Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 36

Hi guyz…am back with 36th episode. I just had my last AP exam yesterday. It was AP Human Geography. Hah, feeling so happy that I am able to complete 3 APs in 9th Grade. If it wasn’t magnet they wouldn’t let me take three APs. plz pray that I get a 5 in each one of them and especially AP Physics 1. Ok so today we get introduced to the villain..and I want to add a karva chauth track.. I know its not time for it but I hope its not a problem for any of u..
And I want to congratulate Mayesha apu for her new wonderful ff. Everyone plz read it and shower it with lots of love.
And my gratitude to Shaani.. Thank u soo much for starting a new ff. Its really very interesting. Love ur writing so much.

Anyways, lets proceed to the dorm of mysteries…

Man: Saiyyam, its so glad that to see u.

Saiyyam: But u and here?

Man: I know, we had some problems but I realised keeping friends away is not a solution. I want ur forgiveness and I forgive u too.(smiles)

Saiyyam goes and hugs Rahul..

Saiyyam: Rahul, I am so happy to see u.

Rahul: Am I forgiven?

Saiyyam: of course u are.. How can I not forgive me best friend?

Rahul: looks like my work here is done. I will take ur leave.

Saiyyam: no, what? I am not letting u go anywhere.. U are staying for many more days.

Rahul: but..

Suhani: no buts.. Beta. U are our Saiyyam’s friend.. That makes u like our son too. Plz stay.

Rahul: okay aunty.

Saiyyam: oh, Rahul. I didn’t introduce u to my wife. (Calls krishna).

Krishna comes forward and smiles at them.

Saiyyam: Meet my wife.. Mrs. Krishna Saiyyam Birla.

Krishna: Hi, Rahul..(forwards her hand).

Rahul: hello bhabi, (shakes her hand).

Saiyyam: come on Rahul, i have so many things to tell u. Krishna u want to join?

Krishna: u guyz go. I will be there in a while.

Krishna’s POV

Rahul, huh? Saiyyam’s UK friend. Did Saiyyam ever tell me about any tiff? And saiyyam was so scared about him. And why did he suddenly come to ask forgiveness? Is this some sort of plan? Shsh.. Snap out of it krishna. Its normal. Maybe he realised his mistake. Ugh, my body is all sore after the journey. I will just go and rest for a while.


Krishna wakes up after a nap and sees Saiyyam is still not in the room.

Krishna: looks like he forgot about me after seeing his friend.

After sometime saiyyam enters the room and looks at krishna. She looks away symbolizing her anger.

Saiyyam: Krishna. Why didn’t u come earlier?

Krishna: my body was achy and besides why do u care?

Saiyyam: of course, i do care. U are my wife.

Krishna: no need to care so much. Just go to ur friend..

Saiyyam smirks at her reply and hops in the bed near her. He hold her hand.

Saiyyam: sorry, krish. I was just carried away seeing my friend. I know I should have come to u.

Krishna: its ok. I was also kidding. After all, u deserve time with ur friend.

Saiyyam:(kisses her hand) u are the best wife ever.

Krishna thinks a bit and asks saiyyam a question..

Krishna: saiyyam, if u don’t mind me asking but what happened between u two before?

Saiyyam:(sighs) we were both on the same university. One day, another student told me that some boys in the class were stealing exam questions and illegally selling them in the campus and as I was the campus representative. I went to the principal and reported the matter. Little I had known my best friend was a part of this crime. Its not like that if I knew I wouldn’t report the matter. It’s just that I could have made him understand and help him to quit it. He was marked off and was driven out of the University and he used to hold me responsible. We had a tiff infront of the whole campus and that was it.

Krishna:(keeps a hand on his shoulders) it’s ok now, right saiyyam?

Saiyyam: yeah, I am really happy that he came back. Its just that I can’t believe he forgave me.

Krishna: how can he not come back? After all, its hard to stay angry with such a cute friend.

Saiyyam: Thank u soo much krishna for all ur support. I love u soo much.

Krishna: I love u too.

Krishna hugs Saiyyam. He keeps a hand on her cheeks and leans to kiss her but….

Knock, knock.

They move apart and Krishna opens the door.

Krishna: ma, come in.

Suhani: krishna, U guyz had a big journey and I know u are a bit sick. Do u want to keep the fast?

Krishna: i want to keep it. Its my first karva chauth and I don’t want to miss it.

Saiyyam: what fast? Krishna u don’t need to do this. U… U will get sick..after all, we had such a tiring journey.

