Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 45

Firstly, I apologise for making u all wait so long.. I was not finding any time. Sorry, everyone I had field trips.. But I am back now..

So, lets move forward with the story…

Everyone was gathered in hall discussing about Priyanka’s sudden disappearance. Krishna was panicking and as usual we know who was there to console her. Yes people, its none other than her Saiyyam. At that time priyanka runs down from the storeroom and hugs krishna.

Krishna: Priyanka, what happened are u ok?

Priyanka: he..he.. Rahul he will kill us.

Krishna: Rahul? What will he do?

Rahul shouts from behinds with a gun..

Rahul: kill all of u. I don’t know how u escaped but now thanks to u everyone will be dead.(gives a villain wala laugh ?)

Saiyyam: Rahul? What the hell are u doing? Come to ur sense..

Rahul: sense? I just came to sense buddy. Did u really think I would forgive u so easily? Now, I am thinking to kill whom first?

Krishna: wait, I call the police.

Rahul: go ahead call whoever u want but before that….(he quickly pulls priyanka and keeps a gun at her head. Holding her).

Krishna: Priyanka!!

Rahul: if u don’t want her to die first than keep ur phone down.

Krishna kneels to keep her phone down and looks at Saiyyam. Saiyyam gives her a “I did it and hope he will be here soon”look. Krishna gives him a “let’s try to distract look”.

Krishna: wh..why are u doing this?

Rahul: don’t play dumb bhabi. U very well know that happened in college. Because of him, my family didn’t want to see my face. My hopes and my life was destroyed.

Saiyyam: but, i didn’t know u were in that group. Or else I would have been more precautious..but, i would have still reported.

Rahul: report? Now all of u will be deported to up.. First it starts with krishna and ur mom. And u will be a witness to their death.

Someone from behind speaks up..pointing a gun at Rahul’s head.

Aryan: Well, I don’t think so.

Krishna: Aryan when did u come?

Suhani: beta, how did u get a gun? Do u have a licence?

At that time Saiyyam looks at Suhani with a its planned look and she nods.

Rahul: don’t even think of doing that Aryan. If u pull the trigger than I do too and her head will be blown away.

Aryan: blow whatever u want.. But think about the priorities once again..(smirks) if she dies than what most likely will happen? Nothing..

Priyanka looks at Aryan with a shocked face and tears from in her eyes.

Aryan: yes nothing. Krishna and everyone will mourn over her for a week or so and than over. Everyone forgets her and u. Do u think that will be an appropriate risk? U go to jail and nothing happens there.

Rahul: Oh really, look I will fire now.

Aryan: go on.. But think about my words again.

At that time Rahul slowly put down the gun and priyanka runs from his grip towards krishna and saiyyam.

Rahul: and now,(wants to point gun at krishna but..)

Saiyyam:(and now) its time for police.

Saiyyam walks from behind with police on his side.

Rahul: when did u get out?

Krishna: at that time when u were so engrossed with ur chit chattering.

Police comes and arrest Rahul but at that time he pipes up.

Rahul: Inspector, this man over there (points at Aryan).. This man carries an unlicensed gun. U should arrest him.

Police: is this true Mr. Mathur..

Aryan: (starts laughing) this gun..

Aryan shoots and they see a small plastic ball coming out.

Aryan: this is just a toy I bought for Rishab..(points to the baby with Yuvan).

Police: but he is barely even a year old. U should take care.

Aryan: don’t worry. I have everything in control.

The police keeps dragging Rahul as he screams..

Rahul: I will never leave anyone of u.
I will come back..and next time u will be on my list Aryan..

Aryan: (waves) bye, bye and come again.

As soon as police takes him away they all sigh.. Krishna hugs saiyyam.

Saiyyam: its ok krishna. He is gone for good.

Krishna: thanks Aryan.. Today i realised u are not that useless.

Aryan looks at priyanka and she runs away upstairs holding her face..

