Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 43

Hi guys… How are u all? Sorry to keep u waiting for so long. I was busy with studies as usual. We are doing a persuasive essay if to study Shakespeare in 9th grade or not. I am on the Con group. I certainly don’t want shakespeare and this side has got many points. So, lets jump back to the story….

It has been many days. Rahul’s behaviour has been getting more suspicious with time. He walk around in night. Though he came for Saiyyam he is totally detached from him. He usually doesn’t talk with saiyyam that much. Instead he keeps scribbling on his notebook or sticks to his phone.
That day Krishna was going through Rahul’s room and she sees a notebook type diary..

Krishna: No krish, its not in ur ethics to see someone’s personal stuff without permission. But, he always looks so suspicious. What if he plans to harm us? No, I still can’t touch it. He is Saiyyam’s friend.

She takes some steps outside and stops..

Krishna: I give up.. I gave to see what’s inside?

She goes and picks up the notebook. She looks over the pages and finds a single date written in all the pages.

Krishna: thats strange. All over the notebook it says 25th, May. Why? Is he going to a date or what? I have to ask saiyyam.

Krishna leaves the note-book and goes to Saiyyam.. While her route to their room she sees Priyanka all dressed up and with a bag.

Krishna: Priyanka are u going somewhere? If u need to go, tell me U can drop u..

Priyanka: no thanks krishna. Actually Aryan called me to have lunch with him. He is also going show me around this place.

Krishna: Aryan?(in mind: this Aryan never shares his plans.. I will deal with him later) so are u going now?

Priyanka: He is going to pick me up in 20 mins.

Krishna: so, what do u think about my brother?

Priyanka: he is really good. He is sarcastic and humorous. And most importantly he is a really good friend.

Krishna:(Oh no, isne toh Aryan ko friendzoned kardiya) oh, ok.

Priyanka leaves and Krishna again heads towards her room. She sees her husband wearing ear buds and laughing at the laptop.

Krishna: Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: krishna, look at Aryan. He is looking so funny.

She goes to Saiyyam and sees him doing a video chat with Aryan.

Krishna: Aryan, why the hell did u paint ur face?

Aryan: aree, krishna. I didn’t do it purposely. I was talking with jiju. I wanted to pick my charger from the top shelf and the shoe polisher fell on my face..(wipes his face) and now I am washing it but its not going away.

Krishna: oh my god, but u had a date with priyu?

Aryan: Yeah, now how will I go?

Saiyyam: Just come over here and we will do something.

Aryan: but how can I walk like this on the streets?

Krishna: cancel the date..

Aryan: what? No, I can’t.. I promised her

Krishna: than call her and say the truth and say u need some more time. I will keep her busy around me till than.

Saiyyam: yeah, Aryan. U should do that.

Aryan: ok, I will try to do something. Bye guys.

The video chat ends..

Saiyyam: so, krish..u wanted to say something? Besides, u are looking really cute in this pink frock.

Krishna: Saiyyam, priyanka friendzoned Aryan. Oh my god, what if she rejects him?

Saiyyam: hmm. Now u are freaking out for Aryan. Think how I felt when u friendzoned me. Moreover, u gave me heart attack when u mockingly rejected me.

Krishna: ok, I am sorry. I know I over did it.. But there is something else.

Saiyyam: What?

Krishna: it there anything special event on 25th May?

Saiyyam:(smirks) wow, krishna do u have some plans.. U might as well should get naughty like me.

Krishna: Saiyyam, seriously.. Tell me, it important.

Saiyyam observes the level of seriousness in her eyes and drops his funny mood.

Saiyyam: 25th may.. Umm, the date..

Krishna looks at him with anticipation..

Saiyyam: sorry krish, I don’t know what it is?

Krishna: ok, fine…(mumbles) I might as well ask Saiyyam’s psycho friend.

Suddenly with Rahul’s name saiyyam shouts out..

Saiyyam: Bingo, I found out the date.

Krishna: what? Tell me this instant.

Saiyyam: its the unlucky day..when Rahul was expelled from college and we had a fight.

Krishna:(drops her phone and her eyes widen) what? No, its.. Its a coincidence..(panics).

Saiyyam: why? What happened krishna?

Krishna: I.. I s..saw Rahul’s notebook. He had written just one think all over his diary. 25th May.

Saiyyam: no, I thought he forgave me. He changed..

Krishna: don’t u notice, he has been acting all sociopath this days. He doesn’t talk. Scribbles on his notebook. I think he still has his mental issues.

