Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta-By Annie Part 24.

Hi everyone.. Its me Annie with the 23rd episode… I hope u all like it…
And thank, thank u all for all the supportive comments.. I am now never going to get disheartened on the number of comments because I got to know I have  readers be it silent or communicative and thats enough for me.. Thank u all for coming forward and commenting yesterday… I really appreciate all the time and encouraging comments u all have put up… Thanks a lot once again.

Let the mystery commence…

Time skip to Kriyam and Neeti reaching BH…
Everyone was at the door ready to welcome the love birds.. Well not exactly as the love is yet to blossom..

Krishna and Saiyyam takes blessing and Suhani does their aarti..

Krishna: Mom, this is Saiyyam’s friend from UK.. We met her in Paris. Her name is Nitika. In short Neeti..

Neeti: (folds her hand) namaste aunty..

Saiyyam: Ma.. She is a really good friend of mine..(gives Neeti a side hug).

Krishna clears her throat…

Suhani and Baby notices it.. And smiles..

Suhani: U all must be tired and its already getting dark.. U should go and rest in ur rooms..

Saiyyam: Ma, shall I help Neeti to find her room? (Looks at krishna).

Krishna’s POV

Really Saiyyam? U r using such tricks to make me jealous.. Huh, I had such high hopes from u.. I thought u will become romantic and stuff.. But u are using the other way.. That’s not going to make me fall for u.. Wait, i didn’t just say that.. Do I want to fall for saiyyam? Ugh, what am I thinking? U are getting crazy krish..

Saiyyam’s POV

I know krish u can’t stand me being close to Neeti.. So if I make her jealous she will confess. But why is she smirking instead of getting angry or replying back..

Suhani: No beta.. U guyz go and rest.. I will show her the room.

Krishna: No mom. Its ok. Saiyyam is not that tired.. He has the energy to escort his friend to her room.. Am I right Saiyyam?

Saiyyam: Yeah.. I might as well spend some time with Neeti..(looks at krishna).

Krishna: (pretends to look happy) great idea Saiyyam. Go on.. U must soo many things to tell her.. If u want I can join too? (Tosses her bangs and looks at saiyyam with pride).

Saiyyam: (nah, its not going to work out.. Krish not even getting a bit jelaous). If u want u can come too.

Saiyyam goes to escort Neeti while krishna goes to their room.. She looks at their childhood photos, their wedding pictures..

Krishna: saiyyam is looking so cute in all these pictures.. How come I didn’t notice before?

Saiyyam was at the door hearing all her talking..

Krishna: Krish, u didn’t say that.. Whats happening to u? Am I…am I?

Saiyyam: Yes u are..

Krishna: (looks back) Saiyyam. What are u doing here? Did ur gossip end?

Saiyyam: Looks like someone was getting desperate for me too come back..

Krishna: Not at all. I was rather thinking how come u came back so early?

Saiyyam: if u want I can go back.

Krishna: saiyyam!! if ur drama is finished than come to the actual topic..

Saiyyam: Wait!!

He goes to close the door while he sees Baby.. Who is giving him a thumbs up.. By seeing him close the door.

Saiyyam: uff, people doesn’t leave any chance to tease me..

Krishna: Saiyyam.. Will u take the while day to close a door?

Saiyyam: sorry.. So whats the plan?

Krishna: nothing except at night we are going to mom’s room to tell them about Neeti and how to tackle her.

Saiyyam: would we plan an attack or something​? I mean I always win action games on my phone..

Krishna: this is not a phone or a game.. Ok, so we keep total eye on Neeti.. I am sure she has some purpose to come in BH.. We just need to find her purpose and thats it..

Saiyyam: so again I need to keep an eye on her.. I will be glad to do so.(smirks)

Krishna: no.. This time I am keeping u in my custody.. Last time u got drunk.. I am not ready to handle u in that state again.

Saiyyam: Are u sure thats the reason or is it some sort of insecurity?

Krishna: don’t try to act so smart.. It doesn’t suit u..

Saiyyam: I was born smart.. And besides just sometime ago u were saying I was looking good in all the pictures.

Krishna: I didn’t say anything like that.. Stop making up things.. I am going to Bhabi to play with Rishab.

Saiyyam: I am coming too. I also want to see Rishab.

Krishna: don’t come with me. Or else bhabi will start teasing me regarding baby’s and stuff.

Saiyyam: Do u like it? (Raises his eyebrow)

Krishna: No.. No I don’t. That’s why I am saying plz don’t come right now.

Starts to leave but Saiyyam shous from behind..

Saiyyam: i know krish that I looked cute in those pictures like u said.

Krishna bites her tongue and goes away..

At the khandan meeting…

Saiyyam:  yeh remember we told u Neeti has some purpose.

Krishna explains all the happenings at Paris..

Rags: How did u know that her infatuation with Saiyyam is not the cause?

Krishna: firstly everytime she came to met us, she did interact with saiyyam but not in the romantic way. She talked as if she wanted to dig up information.. Secondly, when Saiyyam went to met her, Neeti continuously asked about me.. If she liked Saiyyam, she should have ignored about my absence and be busy with him and after getting Saiyyam drunk she asked where I was and what did we talk about? Not anything that shows she loved saiyyam. And the next day she came with an excuse to ask forgiveness.. That’s was the most suspicious part. We are not fools to believe her lame reason or to fall for crocodile tears.

Saiyyam: krishna, if u don’t fall for real tears than why will u fall for fake crying? I was literally crying and begging at the shopping mall, but no u went shopping and (stops when he sees krishna sending him glares).

Baby: one thing Saiyyam. U and Krishna teamed up pretty well.

Rags: Exactly, u two handled everything together beautifully.

Suhani: So what do we do next?

