Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta – By Annie Part 24(B)

Hi guyz its me Annie back with the 24th episode… Last episode was also mistakenly named as episode 24…so I put up a B for this one.Okay so I might end the Neeti’s chapter in 2 episodes and then maybe Kriyam Confession..

Okay so lets start….

At the breakfast table…..

Saiyyam and Krishna was yawning as they were working the project…

Bhavna: looks like some people didn’t get a good sleep yesterday.. What must have kept them woken? (Laughs).

Baby: I thought I heard some noises from the adjacent room. Looks like honeymoon mood is still on.

Kriyam look at each other and they both choke on their food…

Suhani: Di why are u troubling them?
Besides, Saiyyam and krishna why are u both still sleepy?

Krishna: we didn’t complete the Foundation project…

Saiyyam: so we both were working upto 4 am in the morning?

Baby: what work Saiyyam? Project or something else? Becoz the project isn’t supposed to take that long.

Saiyyam: obviously project bhabi.. Or else would I be cleaning the room..

Krishna: (whispers) u were cleaning the room late at night…


Kriyam were working when….

Saiyyam: I want to fetch some water..

Krishna: fine, why are saying it to me?

Saiyyam: So that u don’t get scared and if u wanted to come along.

Krishna: are u scared to go alone saiyyam?

Saiyyam: nah, why will I be scared?

Krishna: ok, but I think I should tell u that some days ago I saw someone in the kitchen with a white saree and long black hair..

Saiyyam: what a big joke?

Krishna: no I am not joking.. I saw her once and the next moment she was gone. I have heard witches roam around houses at night and scares the people who are still awake.

Saiyyam: (gulps) I… i not scared.. Let her come.. I will show her that Saiyyam Birla is not scared of anyone.

Krishna: (nods mockingly) ok best of luck. If u see one than don’t let her catch u.

Saiyyam walks and there was a luggage around the side of the door and trips over and shouts a bit..

Saiyyam: oh my god krishna, the witch is our room.. She.. She is sitting on the floor..(he says shouting a little and closing his eyes).

Saiyyam without a second thought runs to the bed and hugs krishna. Krishna turns on the light and laughs.. Saiyyam gets shocked seeing the luggage..

Saiyyam: (clears his throat) what are these useless materials u are keeping around? I… I could have been hurt.

Krishna: (in a mocking tone) saiyyam. I didn’t do anything.. The witch was sitting on the floor..(laughs).

Saiyyam: stop laughing and why is the room so messy?

Krishna: It looks fine to me.

Saiyyam: But it isn’t… I will fix it write away.

Saiyyam spends an hour fixing the room.. Well, the room was fine but he was unnecessarily moving things..

Saiyyam: huh, done. Now none will trip over..

Krishna: Saiyyam u wasted ur time and mine.. Look its 3 am, now we have to work an extra hour.

Saiyyam: its ur fault. U should keep things in place.

Krishna: Ok scardy-cat.

Saiyyam: don’t call me that..

Krishna: why not? It matches ur personality..

Saiyyam: we.. Have a project to do. Emphasize on that..

Krishna: Okay Scardy-cat.

Saiyyam: I will pretend that u didn’t say that.

Krishna laughs looking at saiyyam.

Krishna’s POV

He looks cuter when he is scared.. And acts so childish.. (Mind slap) what the hell are u thinking krishna?

Saiyyam’s POV

Did I just notice krishna staring at me? Maybe.. Yeah she did. But saiyyam don’t raise ur hopes to high.. U still have a lot of work cut out for u.

Flasback ends ####

Neeti: are u guyz going to office today?

Krishna: (looks at saiyyam) yeah we are..

Neeti: If u guyz don’t mind can I come too for a visit.

Saiyyam: If u wish, why not?

Neeti: u guyz are leaving in sometime right? I will just come after getting ready.

Neeti exits the table..

Suhani: why does she want to go to the office?

Krishna: I am sure she has to do something with our work..but what?

Saiyyam: we should go to the offfice and keep an eye on her.

Krishna: u r right… I guess I will be the one to observe her this time and saiyyam accept no drinks from her..

Saiyyam: U are giving me lecture as if I am a baby who is not supposed to take food from strangers..(laughs).

Krishna: thats because u act like one.

Time skip to office…

Neeti: so Can I look around.. Umm like see the office..

Saiyyam:  Neeti why don’t u sit in my cabin..and if I get time I will show u around.

Krishna: That won’t be necessary Saiyyam.. U do ur own work. I will show Neeti around..(gives saiyyam a glare)

At that time a worker comes and hands some files to krishna..

Worker: ma’am Yuvraj sir wants u to review these papers..

Krishna: oh thank u…

Neeti: krish don’t worry I will have a tour on my own..

