Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 37

Hi guyz its me Annie with the 37th episode.. I am reading all the new ffs and they are so great. Diya, Mayesha have great ff and I don’t need say about Shaani becoz she is great as always.. I love ur ffs guyz.. Shaani, Hafsaa, Mayesha, Fidato, Shreya, Diya, Faaizah,  Fanficwriter.. I just love ur ffs guyz..

Anyways, lets start the episode….

Its 3:30 am in the morning. Alarm rings in Kriyam’s bedroom. Saiyyam wakes up and turns it off. He sees krishna sleeping..

Saiyyam: (in a sleepy mode with a drowsy voice) The alarm was so loud. Still she is sleeping. Gotta wake her.

He shakes her and calls her name..

Saiyyam: krishna, krishna.. She is not walking. (Goes closer to her ears and shouts) krishna, wake up.

Krishna opens her eyes wide open.

Krishna: what happened saiyyam? Any problem?

Saiyyam: Its 3:40 am.

Krishna: what the hell? u are waking me up at 3:40 am to go to office?

Saiyyam: not office but for some sort of fasting.

Krishna: fasting? (Realises) Oh my god Saiyyam. My fasting.

Saiyyam: thats what I have been telling u..

Krishna gets up quickly and runs downstairs.

Krishna: sorry ma. I am late.

Suhani: no u are at the perfect time.

They do some rituals eat and than goes back to their rooms. Krishna enters their room and sees saiyyam awake.

Krishna: u are still awake?

Saiyyam: I was waiting for u.

Krishna: how sweet…(goes to the bed and lies down near saiyyam. Resting her head on his chest).

Saiyyam: u are keeping this fast for me. I thought I would stay awake and u know tuck u too sleep.

Krishna: (pokes his cheeks) u are getting cuter and sweeter with time.

Saiyyam: maybe my wife’s influence.

Krishna: saiyyam, i don’t know why but my heads spinning?

Saiyyam: what?(gets hypered) i told u will get sick. Do u have fever? Oh my god can u stand? Most importantly are u have any other pain?

Krishna: its not that bad Saiyyam. Just a little mild headache.

Saiyyam: u are not coming to office tomorrow?

Krishna: what? i am going.(pouts).

Saiyyam: no u are not coming and I will try to come early.

Krishna:aww, thanks for being worried about me..(pokes his nose).

Saiyyam: now, less talk and more sleep.

They cuddle each other and falls asleep..

Morning, the men’s have their breakfast and they all prepare to leave for office. Suhani, Baby and Krishna has taken a leave from office

Saiyyam: (hugs and kisses krishna) bye, krish.

Krishna:(hugs him back) bye, take care.

They go to the office while krishna waves bye at Saiyyam.
After biding him bye, krishna comes and sits on the sofa. She holds her head and releases deep breath. Baby sits near her..

Baby: krishna, are u ok?

Krishna: yeah, bhabi.

Baby: no, like u look a bit sick?

Krishna: nothing much just a mild headache and a bit puking feeling.

Baby sits and a smiles grows on her face. Krishna looks down and clutches her jeans.

Baby:(with a smile) krishna, by any chance, are u pregnant?

Krishna jumps up in a second and starts to clarify.

Krishna: bhabi, its just motion sickness​. The long journey. Bhabi, i am not pregnant. I was just tired a bit and maybe feeling a little bad due to the…

Baby: bas krishna. I just asking. Sorry, if I got u uncomfortable.

Krishna: noo bhabi, don’t apologize. (Rubs her neck) sorry, I just got a bit..

Baby: its ok. I understand.. U were a bit shy. But don’t worry its normal. But when we get pregnant I want to be the first one to know after Saiyyam.(excited)

Krishna:(confused and shy) o…oh.. okay.

Baby takes her exist and krishna is seen siting in the sofa..

Krishna: Due to my sickness bhabi thought I am pregnant? Krishna, try to act normal. To avoid another situation like this.

She goes to the courtyard and sees everyone arranging plated.

Suhani: oh krishna. I was about to call u. Are u ok, beta?

Krishna: yeah, i am okay ma.

Suhani: u were preparing the Aarti plates. Come on, u should prepare ur one too. I will help u.

Krishna nods and they set up all plates.

Krishna: where do we keep all these plates?

Suhani: come on I wish show u.

After keeping the plates.

Krishna: ma, i am feeling a bit drowsy. I will just go to my room.

Suhani: ok, beta. If u need something than call me.

They keep all their plates in their plates in the table and goes away..
Rahul is seen watching from a pillar.

Rahul: so, the plate withe blue vessel is Krishna’s.(smiles evilly).

He keeps an eye in his back and after looking around he brings out a small container from his pockets.

He adds something in Krishna’s food and water.

Rahul: now, what will u do Saiyyam Birla? Ur lovely wife is toast.

