Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 52(last Part)

Hah, last episode… Today, I am concluding another journey with u all..u all have given me an interesting time at TU.. I have found new friends, and talked with some amazing people.. Thank u for all the support and encouragement.. Love u all!!

Anyways, lets go on with the happy ending…

The story takes a leap of 31 days..
Kriyam is happy with their cute little prince.. Its 3 in the night.. Krishna wakes up and sees Saiyyam missing from the bed.. She inspects the room and finds him with Ryan.. Saiyyam is cooing Ryan down as he swiftly rocks the baby to and fro.. Krishna feels really happy to see Saiyyam in such peace with their baby..

She walks upto them and puts a blanket over saiyyam..

Saiyyam: why did u wake up?

Krishna: just felt like.. I saw u with Ryan..

Saiyyam: u should go back to bed.. I will handle him.

Krishna: did he cry? Do u think he is hungry?

Saiyyam: i don’t think so.. Baby just wants to play with with his daddy..

Krishna: u do have to go to work tomorrow.. U should go to sleep.

Saiyyam: no, i want to stay up for a while and play with him.

Krishna: well than, i will stay up with u

Saiyyam: no, u won’t.. U gave birth to a baby.. U need ur share of rest and sleep.

Krishna: its been a month u know..

Saiyyam: I have a seen u waking up time and again to take care of him.. Come on, go back to bed. Or else u will fall sick..

Krishna: okay, but tomorrow is Ryan’s naamkaran ceremony.. Hope u remember.

Saiyyam: oh shoot, i forgot that many arrangements are still pending..

Krishna: Its ok, everything will be done..

Next morning…

Yuvani: krishna, I had a request..

Krishna:(Ryan in her lap) what request di? Feel free to share..

Yuvani: I wanted to add something to Ryan’s name. I know he already as a name but adding just one more won’t harm..

Krishna: ok di, but what name..

Yuvani whispers a name.. And krishna smiles..

Krishna: that would be great.. He is a part of us.. And a part of our name is unique..

At the ceremony..

Priest: what’s the kid’s name?

Krishna:”Ryan Nisarg Kriyam Birla”.

Saiyyam: u added “kriyam” to him.. I thought u despised that ship.

Krishna: no, i love it.. He is a part of both of us.. So, di wanted Ryan to have a part of our name..

Baby: that’s such a cute concept..

Yuvani: After all, it’s Yuvani’s idea..(praises herself).

Saiyyam:(plays with Ryan) oh baby, has a part of mommy and daddy”s name.. Does he?

Ryan suddenly starts to cry and looks at saiyyam..

Saiyyam: don’t cry.. What happened? Why are u so fussy?

Ryan wails even louder..

Saiyyam:(orders) not a single drop of tear anymore.. Keep calm.

Ryan calms down and looks at his dad with eyes with big tear droplets.

Saiyyam: see, parenting is a piece of cake..

Ryan starts to cry again..

Saiyyam: don’t start again.. Looks like I have to cry with u too..

Krishna comes and sees Saiyyam trying hard to console Ryan..

Krishna: saiyyam, i think he is cold..

Saiyyam: how did u know?

She points to Ryan’s body hair follicles and that he is shivering..

Saiyyam: oh.. Didn’t notice..

Krishna: and u thought parenting is a piece of cake..

Saiyyam: it will be easy.. As now I have u..

Krishna: aww, Saiyyam is praising me..

Saiyyam: I always praise u.. U are the strongest girl I have ever seen.. Thank u for being in my life.

Krishna: i am flattered.

Saiyyam: i was thinking of u know.. Fulfill my wish..(play’s with Krishna’s hair)

Krishna:(snatched the lock of hairs from his hand and puts it back down) what wish?

Saiyyam: u know.. Me having a princess..

Krishna: saiyyam!!! Ryan is still a baby..

Saiyyam: thats why I am telling he will get a company too..

Baby:(yells from behind) Saiyyam’s idea is not bad Krishna.. But u guys should still wait a little bit more.. Ryan is just a new born and Krishna is a new mother..

Krishna looks at Saiyyam with rage and embarrassment..

Ryan starts to grow up.. Kriyam busy with their kid.. His first words, first step everything is a moment of joy for them.. When Krishna is away at work Ryan spends his day crawling all over his sleeping dad..(he fell asleep while baby-sitting Ryan).. When Saiyyam is away Ryan spends his day strolling in parks and gardens with his mom and aunt..

