Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie Part 6

Hi guyz its me Annie again. Hope u all are liking the story…. I mean hope it’s not boring…. Or anything…ok.. So lets start the sixth episode.. This episode will be a mix of comedy and kriyam emotions….

The episode starts….

So the Birla’s are having a sleepover at the Mathur’s…..

Its 2 at night… Our youngsters gone to sleep but others are still gossiping.

Krishna’s room is near soumya and kishan’s room where everyone is talking…

Krishna puts a pillow on her ears…

Krishna: ohhh. Why is everyone still talking? Can’t they sleep? There’s so much noise that I can’t even go to sleep.


Saiyyam:( thinking) I think I should talk to Krishna soon. Fine I will talk to her tomorrow morning..

Saiyyam tries to sleep but can’t….

Saiyyam: oh… I can’t sleep until I talk to krishna.. Looks like everyone is still awake. I will just sneak to Krishna’s room and talk to her.

Saiyyam passes through baby and Yuvan’s room and listens to baby talking…

Baby: Yuvan, u hold Rishab. I have to go and fetch his milk bottle.

Yuvan is seen playing with Rishab…

Baby comes out and Saiyyam hides.

Saiyyam: Bhai is still awake. How do I pass this room?

He thinks and then starts crawling down…

Saiyyam: thank god bhai didn’t notice me.

He sees baby coming back again…

Saiyyam: oh god Where do I hide now….

He sees a big flower vase and sits behind it. Baby passes through him…

Saiyyam: woah, narrow escape.

He enters Krishna’s room and sees her moving sides and clutching a pillow over her ears….

Saiyyam: Krishna… Krishna..

Krishna gets up closing her eyes and she finds saiyyam. She was going to shout….

Saiyyam holds her mouth and signs her to stop.

Krishna: (whispers) Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: I came to tell u my decision..

Krishna: (looks at her phone) at this time? Comeon saiyyam, It’s three at night!!! and everyone is still awake..

Saiyyam: Do u want me to go away?

Krishna: no. U can say….

Saiyyam: i….um.. agree… To what u said… I am ready to marry u…

Krishna: (her voice cracks a bit) I hope u r not angry. I mean before u walked away and….

Saiyyam: ( keeps his finger at Krishna’s lips and looks back at tge continuously) shsh. Don’t cry someone will come.actually I was a bit shocked….and didn’t get the time to react…

Krishna: but….

Saiyyam: Well but I have some conditions… Two actually.

Krishna signs him to go on…

Saiyyam: I understand that this marriage is important for Roshni and the family.But I need to know do u love me?

Krishna stays silent for sometime and speaks…

Krishna: U r my best friend and…

Saiyyam: that wasn’t the answer to my question..

Krishna: No…. I don’t love u but Saiyyam u r the best friend I ever had…

Saiyyam closes his eyes ….
Krishna’s rejection pierced Saiyyam’s heart to pieces… But he caught a hold of himself.

Saiyyam: oh…( his voice cracks)

Krishna: And what about u?

Saiyyam: I am also doing it the family. The Mathur’s have loved me since my childhood. I guess, its my duty to help them.

Krishna: so,what are ur conditions saiyyam?

Saiyyam: (gets serious) first, the reason of our marriage shouldn’t come infront of my family. They should understand that everything is normal between us.

Krishna: but thats deceit. I can’t hide it from them….

Saiyyam: I am saying not to tell them please krish…

Krishna: ok… If u say so…

Saiyyam: Secondly, whatever the reason of this marriage is… None has the authority to ever break it.. I mean u will not walk out or give up on this marriage. Same applies to a sense, we will never break our relationship.

Krishna: (looks at him suprzingly) umm. Ok… I agree.

Saiyyam: Thats all. I have nothing more to say.

He starts to go when Krishna holds his hand…

Krishna: I have a request saiyyam.

Saiyyam: what?

Krishna: that this marriage shouldn’t have any effect on our friendship. Promise u will not hate me or break our friendship…

Saiyyam: don’t worry krish. Nothing will ever break our friendship… Ever.

He keeps his hand over krishna and they have an eye lock.

Tere sang yara plays in the background…


Soumya: Krishna… Whats this noise from ur room?

Kriyam: OH MY GOD.

Krishna: saiyyam get out of my room right now.

Saiyyam: pagal ho gayi ho kya? Soumya aunty is outside…

Krishna: but not for long… She is coming this way.. What will we do now?

Saiyyam looks tensed and looks around. He sees the curtains quickly hides behind it.

Soumya comes inside…

Soumya: Krishna who were u talking to?