Krishna: Aryan, don’t u think u over did it?

They look at Aryan who look sad and everyone looks at each other.

Suhani: oh, Aryan and priyanka. (Smiles) hmm, nice pair.

Saiyyam: its ok, aryan. We will help u apologize.

Aryan: she looked very annoyed with me. I didn’t even get the time to say I love u..and great now she resents me.

Krishna: I have a plan. I think it might work.

Short time skip…

Aryan goes to priyanka with a bouquet of roses and sees her weeping. Kriyam gives him a thumps up from the door. Aryan gives them a look to go away. But krishna and saiyyam move their head and say no. Krishna sticks her tongue out and does high five with saiyyam..

Aryan: umm, priyanka..

Priyanka: u showed ur friendship today. If I die nothing happens right?

Aryan: that was just to distract him.. I promise I didn’t mean it.

Priyanka: yeah, why do u even care? After the end of the day I am nobody to u right..

Aryan pulls priyanka up and looks into her eyes..

Aryan: wrong, u are wrong. U mean a lot to me.

At the door…

Krishna: oh my god, he is going to confess. Look Saiyyam, my brother is so romantic.

Saiyyam: if u want to see my romantic side than I am available at night.(winks)

Krishna blushes and hits Saiyyam. Their focus goes back to Priyan again.

Aryan: u mean a lot to me. Since I saw u I don’t know what happened to me. I love ur smile, ur words and I love u.. Priyu, u are the most prettiest girl I have ever seen in my life and also the most funny girl ever.. I love u a lot..

Priyanka looks at him surprised but eventually hugs him..

Priyanka: i love u too..

Krishna: (shouts from behind) yipeee, they patched up.

Priyan sees kriyam and they break away..

Krishna: congrats both of u.. I am so happy that my friend will now become my bhabi..

Saiyyam: (jokes) u guys are good and all..but u are still not like us. Me and krishna is different..(gives krishna a side hug)

Aryan: yes. We are not like u because we are way better. We didn’t take 10 years to confess.

Priyanka: no Aryan. Its a fact that we might be good but kriyam is kriyam. Their fight,, their friendship and their support makes them special. And because they are the kriyam.. They didn’t confess quick but they always loved each other.. Just look at them.. They are perfect.

Saiyyam: krishna, priyanka is a great girl. Wow, looks like we are going to bond better.

Priyanka: yes, jiju. Don’t worry our friendship will be great.

Precap: doctor: in ur daily check up I found out something.. Krishna: what doctor? Do I have a deadly disease?doctor: something like that.

I will try to post the next one soon.. Thank u soo much for reading..
Please put ur comments..

Till than bye….?

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  1. Oh my god this is amazing!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aisha.. I am very happy that u enjoyed it..

  2. Fenil

    Superb chppy.
    I read all chppies where i stopped from 30 to 45 .
    All r fantabulous and fantastically written.

    Anni , i hope that u didn’t guess that fenil loose interest so he is not reading noe from long time..but u know what is my situation and now office again started.

    Sorry if i hurt u by sudden disappear.

    Nicely written honeymoon plus Pulling legs of Saiyaam by Lisa and Catheleen.:P:P:P:P:P:P

    Nice pair of Priyan.

    Loved whole story..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fenil… I am soo happy that u showed so much interest.. It really makes me feel elated..and I didn’t know u worked..anyways, work always is in everyone’s life.. Ugh!! We humans have too much of work.. Thank u soo much for all the support.. It means a lot.. I am very happy u enjoyed it..

  3. Fenil

    Aryan and Saiyaam’s bonding i just love it.

    Priyan bonding was also sweet best part was shoe polish spread on Aryan’s face and his date gone delay.

    KriYan ‘s siblings bonding was also sweet and lovely angry krish and excited Aryan.

    Kriyaam nailed oit each and every chppy and beautiful nokjhok and Saiyaam naughtiness Krish’s smart moves.

