Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 44

Hi guys its me Annie with the 44th episode. Frankly, i am loosing interest in my own writing. I think this feeling is like this because kriyam in SSEL is missing.. Anyways, we need to move on with Rahul’s chapter..

The episode starts….

Priyanka is back from the resort.. Krishna is still tensed regarding Rahul. She still didn’t tell Saiyyam. As he has a big conference tomorrow and Krishna doesn’t want to mess this up. Currently, krishna is walking to and fro in their room and Saiyyam is looking at her.

Saiyyam: krishna are u tensed or something?

Krishna: haha, me and tensed? No..i am not. Why are u asking?

Saiyyam:(raises an eyebrow with suspicion) because ur expressions are pretty obvious..

Krishna: Am I looking that obvious?

Saiyyam: huh?

Krishna: I mean why will I have a obvious tensed expression? When I am perfectly fine. So pls don’t annoy me.

Saiyyam: if u don’t want to tell me its ok.. But ur lieing technics are pretty bad.

Krishna: ok, as u have already understood I have something..u might as well be kind enough to wait for sometime until I tell u.

Saiyyam: but, why not tell now?

Krishna: because u have work and I don’t want to distract u over something so small.

Saiyyam: now u are scaring and distracting me even more from work.

Krishna: ok, I accept defeat. Its about Rahul..

Saiyyam:(keeps his laptop and gets into a serious position) Rahul? What did he do?

Krishna tells him about Rahul going to a shambled building and with guards.

Saiyyam: we can’t sit idle anymore.. We need to something before he plans big.

Krishna:(holds his hand) I know and for that we need Priyu’s help.

Priyanka enters Kriyam’s bedroom and sees them holding hands..

Priyanka: how sweet guys!! U look really cute holding hands..

Krishna jerks her hand off of saiyyam but saiyyam holds it back..

Priyanka: krishna, actually by mistake I gave all my clothes for a dry wash.. Could I please borrow one of ur dress if u don’t mind?

Krishna: whats the thing to mind about? Come on u can choose any.

Priyanka takes a navy-blue coloured t-shirt and a white jeans..

Krishna: hey, look even I am wearing a navy-blue tshirt and white jeans.. We will look like twins. Its great.. U should definitely wear this one.

Priyanka: thanks krish..

Krishna looks at Saiyyam who is busy with his laptop again and she gets out.. Suddenly she encounters Rahul and She sees Rahul inspecting the storeroom..

Krishna: umm, Rahul do u need anything from the storeroom?

Rahul: I was just seeing the place.

Krishna: how was ur trip?

Rahul:(to himself: I can feel suspicion in her voice.. Is she trying to get information about of me?) it was good..

Krishna: oh, ok..

Krishna walks away and Rahul still looks at the storeroom.

Rahul: hmm, covered with dirt and furnitures. I could use this place as a backup. Now, i should look for krishna and.. Saiyyam will get a heart attack when he sees his dear wife missing..

Rahul gets out and sees a girl at the garden with navy blue tshirt and white jeans.

Rahul: hmm, looks like krishna is here and she is also outside..

He goes and puts a handkerchief over her mouth. He keeps dragging her and sees Baby coming to the garden.

Rahul: oh shoot.. Looks like I have to use the storeroom through the back door now.

He drags her to the storeroom and looks at her face. He is shocked and his eyes gets widen.

Rahul: oh no.. Oh no.. This is not krishna. How did I mistake Priyanka for krishna? But, she is wearing the same clothes as Krishna.. Ugh!! I can’t let her get out.. Or else my plan will get flop. Now I have to kidnap Krishna.. But what to do with her?

He quickly gets a rope and ties priyanka’s hands and feet..and keeps her behind a furniture..

Rahul: now, I hope she won’t wake up soon. Damn it.. I did such a big mistake. Now, if she gets out even for a second than I am dead. Already krishna suspects me..

He closes the door and gets out..saiyyam sees Rahul coming near from the storeroom.

