Kriyam Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 40

Hi guyz its me Annie back with the 40th episode.. Thanks for all the wishes yesterday..i successfully completed my first Socratic Seminar..

Anyways, lets continue our story…

Saiyyam: Krishna, u know Aryan is coming today at our house.

Krishna: how do u know?

Saiyyam: He called me sometime back.

Krishna: (pouts) How come gave the new to u and forgot his sister? I will not talk to him.

Saiyyam: come on krishna. Its not his fault. Boys bond better with each other. That’s why maybe he is close to me.

Krishna: whatever.. I will see him when he comes.. Its not fair…

Timeskip to office…

Saiyyam looks at the calendar in his phone and sees that it’s Krishna’s bday after two days.

Saiyyam: Hey, Krishna’s bday is coming up. And its her first birthday after marriage and after coming to India. I should plan something..

At that time Krishna sees Saiyyam looking at his phone and smirking..

Krishna: Excuse me, Mr. Birla.. If I may have ur time…

Saiyyam: (looks up) krish, why are u addressing me in such a formal way?

Krishna: i could see u are busy with ur phone.. That’s thought to seek ur attention. Beside, what is making u smirk so much?(narrows her eyes in suspicion) are u texting some girl.

Saiyyam: yea… Wait, texting a girl? No.. I was looking at something else.

Krishna: I wanna know what u were looking at?

Saiyyam:(thinks) ou..our.. Yes, our wedding photos

Krishna: sort of believable excuse. Anyways, I needed u to sign theses papers and talk about the next project.

Saiyyam: u came to talk about projects? I expected something else.

Krishna: we are in a office so we are supposed to talk about projects and meetings.. I know what u are expecting but its a office so save it for later.

Saiyyam: save it for later huh? Don’t forget.. Anyways, the project..

On the other hand…

Rahul: This priyanka, i have seen her before. Oh shit, she was Avantika’s cousin sister. I hope she doesn’t expose me.. Gotta take care of her.

Priyanka:(in her room) I saw that man. He had the same psychic feeling in his eyes. He tried to kill my sister because she wanted dome space. I hope he is still not the same.

Timeskip to evening…

Aryan is with Saiyyam and Krishna..

Aryan: jiju, Krish.. How are u?

Saiyyam: I am good.. I am happy that u came to visit.

Krishna doesn’t talk to Aryan and looks annoyed.. Aryan gives Saiyyam, “what happened to her look” and Saiyyam gives him a “she is annoyed with u look”. Aryan now talks to krishna.

Aryan: Krishna, are u angry with me?

Krishna: angry.. No I am not angry. Besides, we get angry with our close ones not distant ones.

Aryan: i.. I am ur distant relative? But, we are brother and sister? Why are u excluding me like this?

Krishna: i exclude u? More like, u teamed up with Saiyyam and forgot me.

Aryan: oo, thats what u are talking about? I just wanted to surprise u but looks like jiju told u that I was coming and these days I was with jiju becoz I was playing cupid for u guyz.

Krishna: i didn’t see u anywhere playing cupid or anything. U didn’t even know.

Aryan:(acts) ho krishna, saiyyam didn’t tell u anything.

Krishna:(looks at Saiyyam) tell what Saiyyam?

Aryan: that I was the first one to notice his romeo looks and feelings and the confession challenge in sangeet. Whose plan were those?

Krishna: u were behind it.. That explains everything.after all inly u can be behind such cracko plans.

Aryan:(touches his color) I am talented or what? So am I forgiven?

Krishna: Okay, fine next time.. First sister than jiju..

Saiyyam: aww, Krishna is envious of my popularity.. Hah, my charm works in everyone.

Krishna: in ur dreams..

They reach BH mansion and go inside.. Krishna goes to the room to freshen up while Saiyyam and Aryan are gossiping. At that time, Priyanka passes by and Aryan’s eyes gets fixed on her

Saiyyam: Yeah man, u helped a lot…(looks at Aryan and Priyanka) Is he looking at priyanka?

Priyanka looks at them.. She gives a smile and goes towards her room.

Saiyyam: Do u like her?

Aryan:(keeps looking) who is she?

Saiyyam: Krishna’s friend.. From her dance academy from USA

Aryan: oh my god, she is so pretty. I never felt like this before. Ahh, people do have love at first sight.

Saiyyam: hmm, u helped with krishna. Its playback time. I will talk to krishna about it..

