Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 38

Hi guys.. I am back with the 38th episode. Sorry for the late update.. this week i might be a bit irregular becoz I am having a full week Socratic Seminar and I need to do a lot of reading. Sorry everyone..

Anyways, lets jump back to the story…

Its evening. All the ladies are getting ready as within some hours the moon will be visible. Krishna is now feeling really sick. The long journey with fast made her fragile.. But she is feeling a bit better due to her husband’s company..

Saiyyam: krishna, If I count approximately than u still have like 3 hours and 13 minutes before the moon might be visible.. Remember its a might..what if it takes time?(teases her).

Krishna:(sarcastically) wow Saiyyam, thanks for making me feel so much better..

She coughs and shakes head…

Saiyyam:(rubs her back) krishna, are u ok?

Krishna: yeah, thanks.

Saiyyam: i wonder why are u feeling so sick over fasting?

Krishna: I get dehydrated without water and I feel a bit weak without food in proper time.

Saiyyam: what? U knew u would get sick still u kept the fast. Why..

Krishna: saiyyam plz don’t start ur lectures over the fasting again.

Saiyyam: u..u are really stubborn. I told u not to do this but no.. U are on a bet to get sick.

Krishna: i guess I am feeling more gross this time due to the journey. It made me more weak.

Saiyyam: I hope u.. U can handle urself. Right? I mean do u need to go to a doctor? Should I set up an appointment?

Krishna: let me see. If I don’t get better over the night we will just go see a doctor.

Saiyyam: ok. But till than I am taking care of urself.(kisses her forehead)

Baby knocks their door.

Baby: I wish saiyyam that ur bhai could also be as romantic as u.

Saiyyam and krishna blushes..

Saiyyam: bhabi, why are u always bent on teasing me?(pouts).

Baby: because u are my little devar..(pulls his cheeks) anyways, krishna u should get ready. I know u are sick so if u need any help.. I am here.

Krishna: No thank u bhabi.. I think I can manage.

Saiyyam: besides, I am also here to help her.

Baby: oh yes. I totally forgot that u Krishna’s lover boy is here to help her.

Before anyone could protest Baby leaves after keeping the necklace gifted to krishna.

Saiyyam: u need any help to get ready?(smirks).

Krishna: its ok, Mr.Birla. u don’t waste your time and energy on me. I am still capable enough to get ready myself.

Krishna takes her dress and after sometime comes back wearing a red and golden saree. Saiyyam stares at her…

Krishna: staring like this is not considered good.

Saiyyam: what to do? After all my wife is looking so beautiful.

Krishna: thanks but I didn’t put my ornaments yet. So plz let me move towards the dressing table.

Saiyyam: krishna u are looking too much stunning. I told u na, don’t look too much good or else..

Krishna: (while getting ready) handle ur own problems. Its not my headache.

Saiyyam: anything related to me is indirectly related to, I think it is sort of ur headache.

Krishna was struggling while wearing a necklace.

Saiyyam: need some help?

Krishna: yeah, can u make me wear it?

Saiyyam agrees and makes her wear her necklace. Krishna can feel his touch on her back. Saiyyam keeps his hands on Krishna’s shoulder..

Saiyyam: u are looking very beautiful..

Krishna: Thank u soo much Saiyyam.

Time skip to the terrace…

The moon is visible and all the ladies to the rituals..

Krishna looks at the moon and than saiyyam. She does his aarti.. And Saiyyam takes the water vessel and makes krishna drink water… Rahul is seen smirking…

Rahul: poor krishna.. Ur end is very near..

While all the rituals is done.. Krishna and Saiyyam is standing next to each other and talking with others..

Rahul: how come krishna is still so fine and active? She should have been embracing death by now..

Suddenly, Krishna starts to feel dizzy and faints.. Saiyyam holds her..

Saiyyam: Krishna… Krishna.. Wake up.(panicks) Someone call the doctor.

Yuvan: i will call the doctor..

Rahul is standing in a distance and enjoying all the scene…

Rahul: better late than never. Now, saiyyam what will u do to save ur wife?

The doctor comes. She checks krishna. After checking her she comes out..

Saiyyam: doctor, what happened to krishna? Is she okay?

Rahul’s POV

Now the doctor will start her sorry tone about not being able to save krishna and than the real fun begins..

Doctor: krishna is okay now..

Rahul:(in mind) what? Its impossible.

Doctor: actually due to the journey and the immediate fasting she got weak. Don’t worry. I will prescribe some medicines. Make sure she takes them and her meals properly.

Yuvan goes to drop the doctor to the door while Rahul clenches his fist.

Rahul: how do krishna survive such a deadly poison?