Saiyyam: we need to look into it.  But, how..and why?

Krishna hugs Saiyyam and consoles him..

Krishna: don’t worry, we will work together.. But let me make one thing clear..don’t even think to blame urself..ok?

Saiyyam nods and krishna goes downstairs again..she sees Priyanka sitting on the Sofa and Rahul at the door.

Krishna: Rahul, are u going somewhere?

Rahul: Well, yeah. I am going to stroll in the park.

Krishna: Its a bit far. Should I ask the driver to drop u?

Rahul:(stutters)… I will go myself. After coming to India I wanted to travel by its normal vehicles. U can drop me some other time.

Krishna: hmm.

Krishna looks at Rahul suspiciously and she sits in the Sofa near Priyanka.

Priyanka: Krish didn’t u find his behaviour suspicious.?

Krishna: yeh, a little.

Priyanka: i mean who would want to wander around in the streets in this heat, by cancelling a car ride?

Krishna: u are right..but what should we do?

Priyanka: follow him ofcourse.. He didn’t go that far.

Krishna: come on. Aryan is coming late right. We can go together..

The girls leave.. They see Rahul on a rickshaw and there is some other guys with him..

Priyanka: whose that?

Krishna: i don’t know.. Looks like we have to just wait and watch.should have called Saiyyam..

Priyanka: u are missing him sweet.(teases)

Krishna: Thats not the case. Saiyyam knows Rahul and his acquaintances.. He could have helped us..

Priyanka: look he is stopping right there.

They see Rahul getting down and going towards a shambled house.
They try to go but they see a man standing at the gate.. Both of them hide.. They see Rahul talking talking to the men and he goes inside..

Priyanka: oh no, the guards are here.

Krishna: how did Rahul get through and why did he come to this place?

After sometime they see the guarding man closing the gate and going away.

Krishna: damn.. He went but closed the gate..

Priyanka: Looks like its not in our luck to see the mad guy.

Krishna and Priyanka goes from there and krishna gets thinking..

Krishna: I wonder what Rahul was doing? Why did he lie in the first place? Is he plotting something? I have to keep an eye on him..firstly Neeti and than this.. Problems never end..

Krishna gets a call from Aryan..

Krishna: ok, I will drop priyu in the resort.. (Mumbles) try hard to impress her.

Priyanka: where are u dropping me?

Krishna: remember u told that u are going on da…on a lunch. I am dropping u to the resort.


Krishna drops Priyanka and heeeds towards BH..

Precap: Rahul kidnaps….

Sorry for the late and boring update.. I am making the story boring by time.. Thats why I will be packing Rahul up soon..

Please always keep ur support and thanks for reading…

Bye readers…?

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    Boring? How is this boring!?!? I really really loved it and i cant wait to see what will happen next. How perfectly krishna knew that Saiyyam will blame himself… loved it x

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for the encouragement.. I am very happy that u liked it…

  2. Fanficwriter

    It’s not boring at all…I was actually interested to see how the whole Rahul scenario would turn out! Aweosme episode…hope Aryan doesn’t get completely friendzoned?

    Krishna and Sayyam have always had this bond of types; they understand each other no matter what. Even when they’re joking with each other or fighting, they know what the other is going through…and that’s important in a relationship. I really like the way you’re portraying their connection Annie.. beautiful writing, keep it up??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for Ur beautiful comment Shreya..don’t worry Aryan will not get friend zoned.. I am really happy u understood the connection between kriyam..thanks again for all of ur words of appreciation..

  3. Prethiga

    very sorry could not comment in the last few days… today’s episode was awesome and would like to see rahul’s tamasha getting over soon… its not at all boring.. loved it… pls upload the other ss you are writing… and update this one also soon…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Prethiga and please don’t apologise.. I am very happy u liked it..?..will try to update soon.

  4. Fidato

    No.. Annie… It’s not at all boring….OK… Really your convo always flawless…. Especially kriyam…So cute…. Rahul kidnap Krishna…??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Fidato.. I am really happy to have all the support..about kidnapping… Lets see what happens..

  5. Very nice Annie loved it asusual

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Somi.. I am very happy that u liked it..

  6. Hi Annie…. not at all boring dear. Kriyam story never gets bored. You have been writing it amazingly. Plz make thz Rahul to realise about saiyyam. Krishna is being over protective of saiyyam. That is really nice. Keep posting and study well dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for the support Yura.. Don’t worry, Rahul will be bye byed soon.. Thanks again.. Am glad that u liked it..

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