Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 41

Hi everyone its me Annie with the 41st episode.. Sorry, I got late at replying comments the other day. I am sick with cold and fever. But, Somehow I managed to type the episode…and thanks Yura for ur name combo of Aryan and Priyanka.. I love the name “Priyan”.. And everyone, I want to share a good news. I have been accepted in the Medical Magnet in the best school of Los Angeles.. Going to start 10th grade from the Medical dream has come true..i am soo happy..

Anyways, lets start the episode…

Its night.. Saiyyam enters the room and sees Krishna working in a laptop.

Saiyyam: Krishna do u remember ur promise..(smirks)

Krishna: Stop annoying me, I am working.

Saiyyam: but, u are the one who said “save it for later”.

Krishna: lets say the later is not today.

After some hours Krishna completes her work..

Krishna: hah, I am done with work. Successfully ready for another presentation.

Suddenly, Saiyyam gets up and walks to her.. He stands close her and whispers in her ear.

Saiyyam: u are still not done with work.. I am not going to let u forget ur promise so easily..

He picks krishna up and places her on the bed. He kisses her cheek and leans towards her…and.. They hear a noise..

Priyanka: (knocks) krishna, saiyyam…

Saiyyam looks a little annoyed and krishna walks to the door… She sees Priyanka in tears..and Priyanka hugs Krishna.

Krishna: Priyu, what.. What happened?

Priyanka: he..his here.. He was walking beside my room..

Krishna: whom are u talking about? Saiyyam, could please help me out here?(calls Saiyyam).

Priyanka: he. He was walking with the knife..

Saiyyam: but, who?

Priyanka: Rahul, I saw him beside my room.

Saiyyam: Rahul? Why would he walk with a knife? I think u had a nightmare.

Priyanka: No I saw him.. He was there.

Krishna: Saiyyam, I think we should go and check..

They go to priyanka’s room and sees no one.

Saiyyam: see, no one is here.

Krishna: lets go and check what Rahul is doing?

They go to Rahul’s room and sees the lights turned off. Krishna turns on the light and they see Rahul sleeping.

Krishna: Rahul is asleep. Priyu are u sure that u saw him?

Priyanka: I think I had a nightmare. Sorry, to disturb u guys.

Krishna: Its ok.. U should go to sleep.

They get apart and kriyam goes back to their room..

Krishna: Saiyyam, I had something to tell u.. About Rahul..

Saiyyam: I don’t want to know it now.. (Gets closer) u had left some unfinished business left.

Krishna: But, its important.. U should know it..

Saiyyam: How about u tell me tomorrow?

Krishna: (groans) ok, fine..

Saiyyam kisses krishna and the screen goes blank….

Next morning….

Krishna comes out of the washroom and goes to a sleeping saiyyam..
The water droplets from her hair falls on his face and he wakes up..

Saiyyam: krishna, don’t put cold water on my face at this morning.

Krishna: I didn’t do it intentionally but it was a good thing. At least u woke up.. I need to tell u something..

Saiyyam: About, Rahul right?

Krishna: Yeah, priyanka knows him.. She told me a lot of things about him that u might not know.

She tells about Rahul’s mental issues. His engagement, going to the Asylum and everything..

Saiyyam: But, he said he came for me.. No he can’t.. He is my best friend.

Krishna hugs him to calm him down..

Krishna: don’t worry.. He will look together what he really wants.. Besides, we might be wrong..

Saiyyam: (reciprocates the hug) thanks krishna.. U are right.. What if he is good and we ars suspecting him..

Krishna: hmmm. Now we had another business to do..

Saiyyam: aww, Krishna’s getting naughty..looks like u want…

Krishna: haha.. Wrong guess.. I was talking about asking Aryan about Priyanka.

Saiyyam: oh.. Yeah, how can I forget that u are an unromantic person? U will never get thoughts about spending time with ur husband.

Krishna: That was a lame joke..

Saiyyam: Becoz, it wasn’t a joke.. I was..

Sees krishna irritated and glaring at he stops..

Timeskip to office…

Krishna is sitting in her cabin..while Kishan comes to her..

Krishna: papa, u here..(smiles at him).

Kishan: i thought to see how my little princess is doing..

Krishna: I am really good..(hugs him).

Kishan: i know u are good. Though u don’t love saiyyam but I know he would keep u safe..

Krishna’s POV…

I Don’t love Saiyyam?? Oh fish,, I forget everyone except Aryan still thinks it is a loveless marriage. Should I tell them? But, how can I? I also can’t keep them in the misunderstanding that I live in a loveless will make them worry more.. But how should I tell them?

Kishan: are u worried princess?

Krishna: oh no.. I was just.. Papa. Its not a loveless marriage anymore..

Kishan:(confused) I can’t undestand what u are trying to say?

Krishna: Ok..(sighs) I love Saiyyam and he loves me.. Its all sorted out.

Kishan:(happy) u aren’t joking right? Oh, my god princess that such a big relief.

Krishna: u all don’t need worry.. I am happy.. Saiyyam and everyone is always there for me.

Kishan: now, I don’t need to have the guilt of marrying my only princess to someone she doesn’t love.. I am soo happy..and no one else can be more perfect than Saiyyam for u .

Krishna: papa, shed ur worries now.. Besides ur princess is always strong..

Kishan: krish, I wanted to tell u that ur Soumya wanted u to come visit home.

Krishna: yeah, she told me on phone.. Don’t worry, I will come in the evening.