Neeti goes…

Krishna: I will just work a bit later.. Now I have to follow Neeti..

Timeskip to Krishna observing Neeti as she searches somethings in the Office study..

Neeti: Where are those Verdict papers? I thought it was here. Umm, I just look in the other study.

Krishna: whats Neeti doing for so long? I can’t see her here from this angle.

Saiyyam was passing through the office study when he sees Neeti coming towards the exit and Krishna peeking from an angle, from where she can’t see Neeti coming out.
Saiyyam quickly pulls krishna to the other edge and Neeti comes out..

Krishna lands on Saiyyam’s chest..

Krishna: (moves back) Saiyyam!!! What are u doing?

Saiyyam: Neeti was coming out. u stupid..

Krishna: u could have warned me..

Saiyyam: Yeah in that millisecond I could have shouted krishna Neeti is coming..right?

Krishna: Ok…(tries to go).

But saiyyam pulls her and her back is pinned to Saiyyam’s chest..

Saiyyam: Why krish? Did u think something else?

Krishna: what is there to think about? I thought u were playing a prank.

Baby comes and sees them. She takes out her phone and clicks a photo.

Baby: Saiyyam , krishna..

Saiyyam lets go of krishna…

Baby: Saiyyam and Krishna I have an amazing picture.Wanna see?

Shows them the picture…

Saiyyam: bhabi.. Yeh..

Krishna: Saiyyam was just saving me from Neeti.. She was coming he just…

Baby: If he pulled u than ur face should have been facing him but looks like its other way around..

Saiyyam: bhabi.. Plz delete it..

Baby: Why? I am going to frame it and then u guyz can hang it in ur room..

Saiyyam: bhabi…

Baby: Bye…

Baby runs away and Krishna glares at saiyyam..

Krishna: Stop doing stupid antics at office and go to ur cabin…

Saiyyam: (salutes) ok captain.. I will be there..

Krishna takes a step forward and Saiyyam runs away giving her a flying kiss..

Krishna: What happened to Saiyyam? He is acting crazy. Looks like he is still drunk over Neeti’s coffee…(smiles)

Precap: Neeti: (points a gun towards krishna) I am sick of playing cat and mouse with all of u. This ends now.

Guyz thats for today.. Don’t worry nothing will happen to krishna.. I guess tomorrow will be a Neeti ending chapter…and the 26th maybe confession.. Thats my plan..

Hope u all liked it… Plz put ur reviews..

Till than bye…?

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  1. awwww… cute…saiyyam a scardy cat…hahhaa nvr expected…but loving it…n ya precap is damm exciting…isnt the confession too early..i want saiyyam to confess…pls…n krishna realizing a lil later..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Saniyaa and guess what ur guess is absolutely correct…thats exactly what I am planning to do..and thx for commenting..

  2. Nice episode.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u much Sree..?

  3. Mayesha

    Nice one…How cute would be sayyam while scaring!! Hopefully the confession will be a very special and an exclusive one..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much apu.. Well about the confession.. I am trying to make a bit different but lets see..??.and I am glad that u liked it..

  4. Prethiga

    so excited… today’s episode was funny and baby telling she’s gonna frame the photo… and loved the ghost part and saiyyam getting scared… and seems like krishna is falling for saiyyam… pls post the next episode soon… again LOVED the episode…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u much Prethiga.. I am really happy that u liked it.. I will try to post the next update soon but it will be a bit short as I have a pep rally and I need to practise my dance for the event..

  5. Shaani

    Aree… This chapter is soo nice…. I really enjoyed it… Well done… Waiting for the next chapter ??

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani.. I am soo happy that u liked it..

  6. Awesome episode dear…Waiting for next…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Dwidha.. Next chapter will be posted soon.

  7. Fenil

    Nice chppy
    i like ur profile line also.
    Wait for next.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u much Fenil.. My profile quote is from my favourite anime character Karma Akabane.. So I put up his quote..?

  8. Awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sinni…

  9. Huhh?so good??waiting for kriyyam Confession?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Zani.. I am really glad that u liked it..

  10. Hey Annie episode was mind blowing dear. Scary saiyyam the scene was so funny. He really behaves like a child. Very happy thz nithi chap is going to end. Thank you

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Yura.. I am really happy that u liked it.. Next chapter will be posted soon..

  11. The episode was fantabulous loved it kriyam nok jhoks were seriously sho adorable waiting for the confession n so excited for the precap?❤️?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Maria.. I am glad that u liked..

  12. Ela

    Nicec episide and waiting for kriyam confession…plz update fast ???

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Ela..

  13. Saiyyam, a scardy cat..I was laughing when he said about the witch …Aww cute kriyyam scene too…can’t wait ..update ASAP ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      I am glad u liked it Isha.. Thanx for ur comment..

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