Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie Part 25

Hi guyz… I am Annie back with 25th episode… readers.I apologize in advance for the short chapter. Will confession will be tomorrow… But I will put it a bit differently..

Anyways, lets move forward with episode….


Neeti: This guyz are so annoying. Constantly spying on me. I didn’t even find the verdict papers. Now I will not be doing side n seek anymore.

Everyone is sitting in the living room. Well sitting but constantly spying on Neeti.

Neeti: I am going to the will be back later.

Krishna: i will come with u. I mean u were in UK for many years and u can forget the routes.

Neeti: same applies for u krishna. Even u were in USA for many years.

Baby: No problem.. I will drop u.

Neeti gets frustrated and starts to get angry.

Neeti: what is this I am observing for so many day? You guyz are 24/7 spying on me.

Krishna: what are u saying Neeti? We didn’t do anything like that.

Neeti: Krishna. Don’t take me for a fool and I didn’t take u one either. I very well knew u guyz would never believe in my sad story…i came here becoz I thought to find my desired paper but I couldn’t.

Krishna: papers?

Neeti: yes papers.. But now I am sick of playing cat and mouse with all of u. (Takes out a gun from under her duppatta and points towards krishna). This ends now..

Gun shot….

Saiyyam: krishna!!!(jumps and falls with her on the ground). Ma quick.

Suhani holds Neeti from the back by surprize and Baby snatches her gun. Neeti struggles to get free. Saiyyam helps krishna to get up..

Saiyyam: krish are u ok?

Krishna: Yeah..

Neeti: u all played really well. But I am not going to loose..

She frees from suhani and takes the gun from Baby.. She shoots but sees that the bullet is not firing..

Neeti: what the hell?(tries to shot).

Baby: neeti look here.

Baby shows the bullets on her hand.

Baby: I am not a fool to give u a gun with emos. (Laughs)

Saiyyam: (still holding krishna) Neeti, why are u doing this?

Neeti: Why am I doing this? Ask these to ur dad and father-in-law. They will know who the Thapar’s are..

Suhani: They were our clients.

Neeti: The same client who framed my dad in a big robbery case and sent him to jail. He couldn’t bear the humialiation. So my father commited suicide.. After my mom’s death I had only my dad. But u both families snatched him too.

Krishna: If the Thapars framed ur dad than what did we do?

Neeti: ur families had signed deals with them and to save their contract they gave false witness and statement. The thapars family died in a car accident. God made justice but ur justice will be done by me.

Suhani: we didn’t give the statement Neeti.

Neeti: liars.. U were the ones who brought the case in light.

Suhani: no, when we learned the truth we backed down. The Thapars arranged someone else with to give the statement.. We didn’t give it.

Neeti: (shocked) u all are making stuff up..

Suhani: U can ask the court if u want..

Neeti: its not possible. All the revenge I was growing up with is fake. But, my uncle told.

Saiyyam: who is ur uncle?

Neeti: Raghav Chauhan…

Suhani: Ur uncle was one of ur business rival. So he lied to u. To make u do his work.

Neeti: i don’t know how to explain this. I am sorry..

Suhani: its ok. We understand. Ur mind was filled with negativity. Its not ur fault.

Saiyyam: Neeti, but shooting krishna went too far.

Neeti: sorry.. Krishna..

Krishna: its ok.

Neeti: i will take my leave from all of u.

Suhani: Why don’t u stay for some time?

Neeti: Thank u aunty but I have some unfinished business to complete.

Neeti leaves…

Suhani: Krishna. Are u ok beta? I hope u are not hurt.

Krishna: I am absolutely ok ma.

Saiyyam: (whispers) krishna I have something to tell u.

Krishna: i am listening..

Saiyyam: Not like this..

Krishna: u need a mike?.

Saiyyam: don’t joke krish its serious.

Krishna: thats why I am asking u to continue.

Saiyym: come to the room and I will tell u.

Saiyyam enters their room..

Krishna’s pov

What does Saiyyam want to say that is so important? I hope everything is ok.

Saiyyam’s pov

Is my decision right? I hope this will not bitter relationship among us. Don’t back down saiyyam its now or never.

Precap: Saiyyam: Krishna, i wanted to confess something today. Plz don’t get angry. I realised that life is very short and I can’t hold it longer.
Krishna stands there confused.

Sorry guyz for the short one becoz I have to attend a pep rally and I need to perform both singing and dance. So practise took my time away. I really apologize.

Hope u all liked it… Plz put ur reviews..

Till than bye….?

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  1. wowww…it was just awesum…loved it..neeti‘s track ended n saiyyam saved krish…the saviour..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Saniyaa… I am happy u liked it..?

  2. Fanficwriter

    Girl!! I’m so sorry for not commenting for your last two chapters, I loved them though?

    Woah, I loved Baby in your episode today…she was so cool?
    I liked the backstory you gave Neeti, it was pretty creative
    Also, I found Krishna’s “mind slap” in the last episode pretty funny; it was cute?

    I’m glad you made Neeti a redeemable character- after all she’s done for Kriyam, she deserved it?

    You’re an amazing writer Annie; take you’re time with your next chapter- I’ll wait for it?
    Cause your writing is worth it?

    I bet the confession’s gonna be amazing…you’ll rock it??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t apologize Shreya.. I am soo glad that u liked it.. Confession is going to be different..and thats wht I will be extending it a bit..thanx a lot for all the praise.. And appreciation.. Being appreciated by an amazing writer liike u means a lot…?

  3. Swetha7

    I am relieved.Nitie’s chapter is over.I am so excited for the said I will be a different one.I hope you are not going to end this after the confession.actually I want some kriyam romance???.and I want them to take their relationship to the next step???.l know the idea is very common but I trust the magic of your writing.keep it up.waiting for the next episode.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Swetha.. U don’t want to rush through the confession like in SSEL so i will give sometime on it…and kriyam romance is surely coming up after confession..??

  4. Ema

    Jzt rock the confession with blushing kissing scenes and ton of romantic scenes waiting for it ??????????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u ..don’t worry the confession will be different.. I make this confession in once but through some time…but blushing scenes will surely be coming up..and after both of them confesses u knw whats coming up..☺☺

  5. Amazing❤❤update asap

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani..will try to update soon..

  6. Alvia

    I just hated that neeti well thank god she is out but still she deserved punishment becharo ka honeymoon bigar diya ? btw baby was so cool and i hope we can look forward to confession with less negative aftereffects

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Don’t worry Alvia.. I won’t put negativity on this track… The next track is all about confession..and love..

  7. Mayesha

    Finger crossed for the confession….!!!!! nice one.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot apu.. I already submitted the next one..

  8. Prethiga

    it was Excellent… at last neeti’s track is over and neeti realised that the birlas and mathurs were not at fault… loved baby’s part in it and the part were krishna asks saiyyam does he need the mike to speak…waiting to read the confession next…

  9. Shaani

    Omg…soo nice… Loved it… ? keep writing

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