Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 46

Hi everyone I am back with the 46th episode.. The ff is very close to its end.. I am elated that I could talk to such wonderful people. Thank u soo much readers and other writers for reading, commenting and writing.. U all have been a very special part of my life.. Anyways, now lets jump back to kriyam life…

Lets, begin the episode….

The story takes a leap of 10 months and 12 days.. Through the elapse of time our kriyam love has grown to be even stronger. Priyan is engaged but didn’t get married yet. They might get married within a year or so… Yuvani has a son named Siddhant or Sid(nickname).

Its a beautiful after noon..and kriyam is at office.. Krishna enters Saiyyams cabin and sees Saiyyam sticking his eyes to a file. As soon as krishna enters Saiyyam speaks up..

Saiyyam: do u need something krishna?(still eyes glued on the file).

Krishna:(sits) how did u know it was me? U didn’t even look up.

Saiyyam: That’s because I can feel an evil presence when u are around..(giggles).

Krishna: that was not funny.. I am now getting annoyed.

Saiyyam: i knew it was u becoz I can sense my wife’s presence. Now, did u have any work with me?

Krishna: i just came to tell that I am leaving from office right now. Because I have a medical appointment..and..(stops and hold her head)

Saiyyam:(gets up and hold her) Are u ok krish?

Krishna: yeah, i was just feeling nauseous and achy in the head from the morning.

Saiyyam: do u want me to come with u to the doctor?

Krishna: no, its ok. After all the doctor is like my friend.. I have known her for near a year.

Saiyyam: ok than.. Bye and take care.

Krishna leaves towards the hospital.  She reaches and does her monthly check-up. After everything she is taking to the doctor Natasha.

Natasha:(inspecting a file) krishna, u said u were nauseous right? For how long?

Krishna: its been like 5 days. But from today its gotten worse.

Natasha: u know what krish, during ur routine check up I found out something..

Krishna: found out what Natasha? Do I have a deadly disease?

Natasha: yeah something like that but…

Krishna:(cuts Natasha off) oh no.. Is it curable? Is it contagious? Is it rare? I hope I won’t die soon?

Natasha: (laughs) krishna, why are u getting so hypered? U have no disease but still u need to go through a lot of toil and extensive care.. Did Saiyyam come with u?

Krishna: no, but what happened to me?

Natasha: I am not 100% sure yet but based on the symptoms and ur physical check up I think u are pregnant..

Krishna looks at her with a shocked face and than looks down her womb.

Krishna: I am pregnant..(looks happy)

Natasha: now, I will conduct some tests..and tomorrow morning I will send u the results through email..

Krishna: ok..

Krishna gets out of the clinic happy..

Krishna: I can’t believe we are going to have a baby.. I should tell him..(goes to call but stops) no, I should wait for the reports.. I don’t want to jump to conclusions and hurt saiyyam. I will tell him after getting sure.

Time skip to evening… Krishna is in the bed and her nausea has increased a bit..

Saiyyam: krishna, what did the doctor say? Why are u feeling sick?

Krishna: she said she will tell tomorrow..than I will know why I am sick..ok, now stop asking unnecessary questions..

Saiyyam: but, for some reasons u look really happy today.. May, I know why?

Krishna: I am happy Becoz our anniversary is coming up..

Saiyyam: but, its after a whole month..

Krishna: I am still excited.. Its our first marriage anniversary..

Saiyyam: oh, ok. After dinner go to sleep and I am sure u will feel fine by tomorrow..

Next morning….

Krishna couldn’t sleep last night in anticipation.. She wakes up quickly and checks her email..

From: Natasha..

Krishna ur reports are positive.. Congrats.. And send sweets as soon as possible.. U have an appointment today at 4.. So bring someone with u, with whom I can discuss ur diet and medication.. It will be better if its Saiyyam.. Hoping to see u.

Krishna reads and the mail and gets really happy. She decides to tell Saiyyam first and than Baby as she promised Baby a long time ago..and than the whole family..
Krishna goes downstairs and looks for saiyyam.. Baby notices krishna…

Baby: krishna, are u looking for saiyyam?

Krishna: yes, I didn’t find him when I woke up.

Baby: Oh its beocz he went to office early today.. He didn’t want to wake u up as u were sick. So he told me to tell u.

Krishna: oh.. Today’s day he had to go early..(mumbles).

Baby: did u say anything?

Krishna: No, bhabi..

At office…

Krishna sighs and goes to saiyyam..
She enters the cabin and feels nervous to break the news.

Krishna: Saiyyam, I wanted to…(trails off).

Saiyyam gets up and hugs her…

Saiyyam: Did u need a hug?

Krishna: No, its something else..

Saiyyam: Krishna, what happened? Did the doctor say something?

Krishna: umm, actually.. Well, I… (Sighs and Saiyyam looks at her with a hope for an answer) well, I went to the doctor yesterday and she said I was pregnant?(makes the new sound more like a question rather than a statement).. Thats it.. Ok, bye.(says quickly and tries to run away).

Krishna turns to go away but saiyyam holds her from behind..

Saiyyam: u are pregnant?

Krishna nods and looks at him..

Saiyyam: (hugs her) thats the biggest news ever.. Thank u thank u so much krish..for giving me this opportunity to become a dad.

Krishna:(blushes) ok.. But I have an appointment at 4 and I was hoping if u…

Saiyyam: of course I am coming.. Gotta take all those advice.. Krishna I still can’t believe we are going to be parents..

Krishna smiles at him and they both share another hug..

Saiyyam: should I call everyone and say?

Krishna: wait, first I have to tell bhabi. I promised her she will be the first one after u to know.. She was always excited for us to have a baby..

Saiyyam: looks, like her wish got fulfilled..

Krishna: we will tell everyone after getting home form the appointment.

Saiyyam: I will call Yuvani and tell her to come to BH.

Krishna: ok..

The screen freezes on a happy Kriyam excited for the baby..

Precap: breaking the news to the family and doctor’s advice..

Thats it everyone.. Hope u all liked it.. Sorry, if it’s not good enough becoz I am doing it in the middle of lunch break..

Pls put ur precious reviews…

Till than bye….?

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  1. Very nice Annie actually bit funny ur studies gng and ur health?take care u know I’m watching lot more anime these days because of my holidays.

  2. Hi Annie fabulous episode yaar. Krishna is pregnant yayyy……kriyam ‘ s baby’s gonna come. Very excited. Keep posting

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    Wow Annie it was so cute…waiting for the next.

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    Loved it Annie… It’s beautiful as usual… So you are going to end….this ff…. I know dear…But you career is more important.. but whenever you get time… Please write…Ok..

  6. Fab epi Dr..kriyyam is going have a baby…by the way counting all the ffs in TU kriyyam should have more than 13 children???.Update Asap

  7. Amazing??update asap

  8. Misbah

    Wow.. What a fantastic epi Annie… I was awesome… Plz post next epi soon☺☺

  9. it was fabulous and all the best for your future

  10. Its amazing waiting for next epi.and sorry for late commenting

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    Yay, mini Kriyam on the way…too cute!
    Your writing is amazing girl…?
    Waiting for the next chapter, rock on girl?

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