Kriyam: Takkar Ka Rishta- By Annie part 2

Hi guyz its me Annie. Ok… I am back again with the 2nd part of this ff. I was absolutely thrilled by all the comments I received yesterday. Thank u sooo much for all the encouragement and love…..

Ok so lets proceed…..

Our kriyam reaches there respective homes…..

Firstly Birla House….

The car stops and Saiyyam gets down.. The whole family is seen outside. Dadi and Suhani are at the front with suhani carrying a plate. The moment Saiyyam gets down someone runs to him and hugs him…

Saiyyam: di!!! How r u?

Yuvani: Saiyyam!!! U don’t even realise how much I missed u?

Saiyyam: ofcourse di. I know. Even I missed u too.

Dadi calls Yuvani from behind…

Dadi: Yuvani. Beta, let Saiyyam come inside first than talk to him. Besides, its my turn first.

Saiyyam goes and takes blessings from dadi and hugs her. He takes blessings from everyone and hugs them. Suhani does Aarti….

Suhani: Saiyyam… U have grown so much..

Saiyyam: Ma….

Yuvraj: i don’t think so suhani…. Mere liye to mera beta abhibi bacha hai.

He caresses Saiyyam’s hair….

Baby and Yuvan is seen coming towards Saiyyam. Baby has a baby in her arms.

Saiyyam runs to them.

Saiyyam: (his eyes beaming with happiness) Bhabi…(hugs baby).

Baby: How r u Saiyyam?

Saiyyam: I am fine becoz now I have finally got the chance to see my newphew.

Saiyyam takes him in Rishab in his lap and starts playing with him…

Saiyyam’s khatirdari continues…..

Meanwhile at Mathur’s…..

Aryan shouts……

Aryan: Everyone I am back with my sis.

(Well, I won’t drag it much….. Sorry Saiyyam’s arrival was a bit too much)

Krishna takes everyone’s blessings…..

Soumya: Beta, I missed u sooo much.

Kishan: Maybe. But not more than me.. I missed my little princess.more..

Krishna: ok fine. Both of u missed me.

Roshni: Bare papa, Bari ma. U guyz have talked with di enough. now we cousins want her plz plz.

Soumya: Ok beta…

All of the cousins literally drags krishna to her room.

Krishna: wow, my room is exactly like before.

Disha: Obviously. After all I arranged it for u.

Krishna: thank u soo much di.

Roshni: yeh tumlog kya sentimental bate kar rahe ho.

Aryan: Exactly… Did anyone tell krish that her loverboy is coming today?

Krishna: (laughs) loverboy? Who is this so called loverboy?

Disha: Aryan say things clearly. It means Saiyyam is coming today..

Krishna: Saiyyam!!! Yipee… I can’t believe it. i will be meeting him after so long… And he is not my loverboy

Aryan: Krish, u should confess to him ur feelings.

Krishna:(confused) what feelings?

Disha: obviously… Love stupid.

Krishna: Love… Nonsense. Besides, he is my best friend not boyfriend..

Aryan: Krish…ab chupane ka kya fayda?

Krishna: I am not hiding anything and I am making one thing clear no should talk such nonsense again. Especially not infront of Saiyyam. Ok…

Roshni, Disha, Aryan: Agreed…

On the other hand….

Yuvan: Ha saiyyam. U should tell ur feelings to krishna.

Saiyyam: what feelings bhai?

Yuvan: don’t play dumb with me saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Fine. But I have no idea if she loves me back. I am not going to do this.

Yuvan: Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: plz bhai. I don’t want to ruin my friendship. What if she hates me after that? But if u insist I will tell her but after sometime. I mean she just arrived here. Let me talk and hang out with her. Than…

Yuvan: but…

Baby comes from behind…

Baby: Saiyyam is right Yuvan. I think Saiyyam should hang out with Krishna and than tell her or make her realise.

Saiyyam: see bhai, bhabi knows me better.

Baby: I think Krishna has already reached India.

Yuvan: You should call her.

Saiyyam: I don’t have her number.

Baby: I have it. Soumya aunty gave it to me.

Saiyyam collects the number….

Saiyyam’s POV

Let me call her. Umm no. I should go and surprize her.

Krishna’s POV

Should I call Saiyyam? I don’t even hv his number. Oh well, we are going to BM at night. I will meet him there.

Saiyyam leaves towards Mathur Mansion.

He gets down from his car. Well, Saiyyam’s looks were to die for. He was wearing a white shirt and black jeans.

He goes inside. A servant opens the door. He sees a girl sitting in the sofa facing back. She is wearing a red anarkali..

Saiyyam: Krishna…

The girl turns…

Disha: oh Saiyyam… Sorry Krishna is at her room. Should I take u or….

Saiyyam:(hugs Disha) di… How r u?

Disha: I am fine. Sorry without even asking anything I told…

Saiyyam: no its ok. Besides, I knw where Krishna’s room is. I can go myself.

Disha smiles.

A girl is listening to music. She is wearing a sleeveless blue-top and a a white three-quartered jeans.

Krishna turns around and sees Saiyyam.

Saiyyam: Tum?

Krishna: what are u doing in my house?  are u following me? Let me call the police that u r stalking me.

Saiyyam: Wait, i am not stalking u?besides what are u doing in my friend’s house?

Krishna: Ur friends house? Excuse me, it my house.

Saiyyam:(shocked) are u krishna?

