Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 39

Sorry guyz for not posting yesterday. I am taking out time today.. I don’t know if I can complete my reading even If I study the whole night. I have to read 2 300 paged book.than I have to type notes and summaries. Than I have to write 7 scripts for my play. I am sorry if this epi sucks becoz I am typing it in the middle my busy schedule.

Ok, lets start the episode….

Krishna wakes up and sees Saiyyam keeping one hand over her protectively.. Krishna pokes his cheeks to wake him up. Saiyyam wakes up smile at her..

Krishna: Good morning..

Saiyyam: Good mor… Wait? U are sick, why did u get up so early.(puts her down again) u should rest.. Don’t come downstairs. I will bring ur breakfast.

Krishna: (gets up) I am ok now, saiyyam. Quit worrying. After taking medicines I feel better.

Saiyyam: ok but u should still rest. I will let u come to the office but no work slowly and don’t run or do any energy consuming work.

Krishna: ok, u remember I had a meeting today?

Saiyyam: meeting? Its ok, i will handle it.

Krishna: no saiyyam, i will do it. U can just drop me at the centre and I will do the rest.

Saiyyam:ok, but I will pick u up and drop u straight back to home. Done?

Krishna: done..

Timeskip to inside the car..

Krishna: I will call u when I am done ok..

Saiyyam: Stay safe and if u feel sick again…

Krishna: I said na.. That i will be fine. Its ok.

Saiyyam: ok, bye than.

Krishna gives him a peck on the lips and goes inside the mall. On the top floor Krishna had her meeting.
She takes a lift and goes to the meeting…

Krishna had a successful meeting and after having meeting she comes out..

Krishna: Do I call Saiyyam now? No, as I am in a mall let me hang around a bit.

She starts going around shops and suddenly collides against someone..

Krishna: I am sorry..(looks at the girl).

Girl: krishna, right?

Krishna: Yeah, Priyanka right? Remember me.. We used to have dancing classes together.

Priyanka: of course.. How can I forget..we have such pleasant memories together..

Priyanka looks at krishna and notices she is wearing a mangalsutra and sindoor.

Priyanka: did u get married krish?

Krishna: yeah, how did u know?

Priyanka: u have sindoor.

Krishna: yeah, even I totally forgot that I am wearing this.

Priyanka: when did u get married?

Krishna: Nearly two months ago.

Priyanka: OMG!! U are newly married.

Krishna: sorry, we both lost contact when I came back here and after u left dance classes.

Priyanka: Its ok.. But look we are meeting now. Besides, what’s ur husband’s name?

Krishna: Saiyyam Birla.

Priyanka: The Birla’s..oh.. Wait wasn’t saiyyam ur best friend?

Krishna: yeah, we were childhood friends.

Priyanka: that’s even more adorable. Come on lets sit in a cafe and than talk.

They both go to the cafe and talk to each other.

Priyanka: U went to USA somedays ago.. With Saiyyam. That’s so cute.

Krishna: (blushes) so where are u staying now?

Priyanka: in a hotel near this mall.

Krishna: In a hotel? Come on. Pack ur bags. U are coming to my house.

Priyanka: krish, I can’t..

Krishna: pls, pls.. My family would be glad to have u.. Please.

Priyanka: Ok..

They were talking when suddenly Priyanka looks at Krishna’s back and her face expression changes into an angry look. Krishna looks back and sees Rahul.

Krishna: what happened Priyu?

Priyanka: Nothing. Just saw someone crazy.

Krishna: do u know Rahul?

Priyanka: yeah.. I was looking at him..he is an crazy man..but how do u know him?

Krishna: he is Saiyyam’s college friend and currently staying in my house. Why were u looking at him in that way?

Priyanka: don’t tell me. He was my cousin’s fiance.

Krishna: cousin’s fiance?

Priyanka: yeah. They were dating at first. We didn’t know he had mental problems. He used to beat and torture my cousin. We handed him to police and than he went to a rehab.

Krishna: u mean he is not good?

Priyanka: he was the worst human being ever. He plays games and plays with emotions.. But, u don’t get hyper.. I think he changed after the rehab.

Krishna:(smiles faintly) yeah, maybe.

Krishna’s POV..

Rahul had mental issues.. And he also went to a rehab.. This is nit good. What if, what if.. He is planning something on us.. I have to tell Saiyyam..

Krishna calls Saiyyam to pick her up..

