Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie part 28

Hi guys its me Annie with the 28th episode which is the confession…
My hearty thanks to…
Mayesha apu, Shaani, Hafsaa, Yura, Dwidha, Isha, Fenil, Kudrat, Fidato, Shreya( Fanficwriter), Aman, Ela, Ema, Swetha, Dinu, Sanjana, Aisha, Aveesha, Misbah, Minerva, Jenita, Sinni, Prethiga, Sree, Maria, Faaizah,  Saniyaa, Alvia, Zani Saleem, Harchi, nairan_Kriyam lover and all of my commentors… Thank u soo much for all of ur support.
In the completion of today’s episode I had great help from Mayesha apu.. Thank u soo much for ur extraordinary ideas. I am indebted to u for all of ur help. Love u..
Anyways, lets proceed to the epiosde..

Saiyyam calls Aryan..

Aryan: Hello jiju.. Congrats.. Krishna man gayi, right?

Saiyyam: No.. Infact she is scaring me by saying negative stuff.

Aryan: its her habit to scare others.

Saiyyam: well, currently i am going to home. She is supposed to disclose her desicion..

Aryan: than why are u sulking man? I am sure today will be ur lucky day.

Saiyyam: I hope things come out as per our wishes..

Aryan: Don’t worry jiju. Everything will be fine.

Saiyyam: hmm.

Saiyyam reaches BM. In nervousness he is walking slowly and gulping again and again.He walks to their room and finds everything dark.

Saiyyam: why is there so much of darkness? Does krishna want to scare me with ghosts now?

He turns on the light and sees…(sees what?)

Sees krishna sleeping on the bed peacefully without a flinch showing that she is awake.. Saiyyam walks to her and wakes her up..

Saiyyam: krishna, krishna..wake up.

Krishna gets up from the bed rubbing her eyes and pretending to be asleep.

Krishna: oh saiyyam. When did u come?

Saiyyam: krishna tell me ur decision.. I am surely going to die out of heart attack due to all the pressure..

Krishna:(confused) wait? Was I supposed to tell something?

Saiyyam: how can u forget krish? U called to tell about ur decision.

Krishna: really? Sorry I forgot. I will tell u tomorrow, when I remember. Ok. Now let me sleep.

Tries to tuck herself in bed but saiyyam pulls her again..

Saiyyam: plz krishna.. Don’t make me go round all over again.

Krishna: ok, u want to know my decision.. Fine I will tell u..(she stops and sighs) I am sorry Saiyyam but I can’t love u.

That’s it.. Saiyyam stood there shocked and tears starts to flow from his eyes.. He felt as if someone snatched the earth from under his feet. He didn’t expect such an answer from krishna. All of his dreams that he weaved were crashing down over hin.He didn’t say anything to krishna and starts to walk slowly out of the room. Krishna looks at him leaving..

Krishna: I know where u are going saiyyam.. Go and u will find a surprize..after all i know ur choices vividly.

Saiyyam starts to walk towards the terrace.. And Krishna’s rejection plays on his mind again and again..
He pushed the door and sees a decorated place..

He sees the terrace filled with decorated heart shaped balloons.. A table for two with candle light dinner and a tent built over it.. The tent has their childhood pictures, their wedding pictures, their memories and their first meeting photos.. The balloons were pink and the tent over was blue.. The table was white with food in it.

Saiyyam: all this…

Krishna: (from the back) yes saiyyam I did all this..(wearing a red frock)

Saiyyam: (looks back) but just now u told..

Krishna: its true that I can’t I love u too Saiyyam.. Becoz there are two reasons..becoz if I love my bestfriend that will be a deceit to my husband and thats why I love my husband Saiyyam Birla a lot..and secondly, I won’t say i love u too becoz I love u a lot, lot more..

Saiyyam can’t hold back his happiness and hugs krishna tightly..

Saiyyam: krishna u really scared me.. I thought that u.. Nevermind. I can’t believe it.. U love me.. Thats like the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

Krishna: yeah don’t worry i know i am great..anyways u still have a lot to see and  I am not done with my confession yet..

Krishna brings out a rose from her frock and kneels down..

Krishna: Saiyyam will u be my husband  from now on?

Saiyyam takes the rose and hugs her again.. He breaks apart and starts to lean towards her face but krishna moves back..

Krishna: (blushes) save that for later.. Now I want u to show all the pictures I put up with so much effort..

Saiyyam: krish even I have something for u.

He takes out a platinum diamond heart shaped ring.

Krishna: I am already engaged.. How will u put another ring?(shows the previous ring).

Saiyyam: put it on other finger.. (Saiyyam makes krishna wear the ring).

Krishna: Its so pretty Saiyyam.. Thank u soo much.

Saiyyam: i brought this especially for my Queen. It had to be as pretty as my queen.