Krishna:( if I  say to myself, she will think I am mad, and if I say none ,she will get suspicious… What should I do???)

Soumya: kuch bolo krish…

Krishna: I was playing with Talking Tom…

Soumya: (surprised) at this time…

Krishna: oh due to time change of US and India… My sleep got disorganized…

Soumya: oh okay. Don’t worry u will get over it soon..

Krishna: oh ma. U can talk to aunty about the marriage tomorrow…. But first I will leave and than talk ok…

Soumya: ok…

Krishna: and don’t tell her the reasons..

Soumya: why beta?

Krishna: Saiyyam forbidded me.

Soumya: u already talked to him. When?

Krishna: just sometime…(bites her tongue)

Saiyyam’s POV from behind the curtains…

What is she saying? She will surely get me dead.

Soumya: what? At this hour in night..

Krishna: I mean… To say just sometime in the party.

Soumya: oh ok beta…. Goodnight.

Krishna: goodnight…

Soumya leaves……

Saiyyam comes out…

Saiyyam: krishna…. Are u mad? We were going to tell to aunty that I was here..

Krishna: Fine sorry.

Saiyyam: and by the way… Why don’t u want to be present when there will be discussion on our marriage? ( raises his eyebrows).

Krishna: ummm…

Saiyyam: oooo. I understand. U feel shy..( laughs)

Krishna fumes in anger and throws a pillow at saiyyam.

Krishna: saiyyam… Get out from my room this instant.

Saiyyam leaves while smirking but he gets upset again when he remembers Krishna’s answer.

Saiyyam: so, krishna doesn’t love me..and i was thinking to…

He closes his fist and he can feel tears rolling down his eyes….

Goes back to his room while sulking his face

Precap: saiyyam: krishna doesn’t love me Yuvani di.( his voice cracks a bit)
Yuvani: what? Than why is she marrying u?

Ok guyz that my sixth episode. I really hope u guyz liked it….

Hope to hear ur reviews…..

Till than bye….. ?

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  1. Fantastic episode. Amazing writing skills and exemplary depictions. Just lived and loved the kriyam conversation. Krishna’s answer crushed sayyam’s heart to pieces and devastated him. But the truth lies undenied that krishna too has feelings for sayyam buried down in her heart and they just need the strong will of a determined lover to be discovered.

    The story us truly enthralling and lovely…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for such precious words shivani. Its a huge privilege that u liked it… And surely krish loves Saiyyam. All she needs is a right way and will just as u said….. And thanks for commenting dear..❤

  2. Aaravjaikar

    Yeah yeah we love ur fff… love it… kkeeeppp posting…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav… Glad u liked it…

  3. just perfect episode…
    every thing was just perfect emotions, feeling, comic and most important their bond great going waiting for next episode

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sanjana… Glad that u liked it….

  4. Shaani

    Very Nic Annie…. Sayyam’s emotions r very nicely written.. Loved it… Keep going.. Waiting for the next part…. Update soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani. I am soo glad that u r liking it… I have submitted the next episode.. Hope it is posted soon…

  5. Hi Annie!!! Nw only I read 3,4,5 & 6 epis of ur ff.I loved all of dat specially their nok jok.eagerly looking forward 4 kriyam marriage n ofcourse d jealousy track??? sry dr couldn’t comment before coz I was too busy with nw yr celebrations. ? plz post d nxt epi soon.til then byeeee tc?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Dinu. I perfectly. understand… But glad u liked it… Hope I will be able to write good episodes later too. Thanks ….again

  6. Ahhh.. Loved it as always.. Eagerly waiting for how their love story will unfold!!! ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aveesha…. Even I am waiting how their story will unfold… Becoz seriously I still didn’t decide it…..anyways… Thanks for commenting..

  7. Aarti32

    Annie..It was amazinggg!! But I really felt bad for Saiyyam ?? n day talking Tom idea was nice

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru… I am glad that u liked it…?

  8. like it!!!! seriously… i loved it…itz really so awesum…dat i cnt wait fr d nxt epi…ovr n abv dat i just keep on reading it again n again… n evry tym i read it looks like im reliving evry moment…thanx fr such a wondrful ff

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Saniyaa. Really ur comment brought a smile to my face. I am honoured that my story is liked by u. I have submitted the next one nearly 2 hours ago. Hope it is posted soon. And thank u soo much again for such beautiful words…❤?

  9. Roli-Sid-Krishna-Saiyyam

    Nice episode so sad for saiyyam
    Olso krishna has a feeling but i am sure she will tell someday
    Thanks alot dear ?????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot….glad that u liked it…

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