thinking why not turn our friendship in relationship?( chuckles nervously).

Suhani: (confused) i didn’t get u?

Baby: mummyji, I think she is talking about Saiyyam and krishna…

Suhani: Really somu??

Soumya: yeah I mean…

Suhani: (cuts her off and jumps in excitement) oh my god Somu. U snatched the thoughts out of my mind. Even I wanted to talk about their relationship.

Soumya: Really suhani? i didn’t know.

Suhani: If u all agree I was thinking we should talk to Saiyyam and Krishna about it..

Everyone nods….

Suhani: Its settled than. I am soo happy that I wish to dance. U don’t know Somu it was my long time wish.

Yuvraj: Suhani… Come on. Don’t start dancing at this age.

Suhani: Yuvraj.(pouts).

Yuvani, Yuvan and Baby is seen doing high fives….

Aryan, Disha are looking at each other…..

Aryan: Di, looks like Krishna already talked to saiyyam.

Disha: obviously, Aryan. She did. Or else we won’t be having this discussion now.

Aryan: But, why are Yuvani di, Yuvan bhai and Baby bhabi getting so happy.

Disha: come on Aryan. If the situation wouldn’t be like this we also would be having fun. They are happy as its their sibling’s marriage…

Aryan: Its my sibling’s marriage too. I am also happy.

Disha: (rolls her eyes) Than be happy. Whose stopping u?

Aryan: I thought we had to maintain the sad ? expression.

Disha gives a Glare to Aryan.

At that time Kriyam appears at the door…

Suhani: Krishna…(hugs her)

Krishna is confused as she didn’t think that everything is already been discussed. She looks at everyone for answers. And she finds Aryan showing a Thumbs Up.

Krishna’s POV

Oh no. That means…. She knows… How to react… God this is so embarrassing… I mean I have known her from my childhood and behaving like this….is so…ugh!!!

Krishna: aunty…(smiles nervously).

Suhani: I can’t believe ur r becoming my bahu… I mean u r ok with it, right?

Krishna nods….

Suhani: (puts her hand in Krishna’s cheek) u can’t believe how much happy I am… I have always wanted  my daughter to become my bahu. And I saw the love for saiyyam in ur eyes..

Saiyyam’s POV

Love for me? U r mistaken ma… Just yesterday… I got to know what love she had for me…

Last nights flashback plays on Saiyyam’s mind and he can feel daggers in his heart.

Suhani talks to Saiyyam…

Suhani: Remember Saiyyam, from now on don’t ever mess with my bahu… Becoz her Saas will be there to protect her. Hmmm.

Krishna’s POV

I feel so bad to do this. I mean this marriage is just a compromise and aunty has a lot aspiration. Oh, Roshni what a dilemma u have put me into? For our motives we are deceiving her. Why did Saiyyam stop me from telling her?

Suhani: well u guyz hang out together. I have things to discuss with others.

Suhani leaves from there…

Krishna: oh, that went well.

Saiyyam goes  inside and than comes back with Rishab in his arms..
Suddenly Rishab starts crying..
Krishna walks to them…

Saiyyam: shsh baby don’t cry. Look ur chachu is here and look ur evil chachi is here too..(points at krishna).

Krishna: (irritated) saiyyam for ur kind information I am not evil and I am not his Chachi yet… And thats not a way to handle a baby..

Krishna takes Rishab from Saiyyam and coos him down…

Baby was watching all these. Suddenly, Yuvan came and asks Baby…

Yuvan: Mere beta kaha hai?

Baby: look there..

Yuvan sighs and was going to go there but Baby pulls him..

Baby: Yuvan where are u going?

Yuvan: To Rishab..

Baby: Don’t u see how Krishna and Saiyyam is playing with him. Why do u want to ruin the moment?

Yuvan: I just wanted to play with my boy.

Baby: Than play with him later..

Saiyyam notices them..

Saiyyam: Bhai, Bhabi what are u guys doing there? Come here.. Look how happy Rishab is?

Baby and Yuvan walks to them..

Baby: Why wouldn’t he be happy? After he is with his Chachu and soon to be Chachi.

Saiyyam smiles and krishna is seen playing with Rishab.

Baby: u like babies a lot right krishna?

Krishna: yeah.(plays with Rishab).

Baby: What ur plans about babies?I mean u and Saiyyam are going to get married soon.(smirks).

Suddenly, Saiyyam starts to sneeze…

Yuvan: I thought people cough in danger but here people are sneezing.

Saiyyam: I didn’t sneeze purposely..

Yuvan: When did I say that u were sneezing Saiyyam?

Baby laughs….

The screen freezes at an embarrassed kriyam looking at each other.

Precap: same as before with Kriyam’s wedding date.

Okay, guyz  I have relatives calling to congratulate me…. So I will take ur leave…

Hope u all liked it…….. And plz put ur reviews….

Till than bye…….. ?

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  10. Heartiest congratulations anahita. Your talent and good will are sure to take you places and achieve success in every endeavour.

  11. Fantabulous episode. All the feelings and emotions were highlighted in an exemplary way. The episode had numerous highs and lows and its fair share of comedy too. It was seriously a wonderful episode…

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