Krishna: (blushes) Flirty talks..

Saiyyam: maybe.

She drags Saiyyam to the tent and keeps showing her the pictures..

Saiyyam: (points at a childhood photo) remember this incident krish. U were so scared on that ride.

Krishna: (points at another photo) and this one.. Look at u whining for ice cream like a baby.

Saiyyam: Come on u were kids that time.

Krishna: and u still are one.

Saiyyam: (looks at Krishna) thank u krishna for coming into my life. i was incomplete without u. U have been in my heart forever. Thanks for giving me the opportunity for being happy with u.(cries a bit). I never thought I would be able to have such a special day like this.

Krishna: (holds Saiyyam’s hand) no saiyyam. I am thankful to u for making me realise what true love is..and for loving me always. And all the support and also thanks for standing beside me.

Krishna and Saiyyam has an eye-lock..

Aankhon ko… teri aadat hai,
Tu dikhe na toh inhe shiqayat hai

Bin chhuey chhu liye hain
Tune mujhko diye hain
Pyaar ke ye taraane janiya

Ye jo ab ho raha hai
Kuch ajab ho raha hai
Kya yehi pyaar ka hai ehsaas

Sau aasmaano ko
Aur do jahano ko
Chhod ke aayi tere paas 

Plays in the background…

Krishna and saiyyam sit on the table..and Krishna serves him all of his favourite dishes and they take a lot of photos.. After having dinner and a bit of chit chattering about their childhood they walk to the railing of the terrace..krishna stands next to saiyyam and takes a deep breath

Krishna: so Mr. Birla did u enjoy the date?..

Saiyyam: (cups her face) thanks krishna for making my day so special..

Krishna: what to do? After all u expressed urself in a single go.. Someone had to make things romantic.. And it was me..

Saiyyam: (leans towards krishna and whispers) Romantic huh? I have more ideas to take  romance to another level..(smirks).

He says it and kisses Krishna’s forehead and than her cheeks. He leans towards her lips but krishna pops up..

Krishna: Saiyyam we need to remove this before anyone gets suspicious.

Saiyyam: (makes a puppy face) what yeah krishna?

Krishna: stop faking faces and help me..

They together move things and while keeping krishna slips and falls in Saiyyam’s arms..

Saiyyam: don’t fall on me now Krishna.. U have plenty of time later.(winks).

Krishna: what are these u are taking about? Help me put this chair back.. They fix the and goes downstairs…

At their bedroom…

Krishna: (while taking out clothes from her cupboard..) today was a hectic day huh?

Saiyyam comes and hold krishna from behind .. He keeps his chin on her shoulders, kisses her neck slightly and replies..

Saiyyam: yep it was a busy and scary day for me.. Thanks to ur first rejection and playing with me plan.

Krishna: so I scared u right? Move back and go to sleep..and i will plan for more ways to make u scared.

Saiyyam: Sleep?

He turns her to him keeping his hands on her waist and moves to her ears…

Saiyyam: I am not going to sleep now..

Krishna: Saiy…

Saiyyam: (keeps a finger on her lips) shshsh.. How much will u talk?

He moves towards a blushing krishna and they both melt into a passionate kiss.. Saiyyam takes krishna to the bed and makes her lie down…
Saiyyam moves forward and kisses her.. Krishna tries to get up but Saiyyam pulls her back.. He moves towards krishna and the light goes off…(lights had to go off..don’t want to intrude and destroy their privacy )

So, kriyam is seen later sleeping cuddling next to each other..

Precap: Next morning…

So guyz, I hope u liked the confession..and I couldn’t add much romance scenes becoz I am not good at it..anyways, which track do u guyz want next..
1. Perfect wife for Aryan.
2. A new Villain.
3. Yuvraj goes missing and kriyam saviour.
4. A second honeymoon.
5. Yuvani’s pregnancy.
6. Business trip to somewhere..(all of ur choice).

Guys plz select a track and the one with majority will be the next one..and if u all have some other track Ideas than my humble request plz let me know..

It was all for today.. Hope to hear ur reviews..

Till than bye…?

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  1. hi annie i am a silent reader but your ff forced me to comment.First of all i will like to congratulate for your last ff success i read that also.Secondly, its amazing to read stories like this which has its own charm and grace , also it makes our wish of kriyam scenes full (i dont know why cvs does not get inspired by u all fabulous writers.)this track is amazing ,i just loved it bestfriends turns into lovers (woooow).And one more think i want all of these tracks ,these all r soooo good .But pehle honeymoon because last one got runied by neeti :(:(:(

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for coming forward to comment Adarsha.. And for all the compliments and appreciation..and thanks for selecting a track.. I loved ur comment..and thanks for all the wishes..??

