Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie part 27

Hi guyz.. Its me Annie.. I apologize for not being able to post yesterday.. I was drowning in quizzes.. First Honours English, Honours Algebra 2 and than Advanced Biology.
Too many exams.. Anyways good news that I got a 100% in all of them..

So lets start our episode….

Krishna and Saiyyam were leaving for office.. Krishna was driving today…

Saiyyam: krishna.. Did u reach a decision?(while looking at the papers)

Krishna takes a sudden break and looks at Saiyyam in anger..

Saiyyam: I… I wasn’t talking about that.. I was asking did u reach a decision regarding the deal? (Gulps).

Krishna: (embarrassed at her actions) yeah.. We should sign the deal..

Saiyyam: oh, ok.. But if u have brought it up than let me ask. did u reach to any conclusion about….

Krishna: That’s the last time u are asking me about it..

Saiyyam: ok.. u still have 1 day 5 hours 292 minutes and 45 seconds.Take ur time.

Krishna: u are counting seconds and minutes.

Saiyyam: every second is being hard on me krishna..

Krishna: Yeah.. I said that I will tell soon.. Hold some patience.

Time skip to home….

Krishna was walking around the corridor..

Krishna: why can’t i reach to any conclusions? Saiyyam is killing me for the answers and truly I feel bad for him.. Seeing him in tension regarding the matter. But why am I so confused?

Suhani sees krishna walking looking up and in a worried face..

Suhani: krishna..

Krishna: oh ma. U need something.

Suhani: no beta but are u tensed regarding something?

Krishna: ( tensed) no. Not all. I am fine.

Suhani: Its ok if u don’t want to share. But remember i am always there to help.

Suhani leaves..

Krishna: Take help from ma. But how to ask her? Bingo, ask her like u are here for a friend.. Hmm. Decent plan.

Krishna enters Suhani’s room..

Krishna: Ma..

Suhani: krishna.. Come in beta.

Krishna: remember ma u asked if I was worried. I was actually thinking about a friend. Umm. There is a boy who proposed to her. They have been friends like for many years and she is confused. So u know any explanation I can give her..(ah.. Convincing explanation krishna).

Suhani: hah true love. There is never any confusion in love is when u think that person is the best..when u think u can trust most on that person..when that person’s little things matters a lot to u.. When little arguments with that person is fun. Like me and Yuvraj and the cute arguments between u and Saiyyam. And mostly importantly, when that person is the most precious person in ur life.. Who u can’t afford to lose.. Ever.

Krishna: so if she feels about him that way than it means she loves him?

Suhani: no doubt..and who is this friend?

Krishna: (gets thinking) oh her name is Priyanka. She is a friend from USA.

Yuvraj is heard calling suhani from downstairs..

Suhani: (to Yuvraj) coming..(To Krishna) i need to go down. If u have any further questions feel free to ask me..

Krishna: hmmm.

Krishna’s POV

So, person u trust more.. I trust saiyyam a doubt. After all he always retains my trust. Saiyyam’s matters…(flashback of him being sad, distressed) and thats also right.. His little things matters to me a lot. And arguments…(laughs) I love when I have teasing fights with him.. Well everything matches and losing him is unthinkable for me.. He is a person whom I can never let go.. Never.. I feel that way about saiyyam.. That means I love him?

Flashbacks of their marriage, honeymoon and arguments play in her mind..

Krishna: ofcourse.. I do love him..i will call him.

Goes to call…but stops..

Krishna: no.. Not over phone.. Let him count seconds for a while.. I can never believe I love saiyyam..(laughs). But I always found him annoying..but he is my bestfriend..and now my love..

Saiyyam’s POV

Looks at the watch.. Approximately 24 hours, 56 minutes and 47 seconds. Huh.. Whats taking u soo much time krishna? Was there soo much confusion among us.. But I thought u will realise.. What if.. What if? its a no.. Am I prepared for it?

Phone rings…

Krishna: Saiyyam, why are u not at home?

Saiyyam: i was just relieving stress by strolling around the gardens.

Krishna: looks like I have a way to relieve u from ur stress.

Saiyyam: no krish.. No way relieve me now..

Krishna: Not even my answer?

Saiyyam: (jumps) really? U are going to tell me?

Krishna: yes I have made my decision.

Saiyyam: ok tell me when and where should I come? (Excited).

Krishna: don’t jump much.. U don’t my decision yet.. Be prepared.. It might be too much for u to handle..

She hangs up..

Saiyyam: but krishna… She hanged up.. Why is she scaring me like that?

Krishna’s pov

I am not going make this easy on u saiyyam.. After all I am krishna Birla.. I need to make u a little scared right? But don’t worry u will get what u want.. All right arrangements…

Precap: saiyyam enters their room.. To find krishna in …

So guyz confession is tomorrow.. I know its a bit early but I couldn’t wait anymore… U have any wishes and ideas plz put it down..

I am open for all of ur requests.. Any scenes u want for the confession.. U can list ur wish and I will try my best to add it..

