Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta By Annie part 26

Hi guyz its me Annie with the 26th epiosde.. Yep today is confession but… But what will happen? Well everything is described in the chapter.. So,

Lets proceed towards the story…

Krishna enters the room and sees Saiyyam walking to and fro and he is bitting his nails..

Krishna: saiyyam, u were supposed to say something.

Saiyyam: krishna u came so early..

Krishna: u are the one who told me to come fast.

Saiyyam: oh..well…

Krishna looks at him with a look that he should continue.

Saiyyam: I…I wanted to drink some water..

He tries to go but krishna holds him and pulls him towards her.. She makes saiyyam stand opposite her.

Krishna: saiyyam stop acting like a kid. I know this is not what u wanted to tell.

Saiyyam: promise u don’t get angry..

Krishna: How can I promise if I don’t hear it?

Saiyyam: Than forget it.. I said nothing.

Krishna: ok fine, I will try not to get angry.

Saiyyam: Krishna I umm..wanted to confess something that I was holding for so long. And I realised life is short and I can’t hold it any longer.

Krishna stands with a confused look on face.

Saiyyam: I umm…(stops and sighs) krishna, I love u…and I love u a lot.. All of the things I said in sangeet was true.. I don’t know when I started loving u. I thought to suppress it until u also feel the same but today I saw someone firing at u right before my eyes. And I couldn’t take it. I want u to know that I love u a lot and have always loved u.

Krishna shocked at the sudden confession can’t find words to reply..

Saiyyam: I am sorry krishna.. Plz don’t get angry.. Its just how I feel. I am sorry.

Saiyyam looks at krishna anticipating an answer but rather she stands with a blank expression.. After a moment she speak up..

Krishna: umm.. Saiyyam.(blushes) I don’t know what to say..its just.. I am not sure. Can I have sometime to think?

Saiyyam: (happy as he at least didn’t get a rejection) sure…take ur time.. I will be waiting for ur answer.

Krishna walks out of the room mumbling somethings to herself..

Krishna: saiyyam, loves me? But how can he fall in love with me? Weren’t we friends? Krishna stop.. The main question is not about saiyyam loving u.. Its about u loving saiyyam.. Do I love him?

Flashbacks of their friendship,  marriage, honeymoon and Saiyyam’s confession plays on Krishna’s mind.

Krishna: ugh.. Everything is so complicated.. I am losing my mind.
And Saiyyam. How will I face him? What if he asks me about my answer? I will just try not to come in his way for some time..

At kriyam bedroom…

Saiyyam is talking to Aryan..

Saiyyam: aryan, I confessed my feelings to krishna.

Aryan: what? When? How? What did she say?

Saiyyam: too many questions.. Anyways, she said she needs some time to think.

Aryan: congratulation jiju..

Saiyyam: But she didn’t say a yes yet.

Aryan: if krish says she needs time that means her answer would be a yes. Mark my words.

Saiyyam: i hope so..

He finishes talking with Aryan.. And goes to the washroom..
Krishna enters the room in deep thought… Suddenly saiyyam comes out while wiping his hair with a towel..

Saiyyam: Krishna?

Krishna: (gulps) (to herself: oh no saiyyam.. Now he will ask me about my answer) I think ma is calling me..

Tries to go but… Saiyyam calls her and walks up to her..

Krishna: saiyyam I sorry but I didn’t make a decision yet.. I have to go now.. Bye..

Saiyyam hold her hand…

Saiyyam: u don’t need to act like this krishna.. If my love is affecting our friendship than I don’t want that..

Krishna: (holds his hand back to reassure him) nothing is affecting our friendship saiyyam. Is just that I still need a bit time..and I didn’t want to give the same excuse to u again. Becoz i want to have an answer the next time I face u.

Saiyyam: plz krishna don’t avoid me.. Even if the answer is a no.. I will accept it.

Krishna: No..

Saiyyam: (tears building up in his eyes) oh.. Its a no.

Krishna: no u stupid.. I meant to say I didn’t say anything and I will not avoid u anymore.. And I will try to tell u my decision by a..

Saiyyam: 3 hours?

Krishna: by a week..

Saiyyam: A week? (Gives a shocked expression).

Krishna: plz…Saiyyam..

Saiyyam: Ok.. I will be waiting..(smiles at her).

Timeskip to night…

At dinner table ..

Baby: saiyyam krishna are u guyz going somewhere after a week?

Kriyam looks at a confused face..

Krishna: Are we supposed to go somewhere Saiyyam? (Looks at him).

Saiyyam: I don’t remember making any such plans.

Baby:  oh While passing through ur room I heard u two discussing about something in a week..

Kriyam understands that they were talking about the confession.. And both look at each other and gulps..

Krishna: (laughs) oh in a week.. Saiyyam that in a week thing..(sign him)

Saiyyam: (pretends to laugh) oh that thing..

Yuvan: could we know what thing?

Krishna and saiyyam at the same time…

Kriyam: we have a project due..(looks at each other).

Yuvan: We do? Which one? (Thinks).

Krishna: the Singhania project..

Baby: Isn’t it due day after tomorrow?