Krishna: (looks at Saiyyam) i am going to this.. Ok, saiyyam.

Saiyyam: but,..

Suhani: beta, don’t act like this. I understand Krishna’s feelings. As it is her first time she wants to do it. So support her.. And krishna beta, plz don’t try to keep it if u start to feel sick.

Krishna: ok, ma.

Suhani exists their room and krishna goes back to the bed.

Saiyyam: u will get sick krish.

Krishna: plz Saiyyam. Don’t discourage me like this.

Saiyyam: okay, if its ur wish. I won’t stop u anymore. But try not to fall sick.

Krishna: yeah, I think I can do it.

Saiyyam: (smirks and comes closer) now where were we?

Krishna: sorry saiyyam. But I need to sleep now. Have to wake up at 4 in the morning for preparations.

Saiyyam: no..(gets sad) u always do this.

Krishna: U want me to fall sick due to loss of sleep.

Saiyyam: ok..ok. I understand. Just once this karva chauth end. Than I will compensate for today.

Krishna: saiyyam!!!

Saiyyam: what? i am serious. Don’t think I am joking be ready.

Krishna: why are u always like a kid?

Saiyyam: u think being romantic is a kid. Krish, reconsider ur thoughts. I don’t want to show u now that I am not a kid.(smirks).

Krishna: I will see it but not today..

Saiyyam: looks like someone is desperate..

Krishna: its the total opposite.

Saiyyam hugs krishna and they both fall into a peaceful sleep.

On the other hand…

Rahul: karva chauth.. Hmm, time to use Plan A in action. Saiyyam, be ready. I will snatch ur precious things from u, just like u snatched my entire life..(evil laugh)

Precap: Rahul adds something in Krishna’s plate, but what? What will happen to krishna?

Thats all for today readers.. I hope u all like it.. Pls put ur feedbacks and suggestions.. Hope to hear from u soon.

Till than bye….?

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  1. Hafsaaa

    Omg the precap ? AP human is a stress man but glad we all over with it,the episode was amazing and way too much interesting ?? Update ASAP?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah.. The last question..was pretty hard.. I was like.. This word doesn’t even exist ?..but I hope that I can get a 5.. And thanks Hafsaa… I am really happy that u liked it..

  2. Minerva

    Awesome episode. The entry of rahul is sure to give this story a new directional propulsion. The episode was really stupendous and well-written. The conversations of Krishna and Sayyam were superb as forever. Fantastic storyline…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am soo happy that u liked it Minerva..and thanks for appreciation and ur lovely comment.

  3. Mayesha

    ow..karvachauth…waiting for that!! what about krishna falls sick and Sayyam being sooo caring about her health…like a adorable husband..krishna mesmerized seeing Sayyam’s love and careness…?
    Nice epi..keep it on the wishes to u appi…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am glad that u liked it apu..and I love ur idea.. Am surely going to use it.. Thanks for ur wonderful suggestion and inspiring comment.

  4. Nice one.update soon

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree.. I am glad that u liked it..

  5. Amazing? and that precap… plx update soon waiting for next

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u so much Anshu.. I am glad u liked it..but I will update tmr coz its late night in Los Angeles, USA.

  6. Hey ! hi iwas not able to comment on last eoisode . I am sorry for that . i am not sooooooooo good at commenting but i will try to comment daily .i liked todays episode it was cute ad the precap is so interesting .love ur ff

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Adarsha.. U are reading it and liking it.. I am really happy for that and thanks a lot for taking time and commenting today..

  7. Hi dear that’s was really good and exiting.and attack on Titans today’s episode was awsm OMG I can’t wait for next part.shanni is writing new ff? What is the name?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Yeah, I just loved it..and they used a cliff hanger on the colossal titan’s fall.. And the precap was interesting.. How did Mikasa and Armin and others get so beaten up, did u see hanji’s condition in the precap. I do the read the Manga but I think I skipped that part and eagerly waiting for Levi’s return.. I just luke him soo much and yeah shaani started a new ff. Its called love after marriage.. I will send u link to the 4th epi..and thanks a lot for ur comment..

      1. Ya I have seen hanji’s condition I think they got injured when they tried to protect eren

  8. So amazing?and sayyam’s naughty side is love??❤I surely want a life partner like him ???❤❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Zani.. I am happy thta u liked it.. Hope u get ur wish ?

  9. Fantastic track amazing episode perfect dialogue love dit Rahul will take kriyam lovesttory to a whole new level u killed it

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maria.. I am really happy that u liked it.. Thanks for all the appreciation

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