Saiyyam: hello my Queen.. All work done?

Krishna: yeah, everything’s good and Saiyyam when we get home I need to talk to u.

Saiyyam: oh, are u referring that u had to compensate for the karva chauth day..that u leaved unfinished and…

Krishna: (rolls her eyes) I don’t want to hear ur blabbering.. Come quick.

Saiyyam: ok, but still remember ur promise.

Krishna hangs up her phone..

Krishna: he doesn’t leave one moment to get naughty.

Turns to priyanka….

Krishna: u come to my house now. Later in the evening we will collect ur stuff from the hotel..

Priyanka: krishna, I still think that..

Krishna: Its decided u are coming with me.

At that time she sees Saiyyam’s car..

Krishna: look like saiyyam has arrived.

Saiyyam walks upto them… He hugs krishna..

Saiyyam: hey, krish..(looks at priyanka) looks like u made a new friend.

Krishna: she is not new but an old friend. Her name is priyanka and I am bringing her to our home..

Saiyyam: great.. Hi priyanka.

Priyanka: hello Saiyyam..

Priyanka hits Krishna with her shoulder…

Priyanka: wow, krishna. U didn’t tell me that ur best friend and now ur husband was so handsome.

Saiyyam clears his throat..

Saiyyam: yeah, she got lucky that I am her husband..

Krishna playfully hits him..

Saiyyam: anyways, ladies. Please get into the car.. We need to leave for home..

They get into the car..

Precap: Saiyyam is beside krishna..and they are very close.. Saiyyam leans towards her removing her hair ..but they get a knock..they open the door and sees Priyanka..
Priyanka: he.. He is walking with a knife..and Priyanka and Aryan’s first meeting.

I am sorry guys as this episode has less kriyam and it is short..plz forgive mr and pray so that I can complete my work..

Please let me know ur reviews…

Till than bye…?

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  1. Fidato

    Annie… as usual.. Fabulous episode… It’s really…Ok.. you are finding time to write this even you are busy with school works… Do your school works well… All the very best… Aryan priyanka…pair

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fidato for ur comment and for understanding… I am really happy u liked it.. Will update tomorrow again..after I finish this seminar…

  2. Fantastic ? im glad that you updated the episode even whn you are busy .really loved the episode as always. Keep posting dear. And eagerly waiting for the next episode. Best of luck dear….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Anshu.. I just completed my work.. Its 3 am in Los have only 4 hours until school..thanks for ur comment and am glad that u liked it..

  3. Rahman

    Nyc episode.. thank you for updating episode.. all the best for ur seminar.. keep posting waiting for next episode ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Misbah.. I am glad that u liked it.. And thanks for all the wishes..

  4. Wow very gud Annie Priyanka and Aryan pair…ur priyanka’s intro was gud.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am very happy u liked it Somi..thanks a lot for ur comment..

  5. Good epi and next uplod plz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u Richa..but next epi will be tomorrow..

  6. Nice episode.keep Posting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sree.. Keep enjoying..

  7. Wow Annie nice episode. Thank god krishna got a clue abt Rahul. Loved it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura.. I am really glad that u liked it..

  8. Amazing ? episode Annie all the very best for ur test dear u srsly have so much potential like handling studies and this fantastic piece of writing at the same time

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maria.. I am really very grateful for all the appreciation..really happy that u liked it..

  9. Simply love it.♡♡

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zehra.. I am really glad that u liked it..

  10. Mayesha

    oowww….Priyanka and aryan….seems good…waiting to see how Kriyam save themselves from rahul…lovely episode…u and me..both r having a tough tym regarding studies..nice epi..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u mayesha apu.. I am really very glad that u liked it and yeah Studies are tough.. Hope we both can overcome this educational hurdles and make the best of it.. Thanks for all the encouragement..

  11. Dinu

    Nice epi dr.i loved it.I’m impressed dat u wrote dis part perfectly even during ur busy schedule. Hats off 2 u dr.u r doing a great job.good luck vth ur studies dr.btw i’m loving dis priyanka’s character.I think she will help kriyam in exposing rahul.n i’m excited 4 priyanka n Aryan’s meeting. U can update nxt epi when u get a free time. We can wait.bye dr tc

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep, she will play cupid among kriyam.. And lets see how she does it..and thanks for all the encouragement and support. U are very sweet.. I am grateful for all the kind words..and thanks for ur comment..

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