Saiyyam: Is it? We must have discussed wrong..

Krishna: yeah wrong..(looks down)

In bed….

Krishna comes changing into her night dress while saiyyam was sitting on the bed looking at krishna.. Krishna comes and sits on bed..

Saiyyam: So krishna…

Krishna: So what?

Saiyyam: did u think about thr matter?

Krishna: see Saiyyam..  U are asking me about it.. For this reason i was avoiding u..

Saiyyam: sorry krish but I was just…

Krishna: u can’t wait or are u anxious about my response..

Saiyyam: both actually..and one week is a long time.

Krishna: ok. How about 3 days? Can I plz have 3 days?

Saiyyam: hmm. 3 days.. I think I can wait..

Krishna: u have to wait if u don’t want a direct no.. Becoz without thinking i might give u the wrong answer.

Saiyyam: sorry..sorry. Take ur time…

Krishna turns off the light goes to sleep..

Saiyyam: sorry krish. Its just too hard for me to wait.. I hope ur answer is a yes.

Precap: suhani: love is when u think that person is the best..when u think u can trust most on that person..when that person’s little things matters a lot to u..
Krishna: I feel about saiyyam that way.. Thats means I love him?

So guyz.. Hope u enjoyed the episode.. Don’t get disheartened as the real confession is coming up with a bang… Krishna will realise in within 2-3 episodes and than we will see the real confession..

Plz put down ur precious reviews…

Till than bye….?

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  1. Ema

    Oh noo !! I was dissapointed greatly !!! So sad ???? anyway plz make her confess fast plzz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t be disappointed Ema… Becoz confession is coming with a big bang… The time is just for creating a different theme..

  2. Mayesha

    Sometimes,simplicity is needed before the bang bang…I hope their confession will be just like that..Today there is simplicity..then there will be an explosion,I guess.!!

    1. Mayesha

      but sometimes..the simplicity rocks..

    2. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much apu..yep confession will be special..

  3. Awwww can’t wait……. Please update soon… By the way you are a amazing writer…..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Jenita.. Next update will probably be tomorrow.

  4. Awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much sinni

  5. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Di could u pls tell me which episode is ur display pic or else ur last episode cover pic….
    Nice update

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much.. I exactly don’t remember but I think the pic is from the party held to console krishna..

  6. Prethiga

    loved this… the confession… wish krishna says a yes soon… and also wishing that whatever aryan said comes true… the part where saiyyam gets shocked when krishna asks time for a week was awesome and the dinning table part was funny… so i guess krishna will realize that she loves saiyyam in the next part… eagerly waiting for it…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Prethiga.. I am really happy that u liked it.. Yep krishna will realise her love soon..

  7. Nice episode. Krishna confession fast part soon plz

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sree.. Next part will be tomorrow.. Sorry but i have quizes..

  8. Loved the episode update the nest one ASAP

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aman.. Glad that u liked it..

  9. Faaizah

    Annie, just absolutely incredible, your story line and ur writing techniques are amazing, can’t wait for next episode ❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Faaizah.. Sorry but I just saw ur comment today.. I don’t know how I missed it..but plz forgive me.. I am sooo sorry. I am really angry on myself on missing this out. I was checking ur profile to find the “unrealistic” commenter and I noticed that I missed out ur comment..plz forgive me.. Dear I really apologize..anyways I love the prologue of ur new ff..

  10. Shaani

    Poor sayyam.. He needs to know her answer soo soon… I love that 3 hours part….
    This episode is too good… Loved it.. ? waiting for the next part..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani.. But sadly I can’t update today..?? i have 3 quizzes tomorrow.. I am so sorry..

      1. Shaani

        Oh.. It’s luck for ur quizzes ?

  11. Ela

    Can’t wait for krishna’s confession…make it fast….and episode was nice as always ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela.
      Don’t worry confession is coming up

  12. Minerva

    Amazing episode. The confession by sayyam was truly fantastic and awesome. It was indeed lively and realistic in the conception and portrayal. Nitika’s exit was unanticipated and occured in a quiet and ‘cool’ manner. It was a blow to my expectations from her but nonetheless, am glad that this confession was great. Superb..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Minerva and sorry I couldn’t make Neeti’s exit good.. I just didn’t want to drag her and I ended it quicky.. I am sorry if i couldn’t meet ur expectations.. Anyways i happy that u liked this part… And thanks for ur majestic ur comment as always..

  13. Fanficwriter

    Annie, you’re taking this confession at a perfect pace…Sayyam in this episode represented all guys in this universe…well done?
    Also, I burst out laughing when Krishna called him stupid?
    Boys…they’ll never change- jumping to conclusions all the time?

    Excited to see how Krishna realizes her feelings???
    All in all, it was a beautiful episode, you rocked it?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shreya.. I am glad u liked it.. In SSEL the confession was in the blink of an eye.. So in my ff i am giving them time.
      But its coming up.
      And yeay boys are boys.. And thanks for all the uu..❤?

  14. Waiting for the Big Bang ? confession awesome ? one ☝️ Annie loved it ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maria…❤❤

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