Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 42

Hi guys its me annie with the 42nd epi. Sorry for updating late. My dad took a sudden plan to go to Washington D.C. it was a 5 hour and 20 mins flight and I hate plane journeys. So, I was tired.but now after taking a dip in the pool I am fresh and active. Guys, news to share.. After Rahul’s exit I will finish this ff. As per some requests, yes I will show Krishna’s pregnancy and than the ff will end. Being in a magnet is rough. Now I will have to do internship in hospitals every 3 days in a week as I am in a medical magnet..but, later things should be considered late. So, now lets enjoy what we have..i will still try to update short shots and one shots..

Anyways, lets start the episode…

Its evening.. Krishna and Saiyyam are getting ready to go to Mathur Mansion.

Saiyyam: Are u going to talk to Aryan today?

Krishna: I was thinking, that since he is soo close with u… U should talk to him.

Saiyyam: u are still angry with him? I told u that he didn’t tell me.. I just guessed it and than he confessed.

Krishna:(pouts) but he didn’t bother to tell me.. So, yes I am angry on him.

Saiyyam: Ahh, sibling fight!! I am not going get trapped in it.. So, its either u talk or none. Poor Priyanka and Aryan’s relationship will have no one to guide them..(pretends making a sad face)

Krishna: u always find a way to make me convince.

Saiyyam: of course I know u in and out. After all we have been friends forever and now u are my wife

Krishna: Ok, I will talk to him. Now lets go.

They leave and within 30 mins they reach MM. Krishna and Saiyyam gets out and Soumya opens the door. Soumya and krishna hug. Aryan was playing on his phone and he noticed krishna and saiyyam.

Aryan:(happily) aree kriyam tum lok kab aaye?

Saiyyam: Just now.. How are u?

Aryan: I am good but…(looks at krishna) krishna looks a bit annoyed and I am confused what’s my fault?

Saiyyam: Same as before.

Aryan: (hits his forehead with his head) How can I explain to u krishna, i am not avoiding or i am not hiding things from u. I didn’t even tell it to Saiyyam. He guessed it on its own.

Krishna doesn’t say anything and looks at Saiyyam.

Krishna: Saiyyam, u enjoy ur khatirdari and I will go to my room.

Aryan: Krishna, wait.

Krishna goes away and saiyyam keeps a hand on Aryan’s shoulders.

Aryan: Saiyyam, is krishna pregnant?

Saiyyam: what? No, she is not.. Why does everyone keep asking that?

Aryan: because, she is having too hell of emotions and mood swings. She was good yesterday and in a day she got angry again..and so much of emotions. Why is she getting so angry at such a small matter?

Saiyyam: Forget it man.girls have too many problems to comprehend.

Soumya: (comes from behind) Krishna is angry becoz she expected her brother to be free with her and share things.

Aryan: I was going to tell her in sometime I guess..

Soumya: u were going to but u didn’t, u talk to her and she will get normal again.

Saiyyam: ma, u don’t worry. Krishna will talk to Aryan soon.

Soumya: hmm. By Aryan’s words I suddenly thought, what’s ur plan about babies?(smirks)

Saiyyam:(gets red in embarassment) whenever we are ready enough… O…or..(stutters).

Soumya: It’s ok beta, i was just playing around..(smiles at him).

(Author’s note: yep, for the first name we saw saiyyam embarrassed in such matters. No matter how naughty he acts around krishna..he us not that much of a pervert to be happy when his mother-in-law cracks such jokes ??)
Back to the story:

Krishna enters her room and sees Disha..

Krishna: Di, u here?

Disha: yeh, I came today. Bari ma called and said u were coming.. So came to meet. Besides, I again have to go back today.

Krishna: But u are here and thats amazing.

Disha:(looks at krishna with a smirking face) Besides, I also heard some news..

Krishna: Thats a creepy face!!! And what news?

Disha: that u and saiyyam patched up and he became ur lover boy.. Just like we always shipped u guys..

Krishna: Ship us? Oh yeah, congrats all of ur ships actually came true.

Disha: (slightly pushes krishna with her shoulder) now that u and saiyyam patched up.. Did u guys u know.. Ummm.. Have ur suhaagraat?

Krishna: Suhaagraat? What’s that? Why are u asking me?(raises an eyebrow) did u do something on urs?(turns the words towards Disha).

Disha: krish. The matter is not about me. Its about u.

Krishna: But I don’t know.. Thats why I am asking u. What did u do?

Disha: ok, lets forget it. Now, tell me about ur confession.

With Saiyyam and Aryan..

Aryan: (while eating a doughnut ?) so, How did u guys confess?

Saiyyam: ur sister is an expert that giving other’s heart attack.

With krishna and Disha..

Disha: what u scared him that way? Why would u do that?

Krishna: to create more suspense of course.. I wanted to play with him a bit.

With saiyyam and Aryan..

Aryan:(drops the doughnut) I hope when Priyanka confesses to me, she should never take ideas from Krishna. Because, by her style I might first die out of heart break.

Saiyyam: i doubt u will keep the same opinion after hearing the next part.

With krishna and Disha…

Disha: and than what did u do?

Krishna: After Saiyyam had a big heart break. He ran to the terrace where I had already done arrangements.

With saiyyam and Aryan:

Saiyyam: she had an decorated tent, with our pictures and memories. She had balloons and a very beautifully decorated table. She had our favourite food and she proposed to me getting on a knee. I also had a ring with me for her..and we celebrated a second engagement.

Aryan and Disha together:(shouts) OMG, that was too romantic..

Disha: looks like even our boys sharing the same story.