But, soon enough Saiyyam wish is also fulfilled.. He gets his princess.. Krishna gives birth to a baby girl when Ryan was three years old.. Yeah, a family of four now..

Nine years from Ryan’s birth…

Two kids are seen running around the house… Yeah, they are the two siblings..

Abigail: bhai, u might be the older but don’t forget I am “Abigail Saisha Birla”.. I am much smarter than my age..

Ryan: puff, u are just 6 years old and I am 9.. I am way more smart..

Abigail: huh, age is just a number.. Experience matters.. That’s why I will choose the party theme..

Ryan: no, Abi I will do it..

Saiyyam: guys stop.. Come on, don’t start ur sibling fight.. Besides, it our marriage anniversary.. So we will choose the theme..

Abigail: no papa, I am the most intelligent among the Birla’s leave it up to me..

Saiyyam: geez, Abi u sound like ur mom.

Krishna: yes, she is my daughter and so see will act like me.

Saiyyam: Krishna, did u forget Abi is my princess? And Ryan is my prince..

Krishna: that’s for me too.. They are my prince and princess too.

Saiyyam: but, I am more ideal to be chosen as a role model.. The kids should be like me..

Krishna: yeah, they should be like u who forgets their first decade together.. U forgot our 10th anniversary.. How could u?

Saiyyam: i am sorry,.. I thought it was tomorrow..

Ryan: but we have arranged everything.. So no worries.. Mom and dad please patch up..

Saiyyam: see my kids are smart..

Krishna: because they have taken my side..

Saiyyam: no becoz they me.. Fast and forward in every challenge..

Krishna: but..

Abigail: mom and dad, please don’t fight today.. Its ur anniversary..

Baby: Abi, ur mom and dad started their relationship with a Takkar..

Ryan: what starting a marriage with fight?

Baby: yes, kiddos.. There was pressure from both sides.. Both of them were equally aggressive..

Saiyyam: yeah, we have a unique relationship..(gives krishna a side-hug)

Abigail: okay so mom and dad.. U both share a special relationship.. ” Takkar Ka Rishta”.

Krishna: amazing name Abi..

Saiyyam: yeah, now if I look back we did have a lot of Tashan.. And u were the aggressive one.

Krishna: don’t forget, I also gave u heart attack with rejection..(laughs)

Ryan: ok both of u were equally egoistic.. Now pls don’t argue again..

Krishna: beta, these arguments are a fuel to our love..

Abigail: arguments are a way to love..(confused)

Saiyyam: u are still little to get such matters..

Abigail: papa, i am mature enough.. I am already six years old..

Baby: ok, baby..(pulls Abi’s cheek)

Kriyam now completed a decade of their relationship.. 10 years of love.. Realising they had a relation of love, of friendship, of fight.. Truly both of them together created “Takkar Ka Rishta”..


Guys, pls put down ur review on the episode.. Everyone pls.. Thank u soo much for all the love and inspiring comments.. I will never forget all of ur support..

a happy good bye!!! Will try to come back soon..

Signing off…

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  1. Agddiya

    Aww…this was such an awsum ff….I’m so sryy I cudnt comment on previous chapters….really wished that this was not the last chapter….but ofcourse every story shud have an end…I hope you ll cum with another ff…won’t you ? Will miss ur f2f..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Diya.. And pls don’t apologise.. I am very glad that u liked it.. Getting compliments from such an amazing writer like u means a lot.. Than u soo much for all the comments amd encouragement.. Lets see I might post OS or SS..

  2. ????????finally u ended it☹ I thought u will update another few epis.u broke my heart?? bt no worries, I will forgive u if u promise 2 come up vth another ss/os or ff?? I know u r really vry busy. Bt plz try 2 update when u r free plzzzz☹? 4 our sake. Even shaani quit d TU.plz u don’t quit. Plz.I request u.ur ff always made my mood light. N it even made me laugh also. Seriously. U hv a great sense of humor. U wrote funny prts superbly. ??? n of course u r a great writer doubt about dat.i’m proud 2 be a fan of ur ff.n ur friend also. I’m happy dat i got new friends like u, shaani, afanficwriter, swetha, hafasa, etc (sry if I missed anyone. I cnt remember all names) so sad dat many of writers ending their ffs.ur ffs r d only source we can remember our kriyam. Bt wht 2 do.every good story hv 2 end.☹?? seriously I will miss u soOOOOOOO much dr.even ur ff??☹ so enough of my emotional talk.I won’t bore u further with my blabbering. Got 2 go.farewell frnd.nt farewell gd frndz don’t say gd bye.dey simply say “see u soon”(quotation????)????vth a nw kriyam ff/os/ss??????byeee Annie. Tc.hope u’ll succeed in ur studies.all d best.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dinu.. I am sorry for ending the story so soon.. But I didn’t know how to drag it anymore.. Anyways, thank u so much for being such an amazing friend.. And for all the support..and Don’t worry I won’t quit like Shaani.. I will be sticking around read ffs and talk to all of u..and thank u soo much for all the praise.. I happy that I could make ur mood better.
      And I thought to quit ffs Kriyam but since all of u are wanting I will start a SS.. Will see u soon..BYE!!