Aryan: But before I need to talk to her.

He goes to priyanka who is sitting on the balcony..

Aryan: Hi, Priyanka right?

Priyanka: yeah, how do u know?

Aryan: jiju told me.. U are krish’s friend right? I am her cousin Aryan..

Priyanka: oh, Hi Aryan..

They keep talking…. Meanwhile..

Saiyyam: Krishna.. I needed to talk to u.

Krishna: go on.. But don’t start ur naughtiness again.

Saiyyam: its not that. I was thinking about marriage.

Krishna stoped the clothes she was holding and looks back at Saiyyam.

Krishna: saiyyam, how can u do this? Its not fair..

Saiyyam: ofcourse, its fair. When there is love on oneside we should confirm if the other side has love too.

Krishan: i won’t let u do this saiyyam. How van u deceive me with someone else? What did I do that u want a second marriage? And u love someone else.. No u can’t.. I will kill u..

Saiyyam who was shocked at krishna’s outburst at the misunderstanding..

Saiyyam: I am not talking about my marriage. Beside, i have such a beautiful wife. Why would I go for others?

Krishna:(calms down) oh.. Than whom are u taking about?

Saiyyam: Aryan.. He likes someone.

Krishna: and he told that to u..

Saiyyam: no.. I realised by his looks and asked him..

Krishna: and he said he loves her?

Saiyyam: yeah, obviously..

Krishna: yippeee, I am going to enjoy Aryan’s marriage. It was my lifelong dream to tease him on marriage lile he used to do with me..(jumps but stops) I forgot to ask.. But whom does he like? Do we know her?

Saiyyam: of course. U know her even better.

Krishna: (excited) who is it Saiyyam?

Saiyyam: its ur friend, priyanka.

Krishna: He likes Priyanka?

Saiyyam: yep and u should talk to her.

Krishna: but she doesn’t even know him properly.

Saiyyam: if I guess, Aryan must have started a full on gossip with her..

With Priyanka and Aryan.

Priyanka: u are a really sarcastic and humorous person.

Aryan: i know, I love ur smile..

Priyanka; huh?

Aryan: i love to make others smile.

Priyanka: oh, so are u coming tomorrow?

Aryan: if u say, of course.

Priyanka: ok, we will talk more. U are a very interesting person.

With saiyyam and krishna..

Saiyyam: so will u talk to her?

Krishna: i will but before that I will talk to Aryan.

Sorry guys, i had to shorten it. There is a matter with a student and as the freshmen president I need to look upon it. Pls put ur reviews.. Bye ..?

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  1. Fidato

    Hi… Annie… Short but cute….Convo is as usual…. ???
    Rahul was holding a knife in your precap..What happened to that…???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fidato.. I am glad that u liked it.. In today’s precap I put same as before that means the knife part will be in the 41st episode.. Hope I am able to clarify ur queries..??

  2. Hi Annie… nice episode. So aryan and priyanka. Loved it. Cousins nok jhok was good. Kriyam gonna play cupid for priyan. Awesome……..update ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura..and I love the name Priyan..surely going to use it.. I am really sick so will update tomorrow..

  3. Rahman

    Hi Annie.. love d episode… Waitinv for next episode… Plz post soon??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Misbah. I am sick like fever and will update tomorrow.

  4. Nice❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much Anshu..

  5. Loved it❤ Annie ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u much Ishita..❤❤

  6. Aaravjaikar

    Congo for 40 epi… love itt.. keep posting…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot for the wishes Aarav.. I am vert glad that u liked it..

  7. Hey annie..commenting here after a long time…ur ff is just fantabulous?…have u promoted to 10th standard…should i call u apu ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Hi ela.. Thanks a lot for commenting..nope I am still on 9th grade.. Will start 10th grade classes from 2nd August..

  8. heloo… was a perfectly written episode….waiting for the next episode

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am very happy u liked it Naina.. Thanks for all the appreciation.

  9. Hey annie……how was ur day? Episode was Very intresting actually..Annie do u know(akame ga kill) that was really awsm u know it is one of my favorites after AOT.I love that series .when u r free u plz watch it u definitely like it.

    1. Take care..dear get well soon

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Somi.. I am very glad that u liked it.. I didn’t watch the anime yet but my two months summer vacation is near and I will be sure to watch..thanks a lot for the suggesting it..and also thanks a lot for the wishes..

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