    Finally Kriyaam going to get good news.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot again for being such a regular reader.. I am really happy that enjoyed those moments..and yes finally a god news after all the negativity..thank u soo much for all the encouragement again..

  4. Amazing❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Anshu..

  5. Fanficwriter

    Oh gosh, Annie, you had me dying of laughter, you’re writing is amazing?
    I actually made a list of things I found funny:

    1. Imagining Rahul’s evil laugh?

    2. “Rahul: report? Now all of u will be deported to up..”?

    3. Suhani being more concerned about Aryan having a gun license, when they could be potential victims of a crazy psychopath having a gun

    4. The gun was fake??

    5.The police were concerned for the baby Rishab’s safety, then focused on Rahul?

    6. Sayyam telling Krishna he’s “available at night”

    But on a more serious note, I loved the Aryan-Priyanka connection, and their confession was on point??

    Amazing writing Annie, waiting for the next one ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shreya.. I am glad u found it funny.. As I told before I wanted give Rahul’s departure a comic effect..based on ur words I think I am successful.. Even Suhani’s license dialogue made me laugh.. I am very glad u enjoyed it.. Will try to post soon.. ??

  6. Amazing dear i love thus and its also really funny kepp it up.update asap

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Asia.. I am very glad that u liked it..

  7. Hey annie?how are yew❤Today’s episode was amazing??Privan and kriyyam❤Wow?sorry I couldn’t comment cos I’m still engaged with my papers?Yew know na that to become a doctor yew have to sacrifice your fun and everything??and I’m doing it?and coming back to the few episodes they were all beyond amazing?❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani.. Yeah I know getting into a med school is hard.. But in USA we can get into medical university using our 10 and 11 grade scores.. But yes there is a huge competition for Harvard, Stanford and University of California San Fransisco.. Anyways I am very glad that u enjoyed it..

  8. Agddiya

    aww….this..was awsome…..luving aryan and saiyyam relation…..pls post next asap

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Diya.. I am very happy u liked it.. Will try to post soon..

  9. Finally you got time..i was waiting ting for the ff…. Dyingly…..awww Krishna has some good news…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Jenita.. Sorry for making u wait so much long.. I am very happy that u liked it..and yes junior kriyam on the way..

  10. Misbah

    NYC episode.. Rahul s gone.. Plz try to post next epi soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Misbah.. Will try to post soon.

  11. Simply Super… Annie. I loved it.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Somi.. I am glad that u enjoyed it..

  12. Amazing..!! Finallyyyy u posted dis…..Actually i missed last few episodes but i read all those 2days back?….I jus love ua ff Annie❤❤ waiting fr d nxt 1?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much showing so much of interest.. I am very happy that u read it and liked it.. Thanks a lot again..

  13. Loved it so much
    I think Krishna is pregnant
    Missed you and kriyam sooo much

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Aisha.. Lets see what happened Krishna.. Will try to post soon..

  14. Fidato

    Annie…Sorry for late… You nailed it dear… Episode was so funny… Aryan with plastic gun… I was laughing … Exactly shreya.. numbered all funny scenes… Waiting for precap…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fidato..and please don’t apologise..even I was gone for so many days.. And I am very happy that enjoyed it..

  15. Prethiga

    wow… it was awesome… it had drama,fights,comedy and a bit of romance…and at last rahul’s track is over…and once again loved this part… and the precap has made me a lot more curious… pls post the next epi soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Prethiga.. Yeah bye bye to Rahul.. The precap will surely turn out to be a soothing one.
      Becoz Junior kriyam is coming soon..

  16. Hi Annie missed you soooo much yaar. And today’s update awesome. Rahul chapter closed. Precap interesting. Update ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I missed u a lot too..and thank u soo much for ur comment Yura.. I am very happy that u liked it..

  17. Nice episode. Update soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree… Will try to post soon..

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