A servant comes to suhani..

Servant: suhani bhabi, the thaali that fell today, should I put it back again? The vessels are bruised badly.

Suhani: oh ha Krishna’s plate. It fell before.kaka, if they are unusable than throw them away.

Servant: ji, bhabi.

Rahul: oh fish. That plate fell. I will not be able to bring that poison again.

Saiyyam goes inside the room to krishna..

Krishna: saiyyam..

Saiyyam:(lectures) great. Keep resting in the bed. I told that fast the next karva chauth..but someone is stubborn enough to show I can do anything I want.. Moreover, if anybody asks are u ok?.. Her only reply..i am absolutely is she is a superwomen who can shake off a 24 hour plane journey in a second…

Krishna: okay, I understand. I am saying sorry.

Saiyyam: no, why are u saying sorry? Its my fault that I told u not to keep fast.. I advice u to fast tomorrow also..(crosses his arms arms and pouts)

Everyone smile at their cute nok-jhok.
They leave the couple alone and goes back to their respective rooms.

Krishna: Saiyyam..

Saiyyam doesn’t reply and keep looking at the medicines.

Krishna: saiyyam, I said sorry na.. Besides, I am the one who is sick than why are u getting angry instead of helping me?

Saiyyam comes to the bed and hugs her..

Saiyyam: u know that I love u.. I can’t bear to see u in pain or being sick. Promise me u won’t be reckless about ur health again.

Krishna: promise.

Saiyyam: now, come on. Its time for u to take dinner.

Krishna: is it a problem if I skip it?

Saiyyam sends her a glare..

Krishna: ok, I will eat.. U didn’t need to make that face..

Saiyyam: come on open ur mouth..

He feeds krishna..

Krishna: did u eat?

Saiyyam: no, I will eat after feeding u.

Krishna snatches the plate..

Krishna: I am not eating until u finish ur meal..

Saiyyam: what? But its time for ur medicine..

Krishna: wait I have a better idea..(she takes a nibble and feeds Saiyyam).

They share a cute moment.after dinner Saiyyam makes Krishna eat her medicine..

Krishna: if I feel good, I will be coming to office tomorrow..

Saiyyam:(sighs) ok.. I won’t argue with u on this..

Krishna: really? Thank.. Thank u for giving me the permission.

They cuddle and goes back to sleep.

Precap: Krishna: its so nice to see u priyanka.. They talk and priyanka looks at krishna’s side in a angry attitude. Krishna turns back and sees Rahul. What connection does Rahul and Priyanka have?

So, guys thats it for today. Sorry again on the late update.

Hope u all enjoyed it…

Bye everyone…..?

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  1. Next uplod epi plz fast today epi good

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      Thanks a lot Richa..

  2. Fantastic one ☝️ Annie all the very best for ur test

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      I am glad u liked it Maria.. Thanks a lot for the wishes..

  3. ohhh wow…krishna is safe. .i guess krishna will become sherlock..n will find the evil side of rahul…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yep Krishna is safe..hmm, krishna might become a detective.what if both of them work together?? And thanks for ur comment..

  4. Fidato

    Annie…Convo is flowing like…There is no obstacles b4 them… Loved their nok-jhok.. wonderfully written…

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      Thank u soo much Fidato.. I am happy that u liked it..

  5. Amazing❤beyond amazing?

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  6. Nice episode. Update soon next part soon plz.

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  7. Wonderful epi… thank god krishna is safe….love ur writing

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      Thank u soo much Muniya..
      I am glad that u liked it..

  8. Aaravjaikar

    as usual u came up with the bang epi …fulll ,.. excitement … ndhuuuh nok khoj…such an epi .. plzz kepp posting… keep smiling..

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      I am glad u liked it Aarav..thanks for all the appreciation.. And hope u keep smiling too..thanks again..

  9. Rahman

    Loved d episode.. Krishna s gud.. all the best for ur test.. Annie

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  11. Nice one. Thank god krishna is safe. Update soon

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  12. Dinu

    Hiiiii Annie. Sry dr I couldn’t even got time to wish 4 ur success. I heard dat u got full marks on ur quiz?? congratulations dr!!!!!!??i’m so happy 4 u. About ur story it’s superb as always.???? I loved kriyam bond so much.tnk god Krishna is safe.I know I can’t tell u 2 update soon coz I know u r busy.u can update whenever u r free offence.(bt plz don’t make us wait too long☹?) byeee dr tc????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Dinu..i am happy that u liked it..amd thanks for all the appreciation.. I am glad u understand my situation.. I will not be able to update today but will try to update tomorrow..thanks for being patient.

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