Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie Part 35

Hi everyone, back with the 35th Sorry for not posting yesterday. But bright side I got a 100% in the quiz and I gave my AP Physics 1 exam on Tuesday.. Though 5 is obtained by only 6% percentage of students in the whole USA  but I hope I get it. Everyone please pray for me.. I want to be the first person who gets a 5 in AP Physics in our school in 4 years. Anyways, today kriyam will be departing and entry of a new Villain.

So, let the episode commence,

Saiyyam was calling krishna continuously while packing his stuff. Krishna comes out of the washroom.

Krishna: What happened Saiyyam?

Saiyyam: I can’t find by blue jeans and the black one too.

Krishna looks around and sees his pants lying under the opening of the luggage.

Krishna: U have gone blind.

Picks it and show it to saiyyam.

Saiyyam: oh, it was a here all along and I was looking for it like crazy.

Krishna: u do act crazy.

Krishna turns to go but Saiyyam stops her… And pulls her towards him.. He removes her hair and says.

Saiyyam: what if I say I did it purposely to gain ur attention?

Krishna: (moves and pulls his cheeks) than I would say it was a so not cool trick and it was predictable.

Saiyyam: (plays with her hair) come on krish, u are so unromantic.

Krishna: My romance is in control except ur instincts are probably high.

Saiyyam: what to do? Seeing u I can’t control myself.. (Makes a sad face) i am so sad we are leaving so soon.

Krishna: oh I remembered. I still had packing left.

She kisses Saiyyam on the cheeks and goes back to her packing.

Timeskip to airport…..

Krishna’s friends are here to see them off.

Cathleen: Bye krish, we will miss u.

Krishna: don’t worry. i will try to visit soon.

Saiyyam: Cathleen, next time be ready becoz we will come with our kids.

Krishna: (embarrassed and lightly hits Saiyyam) saiyyam!!!

Lisa: it’s ok, krish. Even I am excited for my niece for nephew.

Krishna: come on.. U guyz don’t start as well.

They hear announcement for the flight.. They bid bye and gets in the line.

Saiyyam: krishna?

Krishna: hmm, u wanna ask something?

Saiyyam: Don’t like kids?

Krishna: of course.. I do. Don’t u see I love Rishab?

Saiyyam: then…(stops).. Why do u get angry when I talk about our kids? Don’t u want a family of our own?

Krishna: (confused) u are taking it way to deeper Saiyyam. Of course, i do want kids… But I hate the way u keep saying it in front of others Plus we are still newly married.

Saiyyam: oh.. Why? are u embarrassed? (Narrows his eyes).

Krishna: (glare) Yes, I am.

In the flight…

Krishna: (whispers) Saiyyam, how about we come here again next holiday?

Saiyyam: No.. We will go to UK. I saw ur place and its time for u to see mine.

Krishna: Do ur friends live there?

Saiyyam: (happily) yeah.. All of them..(stops with a sad expression) except…

Krishna: What happened? Why did u get sad all of a sudden?

Saiyyam: Nothing… Just remembered an incident… A tiff with a friend. My only Indian friend in UK.

Krishna: come on.. Forget about bad situations.. Tell me more about ur University and (looks differently) how many girlfriends u had?

Saiyyam: I used to change girl friends every week.

Krishna: what? U had girl friends and u changed every week.. Thats so mean and…

Saiyyam: they were really good.. Cute.. And pretty..

Krishna: why didn’t u marry one of them than?(pouts crossing her arms).

Saiyyam: becoz, they were not my Queen…(pokes Krishna’s cheeks).

Krishna: I am not flattered.

Saiyyam: I was joking about having girlfriends. I didn’t have any..And.. Do I look like a person who would deceive girls every week?.

Krishna: (inspects him) hmm, u do look like a decent person.(laughs)

Saiyyam also joins with her…

At the airport in India….

Kriyam gets down while saiyyam is tired again.

Saiyyam: i reconsider about my desicion about coming with kids..i don’t want them to get tired like this.

Krishna: its not that bad

Saiyyam: Maybe for u.. By back is hurting for sitting so long..(moves a bit).

Krishna: Look there is Yuvan bhai.

They go to him..

Yuvan hugs Saiyyam and Krishna..

Yuvan: congrats on ur success kriyam.

Krishna: kriyam? Bhai who told u that name?

Yuvan: Baby said that she and Disha came up with that name.

Saiyyam: (chuckles) isn’t the name cute?(looks at krishna).

Krishna scoffs and they get into the car.

Yuvan: Did u guyz visit any places?

Saiyyam: of course, we did. After all in a honeymoon..

Saiyyam stops as he gets pinched by Krishna.

Yuvan: Honeymoon?

Krishna: yes bhai, saiyyam meant to say we saw a lot of honeymoon couples.

Yuvan: oh.

Saiyyam: we went to Universal Studious, Griffith Park, Hollywood Sign, City walk, and Krishna’s fav place which is my nightmare.

Yuvan: let, me guess. If its Krishna’s fav place and ur nightmare than definitely we guyz went to the malls.

Saiyyam: yeah, we spent like 5 hours in a row.

Yuvan: lucky, that u got only 5 hours.

Krishna: see saiyyam. I don’t shop much like u describe.

Yuvan: oh, Saiyyam I forgot to tell u.. One of ur friends from UK is at our house. He came to meet u but u were away. So mom kept him until he mets u.

Saiyyam: (confused) friend from UK? But who? Is he like a foreigner or Indian?

Yuvan: he is Indian, saiyyam.

Krishna: saiyyam remember in the hotel u were saying something about ur friend who was the only Indian.

Saiyyam: It can’t be. How? And why? After everything…

Krishna: we should just go and see..

They step down from the car and walks towards the BH door. Krishna looks at Saiyyam who is tensed and sweating. Krishna holds his arm and gives a consoling look. He smiles back at her.

The door opens….

They enter and see everyone…along with another new person.

Man: Saiyyam, i am glad u are back.

Saiyyam: (in a confused tone) u and here?

Precap: who’s the new guy? And what are his intensions.

Okay guyz, now I will start the villaim track. Through this track Kriyam fights him together and a lot of funny, sad and twist are to be seen..

Hope u liked it and plz plz put down ur views.

Till than bye…..?

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  1. Nice concept going on dialouges were just perfect waiting eagerly for the next part

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      Thank u soo much Naina.. I am really happy that u liked it.

  2. Awesome

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      Thanks a lot Sinni.

  3. Eagerly waiting for this track❤and today’s epi was good❤

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  4. Alvia

    Aha this is interesting

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    Hi,anahita..After a long time…superb episode..very very excited for the villain..good luck

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      .and congrats on starting a new ff..

      1. Mayesha

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  6. Nice episode.plz update soon.

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      Thank u soo much Sree.. Will try to update soon

  7. Shaani

    Nice episode as always… Very nice.. Keep writing… Eagerly waiting for the next episode…

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      Thanks a lot Shaani… I am glad that u liked it..

  8. Nice one.

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