At noon…

Krishna is resting in her room.. Saiyyam reached home and runs to krishna..

Saiyyam: krishna, i heard u are still sick .. Are u ok now?

Krishna tries to get up but saiyyam..

Saiyyam: (pushes down) don’t get up. Keep resting.

Krishna: I think, I was a bit tired but I am feeling a bit okay now.

Saiyyam: a bit okay? Whats a bit okay? U should be all healthy. Wait, let me bring food and medicines.

Krishna: Saiyyam, i am fasting.

Saiyyam:(cups her face) no krishna. I don’t want u to do anything for me by risking ur health. U love me thats enough.

Krishna: No, I am going to do this. Everyone is keeping fast for their husbands. And how can I sit and eat? I wanted to this for u. Please don’t stop me.

Saiyyam: ok, but u will take ur medicines after the ritual.

Krishna; ok baba and how did u know that I wasn’t feeling alright?

Saiyyam: bhabi told me.

Krishna:(her face becomes a bit red) oh bhabi..

Saiyyam: krishna, why are u blushing?

Krishna: where? I am not.

Saiyyam: come on krish. Don’t lie to me.

Krishna: well, I was feeling sick earlier in the morning and… Bhabi..bhabi thought..

Saiyyam: what did bhabi think?

Krishna: umm, she thought I was pregnant.

Saiyyam:(laughs) really, thats cute.

Krishna: cute? I was dying out of embarrassment.

Saiyyam: What’s to be embarrassed in this?

Krishna: u won’t get it.

Saiyyam: (smirks) i do get it..

Krishna: whatever. So, did u see my dress that ma bought for me for today?

Saiyyam: no, but try not to look so good. What if I can’t control myself?

Krishna: (playfully hits him) saiyyam!!

Saiyyam: what? I am serious.

They both laugh and talks.. From their door side.

Rahul: laugh as much as u want Mr and Mrs Birla. Becoz tonight there will be merge of crying.

Precap: Saiyyam makes krishna drink the water…
Rahul: drink krishna drink. Becoz u don’t know what’s inside it.. Its ur death.
What will happen to krishna? Will she be okay?

Okay guyz Sorry for posting late. But now I have to go for outing with family..

Plz let me know about ur precious feedbacks.. Hope to hear from all of u soon.

Till than bye….?

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  1. Sorry for not commenting for a long time and I’m really happy today as my favorite uncle became a dad for the first time, anyway I loved today’s episode and as always U killed it can’t wait for the next episode update soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Annie and congrats on having a new member to the family and I am really happy that u liked it. Thanks for all the appreciation.

  2. Shaani

    Woow… Great episode.. So lovely… As always u nailed it yaar… I really enjoyed it keep writing….
    Keep smiling ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani for everything.. I am happy that u enjoyed it.

  3. Nice Annie and one more suspense…upload soon yaar can’t wait

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am glad that u enjoyed it Somi.. But its late night in my place..sorry for not being table to update quickly.. Anyways thanks for ur comment..

  4. Rahman

    Hi Annie…. Loved this episode.. post another episode soon.. can’t wait to read what happened to Krishna..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. I am really happy that u liked it.. Will post next one tomorrow
      . Sorry but gotta study for the quiz.

  5. Wowoow❤❤??krishna is man too cute?❤very good episode ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am glad that u enjoyed it Zani.. Thanks for ur comment.

  6. Loved it to the core?? plx update soon waiting for the next

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Anshu.. Sorry but I will take some time to update. Thanks for ur comment.

  7. Nyc episode Annie?
    waitng fr d nxt episode..!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ishita. I am happy that u liked it.

  8. Aww such a fabulous one annie u nailed it and yeah the blushing krishna was so cute anyways do enjoy ur outing n dont forget to upload

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for all the support Maria.. I am happy that u liked it.

  9. Mayesha

    Is Krishna expecting??? No..not so soon….nice epi…How cute the Sayyam is..!! As a husband,he is just fabulous..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks apu.. Don’t worry krish is not pregnant.. I mean its too early for that.. They still need a lot romance before kids..anyways i am so glad that u liked it up..

  10. Nice episode. Keep posting.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot sree.. I am happy that u liked it.

  11. Beautifully written your episode dialogues reflects how cool dude u r well i must saiyam dialogue were beyond imagination

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Naina.. Ur comments are really inspiring.. I am really very happy that u liked it..

  12. Agddiya

    i was today readind this from starting….such an an amzing story….keep going.nice epi…..keep posting..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Diya.. I am very happy that u liked it and I really love ur ff..

  13. Hi Annie I am sorry couldn’t comment in couple of episodes. Trust me updates were soooo good. I am little busy these days. Shifting home so much of work. So can’t comment for upcoming days also. But i’l continously read. Please keep writing.

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