  3. *sry I missed agddiya n fidato’s names in my frndz list. I read their ffs too.sryyy.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep, those were some of amazing ffs..

  4. Aarti32

    Annie!! Wat to say!! Last episode!! Another ff ended ??

    Ryan Nisarg Kriyyam Birla ? cool name!! Ofcourse, by our cool Yuvaani!!

    Saiyyam?? his romance quota is unlimited!! He’s impossible!!

    Krishna’s dialogues r wat I liked d most in d entire ff!! Such on-point n humourous ones!!

    Abigail Saisha Birla..within 3 yrs..not bad!!??

    I’ll miss it!! After all it was Takkar Ka Rishta!! R u coming up wid a new story?? Anytime soon??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aaru..and Yep one more ff complete.. Yeh, saiyyam always stays greedy and Abigail was here soon.. I don’t want to create too much age difference between the siblings.. Thank u soo much for all the support.. I thought to end on Kriyam but since many are requesting I will do a SS on kriyam.. And than I will stay in TU and probably write one on Shivika.. But thank u soo much for all the support u have given me..

  5. Muniya

    Perfect ending of a beautiful story. Enjoyed it to the core.
    Loved Ryan and Abigail… so smart.
    Kriyyam’s ”Takkar ka rishta” could not be complete without their never ending cute fights.
    Loved the epi very much.
    Will miss ur fabulous writing.
    Try to come back with another story.
    Good wishes for ur future.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u for all the encouragement Muniya.. I am very happy u liked it.. Thank u for all the support u have maintained throughout the time.. Will try to come back soon..

  6. Amazing ending you always rock it and r u going tocontinue ur another ff which u gave an intro . i also loved that .that also seems to be interesting . i hope u r going to continue that one

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all the praise.. Frankly I thought to discontinue that one but since u are saying I will continue.. I think I will post rhe next epi soon.. Thank u for everything..

  7. thnk you for a bautiful ff & plz start a new ff plzzzzz Plzzz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sabana.. Since u are requesting I will start a new one.. Thanks for ur comment..

  8. Hi Annie…… very nice ending dear. Abi and Ryan were sooooo cute. Just like our kriyam…Will miss ur ff. Plz come back with another kriyam story plz…. u told that you are going to write on shivika but plz try to write on kriyam also. And thank you soooooo much Annie.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura.. I am happy that u liked it.. Thank u for all the support and encouragement u have given me.. All of ur requests compelled me to continue on Kriyam.. So , I am going to start a new SS.

      1. Thank you Annie. I am so happy

  9. Amazing ending…jus loved the babies names?. this was a fantastic story Annie i loved reading each and every episode.. i m really sad that u ended this one..i am kinda addicted for ua writing n i always wait for ua episodes…soo plzzzz try to come up with a new kriyam story soon…… will be waiting for your comeback❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ishita.. I am really grateful for all rhe support u have maintained throughout the ff.. Thank u for all the encouragement u have given me through u comments.. Will try to come with a new one soon..

  10. Misbah4

    Wat Annie???? u ended d ff??? I m really felling bad.. sorry tat I can’t comment in every episode.. but yeah I had readed all d episode? I wil miss Ur ff? and plz start a new ff if u r free?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Pls don’t say sorry.. And Thank for reading and giving all the support.. And Thank u for all the appreciative comments.. I will come up with a new SS.. But that Six shot would be last… Than I will start an ff on Shivika.. I thought to start it now but for everyone I will do a kriyam sis shot first than will do a ff on shivika..