Now thats all for today… Plz put ur reviews..

Till than bye….. ?

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  1. Hello Annie di,
    how r u, ur studies nd mumaa-papa, didi, bhaiya..??
    sorry di,
    I’m really for not cmt past episode…
    actually I’ve a exam or prepration that’swhy I’m not able to cmt…
    hope u understand… But I read ur ff all parts….
    di firstly thanku thanku thank u THANK YOU sooooo much for writing WONDESFUL FANTASTIC FABLOUS SUPERB MINDBLOWING or totally Gajaaa……Bb ff, heartf..l thax to u for ENTERTAINING us..
    love you di love u sosoooo much
    or di BIG bra vo sabse bra wala Co.Ng.Ra.Tu.La.Ti.On to u for all ur success bcoz when u win that time I felt very happy but not able to congrts u…
    or didi CONGRATULATION for ur successful 27th epi..
    I hope soon u reached 50+100+……
    miss u di..
    God bless u..
    Good luck for ur future..!!!
    stay healthy..
    keep smiling..
    be happy..
    stay blessed always..
    love u….
    keep missing me..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Kudrat for such a cute comment.. My mom dad and brothers are good and I don’t have a sister.. And how’s ur family? Don’t apologize I totally understand..and if its not prying whats ur age.. And in which grade do u read..anyways thank u soo much for all the wishes.. I am happy that I could entertain u guyz.. And even i hope to reach further episodes..anyways thanks for ur beautiful comment.. U also stay happy..☺☺

  2. Nice make it hot ❤️ loved t and cant wait

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks Aisha.. Hmm I have never written hot scenes but lets see. I will try to add romance.. And thanks for ur comment

  3. Mayesha

    I was waiting since yesterday for ur ff…loved it…bt I think next update can pay for my waiting…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot apu.. And sorry for the long wait.. I hope I can live upto ur expectations tomorrow..

      1. Mayesha

        don’t need to say sorry…evry1 has ownlife…we neglect neglect that..And I know it’s not that easy to write an ff.. Congrts for ur success,dear..

  4. Shaani

    Aree waaahh… Nice episode.. I loved it… Krishna is making sayyam scared n that scene on the way to office was soo nice… ? well written..eagerly waiting for the next part ? keep writing ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much buddy for ur inspirational words.. Really shaani i am beyond happy u liked it.. Next part maybe will be posted on 1 pm in LA time.. Gotta sleep now.. Its night..and thanx again..i am glad that u liked it..??

  5. Loved the episode!❤❤make sure the next episode is long!!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aman.. Don’t worry the confession will be long..

  6. Nice episode. Waiting for next episode. Upload fast plz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Sree..will try to update soon.

  7. saiyyam counting mins n sec…woahh dat ws a killer scn…ill b eagerly waiting for will b fun to watch krishna‘s confessions..n d nervous saiyyam..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Saniya. I hope u will like the next episode too.

  8. Ela

    Firstly congrats on ur success ???…and plz put some romantic scenes between kriyam during confession…eagerly waiting for next episode ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela.. Next part is submitted and there is romance..

  9. Prethiga

    Awesome epi annie… Loved it… Tomorrow is the confession and I am eagerly working for it… I maybe not able to comment on the next few episodes cuz I have come to my granny’s house where the wifi is damn slow… But I will try my best to comment and plz post the next epi soon….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot prethiga. I submitted the confession part.. Hope u like it and don’t worru aboit commenting.. Hope u enjoy ur trip..

  10. Hey Annie, How r u ??In ssel they rushed the confession?…Plz try to make the confession in an awesome way and long too..We know u can do it?..Add some hot romance..Loved today’s epi Annie..keep writing?

    1. Congratulations on getting 100% ?..keep up the good work?..May god bless u dr ?

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot for thw wishes Isha.. I have submitted the next part.. Hope u like it..

  11. How do u get 100% in all subjects?? ?
    Tell me some tips plz..
    Btw I liked today’s epi

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Ishika.. Speaking truly even I don’t know how I get 100%… But Quizzes are easy..

  12. Fidato

    Annie…Can’t wait for confession… Please update soon… I loved this confession..Bold Krishna and nervous Sayyam….Haha…?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fidato.. I have submitted the next part..and yeah I switched the qualities among the characters.. Hope u like tge next one.

  13. Very nice episode Annie… Krishna too realised her love….?? yayyy. Make the confession deep and emotional. Previous episodes also very good dear. Sorry for not commenting

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Yura… I hv submitted the next part and I tried to give emotional scenes

      Hope u like it.

  14. hi Annie i m a silent reader of all kriyyam ff. i love ur ff a lot i loved horror in kriyyams life also. today for first time i m commenting. Hope to see u soon.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much for coming forward and to comment Muniya.. I am really happy u liked my ffs… And where are u from? And i really treasure all ur appreciative words.. Thank u soo much..

  15. congratulation on ur success and epi was really good

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot ur wishes and I am glad that u liked it..

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