Krishna: Yes how do u knw? Don’t tell me u are….

Saiyyam: krishna… Its me Saiyyam.

Krishna:(her mouth hangs out) u but at the airport?

Saiyyam: wah krish. I didn’t knw u became more fierce with the time.

Krishna hugs Saiyyam…..

Krishna: Saiyyam. I can’t believe its u. I missed u soo much. And u were at the airport.

Saiyyam: hmmm. I missed u too krish.

Krishna: (narrows her eyes) airport me itna hungama kiu kiya?

Saiyyam: maine? Haha krish, u were the one who started it.

Krishna:(pouts) me? U started to argue for no reason.

Roshni comes in….

Roshni: Oh god. U guyz started again.. Even before..

Saiyyam: somethings never change…

Krishna: same here…

And both saiyyam and krishna starts laughing…

Krishna: Saiyyam. I can’t believe we didn’t recognize each other.

Saiyyam: how would we? U always blocked visual contact to make things filmy.

Krishna: But my plan worked. Look how filmy our meeting was.

Saiyyam: yeah right on that. I guess u r coming to our house right? Than i think I used leave now and welcome u there?

He starts to leave while krishna holds his hand.

He looks at krishna with loving eyes…

Krishna: kya Saiyyam? U just came now. Lets gossip and stuff.

Saiyyam: If u insist than ok….

Krishna: so whats up? Got any GF or not?

Saiyyam: Nope don’t have any and u?

Krishna: oh….(surprised). I thought u should hv tons of GF as u have grown handsome and all.

Saiyyam: wow… The Krishna is praising me…

Krishna: shut up saiyyam. Ok fine but u must have someone in mind.

Saiyyam: Yeah I do.

Krishna: Who?

Saiyyam: its a secret..

Krishna: but did u tell her?

Saiyyam: not yet but I am planning to.

Krishna: Great…

Soumya comes from behind…..

Soumya: Saiyyam beta, Suhani called u but u r not picking up ur phone.

Saiyyam: oh I forgot my phone in the car.

Soumya: well she needs u back at home but I requested her to let u stay here for a while.

Saiyyam: Thank u aunty but I think I should go now as Ma is calling. Besides u guyz are coming soon right?

Soumya: but beta…

Saiyyam: plz aunty…

Soumya: ok but tomorrow I need u here with us….

Saiyyam: done…

Saiyyam leaves…

Soumya: So Saiyyam is a nice boy right? Do u like him?

Krishna: ma u too. The whole family’s gone crazy. He is just by best friend nothing more than that.

The screen freezes at Krishna’s irritated face…

Precap: oh a step closer to kriyam unwanted marriage.

So guyz I know todays episode was not upto the mark….

Well here is my ff schedule….
First I will hv kriyam marriage track than a little anger track and than my most fav a jealousy track…. Later is not decided yet….

Hope u guyz liked it…….

Till than bye….?

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  1. Oh my god anahita…
    This was just stupendous. How could you write such an amaxing episode being a human I would really like to know. The episode was beyond the horizons of a stereotypic love-story. You nailed it to the core. All the dialogues and conversations and the sibling banter came as a treat for sore eyes. Sayyam’s so-called (as by krishna) is really a blast. All of their words and actions are just marvellous. No words to express the wonderful kriyam bond in this superb story…

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot shivani for such beautiful words…..the meaning of ur comment almost made me cry…. I appreciate all the love u have given me…. I am truly honoured that u liked it…. Thank u soo much again… It means a lot.

  2. It was amazing girl. You nailed it clearly. I have to say that you clearly a a a amzing wirter. Eagrliy waitnig for next one.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Asia… I hv already posted the next chapter dear….

  3. Fenil

    loved it yrr.
    Can’t wait for next.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Fenil…. Glad u liked it… Next chapter is submitted already…

  4. Awesomeeeee

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot……

  5. hey it was really nyc ur track is interesting…n i loved it…pls extend dr friendship track a little more

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Saniyaa. Don’t worry they will always be friendsss…. And I am cutting off the anger track to give space to their marriage..

  6. Aarti32

    Good job Annie.. Everything is preplanned hmm!!

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aaru. Yeah i did plan a little. But I am changing my plan a bit. I am cutting off the anger track and adding the Roshni marriage track…. Actually I plan to put a Sensual kriyam dance on Roshni’s sangeet….?

      1. Aarti32

        Data even great ?

  7. Awesome episode kriyam’s meeting was just wow

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Manisha…. Glad u liked it?

  8. Aaravjaikar

    Awesome episode….. ….

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Aarav…

  9. Who said that it was not up to mark…It was amazing one?❤

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Zani… I am sooo glad that u liked it…

  10. It was amazing …..And their first meet wow….I have no words I was just amazing ?

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot……??

  11. Princessporsha

    Loved it. Please update next part soon.

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks princess…. I hv submitted thr next part…

  12. Who said it was not upto the mark..this epi was Fab-tastic… Is baby a good character?? ..loved the epi 🙂

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thanks a lot Isha….. And yeah baby is a good character in this ff….

  13. Sorry i am commenting late Awesome Annie…. kriyam friendship,family bonding was so nice dear. Keep writing

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u sooo much Yura. I am glad u liked it…

  14. Hafsaaa

    Nailed It girl ?♥️ It was a firing episode??????

    1. AnahitaAnnie

      Thank u soo much Hafsaa…?❤

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