Kriyam: Takkar ka Rishta- By Annie Part 4

Well I am back again… Guyz today we see some Kriyam moments…. and yeah thanks again to everyone who commented. Ur comments inspire me a lot to go forward….

So let’s start……

Saiyyam sees Krishna walking out of their house…

Saiyyam: What happened to krishna? I should check it out.

Saiyyam goes out and sees krishna walking to and fro and looking up continuously…

Saiyyam: Krishna walks this way only when she is tensed. I hope she is fine.

He goes upto her…

Krishna: Saiyyam.

She looks at him and hugs him and starts crying.

Saiyyam: Krishna..Krishna are u ok?

Krishna doesn’t reply  this and cries…

Saiyyam: Krishna, come on yaar. What happened?

Krishna pulls back and wipes her tears..

Krishna: I …. I am sorry.

Saiyyam: why are u apologizing? I mean… Is there any problem?

Krishna: (I can’t tell Saiyyam now) umm… Nothing.

Saiyyam: Its ok, if u don’t want to tell but please hold yourself.

Krishna: sorry and thanks…

Saiyyam: what?

Krishna: I mean thanks for the support and sorry I can’t tell it to u right now. I mean Saiyyam… Things are pretty messed up now. I…i need some time to sort them out and I promise I will tell. U trust me, don’t u?

Saiyyam: ofcourse I do.

Krishna hugs saiyyam again…

Krishna: Thanks saiyyam. U r the best friend ever.

Saiyyam: don’t worry I will always be there with u.

They go inside the house….

Suhani: Krishna where were u?

Krishna: sorry aunty I went outside for some fresh air…

Suhani: ok beta. Now come and have dinner. I made ur favourite dishes.

Krishna:( smiles) thank u soo much aunty.

Sonali: Krishna beta… I was looking for u? Have u seen Roshni..

Krishna: Well Roshni…(in mind… No i shouldn’t spoil the party now. I will talk when we go home). I mean… I don’t know where she is..

Sonali: ok beta..

After dinner everyone is talking and gossiping… Krishna is standing alone in a corner… Roshni is also sitting alone….

Saiyyam looks at Roshni and krishna.

Saiyyam’s POV

Yeh dono ko kya hogaya? I am sure they had an argument…

Saiyyam: Krishna why are u standing alone?

Krishna: I was just not feeling well.

Saiyyam: I mean u should also gossip…. After all u talk soo much.. Oh I understand are u missing someone special(smirks)

Krishna: who should I miss? Besides, u know I just hate boys..

Saiyyam: when did I say anything about boys? Hmmm, looks like u were thinking about boys then…

Krishna: haha…very funny. Don’t try to act smart okay? Besides, smartness tumhe suit nahi karta…

Saiyyam: Kisne kaha? I was by born smart.

Krishna rolls her eyes and crosses her arms…

Krishna: Saiyyam… U r coming to our house tomorrow right?

Saiyyam: yeah. why?

Krishna: umm I want to tell u something.

Saiyyam: I will be there.

It was getting late at night….

Soumya: I think we should leave… Now Suhani..

Suhani: Itne jaldi?

Soumya: itne jaldi kaha? It nearly 12 at night…

Suhani: why don’t u guyz stay here tonight?

Soumya: sorry Suhani not today. Actually we have work at home..

Suhani: Ok….(gets sad)..

Soumya: come on suhani don’t do that… Besides, u r going to stay in our house tomorrow… Understood

Suhani: but…

Soumya: no butsss…

Suhani: ok…

They leave…..

In the car….

Krishna: I want to tell u all something when we reach home.. Its important..

Roshni starts to panick…

They reach home….

Karan: what do u want to tell krishna beta?

Krishna:( cries) roshni…. Roshni… Is pregnant..

Everyone is shocked….

Sonali: What?

She goes and slaps Roshni…

Sonali: how could u Roshni?

Krishna: don’t do anything to her. Let me tell everything…

She says about Roshni’s marriage and Rohan.

Soumya: What do we do now?

Krishna: we get Roshni married.. Officially. Than none will get humiliated…

Raj: people will still talk Krishna…

Krishna: why?

Raj: because… Roshni is younger than u… They will ask why are we getting her married so early and before u?

Krishna: let people talk. We can’t chose society over Roshni.

Kishan: beta.. Our family has held high prestidge since generations. Now all honour will be in ashes in just a blink.

Krishna: so…. The problem will be solved by my marriage right? Fine. I…. I am ready..( says depressingly)

Everyone gets shocked and says Krishna…

Krishna: none will stop me. Its my choice. And i will not change it any way…

Kishan: how can we just get u married? I mean how can we find the best person for u in just a short amount of time… I don’t agree to this.

Krishna: don’t worry papa i already know someone who will help us… I know someone who is a good person..

Soumya: Who?

Krishna: Saiyyam.

Kishan: I agree that Saiyyam is a good boy but how will we talk to them?

Krishna: leave that to me. I will talk to saiyyam. U all just talk to aunty and Yuvraj uncle…

They nod…

Sonali: Sorry beta.. Roshni ke liye… U r destroying ur life.

Krishna: I am not destroying anything… Besides to me family comes first…

Precap: kriyam marriage discussion and Krishna’s revelation to Saiyyam and the sleep over.. And many more..

Well guyz thats my fourth episode. Hope u guyz enjoyed it…

Hope to hear ur review….

Till than bye…..?

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  1. Aaravjaikar

    Good one

    Keep posting… & keep smiling..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav…. I am glad that u liked it…

  2. Nice update

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Dwidha….

  3. Its intersting. Update asap

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Asia… Next update will be posted soon.

  4. Shaani

    I just now read all 2,3n4 episodes all were amazing.. Well done.. I’m waiting for the next episode dr…. Plz..plz.. Update it soon..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Shaani. I am soo glad that u liked it. I have submitted part 5 nearly 3 hours ago. Hope it is posted soon…

  5. Fabulous episode dear.. so kriyam ‘ s gonna get married unwanted. Krishna however looks modern but she always had the thing, that doing anything for her family members. Saiyyam will do anything for krishna. So happy keep writing ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura… Yep krishna loves her family a lot as I told in the intro. But it won’t be forced or anything like that… It will be their choice but the marriage will only be a compromise…??

  6. Aarti32

    I didn’t even expect dat Krishna will get d idea of her n Saiyyam’s marriage!! Interesting

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru…. Well krishna has to get married right? So she chose her best friend Saiyyam!!! ❤

  7. Good episode…

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