Saiyyam: where is Rahul coming from? In that way is storeroom.

Rahul comes towards Saiyyam with a big fake smile on his face.

Saiyyam: Where are u coming from Rahul?

Rahul:(wipes his sweat) me? i was looking at that painting.

Rahul points to a painting near to the door of the storeroom.

Saiyyam: never knew that u were so into paintings..

Rahul: people change actually..

At that time krishna comes panicking..

Krishna: Saiyyam..(pants and sees Rahul).

Saiyyam: krishna why are u panting? I mean are u ok?

Krishna: Saiyyam, I need to talk to u. Come to our room.. Its important.

Rahul: ok Saiyyam, talk to u later. Bye buddy.

Krishna literally drags saiyyam to the room and closes the door.

Krishna: Saiyyam, i can’t find priyu?

Saiyyam: its ok krish. She must have gone somewhere. After all she is not a kid.

Krishna: no, i tried to call her but she is not answering.

Saiyyam: maybe because she is busy. Don’t panick, she will be okay.

Krishna: but, I also found this..(shows a butterfly bracelet) its Priyu’s and she never takes it off.

Saiyyam: what do u mean to say?

Krishna: do u think something bad happened to her?

Saiyyam: I don’t know, lets see and wait until night.

Krishna nods…and Rahul is seen at their window.

Rahul: oh shoot.. Now krishna suspects Priyanka is kidnapped and I am pretty sure the next suspect will be me. Before she takes to another level I have to deal with her.

He goes away and Krishna notices the mirror. The mirror reflects Rahul’s image who starts to move away from the room.

Krishna: saiyyam, look. (Points towards Rahul).

Saiyyam: do u think he was eavesdropping on us?

Krishna: yes, but why? Does Priyu’s absence have any connection with him?

Saiyyam: this is really surprising. Rahul isn’t devious enough to deceive us like this… I think we should wait for Priyu..


Rahul: I should go and visit the storeroom. I have to keep a watch on that girl..

Rahul goes to the storeroom and looks around to be alert. He goes inside. He moves the chair and gets shocked..

Rahul: where is Priyanka? Did…did she escape? i can’t let that happen.

He storms away from the storeroom and priyanka is seen hiding behind a cupboard.

Priyanka: thankgod.. He didn’t see me.. But I have to get out and tell krishna..

Precap: krishna: priyanka, I was so worried for u? Priyanka: Rahul.. He..he….

Thats all guys.. Rahul’s chapter is going to end soon. Sorry for the late update..

Bye guys….?

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  1. Fanficwriter

    Awesome episode! I hope Rahul really turns out to be all psychotic 😉
    I’m missing the tiny bits of Kriyam romance from SSEL too girl…

    I always love how Krishna’s the amateur detective and Sayyam’s the chill one, they’re made for each other :p

    Seriously though, Rahul’s character is really interesting, good job with the characterization and dialogues 😀
    Waiting for the next episode, love ya Annie 😉

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shreya.. Though kriyam had seconds of screen place but at least they were there. I miss them.. But They are still present in all the ffs.. I am very happy that u liked it.. As I told getting compliment from such an amazing person is surely really meaningful for me.. Thanx for all the support..

  2. Hi Annie…very good epi…interesting….& thanks for appreciating my story on kriyyam

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Muniya.. And welcome.. Ur oneshot was great.. Loved it soo much.please try to post more.. I am one fan of ur writing skills.

  3. Prethiga

    loved it… pls post the next epi soon… loved how you portray everyone’s character so well… and the way krishna gets tensed and sayyam knows she is lying loved that too… pls post the next part soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Prethiga.. I am very happy u liked it.. Sorry of being a irregular updater.. I am drowning in the lake of studies.

  4. amazing epi. plz dn’t stop writing , bcoz only that way we can memorize kriyam.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yeasha..don’t worry I won’t stop writting.. Thanks a lot for ur support..

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