  2. Yuvraj goes missing and sayyam and krishna being his saviour or their second honeymoon?This too sounds amazing one?and the confession was the most cutest one I have ever red❤?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks so much Zani.. I am glad u liked it and thanks for selecting a track..❤❤

  3. New villain Krishna s life & sayyam jelous something different story next uplod olzz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks for choosing a track Richa..

  4. Wow that was beautiful….. OK. I personally want a second honeymoon and then wife for Aryan……..and please year try to upload soon.. I know you are busy but… Can’t wait to read the next one…..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Jenita.. I am glad that u liked it.. And will try to update soon and thanks for choosing a track..

  5. Hey you can put jealousy in the business trip track.. Like a lady client is trying to be close with sayyam and kriyams cute fights and romance…but after honeymoon and Aryans marriage…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks again for the great idea Jenita.. Will try to use it..

  6. Swetha7

    You have done great……Firstly i need their second honeymoon.first one was not so romantic as they were just friend.secondly i need a entry of another villain.during the entry of the second villain i want krishna to be pregnant.actually i want to see their bond become stronger and fight against the hardships they come across together.further more i like to see sayyam’s caring and protective nature through krishna’s pregnancy.i want krishna to be pregnant during the entry of the second villain because it will show how sayyam fight against to save his loving wife and unborn child…..i may be too much but this is just my idea annie.i love your ff and writing style and always will be.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Great idea swetha.. I am thinking to do a mix of track. They will go to a business trip and treat it as a honeymoon.. A villain will kidnap Yuvraj.. Kriyam saves them and the next track will be a entry to another villain with Krishna’s pregnancy. Thanks for all the appreciation swetha.. Along with ur fantabulous ideas and again I am glad that u liked it..❤?

  7. Alvia

    I’ll go with 1 4 6 btw it was so good just loved it ???keep it up

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Alvia.. I will try to use ur suggestion.

  8. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Di I will say as 1,4,5 I like all these….
    And my name is afrah may I know from where u are Di if ur fine only.
    Anyways nice epi update the next part asap pls……

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks Afrah.. I am glad u liked it.. I am from Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.. And where are u from?

      1. Nairan_kriyam_lover

        Di I am from Dubai, UAE….

  9. i really liked dat fake rejection scn…wow u show evry thing with so ease…n specially that intruding privacy..hahhahaha..really v shudnt intrude someone‘s privacy…but on the whole awesome epi…loved it…n i m reading it again..n again..n smiling all i read it..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much Saniyaa. I am happy that I could be a source of ur smile and am glad that u liked it..❤??

  10. n pls a new villan…or business trip

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Will surely take into consideration..thanks for choosing

  11. Fenil

    nicely portrayed
    can’t wait for next.
    I hate negativity so if u have short story of negative character than only i will read.
    Rest of idea i will give u in pm as my birthday today 7th may..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much FENIL… don’t worry i don’t use much negativity so it will be mainly kriyam..and its already 7th May in India.. Its still 6th here.., Happy Birthday hope u have a fantastic day..

  12. THE MUCH AWAITED EPISODE Well first of all the episode was on fire ? spiced with kriyam romance the confession was too cute u really deserve a list of comments for this marvellous piece of writing thank u so much for the shoutout n yeah a villlan or business trip will go perfectly ❤️??way to go girl???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for alll of ur appreciative words.. I am soo glad that u liked it.. I happy that I could live up to ur expectations..and thanks for ur vote to a track.. Will try to follow it..

  13. Both are went business trip and spend some quality of is also a second honeymoon.anew villain is coming and yuvraj missing.this is my opinion. Anyways nice episode. Keep posting. Update soon plz.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree. Even I want to do a mix of tracks.. I am glad that u liked it.

  14. Mayesha

    Sorry Anahita for my late commenting..I was in deep sleep when the update was published..
    Thank u so very much means a lot to me that u consider me in such a manner..I am just about to little sis don’t stay with whenever I talk with u,I feel like I am talking to my sis..?? It really means a lot to me…I am really grateful that I could give a little help to u…love u dear…
    What to say about the episode…How immensely the confession was done..!!!???…and yeah,we should not hinder their privacy??..
    U have to go a long way,appi…so keep up with the track one by one..honeymoon and business trip can be done in together..sayyam should use tricks in Aryan’s marriage..just like Aryan do…some masti as well..then the Yuvraaj wala part..thn the pregnency…best of luck

    1. Mayesha

      My little sis *doesn’t

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize apu.. I totally understand our time difference.. Infact i am really happy that u liked.. Even for me u are like my older sis.. And I like that as I don’t have any sis.. But now I have u.. Thank u for all the help and sweet words.. I am really glad that i was able to meet upto ur expectations..and thank u soo much for all ur support and appreciation apu..❤??