Krishna: nothing much but we need to keep our eyes on her moves 24/7.
We all will take turns..

Everyone agrees and Nitika was outside..

Neeti: what is the whole family doing together at this time of the night?

Kriyam comes out and sees Neeti..

Saiyyam: Neeti what are u doing at this time?

Saiyyam steps forward to go to her but Krishna pulls him behind..

Krishna: (whispers) u don’t need to overact to be so caring.. It seems unnatural.

Saiyyam: I know u feel Jealous..

Krishna: Don’t start again and let me talk to her.. (To Neeti). Umm Neeti u need something?

Neeti: I was coming to drink  water and saw u all together..

Krishna: oh we were gossiping about the trip.. We like gossiping at night.

Neeti: (somewhat convinced) oh.. Well I should go to sleep.. Good night..

Kriyam: good night..

Krishna: woah, narrow escape.. We shouldn’t assemble like this often or else she will get suspicious..

Saiyyam: u r right…

Krishna: I am feeling sleepy.. Lets go to sleep..

Saiyyam: u go.. I am coming in a sec..

Krishna: why? are u going somewhere?

Saiyyam: I need to take out the laptop and complete the project..

Krishna: oh, fish. I totally forgot..

Saiyyam: Its ok.. I will do it..

Krishna: no why will u do my part of work by waking so long? I will stay up with u.

Saiyyam: typical wife huh..

Krishna: no.. Typical employee.

The screen fades at Kriyam’s smiling faces..

Precap: plannings, attack and a step closer to confession.

That’s all for today readers… Hope I was able to met ur expectations..

Waiting to see ur precious feedbacks and reviews…

Till than bye…..?

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  1. Awesome

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Sinni..

  2. Nairan_kriyam_lover

    Di it was so nice epi loved the nok-jhok part….pls make the confession part soon pls…..

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      Thank u soo much… I am glad that u liked it..and confession might be on the 26th episode..

  3. Ema

    Nice one but cant wait anymoree plz make them confess soon …. waiting for that …. and ur so sweet writer and this is very nice ff and keep updating ???????❤????????????

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      Thank u soo much Ema.. I am glad that u liked it… As far ur wish its coming up on the 26th episode..

  4. Nice update…
    Waiting for confession part…

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      Thank u soo much Dwidha.. I am happy that u liked it..

  5. Nice episode
    Waiting for kriyam confession..

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      Thank u soo much Sree… Yep confession is coming up soon..

  6. Prethiga

    loved it… and want to know the reason behind neeti’s doings…and love kriyam’s nok-jokh… and happy that baby is good in this ff… i personally like poulomi das…pls post the next part soon….

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      Thanks a lot Prethiga… I am glad u liked it.. High five even I am a fan of poulomi..

  7. awesome episode
    your ff is really going great….and sorry for not commenting these days as was busy with my entrance but I read all your episodes
    waiting for confessoin

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo. Much Sanjana.. I am happy u liked it… Hope u aced ur entrance exams…

  8. I love the way the story is moving. Pls do update regularly with long episodes. Excellent writing.:). I am a silent reader who never misses ur ff. Great work keep it up dear. Good luck

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Rasha.. I am ver glad that I could put up an ff according to ur expectations.. Thank u soo much for ur supportive comment… Will try my best to update regularly…?

  9. I am actually a silent reader but ur ff has forced me to comment it is amazing

    Ps my nickname is also annie

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      Thank u soo much Annie.. High five on the same name..and thanks a lot for coming forward to comment..

  10. Shaani

    Woow… Nice episode..i loved it.. Don’t make them confess quickly make them realize slowly… Going good.. Don’t rush the confession…make it real… Love ur story… N I seriously love ur nok-johk wala scenes… ? thank u for these scenes… U r an awesome writer Annie.. U r writing ur story beautifully… Ur story contains romance comedy both n I really enjoying ur story… I always give short comments as I don’t have enough words to complement ur work… Keep writing god bless u?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Shaani. I am glad that u liked it.. I wanted to make them confess as other readers are requesting me a lot.. But since u r my bestie.. I have some plans.. The confession will be on 26th epi…but…. Hope u will guess..and thank u sooo much for the support..

  11. Amazing in all aspects. The episode shed light upon the friendship in a wonderful way and was meticulously composed with beautiful words. All of krishna and sayyam’s actions were absolutely adorable and stunning. Sayyam’s words and actions along with krishna’s reactions was indeed fantastic. The family scenes were truly extraordinarily awesome. Fabulous piece of art..

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Minerva for all of ur appreciation.. I am happy that u liked it.. Thanks a lot for ur comment..

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    nice epi..hope to see their super duper cute fightings more and more. After a very very long time….I was really busy with my xms. even today I had an exam. sry for commenting.. keep writing.

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      Thank soo much apu for taking out time from ur busy schedule to comment.. I hope u will ace ur exams..and plz don’t apologize.. Best of luck for ur further exams..

  13. Loved it annnie waiting for the confession the last part was so cute and their not jhoks of course u expressed all the unsaid words of Krishna through her POV n jealousy ofc

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      Thank u soo much Maria.. I am glad that u liked it..

  14. Ela

    Sry sry sry annie i couldn’t cmmnt coz nowadays i m very busy nd dont be discourage dear..good going

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      Don’t apologize Ela.. I am glad that u liked it.. Thanx for commenting..

  15. Hi Annie episode was so nice. Kriyam aur family ka planning achcha tha. I hope neeti gets trapped. Can’t wait for kriyam confession

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      Thank u soo much Yura.. I am glad that u liked it..?

  16. Awesome epi gal…update Asap ?

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      Thank u soo much Isha.. Episodes 24(B) is .. U can read the next one.. Hope u enjoy it..

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