  11. Awesome i think u should write one more ff on kriyyam u r so amazing writer and i like ending of takar ka rishta but sad bcauseof ending i am damn sure that u like writing like me. U have talent and i am also like writing like this type but bcause of some promblem i cant do it and all the best

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Diya.. I will start a new SS on kriyam soon.. And thank u for all the praise.. I wish u could write too as I believe u will be an excellent author.. Thank u soo much for all the wishes

  12. Awesome Annie
    I love your ff so much
    Was a silent reader but 2 days ago broke the silence

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for coming forward and commenting.
      I really appreciate the effort… I am happy u liked it.
      Thanks a lot for reading the ff..☺☺

  13. Fenil

    Wow .
    Aflatoon Chapter. Full of happiness.

    Will miss Saiyaam’s romance quotas and Kriyaam’s cute nokjhoks.

    Ryan Nisarg Kriyaam Birla & Abigail Saisha Birla. Fabulous names.

    Finally ended with happy not.

    Really ,will miss this story and you also.inform if u came again with something.

    Loved it.

    Love u too sissy !!

    Thanks !!

    Fenil here

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all the support bhaiya..and for helping with many plots.. I wanted to start a new ff on shivika but as others requested I am first doing an SS on kriyam and than I will do my ff on shivika.. Thanks for all the encouraged words again..

  14. Loved it
    Was amazing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u much djodishwari.. I am glad that u liked it..

  15. Ending was amazing beyond amazing???I love every tit bit of this fantastic ff?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all the support u maintained.. I appreciate u being a fantastic part of my journey..thank u..

  16. Mayesha

    u just rock it Anahita.. favulous… just beyond the word.. completing an ff with 52 parts. just awesome ur ff was…. will miss this badly..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo apu.. Ur ideas and inspiration played a major part for the completion.. Thank u for always being there.. And yeah it’s just 52.. I wish I could do one with 152 episodes like Shaani.. But anyways apu pls accept my request in the extension of ur ff.. Pls..

  17. Very nice Annie miss u a lot take care study well and watch more and more anime haha… All the best.bye dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am not gone yet.. I posted a SS on kriyam based on AOT.. U might like it as we are anime fans.. And thank u for all the support u have given me.. I appreciate u being a important part in my journey..

  18. Amazing but why did u end itt?!?, I will miss u and I know I haven’t been comenting but I’ve always read ur ffs. Just wanted to say thanks

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Its great for me that u have been reading it.. Thanks for being there And giving all the support.. I need to thank u for taking ur time and read.

  19. Fidato

    Annie….I really missed you…I was gone more than a week… Didn’t touch phone… Sorry couldn’t comment on previous chapters.. really miss kriyam nokjokhs… Your funny and punching dialogues… Especially… Romantic Sayyam…

    Your SS about AOT…. Honestly I really don’t know anything about it. Just saw some glimpse of AOT movie.. Didn’t understand…Sorry dear…

    When you start ff on Shivika.. Please let me know… Thank you Annie…For such a beautiful ff with a happy ending .. miss you takkar ka rishta…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fidato.. Thank u for commenting today.. I really appreciate all ur support u have given me throughout the ff.. And also for the praises amd encouragement.. Thank u for being such an awesome author, reader and friend.. About my SS it is not based on the AOT movie.. Because AOT movie was a filler and not according to the real story.. But the SS I am writing is based on the AOT series anime.. Which is still running and the 3rd season starts from 2018.. The AOT movie was really bad and confusing and was killing the actual story.. Even I hated the film.. But the anime series which is based on the real manga(comic book) is really very good.. Anyways, thank u soo much being there and I will let u know when I start about Shivika.
      In love with their jodi…

  20. Fanficwriter

    So, Miss.Anahita…

    Beautiful episode as always, I love how you came around in a full circle with the theme of “Takkar ka Rishta.” This last episode just made me reflect over this whole journey. From the first meeting, to friendship, to marriage, to jealousy, to love, and the most important part: kids 😉 I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this journey with you ?

    I loved the name of the kids: Ryan Nisarg Kriyam Birla and Abigail Saisha Birla, just lovely and unique. Always remember that you are an amazing, talented writer and it’s been a honor to know such an ambitious, awesome girl with an amiable personality like yourself. I love you so much gurl, you’re gonna go places!

    Love you,?
    One friend to another,

    Shreya 😉

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      U are really very sweet shreya.. Thank u for all the encouraged words and praises u have given me.. Yeah kriyam back on their Takkar.. I have always admired ur writing skills and looked upto u as someone I could always rely on.. Thank u for being such an amazing author, reader and friend.. I am blessed to be acquainted with such a marvellous person like u.. It was fun to have this journey with all of u.. And hope we will retain this friendship for more ages..
      From ur friend to an amazing u…

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