      1. Mayesha

        Aaww..that’s soo sweet of u..anahita..

    3. AnahitaAnnie

      ☺☺❤❤..u are sweeter apu..

  15. A new villain who has an eye on Krishna and wants her..?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks for ur idea Ishika.

  16. Ela

    Oh god annie i m just blushing when i m reading dis….plz add these type of scenes in every epidode…i want their scnd honeymoon…keep posting

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela.. I am glad that u liked it..and though I suck at writing romance but I will still for u..and thanks for commenting.

  17. Shaani

    Nice episode… I lve this confession part superb?
    Keep writing waiting for the next episode

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani.. I am glad that u liked it.. I have submitted the next part..

  18. Hi Annie confession was so cute yaar???? it was really emotional. I want track 3. And after that aryan marriage and then honey moon. This is my wish yaar. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura.. I am glad u liked it..and thanks for choosing a track..the next episode is already submitted.

  19. Hii annie? I am a silent reader. I was waiting for their confession? I love your ff.❤ Its amazing i always keep waiting for yu to update ??
    Annnd todays episode……. o my goood
    Its unbelievable ? i loved itt ?
    I am eagerly waiting for their second honeymoon ?? and a new villain ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Anshu.. Ur appreciative words really means a lot.. Thank u for coming forward to comment.. And sorry I know I take to update. Sorry about that..and thank u soo much for choosing a track. Next one is submitted already.. Hope it is posted soon.

  20. Hi Annie doing very well yaar I loved it and I always love words to describe ur ff.u r awsm u r very cleaver too..u have many ideas to narrate next track…Umm….ok i will go with choosing Perfect wife for Aryan.and it should be funny like kriyam choosing for his life partner not whole u know choosing one girl as his correct life partner.its just my idea I know this is worst .And one more thing I read all ur previous episodes as u know I’m little busy with my exams so I’ll be regular after 15th of this month.till then bye with lots of love..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks u soo much Somi for all of ur appreciative words.. I am really gkad that u liked it.. I just now realised I missed ur name in the ff there but thanks a lot for being a part in my journey..and of course ur idea is never the worst.. Thanks for ur suggestion.. Hope u ace the exams.. Best of luck..

  21. Faaizah

    Just amazing Annie, sorry my not commenting that much as well as my late comets, im just in love with you FF, im your number one fan, cant wait for next update, love ya

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Faaizah.. Don’t apologize..i am really glad u liked part is submitted

  22. Heyy…2 & 3 looks interesting coz kriyam tryng 2 save yuvraj wud b sumthng new to read..!!? n ofcourse 4??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ishita for choosing a track.. I appreciate u taking out time for it…??

  23. Hey u already mentioned and all other commentors… so that’s enough for me?.and my actual name is shreya Reddy.

    1. Mayesha

      R u and Ishita Reddy 2 sis?????

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Oh..Nice to meet u shreya.. And I still feel guilty for missing out name.. Thanks for forgiving me.

  24. Minerva

    Exceptional and rarest of the rare. This work of art was absolutely priceless and indeed marvellous. The beautified acts and exemplary flow of words were intensely mesmerizing and captivating.
    Heartbreak after rejection was wonderfully conceptualised and presented. The storyline is indeed amazing and lovely. A realistic and unique approach to confessions of love was heartily anticipated and this was just the masterpieces we expected. Amazing and unexpected are the only words I am left with presently. The flow of emotions along with the great dialogues and actions lent this episode a superb touch. I truly have no words to praise you enough..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Minerva. I am soo happy that u liked it.. As usual ur comment was beautiful and thanks a lot for the words of appreciation..

  25. second honeymoon’

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks for choosing..

  26. Awesome episode dear
    Enjoyed a lot…..
    Waiting for next. .

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dwidha.. I am happy that u liked it..

  27. R u asking we both r sisters? No we r not sisters.i don’t know her.

    1. Mayesha

      ooo…both of ur surname is reddy..So I thought….sorry..BTW..nice to meet u shreya

  28. Superb epi??!! Loved the confession? was cute.I would choose :
    1.because Aryan should also get a life.?.and also excited to read about him finding true love .?
    2. As we need a villan to spice up ff.?
    4.As their 1st Honeymoon was ruined..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Isha.. I am very happy that u liked it..and thanks a lot for choosing..

  29. Actually that’s not surname last name.

    1. Mayesha

      As Birla, Sharma, Mathur etc r surname,so I thought it(Reddy) would be a surname(patronymic)..

  30. My actual name is mandadi shreya Reddy so here mandadi is my surname i mean initial

  31. Here mandadi comes from our father and Reddy is from both mom and dad

    1. Mayesha

      Ooppss…that means it was a huge misunderstanding..???

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