Aryan: wasn’t that Disha? Hmm, they are also sharing things about ur confession..(shouts to them) Copy Cats..

Disha: we are not copying..rather u guys are snoopy brats.

Back to the boys…

Aryan: so, after the confession what did u guys do?

Saiyyam: hmm, after the confession we… (Smirks) I am not telling.

Aryan: no u can’t drop in the middle. I wanna know the full story.

Saiyyam:(pulls Aryan’s cheeks) there are some things that is kept secret between adults..

Aryan: saiyyam, we are the same age.

Saiyyam: first, u get married and than I will tell u.

Aryan:(pouts) ok, I will be waiting.

Timeskip to Krishna talking to Aryan..

Krishna: so I have heard from ur current best and closest friend that u fell in love with my friend.

Aryan: Stop making things complicated. I know Saiyyam told u about priyan.

Saiyyam: Priyan? Did u give priyanka a nickname?

Aryan: no yaar. Its the ship name for us. Priyanka+Aryan=Priyan.

Krishna: ok, boys. U might have ur silly games later. Now, i am talking. So, Aryan should I talk to Priyanka.

Aryan: no, don’t.. I don’t want to make things awkward between us by taking beforehand.

Krishna: so u have any alternative ideas?

Aryan: I am filled with Ideas. Anyways, i plan to hang out with her and when the feelings get mutual I will confess.

Krishna: oh, ok. U can do that. But when are u going to confess?

Aryan: No fixed time but one thing is for sure.. I am not going to take an eternity like u guys.

Kriyam: Aryan, we didn’t take that long of a time..

Aryan: calm down, kriyam.

Saiyyam: so, I am going to arrange a coffee date for priyan tomorrow, okay?

Aryan: thank u soo much Saiyyam.. U are a very fabulous jiju..(gives a side hug).

Krishna coughs to gain attention.

Aryan: and I am lucky to have a cool sister..

The trio hug while Disha knocks..

Disha: team cousins, can I join the group too.

Trio: Hop on..

The episode ends with a cousins group hug..

Precap: Priyanka and Krishna follow Rahul..and Priyan first date..

Guys, i am thinking to make Rahul’s exit in a Sarcastic way.. And with Priyan confession.. And than Krishna’s pregnancy and than happy ending..

That’s all my sweet readers.. Have to go know my dad’s calling. A concert is happening in the hotel auditorium and mom and dad is dragging me.. So see yeah later…

Please put down ur critics, suggestions and feedbacks..

Bye and have a fantastic day…(its night for me though..??) ?.

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  1. Mayesha

    hahaha..that’s ur note!! yea,r8 ..Sayyam can’t be that pervert…loved it..keep it up..
    u r also ending!! OMG…but as ur wish..our life and its goal is much more important than anything..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot apu.. Yeah, the note ?..and I am very glad that u understand my situation.. Keep enjoying.

  2. Ela

    Oh noooo?? u r going to end this ff…i will miss u very much…there is no doubt that u r very good writter..coming to the episode the episode was toooo good???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I will miss writing too and reading all ur excellent comments.. But I will keep in touch and comment on other ffs.. I might as well start a ss..

  3. Very nice epi…love priyan pair…waiting for next

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Muniya for ur comment.. I am rejoiced that u enjoyed it..

  4. Dinu

    If want 2 end dis ff it’s k dr.we can understand ur situation. Bt plz don’t stop writing. Whenever u get any free time plz write even a kriyam ss.plz atle least do dis much 4 us.we’ll miss ur ff alot.n i’ll miss u too.btw 2dy epi was too gd as always. Loved privan name so much. Lovely name. Plz post d nxt epi soon.i’m requesting u once again, plz stop writing. Everyone is ending there ffs.after 2dy ur ffs r d only thing which r going 2 lessen our pain of ending ssel.plz don’t quit writing. Dis is a humble request frm one of ur frndz.bye tc

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      l am literally in tears after reading ur comment dinu..thank u so much for all the appreciation and support u have maintained throughout the journey.. I will start a SS and the intro will be posted today.. Hope u all like it.

  5. Nice episode.keep posting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree.. I am glad that u liked it..

  6. Fanficwriter

    Awesome episode once again! Loved the Krishna-Aryan banter, the sibling bond is ?

    Btw, Sayyam’s embarrassment was just hilarious. Seeing how Sayyam is always so “shameless” around Krishna (when it comes to “those topics”?) the hilarity of his situation with his mother in law was just on point.

    I’m getting really excited to know more about Rahul…he seems like a really suspenseful character?…a bit shady if ai say so myself??

    Love you girl?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah making him go crazy on his wife doesn’t keep him same around his mother-in-law.. ?.. I loved ur comment girl.. Thank u soo much for ur comment.. I am very glad that u enjoyed it..

  7. Hi annie…feeling bad that u r leaving us. it’s ok yaar concentrate on ur studies nothing is that important than that.have u recovered?but don’t stop watching anime? specially akame ga kill

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Am still taking medicines.. So I feel better… Even I feel sad to leave u all. Anyways I can never leave anime.. I will surely try to watch ur suggested one..

  8. Fidato

    Annie so sorry…. Couldn’t congratulate you on right time… Anyway my hearty congratulations…For achieving your dream… All the very best for your net dreams also…. I wish you can fullfil all your dreams….
    Episode…Is as usual… Fantastic… Author’s note is epic… So sad to her you wind up in some more… But it’s okay… You need to focus on your dreams,career…Good luck dear…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fidato for the appreciation and the wishes.. I am very happy u liked it and thanks for understanding..

  9. Nice❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Anshu.. I am glad that u liked it..

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