Kishan: Bring, saiyyam too..

Krishna: ok I will..

Kishan walks out of her cabin.. And krishna calls saiyyam..

Saiyyam: wow, krish. Its the first time u are calling me in office.

Krishna:, in the evening we are going to visit my house.

Saiyyam: ok, but they still don’t know about us being together in love..and.

Krishna: u don’t worry about that, they know everything..

Saiyyam: Aryan told them?

Krishna: i told them.. Today.

Saiyyam: Bold attitudes, krishna.. good to know its all sorted out .

Krishna: yep.. Now I will go home first.. Freshen up and then go there.

Saiyyam: ok..

Precap: disha:( lightly pushes krishna with her shoulders) i heard u and Saiyyam patched up.. Did u guys, have ur suhaagraat..(teases).. Krishna: whats that? Why are u asking me? did u do anything on urs?(turns the words around towards Disha).

Ok, guys that all for today.. Hope u enjoyed it.. Thanks for all the support u gave given me..

Pls put ur precious reviews..and feedbacks..eager to know ur views..

Till than bye…..?

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  1. Hi Annie….. Thank you for considering me. And congratulations for your 10th grade. Keep going girl.. And thank you in btw your busy schedule you’re updating regularly. Coming to the episode it was really nice dear. Saiyyam is always being lover boy and naughty awesome yaar. so what is thz Rahul up to? Kriyam family meeting looking forward….. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura.. I am very glad that u liked it..and thanks a lot for the wishes.. It means a lot.. Hope u enjoy further epis too..

  2. Nice update.keep posting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree..

  3. Hi Annie congrats u have achieved ur dream ,great…anyways episode was gud but I want lots of priyan scenes before their marriage mark my words haha…take care dear

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Somi.. I am very happy that u liked it.. Don’t worry Priyan is not going to get married so soon.. And than I might be finishing the ff before they get married.. I have now got admission in a magnet..things are going to get a lot tough.. But, I still would be posting short stories and one shots..anyways thanks a lot for the wishes..i means a lot..

  4. First of all Congrats for achieving Ur dream, second great episode I loved it and third sorry for not commenting, iv been busy but i did read all the eepisodes and I can’t believe ssel is going to end. By the way what show will replace ssel.
    Get well soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Firstly thanks u soo much for the wishes..secondly I am really glad u enjoyed it and thirdly pls don’t apologize.. I totally understand that’s its always not possible to comment..anyways thanks a lot for commenting u

  5. How can you write so good….. Words can’t describe how much I love your ff…..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for such a beautiful comment Jenita.. I am thrilled that u are enjoying it..

  6. Firstly congratulations. Finally you have achieved your dream. Keep going dear. And gws ❤
    Nice episode. Keep updating. Waiting for next

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Anshu.. Yeah now my next dream is getting into stanford or Harvard.. And i am happy that u liked the episode..keep enjoying..

      1. May you achieve all your dreams and soar new heights. Keep working until all your dreams are fulfiled. I pray that you get all the happiness in life ❤

  7. Fanficwriter

    Hey Annie! I just finished binge-reading another twenty episodes; I love the light-hearted comedy and romance?

    I’m so happy for you girl! Way to go getting into the school of your dreams! Also, hope you get well soon?

    Again, awesome episode, Rahul is a really interesting character… I’m waiting to know more about him and his exact intentions- his character has a lot of potential.

    Btw, looks like Sayyam’s still stuck on Honeymoon Avenue?

    Waiting for the next episode girl! (plus, I can’t wait to read more on ‘Priyan’)

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shreya.. I am soo happy u liked it..and getting such an amazing comment from such an amazing writer is a huge privilege for me..and thanks for the as I have got into the Medical Magnet my next dream is to get in either Stanford or Harvard..please pray that I get in..though to me it looks far from my grasp..anyways, Saiyyam is a typical boy always turned on in a honeymoon mood..and will try to update soon..

      1. Fanficwriter

        Honestly, I’m the one who is privileged to know a smart, sweet, and amazing girl like you?

        I really hope you get into Harvard or Stanford, I’m sure everything will work out?

        Also Annie, you have a lot of high
        goals that you’re completely capable of reaching. I love that about you ?Never get disheartened and always be yourself?

        Wishing you all the best in everything you set your mind to; love you girl!!??


    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all the inspiration and encouragement.. Ur words are really very kind and sweet..thank u soo much for this support.. Love u too..❤❤

  8. Agddiya

    congrajulations..dear….way to go girl….and the epi was awsome…..its getting interesting.with the new entrants…..waiting for next…part..update soon..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Diya.. I am very happy u liked it.. Not to forget to mention that I love ur ff..its soo good.

  9. im extremely sorry!!i am not commenting from last few days and i wont be able to comment for the coming few days!!my pre medical final exams are on and they will finished on 7 june!!so sorry!but i will surely read the ff?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t say sorry Zani..i know everyone has issues..and I am very happy u liked it.. I am sure u will ace those exams

  10. Ela

    Oww…so sad ?..even i m also sick..congo annie…u r going with ur ff really well…btw when will krish get pregnant i m eagerly waiting for this moment..nxt update soonnn plzzzzz??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela.. I am very happy that u liked it..and since my ff will end soon..the pregnancy track is also near… And thanks a lot for the comment… Hope u get well soon.

  11. Mayesha

    loved the epi,anahita..congrats..waiting for the next one..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much apu.. I am very happy u liked epi is posted..and best of luck on ur exams..

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